After a 4 – hour drive, the last part of which was through bumpy rural roads, we arrived at the Marian Academy. It was a sprawling institution nestled in a backward, rural community surrounded by high walls and an imposing gate on which was inscribed “The Marian Academy For Boys (Est. 1954), Motto: Piety And Discipline.” I hated it at first sight and the thought that I would spend the next three months of the term studying here threatened to break me out in a new torrent of tears. I fought back the tears, climbed out of the car and went over to the waiting man while Isaac turned the car around and drove off.

“Hello, you must be Tobechi Eluwa, come with me, I am Father Eustacius, the Dean of Students Affairs.” He took me down to the Student Affairs office where I was stripped of my mufti and issued four sets of ugly uniforms, plates, cutlery, a bedside locker, cutlass and other boarding items.

He continued, “At the Marian Academy, discipline is very our major focus, next to prayer and piety…” As he talked, he led me to an overcrowded dormitory where I was assigned a bed with about fifty other students who stared at me curiously. I must have created quite an impression on them – the pampered soft looking city boy who had lived in a big house, and had servants and nice things.

I was instructed by the hostel captain – a stern looking senior student called Mark – to put away my things in my locker and head to the dining hall for lunch. I promptly complied in a daze and hurried to the dining room where the other boys, as well as boys from other dormitories were hurriedly wolfing down their food. I stared at the watery looking soup for a couple of minutes before I could summon the courage to take a bit. I put a forkful in my mouth and almost gagged. It was so plain and tasteless. Tears filled my eyes as I thought about the tasty soups, stews and other dishes which the full time cook at home would no doubt be preparing by now. At that point I felt miserable and alone, it was like my life had screeched to a miserable halt in the middle of nowhere and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

One of the other boys sitting across from me and regarding me with a mixture of curiosity and amusement suddenly asked, “Hey, Mummy’s boy, are you or are you not going to eat your food?”

I stared at him blankly for a few minutes and then shook my head miserably, whereupon he stretched out his hand, grabbed my plate, emptied the contents into his own plate and continued eating with total relish.

God, what kind of hell had my life turned into, I thought miserably.

Thankfully, after a few more minutes, lunchtime was over and we were asked to return to our dormitories for a one–hour nap, and to assemble at 4:30 for some chores. I sank onto my bed, determined to ignore everyone around me. One hour later, a loud bell went off and all the other boys jumped out of their beds, dressed up and grabbed their cutlasses. I joined them and we all filed out to a wide open field where we were divided up into groups and assigned portions of the field. The other boys bent down and in a few minutes, the air was filled with the ‘thwack thwack’ sound of machetes and cutlasses slashing away at the tall grasses, the scent of freshly cut greens hung thickly in the air.

I tried to copy the motions of the nearest boy, but after a few minutes I felt a burning pain in my palm. I looked down at my palms and discovered angry red blisters. Tears rolled down my face and mixed with the large sweat drops on my face. I felt like my life had been made into a large bundle and thrown off a cliff. How could I ever begin to put the pieces back together? I thought of Bode, and missed him desperately. My eyes filled with tears each time I thought of our brief time together before we were rudely separated.

I heard a snicker beside me and noticed a group of boys staring at me with a mixture of scorn, pity and amusement written all over their faces. They had all finished their portions of the field which now lay covered with neat heaps of slashed grass. They took off their shirts, exposing their lean athletic bodies and were watching in amusement while I struggled with my portion. The senior student in charge moved around the field yelling and screaming at students who worked too slowly and even administering some strokes of his cane. I knew I would get punished soon. Suddenly, two of the boys who had previously been staring and smirking at my feeble attempts stepped closer and began whacking away at the blades of grass still standing in my plot. I was amazed at the ease with which they decimated the tall blades of grass. By the time the senior student got to my plot, there was barely any grass left, he smiled at me and moved on to terrorize some other poor soul.

I got talking with the two guys who had just helped me out; their names were Roy and Alex. They were in the same class as I was going to be and it was Alex who had taken over my food in the dining room. They quickly took me through the rituals and intricacies of life at the Marian Academy. For example, they showed me the best hiding spots when I was too tired to wake up at 5am for morning prayers. Over the next few weeks, we became good friends. I began to look at Alex differently; he bore a number of similarities to Bode. He had the same tall, slim physique with well defined muscles. When he smiled, he revealed a set of perfect white teeth which complimented his brown-skinned face and showed his extreme handsomeness. He was extremely adventurous and loved to embark on various risky adventures.

One night, Alex came to my bed and woke me from a deep slumber. It had been a long busy day and I was exhausted. It took a few minutes for me to crawl out of my deep drowsy stupor.

“Shhh, come with me,” he whispered softly.

I pulled on my slippers and climbed out of my bed, careful not to rock the bunk too much and awaken the annoying boy who occupied the bed above mine. I slithered out of the dormitory with Alex and Roy, who had been waiting at the door. They both led me down three flights of stairs, past the dining hall and towards the kitchen. There was a full moon overhead so we could easily make out everything around. We got to the kitchen; we followed Roy around to the back where he pulled open a window which had been left open by the cooks. We all silently climbed in whereupon Alex produced a set of keys to the storehouse. He walked in and emerged with a fat tuber of yam with which he marched over to the fireplace where some glowing embers were leftover from cooking supper a few hours ago. He rekindled the glowing coals, cut the yam in smaller pieces and buried them beneath the coals. We sat around on the floor and dozed off while waiting for the yams to roast. About thirty minutes later, Alex woke us and set plates of the now roasted yam with spicy palm oil in front of us. Over the course of the next few days, we carried out regular raids on the kitchen whenever we got hungry.

With the help of Alex and Roy, I slowly grew accustomed to the rhymes and rhythms of life at the Marian Academy. I even learned to accept the poor insipid food and to deal with the rigorous, prayer filled life designed to instill high levels of discipline and piety in young minds.

I still missed the cosseted and pampered existence which I had been forced to give up, but I could not deny the fact that though I still utterly disliked the Marian Academy and would grab an opportunity to leave without a second thought, life here had gotten more and more bearable, thanks to my new friends. We were soon inseparable, particularly Alex and I. Alex always seemed to thrive on mischief; his capacity for dreaming up new acts of mischief seemed endless. He seemed to derive a thrill from taking risks. He was such a daredevil, forever dreaming up new ways of testing his ability to outwit the strict routines of the Marian Academy. Before very long, he had succeeded, with the help of Roy, in persuading the two boys whose beds were on either side of mine to switch spots with them so that we could all sleep next to each other. This made it easier to coordinate our frequent raids on the kitchen in the middle of the night, as well as to enjoy the tasty meals Alex was able to sneak back into the dormitory on the nights when he was able to scale the school walls and make his way to his aunt’s house in town after Roy had successfully diverted the security officers’ attention from the spot on the wall.

I felt myself getting drawn more and more to Alex in the same way I had been drawn to Bode, but I was afraid of expressing myself or even letting him suspect in any manner the nature of my feelings. Memories of the circumstances that led to my ending up at the Marian Academy were still fresh in my memory. I could still feel the sting of Dad’s thick leather belt and see the mixture of pain, disgust and hatred which twisted his features as he swung the whip over and over at me. I still remembered how in the days that followed, I sometimes contemplated slashing my wrists or gulping down a jar of sleeping pills like some of the romance heroines in my Mills and Boons romance novels had done. The memory of that horrible day was burned indelibly in my subconscious. I decided I would never let even the minutest inkling of my true feelings slip. I would content myself with being Alex’s friend and close confidante.

It had been a hot day; the sun beat down mercilessly on the corrugated iron roofs, turning the rooms underneath into ovens. It was impossible to concentrate on classes as I felt like my brains were boiling and sputtering in my head. Even the teachers could hardly focus on their teaching, as they simultaneously swung their hand fans back and forth while attempting to conduct their lessons. Everyone was relieved when classes were over for the day. There was a mad rush to get to the bathrooms and scrub the grime and sweat off. The heat continued all day till sundown and lingered into the night. Later that night, I lay in bed trying to doze off in the sweltering dormitory. Even the habitual deep and noisy sleepers seemed to sleep a little less deeply. I dozed in short fits and bursts.

Then, I was suddenly aware of a presence by my bedside; it was Alex. “Let’s go and take a shower to cool off,” he said.

I grabbed my soap and towel and followed him quietly out of the dormitory. We walked to the bathrooms located in a long building separated from the main dormitory buildings by a stand of tall leafy trees. Normally the bathrooms were full of boys of all shapes and sizes taking their baths, but at this time, it was quiet and deserted. Roy was already at the taps, filling out buckets for us. He was completely nude and in the light of the full moon, I could clearly make out his dick. It was huge! Considerably larger and thicker than Bode’s. It was one of the largest I had seen in my life and I was fascinated by the sight of it. I kept staring till Alex tugged at my elbow and led me towards the shower stalls. We all stripped and splashed cold water over each other’s bodies. Alex teased Roy about his big dick and we all decided to measure sizes. Roy had the longest and thickest, Alex’s was much thicker than mine, but mine was longer. I was still fascinated by Roy’s dick, the way it jumped and bounced as he scrubbed his body. It was like a live thing as it seemed to move of its own accord.

Suddenly, Roy said, “Tobechi, you’ve been staring at my dick, I guess you like it.” He moved closer to me and put it in my hands.

Memories of all the things I had learned to do with Bode came surging back. I stroked it gently and watched as it thickened and lengthened to several times its regular size. I was amazed at how big it had become. I started to suck it while Roy moaned and thrust his hips back and forth, it was so big I had to open my mouth very wide in order to take its entire length, each time he thrust his hip forward, his dick rammed the back of my throat causing me to gag. He seemed to enjoy it tremendously, so I put up with it. I sucked and ran my tongue over the entire length of it. It has been so long, I had forgotten what all this felt like. I felt like I could go on and on for hours. Alex had meanwhile come behind and was caressing my buttocks. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain as he slid in from behind. Bode had tried it with me once, but for some reason I couldn’t tolerate the pain for more than ten seconds. This time was no different; after about ten seconds, I had to stop Alex.

“Okay, I guess you’re not good at this. You should try me then.” He turned around and I entered him from behind while he sucked Roy off. He apparently had no problems with taking my dick (just like Bode). He swallowed the entire length in his nice, tight ass. It felt so good, I hadn’t realized how long I had been deprived of this fun. After about ten minutes, Roy moaned and came all over Alex’s face, and he was followed shortly after by Alex and lastly by me. We showered and toweled ourselves dry and headed back to the dormitory. We felt much cooler now and it was easier to sleep off. I hit my bed and before I floated off into deep slumber, my last thought was about how the Marian Academy wasn’t such a bad place after all. I had found excitement and fun in the unlikeliest of places. I could feel the deep loathing and hatred which I had for the past few weeks harboured for the place begin to loosen and slip away from me.

Written by CeeCee

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    Eeyah!!! If only your father knew what he was doing…pushing you deeper into the loving arms of the much abhorred homosexuality *maniacal laugh*

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    Oh damn ! Just got turned on now…they better not be caught as it will be a serious gobe for Tobechi…

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    lol. always finds someone ugh?..

    I have a theory that gay men will always find each other no matter where they are 😀

    • CeeCee
      May 15, 12:52 Reply

      Ur theory is very damn correct, am living witness to that! They always found me somehow back in the day, even when I least expected it!

  4. kendigin
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    Brilliant! This writer is very good. The images conjured by the words are very real and clear. Kudos!

    • CeeCee
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      Thank you … thank you … thank you … you’re far too kind! Curtsies with a flip of long flowing Brazilian hair …

      • kendigin
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        Ooooh! Whip it back n forth sister….uh huh!

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    Wow, what an inspiring story, dad wanted you to stop this and den he sent you to boys only sch, now you advance more in fucking and experience….what a lovely one

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    Hehehe who ever said a boarding house was punishment for a young tb is so mistaken

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    Great piece. Well crafted and vivid. I pictured every scene and that obviously left me very uncomfortable at my desk. Especially that last scene! I read it again though! Looking forward to see where the story drifts to. Well done to the writer!
    This blog boasts of talented writers, and it it is eminent from the quality of works published here. Kudos to the creator.
    On a sentimental note, I’m ending by saying I’m not a big fan of barebacking. So that was a bit of a letdown.

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 15, 17:08 Reply

      Well, the characters are secondary school boys in a boarding school. Protected gay sex isn’t exactly the status quo there.

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