Lights, Camera, Action!!! (Episode 2)

Lights, Camera, Action!!! (Episode 2)

Remember the lesbian romance that went horribly wrong in the traitorous world of Nollywood between Genevieve Nneji (ahem!) and a newbie director, Uzo Chibu…That fictional – fiction o! – story that was penned for your delight months back… Well, it looks like the writer has decided to bring the story back as a possible series.

And here’s the sophomore episode for your delight. Enjoy!


Writer’s Word: All characters are purely fictional. Any resemblance to any real life person(s) is merely a coincidence.


Picking my life up after the incident with Genevieve was the hardest thing I’d ever had to do.

I’d never been so paranoid in my entire life. I still had my job with The Movie Network… Well, sort of. My boss, Chinwe, forced me to take a two-month leave and let her know if I still wanted the job at the end of it.

My mother on the other hand took it upon herself to consult every man of God in Lagos about my “issue”. I couldn’t blame her though; my extended finally now finally had some dirt on her star child and were furiously gossiping about my scandal, making it hard for my mother to cope with it all.

As a result of this, I stopped going home and I determinedly avoided family gatherings for the sake of my sanity.

Before long I couldn’t stay in Lagos at all. Every stare I got in public reminded me of the invisibility I no longer enjoyed and how an outraged homophobe might decide to take out his frustrations on me.

I needed a distraction and I needed my job – and my life – back.

Then came the Sunday morning, three weeks after I was made to take time off, when unable to bear my solitariness, I called Chinwe. She chuckled when she answered and I was promptly demanding to be let back in to work. She said she’d expected my call way earlier. Then in a belated act of kind wisdom, she asked how I was doing, and went on to remind me of how strong I am and how it was not the end of the world. By the end of the call, my self-confidence was more than halfway back in my system.

By Monday morning, I was ready to bind every demon, as I walked into the office, looking as queer and fabulous as ever.

Chinwe embraced me as soon as I entered her office and we got down to business right away.

There were two projects already in the works – a feature film remake of one of my favorite movies ever, Living in Bondage, and a family drama series.

Picking which project I wanted to be a part of was no struggle; I figured the feature film would be the perfect opportunity for me to sneak my way back into the hearts of Nigerians.

I let Chinwe know of my decision and with a knowing smile, she told me she’d already had my flight to Enugu booked for the evening. She handed me a cheque, my contract, a copy of the script and the shooting schedule.

“Oh, and…” she said with some hesitation as I made for the door. “She’s there. Genny’s the one directing the film.”

At the mention of her name, as the knowledge of the fact that the woman, who I’d loved and who I hadn’t seen hide or hair of since the scandal broke, was in charge of the film I was about to be a part of hit me, I felt a shortness of breath.

“Are you going to be okay over there?” Chinwe asked.

I looked at her, and I saw what she was really asking. Will you behave yourself and be a professional and not turn my movie set into a sequel of your scandal?

I smiled, nodded my acquiescence and left her office.

Without any delay, my flight departed MM1 and was soon circling the runway in Akanu Ibiam International Airport. It took almost an hour after arrival for our luggage to arrive and I cursed myself for checking in my small travel bag.

I got to the 3-star hotel inside town, where some of the crew and cast were lodged and I checked in, texted a few crew members of my arrival, and then went straight to bed. It was just dusk and I was tired.

At 6am, my longtime friend and the DOP on the project, Yinka, was knocking on my door. Yawning myself awake from my interrupted slumber, I went to the door and let him in. He was lighting a blunt almost as soon as he spread out his bulk on my bed. We didn’t talk much. We simply smoked and enjoyed each other’s company in silence.

At 8am, we were high and ready to shoot. I got out to the set to meet a beautiful cast. Star actress and close friend of Genevieve, Tina Dominic was playing Merit, and Kanayo was playing his original character, Chief Omego.

We’d been on set for two hours waiting for the light guys to get there. In those two hours, Yinka, Tina and I shared a blunt. I’d also managed a stiff meeting with Genevieve, an interlude during which I tried not to stare at her luscious dark skin and those cocoa eyes that seemed to have the power to pull me in.

Gawd, she was so beautiful!

We exchanged pleasantries and had a brief conversation about the progress that’d already been made on the shoot. And all this time, the words we were speaking to each other meant nothing to me. I was trying my best not make eye contact with her. She looked even more beautiful than I remembered. I could feel my loins awakening and I immediately knew I was in trouble.

Remember what Chinwe has tasked you to do. Better behave. I reminded myself silently.

I got through the first day without making too much physical contact with Genevieve.

The second day came around and Yinka came around again to wake me up with a blunt and Tina Dominic in tow. The actress was clad in just a shirt that did little in the way of concealment of her beautiful fair-skinned thighs. If I didn’t already know that Yinka felt nothing for women, I would have thought the two of them were getting cozy with each other. We made some small talk while we smoked, but all I could think about was Genevieve. I wondered what she would wear to the set, if I would be able to resist ogling her while filming was going on, and if she could tell how hard it was for me to act normal around her.

Yinka stopped me mid-thought to tell me that he and Tina were leaving. As soon as they left, I picked out a regular black tee, my black Balmain jeans and my triple black Balenciaga runners. After laying my outfit out on my bed, I lit another blunt and hopped into the tub.

At 8;45pm, I had to leave the set to find an alternative power source for the next day’s shoot because the hotel had decided we were sucking up too much of their power with our lights. After touring Independence Layout, all I got was a promise from a local CD seller to bring a generator to the hotel for me early the next morning. I hurried back to the hotel to grab something to eat and let Genevieve know what option I’d been able to procure.

The kitchen had closed but the security guard offered to help me go and buy some suya. I accepted my lot for the night in terms of dinner and after sending the man off on the errand, I moved upstairs to Genevieve’s room to update her.

I stood a foot from her room, willing myself to knock on the door and hoping I wouldn’t make a complete fool of myself. I moved closer to knock but stopped when I heard a familiar tune coming from the other side of the door. It was Fun House Pt. 2 by Mare; I recognized the song because we had fucked numerous times to it. I remembered how she would get in the mood whenever I played the song and grind me until she came. I had a smile on my face as I pictured her naked on her bed, thinking about me, and touching herself to the song. I was already turned on and certain I wouldn’t leave her room without getting fucked.

I knocked twice and moved back like some external being had been controlling my actions.

She opened the door, wearing a towel and a smile. I was starting to smile back when with a glance past her shoulder into the room, I realized the smile wasn’t for me. There was a figure sprawled out on the bed behind her, a sight that caused me to get instantly consumed by jealousy.

“Yes? Uzo, what is it?” Her sultry voice jolted my attention back to her face.

She looked unbothered by my discovery; her lazy smile was still in place and she was looking at me with the expectation of one who was waiting to hear what the person who’d knocked on her door had to say to her. Unable to marshal my thoughts into something comprehensive to say, I muttered something unintelligible, excused myself and whipped around to half-jog back to my room. I knew I had no right to her body but I couldn’t help the seething feeling that coursed through me as I thought about how the one person I’d opened up my heart to should be mine and mine only.

Back in my room, I received my suya from the security guard. I tipped him and shut the door behind him. Then I lit a blunt. After calming my emotions with the blunt, I settled in bed to watch some Africa Magic Yoruba.

I was just fifteen minutes into the movie I was seeing when I heard a knock on the door. I assumed it was Yinka, who’d probably sensed that I was smoking and had come to join me.

I opened the door and my heart stopped. Right there on the threshold was Genevieve in a shirt and that smile. Like the free bar of soap that comes with antiseptic, Tina Dominic was standing beside her in the same shirt she had on this morning when she came with Yinka to see me.

“May we come in?” Genevieve said.

With my head spinning as I struggled mentally not to be overwhelmed by an overload of information, I stepped aside so they could walk past me into my room. What was meant to be was obvious and I said a silent thank you to the universe as I shut the door.

Sorry, Chinwe, I thought, but this is meant to be.

Nothing much needed to be said. I rolled two quick fat blunts, turned on my phone flashlight and turned off the room’s lights.

Tina and Genevieve sat on two opposite ends of the bed. I sat beside Genevieve and leaned in for a kiss. She put her hands behind my head and meshed her lips with mine. And I suddenly felt like I’d just stumbled upon a well after wandering through a desert. Our lips connected and moved against each other like they had never encountered any separation. I was drinking in her essence, lapping it all up with every stroke of our tongues. This kiss was my life, my truth, my everything.

Then I felt another hand on my shoulder, followed by lips on my ears. Tina had joined in on the action, and the heat quickly dialed up several degrees. I reached down to stroke Genevieve’s clit and she responded by purring against my mouth and parting her legs. It made me think about the day I gave her head on my desk back at the office in Lagos and how hard she’d squirted all over my face and shirt.

Tina moved my other hand and placed it in between her thighs. In one quick motion, she lifted my shirt and latched onto my nipples, working those sensitive tips with such skill that I found myself spiraling into a different dimension. The three of us were writhing against each other, all hands and skin and wet, hot passion. Tina had mad skills, but Genevieve had my heart. And so, that was why when I felt the quakes rocking outward from my core, I was looking Genevieve in the eyes. Under Tina’s ministrations, my orgasm exploded. I was panting as I kept looking steadily as Genevieve. I could tell she was close too, and then she was pushing me down on my back and mounting my face. I stuck out my tongue and let her work it in and out of her pussy. She came so hard, she almost fell off the bed, leaving a trail of moisture on my face and the bed. My left hand shook violently, moving with Tina’s pussy as she came seconds after.

I felt like I had been sedated and placed on a cloud; the song in my heart, my drugged body and my post-coital satiation all came together to hurry me swiftly into slumber.

When I woke up the next morning, it was to a dead phone, and neither Genevieve nor Tina on the bed with me.

Written by WhoIsUgo

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