Last year was my debut year. I had discovered (not accepted) my sexuality three years earlier. But, the honey pot was opened last year.


So, about two years ago, 2go was the reigning thing. If you hadn’t opened an account, you were dulling. Forget BBM. 2go was the favorite hookup site for many, from sex freaks to kitos (then). The Men’s Lounge was my favorite enclave. I came to know the actual meanings of some gay terms: TB – Top/Bottom. Kito – Set ups. (To be honest, what I always had in mind about the meaning of that one was a pair of stylish sandals.) And I also got to meet a few people from the site face-to-face; most of them unattractive, some others egocentric.

And then, there was the opener of the honey pot – the first love.

Let’s call him Kel. He’s about my age. Too cute, bitchy too. After chatting for a few days, we decided to meet. His place isn’t far at all (which I liked). Aish! I hate long distance visitations.

So, on that fateful day, I dressed way too casual, wasn’t feeling too sexy that day. As I made the trip to his place, we communicated through Whatsapp. Fifteen minutes later, I was at his bus-stop. No traffic. That’s one major reason to hate long distance visitations. Traffic! Lagos traffic can be disconcerting ehn. Kai.

Ok, so there I was, standing at his bus-stop (I hate), looking around to see if he was there. I waited, I waited. And just when I was about to lose it, he emerged. Chai. So fine, same height with me, inviting lips, mesmerizing almond-shaped brown eyes that seemed to say, “Ah, Kizito, welcome to the gayborhood.”

Hmmm, ok.

As we trekked to his house from the bus-stop, we made fun of each other’s features, teased, pushed each other playfully (Ah, such love nwantinti) until we got to the house. His sisters and his niece (who I’ll later discover is both nosy and worrisome, call her Lily :|) were all home. Guess who was too shy to even go in and say ‘hi’ – me!

So, he slid around back, waved me over, and I followed him sheepishly.

Oh, and she followed as well. Lily. Chai.

Kel: Oya, go back inside.

Lily: I shuu go inside?

Kel: Yes.

Lily: Follow me.

Kel: No joor. Ok, go, I’m coming.

Lily: Ya coming? Ok. Come o.

Kel: Ehn, go. (Rolling eyes)

She left. We were alone now. I kept on smiling like one mumu. Damn! He was too fine, too attractive. And listening to him speak was like drinking ice cold water when walking under this Naija sun that gives you a hint as to what Hell is like. Kai. And no Ozone layer nau.

We didn’t speak. We communicated through Whatsapp. Imagine. No space between us, but we couldn’t speak. What would you call that one? Hmm.

I felt a lump in my throat, as I typed away on my phone.

Kel: I like you.

Me: I like you, too.

Kel: You’re cute.

Me: Stop whining me joor.

Kel: So when are you going to kiss me…

Me: Kiss you? Hmm…

And I turned to face him. He planted a swift kiss on my lips. I wasn’t sure what it tasted like. I felt heat suffuse my face in a black man’s version of a blush.

And then from behind came, “Kel, you have not come inside. My mummy is calling you.”

Lily again!

Ok o. So, he went to answer the call and was back in minutes. He stood me up on my feet and kissed me for longer now, I kissed him back. I was sure how he tasted now. Peppermint. I didn’t want to stop, but I had too. I wasn’t comfortable with the environment. Ha. What if…? Hmm. Ok, let’s stop. We stopped.

As the omo-get-inside that I am, I had to leave quickly. He accompanied me to the bus stop. When he got there, we idled a bit, feeling a bit awkward about saying our goodbyes.

Me: So, what’s gonna happen?

Kel: I dunno o. You’ve been sounding like one player since.

Me: I’m not a player o…

I waited a beat, before giving voice to something I badly needed an answer to.

Me: So, are we going to date?

Kel: Yes, ok, we are.

Just like that.

Just. Like. That.


Good morning, guys.

Written by Kizito

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    • Mitch
      February 20, 04:58 Reply

      No need to rub it in DM! I feel bad enough already

    • posh666
      February 20, 10:24 Reply

      Nawao dear dennis like seriosly do u sleep at ol???or just waiting for a new post on kd to comment 1st! A Grown man fa…..

  1. Dennis Macaulay
    February 20, 04:36 Reply

    Kito sandals? Oh I loved wearing those! When I was in SS3 we wore them and seized yours if you were below SS3. The rest of the school had to wear cortina (who remembers that)?.

    Kizito your journal reminds me of when I was a newbie!

  2. Mitch
    February 20, 04:56 Reply

    2go? Now that was one wack social networking site! Never joined, never liked it!

    Kizito, you sound so naive I’m scared you could get hurt really bad. And by the by, beautiful start!

  3. simba
    February 20, 05:16 Reply

    Ohhh everybody here now knows how and when to abruptly cut their story when it’s getting juicier.. Hmmmmmm Mama pinky, good teacher… Mr Hmmmm oh Kizito,nice writeup and nicely read… seems ur a natural hopefully the thorny roads of gaybourhood hasn’t changed u into a monster..

  4. Pete
    February 20, 05:30 Reply

    Thought 2go went extinct like 5 years ago

  5. Mercury
    February 20, 05:44 Reply

    Hmmmmmm, nice read…..I love Lily already.

    • Dee
      February 22, 21:40 Reply

      This is cute. Increased my anticipation for my own debut. Lol.

  6. Max
    February 20, 06:43 Reply

    2go? Hmmm, a dinosaur app.
    Started hating it the second quarter after it came out.
    Never done 2go hookups though. Back then I always had it in mind that the men’s lounge was filled with cheapo’s who couldnt afford a BB(that was when it was still a novelty).
    People get mind sha. Inviting a stranger into your home to meet your family members. Call me paranoid, but that’s dangerous in so many ways.

  7. Ace
    February 20, 07:32 Reply

    2go? I’ll be so shocked if I discover anyone is still using the app. I mainly used it one period I had issues with my Facebook messenger. It came handy and that was like a gazillion years ago. About that awkward face to face chat, been there, done that. We were both crazy having normal gist on the outside but chatting so dirty with our phones even though no one was around. Good times.

  8. Chizzie
    February 20, 07:53 Reply

    was that it? just when I was beginning to enjoy the story it ended so abruptly! This fell short – literally. And there’s such a naivety about you,which is always puppy eyed and endearing at first but after a while becomes annoying when it is overfloggged, hopefully it isnt in this case.

  9. Handsomely Inclined
    February 20, 08:09 Reply

    @Ace,keep confessing,I know exactly what you can do.,..hahaha.

    Each time I see *opening of honey pot*,there is this feeling I get,maybe this scary feeling,

    OAN,I have a suspected gay case I am handling in two hours time in court! I don’t know if to help the brother because the wife is our client and my boss handed over the case file to me specifically….i don’t know why but a brother is involved and his fate will be decided today…..just that I am his wife attorney…..

    *feeling somehow *

    • Lord II
      February 21, 05:28 Reply

      Wow Handsome that’s some mouthful…gay judgement, wife of someone, lawyer of ahhh plenty words oo

  10. trystham
    February 20, 10:13 Reply

    I have done 2go. I bet it is from that place the rest of Nigeria gets d idea that gay guys are brainless arse seeking sluts. Its not that bad a site. I made great friends in the gay room n Men’s Lounge…not the usual idiots you would find there selling their wares

  11. Blaq
    February 20, 12:03 Reply

    Nice one Kizito! Finally we get to peek beyond the hmmmms! It wasn’t what I was expecting which even makes it nicer!
    2go, I tried it for like one hour. Seemed too untidy for me…

  12. Khaleesi
    February 20, 14:26 Reply

    nice piece from the Queen of hmmmm …. 2go!! how i recoil in disgust from that app, it seems to have the grossest, weirdest, tackiest, nastiest, bush-est and creepiest gays in all the land … just peeping at the sort of convo that goes on in there makes my skin flip over and do a mortal crawl – ughhhh!!

  13. iamcoy
    February 20, 16:39 Reply

    Simple and nice Kizi.. Keep em coming!

  14. Lord II
    February 21, 05:18 Reply

    Loved loved loved!!! Kizito pls write some more…boi was I pulled in..almost!

  15. Kel
    February 21, 22:22 Reply

    Why Kel,I’m wondering.

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