Lights, Camera, Action!!!

Lights, Camera, Action!!!

FOREWORD: Let me just start by stating that the writer of this fantastic piece of creativity will be going to hell for what he did here. Dear writer, both me and my madam are looking at you. (lol)


Writer’s Word: All characters are purely fictional, any resemblance to any real life person is merely a coincidence.


Hi, I’m Uzo Chibu, female, 27 years of age, and a lover of the arts.

After two years of being a director, my big break finally came when the biggest media house in Lagos, The Movie Network, decided to employ a full-time, in-house director for all their movie projects. After submitting my reels and undergoing a rigorous fast, the press release came.

Guess who they chose? Me!

I was elated. I called everyone I knew to share the good news and informed my landlord that I would be moving out of the box I’d been struggling to pay the rent for.

I reported to The Movie Network’s head office in Ikoyi for a meeting with the executive producer and the producer of the first project I would be directing. The executive producer, Chinwe – who I had taken a liking to – and I reviewed the script while waiting for the producer to join us. I’d heard about her, the producer, before. Heck! I’d had a crush on her for a good portion of my adult life. I still had a crush on her. I mean, who doesn’t?

She walked into the room and I thought I would die because I’d suddenly forgotten how to breathe.

Chinwe quickly introduced us.

“Genny, this is Uzo Chibu, the new director. Uzo, this is Genevieve Ikedi, the producer on the project.”

I quickly offered my hand.

“It’s a pleasure to work with you, ma,” I managed to say.

The absolutely gorgeous woman standing before me let out a gusty laugh. It was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard. Then she said, “You don’t have to be so formal, Uzo. Call me Genny. Chinny, what did I miss?”

“We haven’t done much, just reviewing the script before the meeting with the crew.”

Genevieve and I worked closely with each other over the next few days, making amendments to the script, approving budgets and all the other boring paper work we had to attend to.

The attraction between us was undeniable. Even though I had heard internet rumours about Genevieve’s lesbian escapades (a lot of them ridiculous in my opinion), I couldn’t make any advances towards her. I wasn’t about to ruin the perfect job because of some silly feelings.

As production began, we spent even more time together and began visiting each other’s homes outside work hours. The visits gave us time to sort out the paperwork we couldn’t sort out on set, and also gave us time to get to know more about each other.

The more time we spent around each other, the obvious the attraction became. We were in sync. The perfect match. She didn’t seem like she was going to make a move anytime soon and I certainly wasn’t going to misread someone’s kindness towards me and lose my job.

Then came a Friday night, and she had come around my place in Yaba to unwind and watch the clips the editor had sent. Never the type to cook, I ordered pizza and got some wine to set the mood right. We sat on my couch, barely 5cm away from each other, sipping our wine and watching the clips.

She found the mistake one of the extra’s made funny (very unlike her, because she was such a perfectionist) and laughed really hard, dropping her head to my shoulder in the process. When she stopped laughing, her head remained on my shoulder. I wanted to take things slow, so I opened my hands and let her get comfortable against my body.

The clip ended. And for several moments, we sat there on the couch, feeling each other’s warmth and not moving. Then I moved, turning my head to look at her. She looked back at me, the dark liquid beauty of her eyes pouring deep into my eyes, into my soul.

Then she leaned toward me and gave me a peck on the lips. A microsecond later, she quickly withdrew herself.

“Uzo, I’m sorry…” she started, looking very flustered by her audacity. “I don’t know what –”

“Sorry?” I said. Then without waiting for her response, I leaned in and kissed her. Our lips meshed together and never stopped moving as the kiss got deeper and evoked pleasures from deep within us.

Somehow, we managed to find our way to my bedroom. And I finally had her.

Our relationship bloomed immediately after that night. It had many nights, even days that comprised of intense lovemaking. We did it everywhere, even the office. We simply couldn’t get enough of each other.

We had to be extra careful in public though – never holding hands and never making too much eye contact.

We also connected in many other ways. She talked to me, something I’d initially found astonishing, considering how very private she tended to be. She opened up to me about her past and asked if I wanted to meet her daughter, Chidinma. I refused at first, but then changed my mind. Anything to make her feel our relationship was going somewhere.

We agreed to meet at her house on Sunday for lunch. She introduced me to her daughter as her colleague from work. Chidinma and I hit it off. Well, we were almost the same age. I felt like I had my own family – my girl and her kid.

We finalized the production and did the movie premiere. The Movie Network made a shitload of money from it and I did in turn. Business was good and Genevieve and I were still going strong.

The day the sun began to set was on a regular day. I had gone to visit Genevieve at her house. We were watching a movie, cuddled in each other’s arms, when Chidinma walked in. she stopped short at the door, her eyes bugging at the sight of us in our intimate pose, and she screamed. Genevieve sprang apart from me, her face stricken.

And then it dawned on me. She hadn’t told her daughter we were dating, despite assuring me that she would.


She begged me to leave so she could talk to Chidinma. I was bummed; I thought I would get some loving later at night. I went back home and went to bed with my konji.

The next day, I woke up to 22 missed calls from my mother and one missed call from my father. I had so many notifications from BBM, Twitter and Whatsapp.

Ah-ah, but it’s not my birthday, I thought with faint unease.

The first message I opened was from my friend, Amanda. She’d sent me a link and asked if I had seen the news.

“Is someone dead?” I wondered out loud as I opened the link.

It was a link to a post on the popular Linda Ikeji site. I felt my heart speed up its tempo as I read the headline: Newbie Director Uzo Chibu in lesbian affair with Producer Genevieve Ikedi! See pictures below!

Written by WhoIsUgo

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Writer’s Word: I would like to thank you all so very much for reading the L.O.L series and enjoying it. I am glad I shared and got such beautiful feedback.


  1. Wiffey
    December 13, 07:26 Reply

    This is the true definition of pure evil ? ???
    Hey I don’t do lesbian stories but this right year would get you jail time ???

  2. Queen Blue Fox
    December 13, 07:33 Reply

    Oh Shit!
    By the way Ugo who ever you are, I see what you did there. So you’re informed that you will be found and maimed.

  3. Mandy
    December 13, 07:34 Reply

    ? ? ? This story is shady as fuck! I should be mad at you this whoisugo, but I’m just too busy laughing. I’mma report you though for this shit ???????

  4. KryxxX
    December 13, 07:35 Reply

    Hewuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????????!

    Agbatobi oooooooh! Are you people in line with what my brain is processing? Hmmn!

    Ka m jukene oh, who now send the story to aunty lin lin kwanu? Genevieve Nna… …!Sorry! Ikedi? Abi Chidinma? Or are we now doing spy camera tinz or Paparazzi in Prince Harry’s naked style? Odiegwu!

    And Oga Ugo, thanks you for reviving a long lost show! Hope you revive Presido Kenny and miss Monroe’s romance too! As per revival that you is nau! ?????

    • Pink Panther
      December 13, 07:46 Reply

      Abi? He should totally do a fictional revival of true life stories. 😀

      • fearless
        December 15, 10:36 Reply

        Hello! good day! I sent an email for a short article, Just reminding you sir/ma’am

    December 13, 09:46 Reply

    Ambi ayam with you.. everyone seem to have something with this story.. am I alone?

  6. Delle
    December 13, 09:53 Reply

    All I want to ask is: Where Is the shade ooo? ????

  7. BIBI G
    December 13, 20:07 Reply

    The scandal scandal
    Y’all keep shading Genevieve oh
    Lesbian or not everyone will still love her

  8. Irish...
    December 14, 14:23 Reply

    lol.. on the set of road to yesterday abi? well done!

  9. KingBey
    December 14, 21:38 Reply

    A cheap one at Genny. Let it go guys…..

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