My biggest fear in life is being different. And so, even though I’d always known I was gay, I kept that identity tucked away under the cover of what I was expected to be: a good righteous “heterosexual” boy who has a girlfriend.

All that changed when I got admission into and started attending the school of my dreams: Unilag.

It was at this point of life as an undergraduate that I got to know about Grindr, that I began to give in to the temptation of exploring the homosexual in me – and what way to begin the exploration than through sex?

The guy I first met from Grindr was someone who lived close to my school. His name was Kayode. He looked really good in the pictures he sent and when I went over to his apartment, which was in Yaba, I found him even more attractive in person. He let me into the house, clad as he was in a white T-shirt and blue shorts.

“I hope it was not hard for you to get here,” he said, as he handed me a bottle of soft drink.

I said no, and soon, we were engaged in a casual conversation.

“Is this your first time?” he asked, looking directly at me.

I must have given off more than a small amount of vibe that I was brand-new to all this.

“Yes,” I answered, looking down.

He drew close to me and then pulled me into his arms. As he angled his head closer to mine, I could not help the realization that came with what was about to happen: This was going to be my first kiss!

He brushed his lips against mine and it felt soft and moist. He touched his lips to mine again, and then stopped.

With a chuckle, he said, “You really don’t know how to kiss.”

Before I could react to his assessment of my skill – or lack of it – he bent his head and was kissing me again. At this point, I was hard and I moved my hand to his crotch to encounter his own hardness. I was enjoying the taste of his lips and sensual movement of his mouth against mine, when he suddenly broke the kiss and began to pull me up to my feet.

I stood up and then it happened. He pulled out my penis and dropped to his knees in order to get a good angle before he took me into his mouth. The feel of that warm wetness sent charges of electricity racing all over my body. I began to tremble on my feet and moaned out loud as he continued to suck me.

“You taste really good,” he murmured as he continued to move his lips and tongue over my erection.

I could hear the slurping sounds of his mouth on my dick, and I just wanted him to go on and on doing what he was doing to me.

But that pleasure short-circuited to alarm the moment I felt his hand go around to my derriere and he inserted a finger between my ass cheeks.

“Please stop!” I blurted out. I pulled away from him, regretting for a moment the fact that my dick was no longer in his warm, wet mouth. “I don’t think I’m ready for this.”

“Seun,” he said my name as he tried to pull me back into his arms, “don’t overthink this. I promise I’ll be gentle. You won’t feel much pain.”

These were the words I’d watched men say on to girls on TV, and now, they were being said to me.

Kayode noticed my reluctance and stopped trying to get to my ass.

“What will we now do now?” he said. “You can’t just come and go like that na.” He had me in his arms and was playing his fingers about on my chest. “You’re fine. I think I want you around. Let’s just try it once, you won’t feel it.” He smiled reassuringly at me.

But I wasn’t ready.

“I should leave,” I said as I broke away from him and got to my feet. My hard-on was still raging as I zipped it into my trousers. But he pulled me back into his arms and continued trying to dissuade me from my resolve. “Kayode, please stop,” I said insistently. “I’m serious. I don’t want this.”

Some minutes later, after I was able to convince Kayode that I really wasn’t ready to go all the way with him, I was in a bus going back to school. I got down at the gate and began the trek to my hostel.

Then somebody called my name.


I turned and there she was – my girlfriend, the person that my parents had approved of as my companion. Sharon.

She was calling out my name and waving at the same time from the other side of the road. She crossed the road and walked up to me. She hugged me and asked where I was coming from.

“I’ve been trying your line, but you weren’t answering,” she said, looking peeved. Then she made a face and said, “Why do you smell like you just had sex?”


Written by Remmy

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  1. Ken
    April 28, 08:07 Reply

    Oops… Really,?? What a dumb kweshon lol

    No, Darling I smell like sex bcos am just coming from church after 2yrs dry fasting. Duh!

    Btw how does she know what sex smells like sef.

    • Obiora
      May 01, 00:11 Reply

      The smell is quite distinct, I can tell when someone just finished having sex

  2. Sammy
    April 28, 08:36 Reply

    D last line got me lolz wtf!!

  3. Kristo
    April 28, 11:27 Reply

    ??????……story of my life (having girlfriends part)

  4. Pjay
    April 28, 12:46 Reply

    Righteous and you had a girlfriend before you even got into university? Yinmu

  5. Kelly
    April 28, 13:53 Reply

    Please, how do I send a question to kitodiaries? I want it to be published and seek other people’s opinions.

  6. Jahbless
    April 28, 14:39 Reply

    gush! wait to finish this….

    please come back and tell Sharon why you’re smelling like one who just had sex…

  7. Joshua
    April 28, 18:48 Reply

    How did she observe
    She must be an expert????

  8. Jerry
    May 02, 03:41 Reply

    Am getting carry away with d write up… Nice one… Please how can I get more update, I got this link thru a fend…

    • Remmy
      May 02, 11:00 Reply

      Don’t worry, it will be updated soon. Keep following.

      • Will
        August 23, 20:35 Reply

        Hi… please do you mind?? I’ve got something I want to ask you.
        Please if you don’t mind,
        Uh my email-

  9. Iremide
    June 05, 23:07 Reply

    Oh baby Sharon you got a ghost sense of smell. Seun you better cook up storylines for her because I can’t just imagine the kind of shady looks she was giving…

    …..Write up dear.

  10. OB
    November 16, 16:22 Reply

    What does sex smell like , and why have I never smelt it? Is it supposed to have a smell ?

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