Hello, guys. It’s yours truly, Pink Panther, and I have embarked on a fictional series, one which I will be updating once every week. The story will be chronicling the city life of a Lagos dude – his hook-ups and break-ups and sexcapades and all-what-not. I’m not going to hold back on the raunchiness, so all ye prudish readers, try not to protest too much at my use of strong language, will you? 🙂

Here it is, the episode one. Read and enjoy.



I went to the birthday party on Thursday night. I didn’t think I’d have a very good time but I ended up enjoying the night immensely, but that wasn’t because of the actual party.

Yinka and I arrived fashionably late, and everyone else was already there, although I wouldn’t have a clue, I didn’t know any of them apart from Yinka. It was his friend who was hosting the small bash. The apartment was in a secluded part of Ajah, the party was in full swing, and some hips were already rolling to something Flavour was crooning through the speakers. I took a quick visual reconnoiter of the house as we sauntered in, and my heart sank because I couldn’t see any cute guys at all.

“What kind of nonsense party is this sef?” I grumbled as I fished out my Blackberry Z10 and started swiping at the screen.

“You’re not about to call him again, are you?” Yinka queried.

“Of course I am,” I replied, nodding at the same time and planting the phone to my ear. Several buzzes later, and the call hung up, unanswered. It was the exact response I’d been getting for the past two days. My brow furrowed.

“I’ve told you not to worry,” Yinka said. “Perhaps he’s tied up with business or something.” He scanned the crowd as he talked, wagging his fingers with a smile at someone he recognized. “So, chillax, gurl, and have some fun.”

“Fun where? In this party of wohwoh guys? Mscheewww.”

Yinka giggled. “Well, you are on your own. I’m single and I’m here to mingle. Ta-ta!”

And he sailed off – the little ho! He just left me standing there and sashayed off to the friend he saw in the crowd, whereupon they screamed at each other in delight, waved their hands, exchanged air-kisses and promptly got lost in the partying crowd.

I shook my head. Slut! See as he just dumped me to go and look for kporo.

You nko, don’t you want kporo? a small voice admonished in my head.

I chuckled and shook my head again. There was no likelihood of finding that here anyway. But then, that was one thought too soon. After a few seconds of dreading the rest of the night, I saw this tall guy leaning against one of the walls with a drink in his hand, looking at me. He seemed to be the only good looking person in the room. Dark-skinned, small paunch stretching the belly of his T-shirt, with small, pebbly eyes and lips that were pursed and small too. (I prefer them full and juicy, all the better for good kissing) But he was eyeing me and appeared available, so I made my way over to him.

His name was Iyke. He was incredibly nice and very complimentary as we chatted, something that I didn’t expect. He just didn’t look like the type of person that would have a personality like that. They do say don’t judge a book by its cover, though. At one point in our conversation one of the ugly people populating the party tried to talk to me, but I got rid of him pretty quickly. I didn’t want any interruptions because my eyes were on the prize that I’d hopefully be getting by the end of the night: the huge bulge in his trousers. One that appeared to keep getting bulgier the more we talked.

After twenty or so minutes of talking, Iyke suggested we go to one of the host’s other rooms. Apparently they had been set up so people could have sex in them, although I think that was some extremely wishful thinking on the host’s part. I followed him to one of the rooms; thoughts of his cock leading me on like a leash. Just before I left the main party room, Yinka caught my eye and gave me this really dumb thumbs-up. He’s goofy like that sometimes.

Once we had a room to ourselves, I dropped to my knees and hastily undid his pants, desperately wanting to see the dick that I had been fantasizing about for the past half hour or so. I pulled his boxers down and got my first look at his mammoth phallus, dangling between his legs, swaying slightly as he moved, almost mesmerizing me. It had to be the biggest cock I’d seen in my life, and he wasn’t even fully hard yet. I wrapped my hand around it, my fingers just meeting, and I could feel the warmth emanating from it, as if it was the source of some sacred sexual power. I had to widen my jaw to just short of its limits to fit it in my mouth, any idea of deep-throating completely out of the question. I didn’t think he’d miss it, however, because I would have been surprised if anybody had managed to deep-throat this goliath.

I worked on his tool almost obsessively, taking it out of my mouth occasionally to lick up and down the shaft so I could admire it, and to give my jaw a break. It wasn’t long before he bent down and pulled me up by my armpits, pushing his mouth against mine as he gave me one of the steamiest kisses I’ve ever received. So much for small lips not being kissable. I can’t remember exactly what happened then, but I’m pretty sure that if he hadn’t been holding me up my legs would have folded underneath my weight.

Somehow I ended up kneeling on the bed, luxuriating in the sensations as he rimmed my hole. I closed my eyes and let myself be taken away by the feelings that seemed to last forever. But of course, everything has to come to an end, and the absence of his tongue was quickly replaced by the cold sensation of his finger lubing me up. He pulled his finger away, and I was about to tell him to put more lube inside me, but he read my mind, applying more lube to my twitching ass.

I heard the familiar ripping of a condom being opened, and moments later I felt his cock pushing against my ass. Panic set in at that moment when I realised that it was going to be like sticking a beer bottle up my butt.

“Go slow,” I cautioned, leaning on my hands and waiting for him to push into me.

He started pushing in and my ass started burning, the pain more intense that I could have imagined. I let out a yelp as he continued to push in, begging him to slow down, but he continued, grabbing my hips with his arms so I couldn’t get away. I felt like I was going to explode, my arms losing their strength as he pushed in what I guessed to be another two inches. My head was resting on the bed and my ass was propped up in the air, squirming to get away from the monstrosity that was invading it. He pushed in a bit further and stopped, releasing the pressure and just letting his dick sit in my ass. I opened my eyes that had been squeezed shut and looked at him. He looked back and smiled, saying, “We’re halfway there.”

I groaned in frustration and pain as he started to push into me again, my ass feeling like it was being ripped wide open. A few more minutes of almost unbearable pain and I felt the familiar feeling of pubic hairs tickling my ass, amazing myself that I could distinguish between that and the pain I was experiencing. Iyke waited a few seconds then started slowly pounding in to me, rendering me useless. I slumped onto the bed as pain racked through my body, wondering to myself if I could ever enjoy this. After a minute that seemed like an eternity, the pain started to subside, being replaced by an ever growing pleasure as the muscles in my ass started to relax. The combination was driving me wild, my mouth hanging open and my breaths ragged, moans and grunts being forced out of my throat at random moments.

Every stroke would drag his huge cock over my prostate, every single bump on his dick sending shivers through my body. I had managed to prop myself up on my arms, but my head was slumped forwards and looking down my chest at my rock-hard dick swinging wildly from the force of Iyke’s thrusts. I watched the clear liquid almost stream from my tool with a strange sense of detachment, as if it wasn’t my dick that was creating the large wet spot on the sheets underneath it.

I pushed myself up from a doggy position so that our bodies were almost parallel, craning my neck around to try and kiss the guy giving me this wild pleasure. Our lips met momentarily as he continued to pump into me, pushing upwards into my ass while I was straightened up. I could feel his saliva on my lips reacting with the cool air. Out of nowhere he pushed into me further than I thought possible, taking his hands off my hips and wrapping them around my torso, pulling me up so that my back and his chest came together, the layer of sweat on each of our bodies combining. My arms dangled uselessly to my sides as he lifted me up slightly, his strong arms and massive dick supporting my weight, my knees providing only minimal support.

I was in a sexual haze of ecstasy, his fingers gently pinching my nipples while I hung there, impaled on his enormous cock, wiggling around slightly to stimulate my prostate but not succeeding. His lips kissed up the side of my neck then his tongue made it to my ear, slowly tracing a trail of saliva around the outside. My back arched slightly as his lips moved a millimeter away from my ear, his warm breath wafting over my skin as he whispered into it. “I’m going to fuck the come out of you,” he said, tightly squeezing my nipples for extra effect. Slightly out of character, but I didn’t care at the time.

I tried to respond but I only managed a shaky moan. He lifted me completely off the bed, surprising me with his strength. My head drooped towards the floor and I noticed my feet were only an inch off it, my seed dripping onto the floor between them. He lowered me slightly and my feet touched the floor supporting some of my weight shakily, his cock still pushing my ass towards the ceiling. He took his arms from around my chest and I dropped forward, just getting my arms out in time to stop me from falling directly onto the bed. Without warning he pulled his dick out of my ass then flipped me over, roughly grabbing my ankles as he pulled my legs up over his shoulders. There were a few seconds where I felt empty, desperately craving for his cock in my hole again.

Iyke slipped all of his dick into my ass in one go, reigniting the combination of pain and pleasure that I had felt moments ago. I squirmed on the bed as he rammed into me, moaning with every forceful stroke. He pushed my legs off his shoulders and grabbed my thighs, my legs now dangling around his waist. I wrapped my legs around his hips and squeezed, pushing him further into me, my back arching as I let out a guttural groan. He kept pounding into me without rest, so much so that I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand the pleasure for much longer, it was so intense.

Suddenly his hand was curled around my dick, jerking me off in time with his thrusts. He leaned down and brought his mouth to mine, kissing me with the same passion that he did before. My legs rested on his back as he continued to pound into me while stroking my cock, my hands frantically grabbing at the skin on his back as I felt my orgasm building. He must have known I was ready to come, as he tightened his grip on my throbbing member and picked up his tempo. I felt my orgasm start, my hips jerking as much as they could underneath his body, my chest pressing against his as I moaned loudly into his mouth, his tongue battling mine. My ass clamped down on his dick, emphasizing its size as my orgasm continued, my cum spurting everywhere with a force that I hadn’t experienced for a long time, each thrust of his hips forcing more cum out of my cock even when I thought I had none left in me.

He drilled his dick into me as far as it could go, his massive member pulsating in my ass as I clamped down on it, and then he shot his load into his condom. He groaned as he came, then collapsed onto the bed beside me, my legs falling down without his body to support them and my ass following the exit path of his dick for a few inches as he pulled out. I turned my head and saw his chest rising and falling as he tried to regain his breath. Rolling over I straddled him, grinding my semi-hard dick into his. I gathered some cum from my stomach with a finger and fed it to his mouth, lowering my head so our lips could meet again. We continued like that for awhile, occasionally pausing for some post-coital conversation. Our most gracious host had placed some towels in the room for clean-up, and we used them.

And then we got dressed and went back out to the party. This time, P-Square was jamming through the speakers – one of their old tracks. Do me, I do you, God no go vex. Step on the dance-floor, God no go vex… Well, somebody just finished doing me, and it most certainly wasn’t on the dance-floor. Hope God no go vex for that one too.

The rest of the birthday party was ordinary, so after waiting a little bit longer than the polite period, Yinka and I left.

“Did you enjoy yourself with Iyke?” Yinka asked as he drove me back to my place.

“Yes,” I said. “Why?”

“I was standing near the hallway and from what I could hear, you seemed to be enjoying his dick a lot.”

“We were that loud?”

“Yes o, my sister. You sounded like that kporo was treating you well. ‘Oh, fuck me, Iyke! Oh, yes, that feels so good,’” he said, imitating my voice and adding moans between the words. “‘Fuck me with your huge cock! Oh God, it’s so big!’” He was grinning now.

“Stop it! I didn’t say that. How did you know he had such a big dick anyway?” When he flashed me a mischievous grin, I rolled my eyes. “Have you slept with everybody in this Lagos, eh you this slut? I thought you were looking for a serious relationship.”

“And what a relationship it would have been!” he exclaimed.

I had a shower when I got to my place, realizing how sore my ass was as I washed myself. I thought it was worth it, though. My pone dinged; a BBM ping had just arrived. Which reminded me…I picked up the phone and navigated to my Blackberry messenger. If Benson wasn’t going to answer my calls, then perhaps he could squeeze out a few moments to answer my pings. I scrolled through my chat list. His profile wasn’t there. I skipped over to my friend list. It wasn’t there either.

Whaddafuck?! Did that guy delete me?

I was about to angrily jab the call button against his number when my phone screen lit up with an incoming call. Speak of the devil. “Benson, did you delete me from your BBM?” I barked into my phone without preamble.

“Yes, I did,” the deep baritone that belonged to my sugar daddy thrummed into my ear. “You heard the news, you know what happened today–”

“What happened – Wait, the bill that the Senate passed?”

“Yes. I’m taking a break, Declan. From it all for awhile. I need to focus on my wife, my family and business…for now.”

“For now, hmm?” My anger was simmering. “And what about later? What happens then?”

“I don’t know. But for now, this is the last time we’ll be speaking. Good bye, Declan.”

I wanted to scream. I wanted to throw something. How could he? How dare he? That man was my ticket to the good life of Lagos city. And now, because of this stupid anti-gay law, he was taking a break? What nonsense!

Initial grahgrah, the small voice cooed in my head again. Don’t mind him, he’ll be back. Don’t forget that your shobosho treats his dick better than his wife’s pussy will ever do him in a million lifetimes.

Oh yels! I thought and slapped my butt cheek lightly, wincing when I felt the soreness emanate from the inner recess. “Oh Iyke,” I murmured, “you have killed me o. just imagine how you fucked me –”

“Who is Iyke, and what do you mean he fucked you?”

I froze, and my heart stopped for a millisecond before resuming a fast beat. I turned slowly to stare into the very curious gaze of my sister, Tonia.

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  1. earl.
    May 11, 13:14 Reply

    Nice story for a starting episode. Jeez… Reminded me of one of my wild moments. … Keep it up…

  2. luke
    May 11, 13:15 Reply

    Nice write up, just don’t make it too predictable

  3. emaya411
    May 11, 13:50 Reply

    chaiiii. u dis crazy biatch. I like d fact that u
    advocate for use of condom during sex..pls u
    need to be less graphic about the sex
    otherwise d message will be lost

    • trystham
      May 11, 14:31 Reply

      Less graphic??? Na that one dey sell pass sef. Infact, I registered the fact that a condom was used. Ugly boys or not, it shows u are a forward thinking slut. Biko, keep it up jare.

  4. CeeCee
    May 11, 13:58 Reply

    Wow!this is super intense!! Amazing piece!! Raunchy and dirty just how I like it!!this is the product of a really creative abd slutty mind. This blog is one of the best ideas of 2014,please keep the comments rolling in!

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 11, 14:05 Reply

      Hehehehee!!! Thanks CeeCee. Lots of people to thank for making this blog happen. 😉

  5. Chizzie
    May 11, 15:32 Reply

    To be honest I am not really a fan of the protagonist, simply because he came across as being aggressive, rude and loud; a clichéd stereotypical potrayal of a bottom. I am bottom and I think I speak for most bottoms when I say we should be potrayed in a less caricatural light. I found myself being more fond of his best friend; perhaps cause he reminded me of myself! ( and was less aggressive)

    All in all..the story seems a tad predictable, hopefully looking forward to a lot of twists and turns, characters that are alot more likable ( one’s with less attitude pls) and relatable ( with less names like ‘Tania’; doesn’t exactly fit in a Nigerian setting) , something unconventional and doesn’t always revolve around penis. ( I like reading about penis but there always has to be a plot that leads to it).

    • alpha papi
      May 11, 19:38 Reply

      I tink ur ryt,dis story doesn’t say too well bout bttms,it describes an ashawo bttm.

  6. La Roche
    May 11, 17:29 Reply

    I think that name is Tonia which is a popular Nigerian. English name…and you’re being a but judgemental. The protagonist may not be your idea of the perfect person, but there are a gazillion people like that, like you said you’re a bit more like the best friend, just chill and enjoy the flow. Lovely piece!

  7. alpha papi
    May 11, 19:03 Reply

    I’m sure dis was a real life experience…by d way,I tink dis blog is too bottom based.u pple u shld giv tops d opportunity 2 air dia views too na..wetin sef

  8. lluvmua
    May 11, 20:57 Reply

    Lol. I just laughed tru out d story @ d ashawoism of dis gurlll. Like gurlllllll u re a HOE lol . Nice write up dearie *andre_hayford. Nd also @ alpha papi I fink if d tops have sumfin 2 say den they should sumbit their stories. Shekina.

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  10. Evergreen
    June 08, 21:44 Reply

    Nice one… sexcapade of a slutty Ashewhoe Bitch! lol… keep it up

  11. Stlexy
    September 01, 21:05 Reply

    A friend Introduced me to this blog, and I must say Its more than an amazing Piece Gosh!! @pinkpanthertb Awesome!

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