The eight weeks that followed my coming out to my sister went speedily by, and I didn’t take much note of the passage, because nearly every day was full. It wasn’t long after that first day at the Pan Atlantic University, when I met Oscar, before I was done with my enrolment for the Business School course of Human Resource Management. Earlier on, Dotun had told me of a foreseeable future, when he’d climb up another rung on the corporate ladder of Fit Plus’ management, and because he’d be given the option of a recommendation, he would want me to take up his vacated position. And to be a better candidate, I needed better educational qualifications than my First Degree.

I settled into my renewed schooling with some disgruntlement. My classes were scheduled for Saturdays, and it was with some displeasure that I kissed goodbye all those extra hours I luxuriated in bed on Saturday mornings. Oscar helped some. He had more classes on different days of the week, including Saturdays, and we endeavoured to spend time together during the breaks we got from our lectures. His company was a welcome change from the tedium of my lessons. We got along very well, discovering new characteristics we shared in common; on some level, I realized he was filling a void left gaping by the distance between my friends and I. Our conflicting schedules were starting to get more frequent, and those very precious Sundays I now had left, I spent either lazing at home, or reconnecting with my boyfriend.

“You have that foolish grin on your face again,” Oscar observed, jolting me out of my preoccupation with my Blackberry.

I looked up at him from my BBM chat with Bryson and chuckled, “What grin? I don’t grin foolishly abeg.”

“The expression on your face begs to differ,” he said before scooping some rice into his mouth.

It was lunchtime, and the lunchroom was astir with the muted buzz of people enjoying the break. Conversations were proper, laughter was subdued, and the hum of human interaction was punctuated by the frequent clinks of cutlery against dishes.

“Well, I can’t help it,” I said in response to Oscar’s remark. “I miss him. Lately, we’ve not been able to see each other as often as I’d have liked. He’s hustling really hard with his career, and I’m starting to appreciate my Sundays very much.”

“So you two then make up for all that separation by chatting a lot and wearing goofy expressions, huh?” he teased.

I laughed. “Well, what can I say? Bryson is a charming, gorgeous man.”

“I’ve never asked before. Can I see his picture?”

“Sure.” I quickly produced a selfie I’d taken of the two of us one of the nights I spent at Bryson’s place. We were beaming at the camera and looked disheveled from the sex we’d just had. I held out my phone to Oscar, but he took one look at the screen, and made a mock grimace, pushing my hand and the phone in it back toward me.

“I didn’t ask for a pic where you two look like love-sick puppies. Eww! I want to see him, just him.” He shook his head at me as I laughed at his words.

I located another photo. It was one that was currently Bryson’s Facebook profile picture, and I’d saved it off his Timeline after I saw the picture and fell in love with the pouty sensuality of the snapshot. It was one photo out of an album he’d done for a magazine, with a small spring of water cascading over his scantily-clad body, the wetness plastering his singlet over the well-defined ridges of his abs and pecs. The picture had been a hit on his Facebook page, and within a week of him uploading it, it garnered more than 500 Likes.

It made me proud to have such a hot boyfriend, and I could feel that knowledge warming my heart as I handed my phone to Oscar a second time. He stared at the picture a moment, and then said “Hmm”, before turning to his meal again.

“What do you mean ‘Hmm’?” I queried, unperturbed. “He is delicious, no?”

“Yea, well, if you’re into that sort of thing.” He waved a fork dismissively at my phone.

I gave a short laugh. “What sort of thing? What – muscles, height, and eyes that can make you cum simply by them looking at you?”

It was Oscar’s turn to laugh. “Yea, well, I don’t do Akpans.”

“What did you just call him?” I said, my eyes widening with my mirth.

Akpan… You know, dudes who look like they pound fufu for a career.”

That got me. It was all I could do not to double over and howl with laughter. “My goodness, Oscar!” I hissed with a merry undertone. “That’s my man you’re dissing like that. I should take offense, but I can’t even.” I chuckled as I prepared to lift a spoonful of rice.

“As well you shouldn’t,” he said. “I like my guys slim, but not skinny, with just the right amount of flesh to fill out their asses, and fill my arms.” As he spoke, he swept his eyes pointedly over me, starting from what part of my upper body was visible above the table to my face. His expression was guarded, so I couldn’t make anything out of his stare.

But it made me self-conscious, so I looked away from him and focused on my meal for a while.

“Do you love him?” he suddenly asked.

“God, no!” I denied swiftly. “I find him incredibly sexy, and the sex is great. But that’s basically all we have – good sex and burning chemistry.”

“Yea, you’ve told me about that before,” Oscar said ruefully.

“It’s just frustrating, you know,” I continued, not really hearing him. “Having a relationship you expect – you wish – to go somewhere, and yet there’s not enough fuel to take it in the direction you’d like. We have almost nothing in common. He’s all about fashion – clothes, runway shows, photo shoots, fitness, the gym, dieting. Eish!” I blew out an exasperated breath. “Sometimes, I just want us to have a conversation, you know, to talk about stuff like art, literature, movies – he doesn’t even do movies, not much really. One day I was talking about wanting to re-watch The Island, that film that Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson did, and he asked me who they were. Hello? Moulin Rouge, anyone? Okay, I can understand not knowing Ewan McGregor, but Scarlet Johansson – seriously! I was trying to describe her to him, and when I mentioned The Avengers, he goes, ‘Oh, that Avengers babe.’ That Avengers babe?!” I scoffed and shook my head.

Oscar was looking at me with a deliberate expression, one that was telling in its studious neutrality. And I chuckled when I understood it. “I’ve started yapping away about Bryson again, haven’t I?”

“It’s always such fun, these little Bryson 101 lessons you give every now and then,” he said, smiling to take the sting off his words.

“Well, that’s what you get for being the one friend accessible to me,” I said, sticking my tongue out at him.

He gave a rueful smile, before saying in a more somber tone, “If you don’t love him, and you haven’t much faith in the future of your relationship, why then are you still with him?”

“Did I fail to mention that the sex is great?” I said, wagging my eyebrows suggestively. He laughed at that, and I added, “Besides, who said I don’t have any faith in our relationship? We’ve only being seeing each other about three months. Too early to start worrying.”

“I guess so,” he conceded.

It wasn’t very long before the lunch break was over, and we returned to our lessons. By 5pm, we were done, and I reconnected with Oscar in the lobby. Amidst other chattering students, we strolled out of the premises.

“Let’s chatter a cab to my place,” Oscar suggested as we filed to the side of the main road. Several hands were in the air, waving bike-men and Keke-Napep to a stop.

“To your place?” I asked, my brow furrowing.

“Yes, I want you to know where I live. It’s in Ebutte-Metta, and my folks won’t be around. So that shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Why would they being around be a problem?”

“Nothing, nothing,” he said hastily, his gaze skittering away from mine. “So, what do you say? Should we make it a date?”

“A date?” I said, smiling. “It is just to know your place, right? There’s no candlelit dinner waiting as a surprise when we get there, is there?” I teased.

He ducked his head in that characteristic manner of his, before shaking it. “I wish. Nothing grand like that.”

“Well, alright then.”

A few minutes later, we were ensconced in the back of a taxi, conversing about our classes, while observing the passing scenery of Lagos municipality. I watched Oscar as he talked animatedly, the very fair-complexioned skin of his face reddening somewhat whenever he exerted it, like with a laugh or the energetic making of a point. I realized then as before that I liked him; he’d been good company to me these past several weeks. I knew he liked me back. I just wondered how much.

A lot, you know. He likes you a lot, the Voice answered.

Hopefully not enough to cause any awkwardness between us, I responded.

Yea, hopefully not.

Soon, the taxi driver was pulling up by the side of the road, before a row of condominiums that was the characteristic accommodation in the area. Oscar paid the driver, and led me up the stairs. He seemed quite agitated as he talked and walked ahead of me. Inside, the apartment was neat, and the furniture was worn but comfortable. The television set was the focal point of the living room.

“Nice place,” I remarked, glancing at the smiling family members on the framed photographs hanging from the wall. “Very homey.” I pointed. “Those are your parents, right?”

“Yes. And that’s our firstborn, my second brother, my elder sister – she’s married – and my other brother coming after her.” His pointing index finger accompanied each introduction.

“That’s nice. Your sister’s husband – that’s him there, right?” When he nodded, I said, “He’s hot.”

He laughed shortly. “If you’re into the daddy type…”

“Who isn’t?”

“I’m not.”

I rolled my eyes theatrically. “Oh, I forgot. You’re into twinks.”

“Nah, not twinks. I like them matured.” A beat passed before he added, “Like you.”

I’d been about to make a comment about how he and his mother were the only light-skinned ones in the family, when he said that. At first, the words didn’t register, and I turned to ask, “What?”

“I’m into you, Declan,” he said.

“Oscar…” I began.

“I mean, I like you –”

“Yea, I got that –”

“Like, I really, really like you…”


“And I know you like me too.”

“Yes, as a friend.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Maybe I should stop talking and just show you.” And with two steps, he was suddenly in my personal space, cradling my face with his hands and kissing me.

For a moment, I was too nonplussed to react. I stood still, my brain cells processing the sudden intimacy slowly, as though they were bogged down with molasses. Then I felt his tongue attempting to slip through my lips, poking at my teeth, and my mobility was revived. I shoved him back with such force, I found myself staggering back in the process.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I snapped, wiping the back of my hand over my mouth.

“Kissing you.” He seemed genuinely bewildered by my resistance.

“Who said you could do that? Oscar, I have a boyfriend for chrissakes!”

“Who you don’t love, and who you have nothing to click with. But me –”

“But you are just my friend,” I lashed across his words. “Was just my friend.”


“You clearly expect more from this acquaintanceship than I’m disposed to give.”

“But this is what you want, isn’t it?”

“No!” I said emphatically. “Why would you even think that?”

“That’s what he told me… He said you like me, that all I need to do is make you see –”

“Who said that?!” I said. When he didn’t reply immediately, my brows furrowed over the storm gathering in my eyes, as I said, “Who, Oscar? Who is filling your head with this nonsense about me?”


I shut the door of the vehicle with restrained vehemence.

“Ah, oga, you wan break my door?” the taxi driver protested, before he revved his engine and began to reverse.

I ignored him and strode angrily into the compound. I knew he’d be here. I’d called Yinka on my way out of Oscar’s house, and he’d told me I would find him here.

As I approached the front door, I could hear the sounds of TV and someone talking. I stopped before the door, and took deep inhalations, trying to relax, to calm the burning in my heart. But I couldn’t. When I rapped my knuckle sharply on the door, I was still very enraged.

Biola opened the door. The smile that started curving his lips at his sight of me wilted when he saw my stormy expression.

“Uh, Dee, what’s –”

“Where is he?” I snapped, looking beyond him into his living room.

“Where is who?”

You!” I saw him walking into the parlour from the corridor and shoved past Biola to get in. “You!” I was pointing a finger at him as I advanced. “I want you to stay the fuck away from me, you hear me? Stay the fuck away from my life! And stay the fuck away from my relationship!”

Adebola glanced coolly back at me. “What are you talking about?” His tone was icy.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about!” I raged. “What did you think you were going to achieve? Get Oscar to seduce me, have him tell you and you can carry the news of my betrayal to Bryson to break us up? Are you truly that evil?”

“Adebola…” Biola gasped.

“It was worth a try,” he drawled nastily. “All I did was encourage him when we met and he told me you two were now hanging out. Whatever he chose to do with my encouragement was entirely up to him.”

“You bitch!”

“Takes one to know one.”

“Oh, I know you now. If you’re capable of this kind of low, then you’re capable of anything. And to think I’ve been talking to Bryson all this time, trying to get him to mend his friendship with you… Now, I’m done! You can go to hell for all I care!”

“I was done like five minutes ago. Now get out!” he hissed.

“Get a life, Adebola!” I fired, wanting to wound. “Seriously. Get away from my business and get a life. I’m with Bryson now. And I’m not going anywhere.”

He gave a bark of humourless laughter. “The same Bryson who you have nothing in common with?” I blinked, startled by the realization of Oscar’s betrayal, and Adebola continued with a cruel smile, “Yes, Oscar told me. You tell him everything, and he tells me everything. Don’t get too comfortable with Bryson, darling. I don’t need to be TB Joshua to know this won’t last.”

“In the meantime, I’m there and you’re not, isn’t that so?” I shot back.

My barb found its mark, and his face clouded.

Just then, I felt spent. Suddenly, I had no desire to carry on with this confrontation. I just wanted to leave here, and go home, and have a bath to wash out this ugly episode. I also never wanted to set my eyes on Adebola again.

I turned and walked to the door, ignoring Biola’s call of my name on my way.


I was at the door when Adebola called me. I stopped and turned to face him.

“I know you didn’t ask,” he continued, “but here’s my advice. Amuse yourself with Bryson. Don’t take this thing you have with him too seriously. And definitely do not fall in love with him. Do otherwise, and you’ll just end up getting hurt. But by all means, knock yourself out. That ending would give me lots of satisfaction.”

I jerked the door open before responding, “You were right, Adebola. I didn’t ask. That is because I have no use for your opinion.” And I slammed the door resoundingly shut behind me.

Written by Pink Panther

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  1. Mandy
    March 23, 05:22 Reply

    What a deliciously Cookie Vs Anika moment that ending would have been. 😀

  2. law
    March 23, 05:32 Reply

    Fourth to comment *books space* oya lemme goan read it ….. Brb

      • law
        March 23, 06:04 Reply

        “That Avengers babe” ….. Okay that got me *lol* Adebola is evuuuulllll….. And a douche for stooping this low. Declan keep ur man biko, to many spoilers

      • law
        March 23, 06:05 Reply

        Nice one Pp….. Can wait to see this series on tv, prolly thats when we are all dead

  3. Mitch
    March 23, 06:05 Reply

    Adebola is really taking this thing too far. Even if both of them are no longer friends, there is only so much betrayal his heart ought to be able to conceive or carry out on his friend. Adebola is really crazy.

    And Declan should learn how to control his emotions, especially how he spills the beans about his relationships or sexcapades.

    That said, well done Pinky. This was a great episode

  4. olima
    March 23, 06:25 Reply

    Omg! Such things do happen?

  5. KyrxxX
    March 23, 06:40 Reply


    Declan nd his onu ikputu will just be spilling everything like a menstruating goat! Ah ah! U didn’t have to spill everything about ur relationship to an almost total stranger, Yes?
    Nd for once u were not an akwuna nwoke! Clap for urself!

    And bia dis Adebitch! Ur desperation is already @ a hossana level! What is urs is urs!

    By the way, Hi Dennis!

  6. KyrxxX
    March 23, 06:45 Reply

    And relationships r actually way much fun when u guys share almost similar interest, if not all. Wouldn’t want someone discussing Ivanovich/Chelsea when am gushing over Beyonce latest album or d Oscar red carpet! Having an idea won’t kill u. Versatility is nice.

    • Peak
      March 23, 09:37 Reply

      Ummm! I don’t agree with you bro!

      I personally think every relationship should help u grow. If he is crazy about soccer, and I care about him, then I would make room to learn and develop interest. I get ur point though! Having common interest makes things much easier. But things flow much better when u are willing to make the necessary scarifices to grow into each others life and learn from one another. My opinion by the way.

      • wondabuoy
        April 01, 11:22 Reply

        I like your comment. But the signature ending of “My opinion by the way”… is not included in the like.

  7. D-boy
    March 23, 06:52 Reply

    Thoroughly entertaining. so relatable, falling for somone you know have nothing in common with but chemistry….Gosh, if this was actually on tv.Can i play Declan pleasssseeeeeee pinky??? Asking firstttttttt………

  8. Ruby
    March 23, 08:23 Reply

    I need some time to wrap my head around this episode.

  9. posh666
    March 23, 09:01 Reply

    Goodmorning,i apologise to the poster of this article dont mean to take away the attention from ur post but i just need to get something really important of my mind.Please guys read carefully so yesternite i was minding my bussiness when somebody just started to cuss me out on a social media,yes nobody other dan chizzie whose real name is Ebuka he called me an hiv patient,he called me broke,ugly,pauper,destitute and alot of oda nasty names he even threatend to visit a native doctor for my matter yes u read right Ebuka said he was going to visit a native doctor to charm me lol u obviously dont know the real story about a shua arab/fulani indigene.Now Ebuka has crossed the line its all fun n games till someone gets hurt in real life i have always said it that i visit this blog as a getaway,my very own stress reliever and safe haven when having a long day thanks so much to pinkie the creator,sometimes i might have crossed some lines when trying to air my opinion but honestly its with no malicious nor envious intent i dont think life should be made that difficult on a blog of likeminds when living in nigeria is already a hell of its own.Ebuka took it to an all time low last nite,Ebuka tell urself the truth are you handsome,are you richer dan i am?are you healthier dan i am?you fling this hiv tingy accusation at anybody who crosses ur part now tell me do u really think u are immune to hiv or u are already positive and u feel everybody deserves to be positive?because it baffles me how some1 can be this evil and bitter.U remind me of high school where the fat child with candy always feels threatend n bullied by the skinny kids,Ebuka some of us actually work hard to remain in shape and healthy not every slim person u see is positive and not every fat person u see is negative such stereotype!can u see how dumb u sound?its not my fault dat u are overweight,have a really big nose,have breasts the size of a lady’s and also very ugly.Ebuka u are very disgusting u look like a pig and sure act like one,u are so disgusting that anybody that ever shags u is as disgusting as u are,i really wonder the kind of humans dat shag you urghhh.You called me broke i have never come here to brag about being a rich kid whatsoever i worked hard to get to where i am today,am a legal hustler i hustle i better life for myself to live a good n happy life.If u were truly a rich kid how come u didnt work ur way to serve in nysc and not a remote village in akure abj,lag,ph is afterall the cities where the rich kids do nysc lmaooo a corper earning 19,800 calling me broke!Pinkie i really do feel this child is trying to sabotage ur blog and watch it fail the way his did,how dare you come at me this way when ever since you joined this blog i have never heard u say something positive about anybody or anything,especially Dennis what kind of a sad person are you?yet you feel nobody should ever challenge you nor advise u to seek medical n spiritual help.If you can cuss me out the way u did just for the few times i came at you then how do u think Dennis that u spend 365 days of ur life cussing out on this blog feel?anyway am done addressing this bitch my final warning to u Ebuka dont start what u dont have the means and resources to finish be very careful,am sure you have heared the saying”where one person craze end na dere somebody own begin”u are trying to drag me to a dark evil place and i wont sink that low with you,you will be going down alone and drown in ur negativity.That said Ebuka negative actions attracts negative results i wish you every negative energy life can direct towards you.I wont be commenting on this blog again for a long time to come am trying to be a better and happier person so the kind of anxiety and negativity this blog generates isnt needed in my life,we are all likeminded but alsi our own worst enemies haba so much hate n vile flying all around.Am never a coward and have handled what ever life threw at me like a ninja to get to where i am today but in this case its a hopeless case of waste of energy am done being the platform for someone to pour their insecurities,anger and negativity on life is too short this isnt life.Thanks Pinkie once again u have no idea how ur blog just makes my life more cheerful to come read ur posts and also learn some life lessons.Am out

    • posh666
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      And anybody that knows him better inform him to get in here and heed my warning thats if he even has any friend on this blog

    • posh666
      March 23, 09:22 Reply

      And Ebuka better hope and pray thats if u even worship God that in the nearest future me and you never meet in a situation where my help or someone that i know help or authorization is needed for you to progress in which ever way i know ur face and u know mine

      • pinkpanthertb
        March 23, 09:49 Reply

        Posh, is the email you’re commenting with your actual email address? If it is, let me know so I’ll correspond privately with you. If its not, kindly send me an email on

    • sinnex
      March 23, 10:13 Reply

      This is like the longest comment I have read on this blog. Gosh, I had to prevent myself from skipping some few lines.

      You did not tell us the social media he found you ooo.

      Or is Chizzie a computer guru?

      Anyway, I am not surprised, since JustJames mentioned something like that yesterday.

      Although, I am an advocate of freedom of speech, but I have to admit this one; I think Chizzie is mentally deranged. What does he stand to gain by the attacks. I mean, how can only one person have such hatred?

      Posh666, just because someone is fat doesn’t mean the person is ugly or unfit. Also, I don’t accept that it is only rich kids that serve in Lagos, Abuja and PH. For goodness, person whey get leg sabi serve for anywhere, when it was my turn to serve, all I needed was N5000 to work it to Abuja, I did not pay because of some personal reasons. Besides, there are some people who genuinely want to serve the Nigerian state and what to experience rural life.

      Anyway, back to the topic, I think Chizzie is evil….

      He needs to be put on a leash. I have never liked him. In fact, he kinda freaks me out. I once chatted with him on Grindr and I could not just go on…the picture alone was a turn off…

      • Max
        March 23, 10:42 Reply

        How do you ppl find yourselves outside here? Grindr, fb etc??

      • Gad
        March 23, 14:37 Reply

        Sinnex, you don’t blame somebody without hearing from him no matter how evil you think he is. Reserve your comments till you hear from the other side. Didn’t you notice the vindictiveness of Posh from his rant? He even violated the anonymous code of this blog in his blind rage by calling Chizzie,s real name.

    • Gad
      March 23, 14:28 Reply

      I don’t know what Chizzie did to you to have hurt so much but wait, mere words made you react like this? That means Gad is a saint to have merrily laughed over your unprovoked insults on my his person by you on saturday. Could it be nemesis? Hmmm. This goes a long way to show the type of people one joins issues with here. You accuse Chizzie of the same things you are guilty of. this singular act of yours made me ashamed of here honestly. I wonder why courage failed you especially when you met your peer.

    • Teflondon
      March 23, 16:27 Reply

      **you know I was going to comment on this right?**

      Posh666 I remember sometime back I made a comment and I was talking about all time low (as in like posh666 low) people thought I was joking…. (Am not prophet of doom) but I predicted this.. That one day you will prove my statements as facts.. But haven read your comments even I am surprised as to how low you can go.. Calling out real names?? Really?? With all this your have just stayed above (and trust me, I didn’t read through all the rants.. As much as I tried to grapple on your words and statements I could see was ‘Blah’ ‘Blah’ ‘Blah’)

      I mean clearly I didn’t know Chizzie too well.. But from what I have been hearing of late.. Agreed maybe is Chizzie is evil?? But with this your rant of daiobolism and what nt. what’s makes you any less evil or better than Chizzie.
      You made a comment to me lately when I replied to Gad.. Saying **pot calling kettle black** clearly with this your rant.. You have confirmed that phrase on yourself.

      Tsk tsk!

  10. Dennis Macaulay
    March 23, 09:12 Reply

    PP really?



    Oscar and DM are the same person right?

    My god will ansa you in due course

    • pinkpanthertb
      March 23, 09:37 Reply

      *smiling mysteriously * Me and your God have discussed and we know what is and what isn’t.

  11. JArch
    March 23, 09:31 Reply

    Pinky I caught my sub really well oo
    God is watching you in 3D

    • pinkpanthertb
      March 23, 09:35 Reply

      I don’t know what you’re talking about. *innocently darning my socks *

  12. Mercury
    March 23, 09:59 Reply

    For once I’m on Declan’s side…..Oscar is wrong, and adebola is way outta line, I used to like him but after this particular fiasco he reminds me of someone I used to consider a friend. Declans doesn’t talk too much, he’s a free, honest and open minded person who sees the good in every one, I know its a weakness judging from d fucked up world we live in, but not every one is a shady, calculating bitch.

  13. Peak
    March 23, 10:37 Reply

    Pinky today’s read is super DOPE!!!

    Love Love Love it.

    All these drama cos of Man? Whatever happen to “walk away”?

    • Vhar.
      March 23, 12:40 Reply

      Walk away from Max then…

    • Peak
      March 23, 14:20 Reply


      Vhar! If na u them send, tell them say you no meet me for house. That calabash of akoba way u put 4 road no go work! O ka re!

      • Vhar.
        March 23, 14:41 Reply

        And you’re here talking about “man drama”.

        If I sound you, you won’t know when Dennis Macaulay will start doing those things to you.


    • Peak
      March 23, 15:29 Reply

      Vhar! Vhar! Vha!

      How many times I call you? Enh! Enh!
      Na jeje I sidon oooo, some ppl come de form goons for my door-mot! I go leave u because of my dear Chestnut. If not I go don yank off that ur hand way u wan use sound me 1st then wait for who send you. E’lo kposi wa! E’ti kpo to. Lol!

      Hi Chestnut*waving* miss u bruh! That boss of urs is one helluva bitch.

      Just so u know vhar! Max has not given me any reason 2 “walk away”. Dennis is a non-factor in the matter. Until real drama kicks in, I’ma be chilling right here, staring at Max’s slim waist, while he bends over to clean the rim ……………………………………………………….on his car.

      • Vhar.
        March 23, 15:52 Reply

        First off, you called me 3 times.
        Secondly, I’d like to see you hold my hand na.
        Futhermore, Bryson hasn’t given Dec any reason for him (Declan) to walk away either.

        Rim… Of his car?
        You clearly need amadioha. You’ve lost touch with the Sabbath day deity.

    • Peak
      March 23, 16:41 Reply

      Ogun, obatala or shango and I ve better relations compared 2 amadioha!

      U are right about the bryson and dec situation, but I’m hust not built to do back and forth with another man over a man I ve in my corner. I would rather focus on my man! Or just walk away from the whole situation altogether. But truth be told, my current state of mind is working without the element of emotional attachment, so MAYBE!!! I’m just being myopic with my reasoning right now. Oh well! What do I know..

      • Vhar.
        March 23, 16:59 Reply

        Looooooooool. Where you put Oranmiyan?

        You do have point about not “vexing” about a man in your corner.
        But Decs’ and Debola’s word spat is about betrayal.
        Don’t forget that.


  14. Gad
    March 23, 13:49 Reply

    The greatest ridicule one can bring upon himself is to fight over a guy with another guy. Disgusting…

    • JArch
      March 23, 14:19 Reply

      Love and lust are very powerful emotions…. Of course it seems crazy cos you’re thinking with a clear mind devoid of an emotional attachments,and therefore it feels disgusting.

      But when one has invested time and energy and emotions into someone, no matter how little the investment, that natural instinct to protect what’s yours, kick in whenever you feel you’re being threatened.

      • Gad
        March 23, 15:01 Reply

        Investments? If that’s a consideration,then there won’t be cases of divorce

      • JArch
        March 23, 15:29 Reply

        The root cause of divorce is (mostly) the loss of chemistry. The spark is lost, the feeling is gone, the zeal to invest (yes invest/investment in this context is used to refer to time and energy) in a relationship is gone. There’s no external force threatening the longevity of such a relationship.

        It won’t be a relationship if you don’t “invest” into it. Of course when you’re in love it doesn’t feel like you’re doing much or investing anything. However that realization “investment” comes when there’s trouble in paradise and you feel like it was wasted trying to give/take happiness from a brick wall that gives nothing back

        • Gad
          March 23, 15:39 Reply

          Jarch, thanks. I will refrain from provoking you guys with my old school thoughts on this

      • JArch
        March 23, 15:59 Reply

        Lol I have no idea what you’re referring to…. Is there something I missed????

        I do get your POV, but I think you will agree with me that love and lust are really strong emotions and therefore causes one to do things they normally wouldn’t do

        • Gad
          March 23, 16:36 Reply

          Jarch, rapu ma aka. You want me to provoke people. Love and lust are very powerful I agree but I’m aware of what is called discipline. Discipline is all- powerful

      • JArch
        March 23, 20:13 Reply

        Gad darling… Shey you know am a certified and platinum rated ibibio boy…. Land of afang soup and edikang ikong… This one you’re speaking Igbo for me lol

        • Gad
          March 24, 01:05 Reply

          Jarch, mbok ku yari isit.

  15. Teflondon
    March 23, 16:41 Reply

    Nicely written PP.. Nicely written!
    My favorite characters ‘Adebola tops the lot’ that gurrrllll Evil AF! Adds some sort of evil twist to the story.. iLike iLike iLike

    In other news
    PP do you by any chance know chizzies where about.. That girl has turned to some sort of ‘Cult Hero’ here.. I’ll like to meet and study her! (If the stories I hear about her are true) Im intrigued by her.. She is all types of Evil.

    • pinkpanthertb
      March 23, 19:04 Reply

      What’s next? You two will sit and braid your hair whilst gossiping about boys?

  16. trystham
    March 23, 17:22 Reply

    Na wah o. Is it a crime to actually share moments with a ‘friend’? I do not think Declan did wrong telling stuff. I am disgusted at puppets like Oscar tho. What could Debola have offered??? A fatter shobosho??? SMH

    Posh dearie, save yourself the rants jare before u burst a vein. Lemme guess – He blocked u after his vomit? That’s y u had to come here? That’s his MO. The chap’s brain size is inversely proportional to his body size. He IS disturbed mentally. I expect he shud be visiting odas soon

    Sinnex, sum1 tells me all the time we leave cyber prints on whatever sites we register on but it takes a TRULY jobless person to link and stalk ur all profiles. Its akin to a pathetic, gutless secret admirer u have but u don’t know exists.

    • enigmous
      March 23, 22:12 Reply


      Quite disappointing coming from you. Why didn’t posh666 start by telling us the full story? How do you know that the reverse is not the case? Or are you judging from a first to complain basis?


      You need to grow up and man up. If you ate looking to score cheap points with this rant, be happy to miss me. This your story is very incomplete.

      What if Chizzie comes here to write your real names? Afterall, y’all know each other somehow.

      • trystham
        March 23, 22:44 Reply

        Don’t be disappointed my dear. It may be cos he’s stalked TWO of my cyber profiles, different ones mind you, unsought. Imagine my surprise when I had Fat Albert in my mentions and inbox one very blessed day. So with Chizzie, its a no-brainer case. Bitch be always guilty.

        Oh, as to the name ish, it prolly isn’t his real name as much as tweet handle…except his name really is his tweet handle and posh666 deduced that from his tweet handle. Thats like saying you won’t guess a ‘Dayborelah’ really is a Debola *shrugs* Its Chizzie. I sure as hell don’t give a spare care.

  17. wondabuoy
    April 01, 14:05 Reply

    Why do most gays not believe in relationships? They always act like it’s always not gonna last. Especially third parties.

  18. papasmurf
    August 10, 18:37 Reply

    Oh! The gloves are off!!!! Pulling of my earings, nd sharpening my nails!!
    Adebola wia U dey?! Shit is about to hit the fan men! We gon’ hav a pissy bitch fight!
    Ahn ahn!!!

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