I would like to lead by apologising for our hiatus from updating the kito alerts. There have been a ton of reports that have been coming in to us, and in the following days, we will get to post all of them.

For now, these are the information we have been able to put together. Two out of the three are updates on past kito alerts.


It would seem as though the Owerri (and Eastern) queer community have a new worry: Emmy Bernard. According to reports from a bunch of guys who managed to escape him and his gang, this kito scum has relocated from Lagos to Owerri. He operates around World Bank/New Owerri environs. His methods haven’t changed; he woos you from Tinder or Grindr, even goes as far as sexting on WhatsApp and sending nude pics, all to stoke the thirst of his victim and lure him over.

This guy hasn’t changed!!! He simply has better packaging now. But he is still the same ugly person he’s always been.


Michael Oparah is another kito scum who has glowed up from his criminal activities. But make no mistake: he is still KITO SCUM.

His number is 08034495832.


This is a new kito alert update. He goes by the name (according to Facebook at least) Joseph Jay. He operates around Ajegunle, Apapa, and his number is 08080429560.

Also, he may or may not be the same person as this other kito scum we have put out an alert on once before. They both certainly share a love for the name “Jay”.

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    June 06, 17:32 Reply

    It’s the same person.. that is, the two “Jays”

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