His name is Taiwo Olakunle Balogun – his actual names. I want you to know that name, remember that name, because you will come to associate the devil with that name.

I met him on Facebook in March last year. We got along very well, chatted every day, and when we exchanged numbers, we talked all the time. We had gotten past the hurdle of knowing that we were both gay, and it was obvious that we were into each other. We became such fast friends, that I even got to occasionally speak to his mother, his twin sister and his seven-year-old daughter on the phone. He wasn’t married or anything; simply had his daughter out of wedlock, and so, he and his baby mama chose to co-parent the girl.

At the time, I was staying with my elder sister in her apartment, but in May, I was all set to move into my own place. I told Taiwo about this, and he asked if he could come stay with me for a while because he’d lost his job due to the COVID lockdown and needed to leave Ogun State, where his family house was, and come to Lagos to look for another job. Even though I’d known him for about two months at this time, I declined this request. For a few days, he was on my case, begging me to reconsider. Eventually, I acquiesced and agreed for him to come live with me.

This was my first mistake.

He came over to my place, and that first night we spent together, he asked me to be his boyfriend. I liked him very much and we were going to be living together. So, it was very easy to say yes.

His job hunting took a week before he got lucky – which was a relief for me, because the burden was on me to cater for the welfare of the two of us. It wasn’t as though I was stressed by that responsibility; I was well-off financially, had a good job and I didn’t mind. I just didn’t want to start off a relationship with a boyfriend who’d be mooching off me.

He got a job as an automobile engineer, and it paid him 60 thousand naira monthly. This was when the honeymoon phase of our relationship officially ended and the troubles started.

One of the reasons Taiwo gave for why he had to stay with me in Lagos was that he didn’t know anyone in the Island. He told me he didn’t know anyone. However, it wasn’t very long before he suddenly had brothers who started dropping in on the regular. They were four guys – one of them always had his girlfriend with him – and anytime they visited, they’d leave with my things, like my shoes or clothes. I fought with Taiwo over this; it was bad enough that I had to share my clothes with him because we were the same size; I now had to share my things with his so-called brothers?! He would protest that they simply borrowed my stuff and would return whatever they took, but that didn’t make it any better.

Then, these brothers were kicked out from wherever it was they were staying – and who did they reach out to for a place to stay?


I was at work one day and he dropped by to inform me of this development. He wasn’t even asking for my permission. He had apparently already told them that they were welcome to stay with us. I was upset by this. I was like, “You are squatting in my house, and you think you can just bring anyone in as well?”

He started begging, even crying right there in my office. At a point, I had to say okay, just to deescalate the scene he was causing.

But I couldn’t abide by those living conditions. How I went from moving out of my sister’s house so I could enjoy the privacy of living alone to having five houseguests (six, if you count the girlfriend) was beyond me. I couldn’t stay at my place, because the crowd made me very uncomfortable. I started either spending the nights at work or sleeping over at my sister’s place.

Fortunately, their stay was temporary; they were only around for two weeks, and they moved out. Then I returned to living in my apartment.

By this time, Taiwo had established himself as a very unlikable person. My neighbours certainly didn’t like him, and he was constantly getting into fights with them. And with each altercation, even though I could see that he was in the wrong, I never censured him. I supported him and strived to make peace.

Then in June, he got into a fight with his boss and he was sacked. Unwilling to get into another situation where I was the person taking care of him, I encouraged him and actively helped him this time to find another job. We went around submitting his resume, looking for another job. This time however, nothing was forthcoming. For two months, there was no job for Taiwo.

Then in August, he said he would like to be an uber driver. Agreeing to this and going out of my way to make it happen for him would turn out to be the costliest mistake of my life.

A colleague of mine had previously mentioned to me that he had a car he wanted to rent out for uber. So, when Taiwo made this suggestion, I connected the two of them to do business. That was as far as I was involved in the matter.

After Taiwo got the car, it turned out to have some faults. Per their agreement, this was on him to fix. He didn’t have any money, so I lent him 40 grand to fix the car. He promised that he would pay me back once business picks up. (He never did.)

It didn’t take very long before Taiwo started fucking this up too. In September, the owner of the car (let’s call him Bolu) started complaining to me that Taiwo had been failing on their agreement for him to deliver 20 thousand naira weekly. It had been two weeks already, so Taiwo owed him 40 grand.

I brought this up with Taiwo, and he said that his mother was sick and he needed to pay for her hospital bills and for his daughter’s school fees. I asked him why he didn’t tell me, and he said that he didn’t want to bother me, seeing as I’d done so much for him already. (I should add at this point that all this time Taiwo and I were living together, his mother was also a recipient of my generosity. She would occasionally call me to ask me for money and I’d send to her).

Anyway, I paid off Bolu for the two weeks that Taiwo owed him and things were okay again.

At this time, my sister was getting ready to leave her apartment to her own house. And since there was still time on her rental, she suggested that I move back into her place and terminate my own rental. It was a good idea; I could even get the remainder of my money back from my landlord (my own rent would be expiring in May 2021). When I told Taiwo of this development, one which would mean him having to move back to Ogun State, he pleaded with me to let him stay on at my place. According to him, the distance and space would give us the privacy that would be good for our relationship.

But I was so over Taiwo at this point. I had no interest in being his boyfriend anymore. In fact, I saw moving out to my sister’s place as an opportunity to quietly break up with him. But because I am a good-hearted person, I allowed myself to be swayed by his words and agreed that he could stay on at my place.

This was around the end of September, and I had just applied for leave at my office. I didn’t have to move out till October. So, when the leave was approved, I left Lagos for my family house in Warri. I needed to rest. I’d been so stressed from working so hard and needed to get away.

The rest however turned out to be very insufficient, because when I returned to Lagos after two weeks, it was to meet more stress. Bolu wanted his car back. According to him, he could no longer deal with Taiwo’s attitude and incompetence. (I have to add here that it seemed everyone around me was cluing in to what a terrible person Taiwo was – everyone, but me.)

While that trouble was still brewing, I learned that Taiwo and my landlord had started having issues (I had fully relocated to my sister’s house at this time). Complaints were reaching me about their constant fights over the fact that Taiwo had started bringing around weed-smoking undesirable elements that he called his friends.

I was still trying to fix this situation, when Taiwo told me that he had asked someone – some young guy – to stay with him. I was furious. Here again was this guy taking liberties that he had no right to take. How could he have a houseguest in a house that wasn’t his own, and during a time when he was at loggerheads with the landlord? I fought him on this, but I couldn’t stop it from happening, because when Taiwo told me, the boy had already moved in. (I would eventually learn that he not only took money from this boy for the accommodation, but also that the boy moved in with him so he could teach him the yahoo con game.)

Through all this, Bolu was on my neck to return his car. Initially, Taiwo was making it difficult by ignoring my pleas for him to return the car to Bolu. Eventually, he agreed, and the night before the day we were supposed to drive the car to Bolu, he visited me at my sister’s place. We even had sex. That night, he was so tender and loving, reminding me of the man I first met and fell in love with. He told me that he would have to go wash the car the next day, and thereafter, he would come pick me up for us to go return the car. We were having a moment, and I told him not to worry, that I would clear whatever debts he owed Bolu.

I didn’t know that that night, that lovemaking, that moment – this was the Taiwo equivalence of the Judas kiss: the tenderness before the betrayal.

The next day, he was off. I waited and waited, and then I started calling him. I mean, the car wash couldn’t take this long. I called and called, and several unanswered calls later, he finally picked and told me that he was coming.

That was the last time I ever heard from Taiwo.

First I got a text of a 20-thousand-naira transfer to my account and a message from him telling me to send it to Bolu. I was befuddled by this, but I transferred the money to Bolu. Then, after waiting awhile and he didn’t show up, I started calling him again. I called and called. He didn’t answer.

Feeling the beginnings of desperation start to creep up my spine, I called his mother and explained the situation to her, and she told me that she would talk to him.

Then I went back to calling him – until all of a sudden, his phone was switched off. Trying not to panic, I went to my house to meet Taiwo gone.

His things were gone – his clothes, his shoes, even my personal laptop that I let him use because I was already using my work laptop, and the car… All gone!

I went to the neighbours to find out if they knew his whereabouts, and they told me that he had come back and together with that boy, they packed their things in a hurry and moved.

That was when my eyes were finally opened!

I was devastated.

I cried.

In tears, I started calling him again, over and over, but no response.

I didn’t want anything from him, but the car. I just needed him to return Bolu’s car.

But Taiwo was either not picking my calls or had his phone switched off.

The next few days were the beginning of hell for me. First I called his mother and told her what her son had done to me, begging her to direct me to wherever Taiwo may be so I could go take the car from him. The woman told me to stop calling her, said she won’t tell me anything, not even her own address so I wouldn’t bring the trouble to her.

I called his twin sister. I wasn’t even done with my story before she too denied me, telling me to never call her again.

My devastation kept climbing. Taiwo was not the only terrible person in his family, it would seem.

I tried to locate his family house in Sango, based on the descriptions he gave me one time and the address I once gleaned off his driver’s license and National ID, but the address didn’t have any number. It was just an area. I even went all the way to Ogun State, to that area, but that was as far as I got, because it had six sides and I didn’t know which side Taiwo’s house was.

Next, I went to his so-called brothers’ house, and that was where I learned that they weren’t actually brothers. They simply came from the same village. According to them, they too were looking for Taiwo because he had disappeared with a car they gave him to fix for them, and that they hadn’t heard from him since the EndSARS period. I also learned that they actually thought that Taiwo was the one accommodating me during those times they were coming to my house; Taiwo had apparently told them that he was the one renting the place and I was squatting with him.

The lies! The bloody lies!

Now really desperate, I hired a private detective through some referral. I paid him 100 thousand naira to find Taiwo.

He didn’t deliver.

And as all this was happening, Bolu was breathing down my neck, demanding for his car. I had to start paying him 15 thousand naira weekly, just to buy myself some time to find Taiwo.

Finally though, Bolu had had enough, and on December 23rd, he came to my place with policemen from Ajah division and got me arrested. I was in a VGC cell for three days; spent Christmas Day locked up.

I managed to get through to my family – my two brothers and one sister, all of them older – and they were able to secure my freedom with bail. They paid 60 thousand naira for my bail and wrote a statement that if the car is not returned by the end of January 2021, a new car will be purchased for Bolu.

We went from the police station to my eldest brother’s house in the Mainland.

They all had questions.

“What kind of relationship did you have with this Taiwo person that made you so stupid?” they asked.

I was already in hell. I didn’t see the point of hiding anymore.

So, when one of my brothers flippantly asked, “Are you a homo? Is that why you allowed yourself to be so stupid with another guy?” I responded, “Yes. Yes, I’m gay.”

There was silence at first, with the three of them looking at me like they thought I was just being rude. Then they took in the expression on my face, saw that I was serious.

And my eldest brother reacted. He leaped up from his seat, his fists raised, rage on his face, looking like he was ready to beat me to death.

But I was faster. I jumped to my feet too and fled. I ran out of his house and made straight for my friend’s place. He is one of the two besties who have stood by me throughout all this mess, and when he learned that I was running from my family who I’d just come out to, he did his best to calm me down from my agitated state.

Then my sister called, wanting to know where I was. I told her I wouldn’t be coming back because they clearly intended to kill me. She said my brother had simply reacted out of anger, that they’re all calm now, and that I should please come back.

I didn’t go back that day. I waited until the next morning before going back to my brother’s house. This time, when the four of us reconvened, it wasn’t to dwell on my homosexuality. They were simply more interested on how to get me out of this police case with Bolu.

Bolu was my colleague, so the stress got all the way to my workplace. I couldn’t deal with it all, so I resigned from my job.

I was spiraling into depression.

I almost took my life by drinking poison. If my besties, Dave and Ziki, hadn’t been around, I would not be alive to tell this story.

The end of January came by and there was no car. Around this time, I’d sought for legal counsel from a lawyer that came highly recommended. He asked if I signed any agreement that made me liable for Taiwo’s transgressions in his business with Bolu. I said no. Then he said I shouldn’t have to pay for the car.

But then, Bolu came again with the full force of the police. I was arrested again and in handcuffs, I was taken first to the station and then to court. The plan was to get me sent to Ikoyi prison, but mercifully for me, the judge that would hear the case wasn’t sitting that day. Back at the station, I was allowed to call my family. I called my sister. I told her about the lawyer I spoke to, and after some calls, she hired him with a retainer of 200 thousand naira. Then they came to the station where I was released on bail.

Immediately after, the lawyer turned the table on them by suing the police for breaching my fundamental human rights. He sued for damages of 5 million naira. According to the suit, there is no binding agreement between me and the car owner, and the police are not debt recovery agents. So, both Bolu and the police had no right to take me into custody.

Thereafter, the lawyer told me to pack my stuff and leave my house. (Yes, I had left my sister’s and returned to my place.) He said I shouldn’t be in a place where the police could easily have me apprehended again. So, I moved into my eldest brother’s house in the Mainland.

The case was going full speed to court, when the judiciary suddenly went on strike, and everything was put on hold, including my life.

My rent expired last month. I had to move out, selling most of my stuff that I wouldn’t need in my brother’s house, and also mostly because I needed the money.

And since then, I have been living my life in limbo.

I have lost everything.

Jobless, with no source of income, a family that looks at me with judgment –

And until recently, with the calling off the judiciary strike, a court case that will decide just how free I will be from the hell that Taiwo Olakunle Balogun brought upon me.

Written by Ryan

EDITOR’S NOTE: Below are the photos of the criminal who brought ruin to the writer’s life. As aforementioned, his name is Taiwo Olakunle Balogun.

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  1. Morgan
    June 17, 07:58 Reply

    Chineke nna.

    That’s pretty much all I can say

    The title for this piece is way too perfect. You can’t afford to be blind, especially with someone you barely know. People you’ve known for ages will still do you wrong talk less of new people

    I wish you all the best, I really do.

  2. Des
    June 17, 08:15 Reply

    I have never commented on any post here but you see this one here , I will , this story here has taught me so many things , but one thing remains my rule , I can never let someone I don’t know who isn’t a family member to stay with me , I am really touched by this and I can only imagine what you are going through , just wow , I pray God in his infinite mercy intervene in this case and the car is been found ….

      • Malik
        June 17, 08:57 Reply

        Two are not even enough. What the actual fuck!

  3. Dillish
    June 17, 08:52 Reply

    Damn it!!!

    Dear Ryan, I pray this nightmare go away quickly. Please keep taking care of yourself

  4. Malik
    June 17, 09:01 Reply

    I’m so triggered and upset by this. Why??????

  5. Sly
    June 17, 09:19 Reply

    If I catch the guy. You sef no go hear about the matter. I’m raging …

  6. Zoar
    June 17, 09:21 Reply

    Trust me.
    Helping and showing of kindness these days even need to be carefully and consciously checked.

    It’s as if guys have decided to use “LGBT+” identity to undo their fellow guys.

    Why is it that these sort of stories of being kind to a fellow Gay Guy be it Lover or Friend seem not to always end well within our community?

    Ryan I pray you get out of this mess. You have learned through the hard way not to overtly trust someone.

    Wish there’s a simpler way for you to get out of this mess seriously.

  7. Pezaro
    June 17, 09:25 Reply

    Wtf did I just read😳😳? Kai! I’m terribly sorry Ryan, shit happens but one thing that’s certain is that you’re strong , Just hang in there because this too shall pass.

    Just when you think you’ve known someone and can trust them, boom! they give you a rude awakening back to reality. This is really really sad

  8. Jericho
    June 17, 09:38 Reply

    This almost brought tears to my eyes. Being Good these days could send one to his/her early grave. I hope this Taiwo pays dearly for this!

  9. Babji
    June 17, 10:03 Reply

    Can I ask a really stupid question; Why not report the car stolen, since basically it is ……. and then let the Police deal with whoever they find it in possessivo…..

    Secondly gay men really need to stop with this I am helping someone shit, your own brother who your mama dey born will rip you off now imagine a facebook stranger ……

    anyways what is my own …..

    may you find peace and healing and some form of justice

  10. Good ade
    June 17, 10:09 Reply

    Omo !!! Me I am kind ooo but if u turn beggie beggie on my neck you are out. Even ur mama join . This idiot must be found oo.

    • Ade
      June 17, 21:55 Reply

      JUST A TERRIBLE WORLD FILLED WITH CRUELTY AND EVIL… WHEN I REMEMBER HEAVEN, I REMEMBER VANITY…(TAIWO WOULD LEARN HIS ONW LESSONS).. Let’s leave it to natural law of karma…stay strong my G…sending bountiful amount of love to you mehn…you forever be strong.

  11. Mitch
    June 17, 10:09 Reply

    Amadiọha parakwa tule!
    Both before and behind me.
    Ana sokwa ife ọjọọ!

    Dear Ryan, I hope you find peace and build your life again, much better than it was before you met this devil in human flesh.

  12. Ugo
    June 17, 10:16 Reply

    I won’t call the storyteller a fool. No, he is not. He tried to make humanity to be ordinary. But love sometimes makes us to be stupidly foolish.
    In as much as stories like this, misfortune of others, sadly, leaves us with immeasurable lessons, I only wish that these victims, these beautiful souls, whose only crime was to be humans, will find peace again.

    Pinky, through this platform has emphasized that our instinct shouldn’t be shoved aside. One sign is enough to close the door at their face.

  13. Realme
    June 17, 11:05 Reply

    Ryan hunny you will come out of this

    Your good can’t kill hear?!

  14. Eghosa
    June 17, 11:10 Reply

    Chisos… Please such people always HIT again. can we share this across platforms to save lives of our queer family and friends… Obviously nothing good can come out of this wickedness. so he’ll soon be needy and looking out for someone to latch on to soon.

  15. Toke
    June 17, 11:28 Reply



    I heard something on radio the other day

    Na human being dey teach human being to be wicked


  16. Silent Reader
    June 17, 11:40 Reply

    This story gave me chills. I pray you get out of this stronger and a lot wiser. This is one of the reasons people don’t help anyone anymore. When I was in Naija, I remember how many people I did help and it didn’t go too well. Hence now I don’t give two cents what you go through. Shebi all of us na men na , get your own shit together.

  17. Alan shore
    June 17, 12:05 Reply

    This is really a very touchy story, I pray his found and all his crimes accounted for. Sorry dear brother, the lord is your strength. 💪

    • Koreh_spice
      June 23, 02:49 Reply

      I can’t just control the tears in my eyes..
      Like, this is just too much for someone to face..
      May the good lord put a smile on your face,and restore back all you’ve lost 😭

  18. Alan shore
    June 17, 12:10 Reply

    This is really a very touchy story Ryan, i pray his apprehended and all his crime accounted for. Stay strong and focus on your life.

  19. Eclectic
    June 17, 12:29 Reply

    Human beings can be wicked and it has nothing to do with their sexuality. The guy only fell deep for the scum because he was “in love. ” for those of us saying don’t help a stranger, lets just hope and pray circumstances don’t make us the stranger that needs help and then we never find that help because everyone is afraid of helping a stranger or even people they know. Truth of the matter is that the guy displayed all the criminal tendencies and he the victim too acknowledged he refused to see. I think it is just a lesson and I know he will definitely bounce back. Even if we are roomate, you dare not bring anyone to come sleep in our house without informing me and I will never do same. I can’t ask you not to have your friends or family come by, but if you respect yourself, and you want me to respect you, then you should do the needful. Not to talk about having someone who is sqautting with me bringing people to come and stay, that’s a major red flag among other things he mentioned. I think the obvious is obvious, the victime did good initially but the rest even after the initial big red flags were careless

  20. Ebutee
    June 17, 12:30 Reply

    Very sorry about your predicament dear

  21. Lanrey
    June 17, 13:58 Reply

    God! It’s the fact that I used to know this dude in Abk back then and he wasnt straightforward. I am sorry the writer went through all these.

    • Dunder
      June 30, 15:01 Reply

      Lanre, please reach out to Pinky if you know the exact location of the crook’s house or those of his associates or relatives or just any other information that can be used to nail him.

  22. Nini
    June 17, 14:20 Reply

    There are still good people amongst us, but I can’t afford to take care fully of a grown ass hole without bringing anything to the table. What will we be doing? Yes after the fucks what else?see we are more than sex.
    Don’t worry you’ll be fine Ryan.

  23. Desmondjoshua
    June 17, 14:27 Reply

    Na wa ooo tins da happen sha wot a story ppl with good heart just keeping meeting bad ppl am so sorry dear you will bounce back by his grace dat y no body want to do good again

  24. Tomi
    June 17, 14:29 Reply

    Wow, this is pure evil.

  25. Meerah
    June 17, 14:44 Reply

    It’s so sad💔
    I just hope u get out if this mess,,,,

    At least you’ve learnt a lesson

  26. Lex
    June 17, 14:45 Reply

    This is sad. Please be calm, Ryan. In case you need for legal counsel and representation (at no cost), I am willing to provide same. Pink Partner can provide my contact details.

    With love.

  27. Delle
    June 17, 14:55 Reply

    I don’t even know what to say. This is the second time I am reading this today and I’m still stunned to my marrow.

    What sort of wickedness is this? How can people be so cruel??? I hope things change for you, Ryan. I hope you smile genuinely one day. And I hope you do not give up on humanity.

    Sheesh! This is a sad read.

  28. Paapa
    June 17, 15:05 Reply

    Wish the writer strength and courage to lift himself up again. He deserves better.

    For the rest of us we need to be alert; pick up red flags and deal with them as soon as we can when starting a relationship. I have quickly ended a lot of relationships because I found some behaviors from potential partners that were strange and troubling… the writer keeps talking about good heart but those are the hearts we need to protect from people who will spoil it.

    So sorry

  29. Repenter🙃
    June 17, 16:47 Reply

    This is really touching 😭. I really symphatize with you Ryan, you will surely bounce back 👌and triumph . I’m more angry with that your so called colleague, he is as wicked as Taiwo. Your greatest undoing is quiting your job, that was a not a good decision. It didn’t solve any of your problems, but only added more salts to your wound. I hope we will all learn from your mistakes.

  30. Joe
    June 17, 18:10 Reply

    Does it really pay to be nice especially to gay men these days?I doubt,so sorry Ryan,you’ve learnt the hard way.

  31. Tariq
    June 17, 18:45 Reply

    I don’t know how to color my words…..
    From the part where I read d culprit was begging n pressuring to come live with Ryan…the alarms in my head started blaring n I was literarily screaming No !!!
    I haboured folks in school n was dealt a blow….
    I am currently trying to get back a huge some from a pastor friend..that has refused to pay me back for goodbi did him since January…matter of fact he dissappeared…lol

    You don’t ignore d signs n red flags!!!! Even with a good dick served!

    And to think u were a Warri dude? ….There was just no smartness here na….. kindness is beautiful but I am too observant to not see when I am being taken fr a ride….. I hate parasites n leaches!!!!
    Doesn’t matter how sweet d vibe on chat and the drive in bed……..just don’t ever keep ur brains on hold!

    • Pink Panther
      June 18, 02:42 Reply

      “Don’t ever keep your brains on hold.”

      Never wiser words said. 👏👏👏

  32. Mi_Corazon💕
    June 17, 19:09 Reply

    A reliable source just confirmed he is half dead now if not dead already sef, I wish I can lay hands on his exact location but all effort to get that seems futile.
    Trust me Ryan, his family will soon come running for forgiveness…

  33. 1st Time Commenter
    June 17, 19:26 Reply

    Can you set up a go fund me?
    I am not in Nigeria but I can donate that way, have PP put it up.

  34. Kings
    June 17, 20:32 Reply

    Ryan, this too shall pass
    And you will come out of this situation stronger, smarter and even wiser

  35. Ken
    June 17, 22:03 Reply

    This reminds me of a guy I helped when I was in school. He lied that he had no one and he came for an interview in ph. After staying three days in my apartment (with me feeding him), he drugged my meal and left my apartment in the night with most of my valuables. Let’s just be careful with who we let into our lives.

    • Jack
      June 25, 06:25 Reply

      My hand is shaking and I can’t stop the tears as I write this, Ryan I totally understand what you went through or what you are going through right now!
      I am in same situation with you at this very moment!!! In fact my own Taiwo is sleeping just beside me as I type this, he has made me go through hell but yet the stupid feelings in my head will not let him go and the worst is that we are not fucking! Dude brings girls at will and will ask me for condom to fuck them in my house!
      I don’t know if I will say I am sorry for you going through this or I should I am sorry for us going through this!
      Our good heart will not kill us!
      I will be the most stupid person if after seeing what you go through and I did not seat up to deal with my own case at hand, God will not forgive me !!

      • Pink Panther
        June 25, 08:16 Reply

        Please please please fix that toxic situation. Now that you have read how damaging it was to someone else and can very possibly be for you in the end, please learn from Ryan’s mistakes and get yourself out of your own situation.

  36. Baddest
    June 17, 23:06 Reply

    Please I see everyone as a potential thief until proven otherwise, if anyone is sleeping over in my house, I look the doors and hide the keys.. I have someone living with me now for months, he is not gay but he is good , I even found out he is not Nigerian but was born here , I trust him , if he ever fucks with me then that’s life but him know say I am not to be fucked with … People are bad but we still have good and God fearing people … I don’t even allow relations to visit me but I am living with someone I don’t really know but someone I trust

    • Pink Panther
      June 18, 02:39 Reply

      “If anyone is sleeping over in my house, I lock the doors and hide the keys…”

      I love, love, love this energy! More people should be this alert in our community.

  37. Demi
    June 17, 23:51 Reply

    I cant believe you went through all this… I’m so angry you allowed this escalate like this… I’m livid you didn’t bring all these up here the very minute it started happening for guidance and help.. you fucked up as all this was definitely salvageable…
    1. Nigga obviously peddled some shady story about you to his sis and mom, thats y they denounced u..
    2. I’m so angry u quit ur job because it sounds like it pays well as you are well off, and u allow him take that from u, this one is on u biko
    3. You spent so much money you didn’t need to spend, to bolu, private investigator and all even ur folks (its almost a million or more, how much is the car sef?)
    4. You only needed a police man, pay lil money and they will track his mother number and sis, arrest them all, this is a common thing in naija now (phone tracking with phone number) because I’m sure those fools know his whereabout.. I don’t even understand why u suffering alone when they can all suffer alike. This is what u should av done the very next day he diaappeared
    5. This is not even a life or death situation, this is not as bad as the usual horrible kito situation and needs no panic, just a well thought out plan.. and pls don’t kill ursef over a worthless piece of shit
    6. How did yall fucking get to court, like my world, bolu wasn’t considerate but hey he isn’t ur enemy sef, d devil is still out there
    7. You never know what the court verdict will be, anyhow I still feel bolu deserves his car so please don’t relent in finding that modafucka
    8. I think I’m going to take solace in the fact that taiwo will be found, you must sue him, he must return the car and pay u and ur family for all the stress and money spent, otherwise I will swear for u myself, if u only collect d car with no further repercussions…
    9. Please talk to a therapist, find a job, and track that modafucka and his family…

    • Pezaro
      June 18, 08:05 Reply

      Everything you said Demi

      I feel the writer took rash decisions, and dealt with the problem without consulting a few friends. I mean tracking the guy’s mum and sis couldn’t be that hard. Arrest them and use them as a leverage to get the culprit. And yes, with all the expenses made, it’s should be almost sufficient to get a good fairly-used car.

      I just hope he comes out of this , really.

    • S.Freude
      June 19, 02:36 Reply

      Ryan is prolly a young guy.

      In this life, you need to have the heart to deal with people. And those you bring into your circle have to know it. (Everything Demi said. It’s self love. It’s protecting yourself.)

      If your friends and family can’t respect you, let them at the least fear you. In his relationship with his ex, there was neither respect nor fear. Why the guy is dealing with him.

      @Ryan, is Bolu’s case on you still active? I am expecting your brothers and sister to have stepped in by now and quelled this situation. If they are being reluctant when they can do more, talk to your mother. It does help.

  38. Saint
    June 18, 00:36 Reply

    Humans will be human, this can not be a reason to refuse someone in need help. Naah, not me. I will help where I can BUT can’t be so foolish while at it. Tb relationships must be handled with the head NOT the heart.

  39. B
    June 18, 08:23 Reply

    First time commenting here, I really couldn’t let this one pass.
    Such a sad experience to go through. I’m sorry you had to go through all this turbulence, Ryan. Stories like this would make one question their benevolence.
    At the same time, I’ve learnt not to be a stupid person and be so sheepishly trusting.
    I pray your story helps anyone who has the tendency to be stupid for any man.
    You’ll get through this. ❤️✨

  40. Mafiaso
    June 18, 11:05 Reply

    Shit happens everyday, someone I met on Facebook, scammed me from prison, due to my benevolence, until he opened up to it. I was pleasantly surprised.I had to block him in all social media. We must be very careful out there.

    This Ryan incident sent a chill down my spine that I had to contact JP Crime fighter to amplify the story. I want the culprit given a wider courage to hasten his arrest. This evil perpetuated by Taiwo Balogun must not go unpunished.

    Meanwhile, Ryan hang in there, God is in control.

  41. Oludamilola
    June 18, 11:27 Reply

    Wow I really appreciate this an adage says an elder who fell into a pit teaches the other I was about to make the same mistake to but thank God I didn’t over look this when I saw it or else hmmm so sorry dear may God saves u from this stress

  42. Baba oja
    June 18, 17:34 Reply

    Pls anybody that knows ryan should refer him to me …..I have something important to tell him ….

  43. Bobo
    June 22, 19:25 Reply

    I wept lol. I’m so sorry for you Ryan. You’re a nice person and trust me, Bolu will never go impunity.

  44. Rexxy
    June 23, 02:54 Reply

    I sincerely can’t wrap my head around the madness called Taiwo Balogun ….. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
    Jehovah leee!!

  45. Elektra
    June 24, 08:15 Reply

    Dishing out blames has never and can never solve a problem. Please anyone that knows a good and God fearing police officer that can apprehend tiawo by any means available, throw tracking and all methods. Please kindly refer.
    Ryan you will win at the end, that I am certain

  46. Dela
    June 26, 08:41 Reply

    Oh Ryan! I feel like hugging you right now. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in showing love and kindness to people. Taiwo Balogun is a terrible person and I am sure he will meet his waterloo very soon. Hang in there Ryan, stay strong and fight back! Hold your head high and get the police to ‘interrogate’ one of his family members so that the evil monster will be found!

  47. Cuddlecake
    June 28, 09:51 Reply

    Chineke ekwele iheojo.
    Is it now a sin to be good hearted?
    God of love please fight Ryan’s battle.
    I am in tears right now.
    Things wey person Don do me for accommodating them ehn!
    I don stop ooo. Even for person to spend night for my house dey fear me.
    Ryan I pray for you, God will bless you with a very good job that will come with a car and house in the name of Jesus.

  48. Jason
    June 29, 16:17 Reply

    Godforbid bad thing!!!
    Some people are souless.
    I wonder how he sleeps at night.

  49. Ife
    June 30, 22:47 Reply

    Now I understand this story very well. After he departed from Lagos to IB. He found his way around me. Stayed wit me, drove my car and was willing to Scott wit me. I declined and he decided to get an apartment at bodija Ibadan. He got a loan at my microfinance and even still yet to pay. He left Ibadan aswell like a thief in d night. I do not currently know his where about because he is also owing me. There was nothing romantic or sexual between us. But after he left IB, I realized he took Ill and now lean. Like HIV patient. I am sure his lifestyle is getting back on him… I am not surprised though and I can bet all these are true story.

  50. Bright
    July 02, 11:21 Reply

    I’m commenting today,this is the height of this love thing, argh 😤 ….it will never be well with both Taiwo and the rest of his family members.

  51. Χρισό
    October 11, 00:15 Reply

    I think I might know where this guy is. How do we go about locating him. Who do I talk to?

    This is my first time of bumping into Kito diaries upon the recommendation of a foreign classmate.

  52. Churchill
    October 19, 15:22 Reply

    I am also a victim of this bastard, we dated back then 2019, exhorted me after I came to his rescue when he was about to be stabbed for collecting 18k and refusing to pay back, till today this guy refuse to pick my call and pay me back, then I had to go back to school no money nothing nothing.

    • IFE
      October 21, 14:21 Reply

      I am sorry to inform you that the TAIWO BALOGUN we are talking about in this thread is dead. He died sometimes last month.
      So sad though. Nemesis is real and fast

  53. Kris
    October 19, 20:36 Reply

    Ryan I’m so so sorry about what you passed through and if I tell you that I do not know 50% of how you feel, them I am lying. Yes I know lots of people might want to blame you but again, when love decides to visit you, you can’t say you ain’t home. You can be seeing so many people but immediately you see that one, your mind will just tell you that’s who you want.

    I have been in a similar situation where I met a dude and instantly I loved him with everything I am and owed. I loaned him money (a little less than 100k) in less than 1 month I knew him. One thing is that I knew betrayal abound but I was willing to do my part. We live in different cities (approximately 3hrs apart) but I visit him every weekend, risking my life, my money and my time. When all those format he was using for me with lots of flimsy excuses, I spent another 100k to rent an accommodation so we can stay cos I earning more than does (x3 of what he says he earns). But las las what happened, he jilted me for someone else who left him to be with another person. Since I couldn’t go to that city anymore cos I do not have any business there again, my rent ran all through until it expired. Did I mentioned that we only spent 1 month in the apartment? 11 freaking months went by unused but paid for. The loan he collected turned into a bad debt written off. Although it was extremely difficult to move on but I did. That’s excluding the thousands I spend each weekend I visit.

    See, people do not plan to fall into the hands of these con guys who uses relationship as a front to defraud others. Infact, I still strongly believe that these guys uses voodoo cos the likeness/love over a short period of time is so so abnormal.

    Ryan you’re a strong dude and this is one aspect life has shown you and I’m very sure that when next something like this comes up, you’d handle it better. See you need not to end it all. You still need to prove him wrong that you’re better than him anytime, anyday. Dust yourself up and keep trying. I send you all the best love and best wishes 💖. You’re amazing than you think you are.

  54. IFE
    October 21, 14:24 Reply

    I am sorry to inform you that the TAIWO BALOGUN we are talking about in this thread is dead. He died sometimes last month.
    So sad though. Nemesis is real and fast

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