LOVE . . .  Or Something Like It (Entry 2)

LOVE . . . Or Something Like It (Entry 2)

January 16


Dear Diary, you should know one thing.

Kai is not rich. He is far from rich. But he always finds ways to spoil me. In typical zaddy behaviour, this man strives to ensure that I don’t lack anything. I’m not an unreasonable guy of course, but everything I asked for, I got. And sometimes, even when I didn’t ask, Kai seemed to make it one of his objectives to show how much he cared for me by doing things for me.

There was this one time, I was at work, and we were chatting. And he told me he had a surprise waiting for me at home when I got back. Soon after we officially started dating, I began spending most of my time at his place. I even had a couple of bags there, some clothes and overnight things, because I was spending weekends at his. This, of course, was met with the growing displeasure of my flatmate – but this is gist for another entry.

Anyway, so yes, I was starting to call Kai’s place home – and that evening, when I got back, there was a note at the door which read: Welcome home, dear. Please proceed into the room. Your surprise waits for you. And you will find your next clue at the piano.

I chuckled. So, okay, issa treasure hunt thinz, eh? Oshey!

I let myself in and went to the piano. The note I found there led me to the drawer, and from there to behind the television. There were little notes everywhere, sending me from one corner of the apartment to another.

And all this while, I was just laughing to myself, both intrigued and touched by this small romantic play that Kai had me playing.

Eventually, I found the surprise in one of my bags. It was a new pair of shoes. I hadn’t asked for it, but there they were. It was the sweetest thing – not just the gift, but the effort he put into making its discovery such a romantic thing. I was touched.

But guess what? Unkul went through all this to get me a present that ended up not being my size. Can you imagine! The shoes ended up being his.

So, okay, Kai lived in a sort of studio apartment. There was the bedroom and another room that was his studio. There was no kitchen space. Not like Kai minded. Before I came along, he always ate out or bought his meals from outside back to the house. And when we started spending time together, I naturally fit into this routine. There was no kitchen, no kitchen things and no cooking.

I didn’t mind, honestly. And the day I was at work and mentioned in our chatversation that I was craving a home-cooked meal, it was a throwaway comment – something you say because, well, you’re chatting with your boyfriend and you can say anything to him. I most certainly didn’t think he’d do anything about it. I mean, what could he do?

Well, plenty! He did plenty.

That evening, when I got back home, I met a kitchen happening right there in my very before. Kai had gone out and bought everything! A gas cooker, pots, plates, cutleries and food stuff. There were ingredients spread out as he chopped vegetables.

He was making oha soup.

He was making me oha soup!

I was stunned. I was blown away. Somebody thought I deserved this?

It was… It was… It was a lot of… I’m honestly even lacking in words to describe how I felt as I was speechless that day.

I went inside the bedroom, dropped my bag, and then returned to stand by the door, watching him. He was hard at work, and I was taken in by him, his attention, his diligence, just so I could have oha soup.


This wasn’t some quickie, slapdash cooking. He wasn’t a bachelor throwing a few ingredients together to make a hasty pot of soup. No. There was everything waiting to be put together to make this pot of soup, from okporoko to kpomo. Everything! Just so I could have oha soup.


I began to realize then that I might not have landed a sugar daddy, but I’d definitely gotten myself a generous man.

Wait, actually, scratch that. He is a sugar daddy, my Kai. He just doesn’t have a house in Banana Island.

Before Kai, I was someone who’d had to fight to take care of things, of my people, of myself. I’d become so used to shouldering the responsibility of things, of catering for myself. But with Kai, he found a way to always let me know something: You need to relax and be taken care of.

With him, I am pampered, loved, made to feel appreciated.

The memory of that evening still lingers in my mind. I don’t think I could ever forget watching him make me oha soup with the same energy that your mother would use to make a good soup for your father, with every ingredient and intention dedicated to make the soup something he’d relish. I don’t know how any Banana Island sugar daddy could’ve topped that.

Written by Kennedy


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  1. ChristianGayBoy
    January 17, 07:12 Reply

    Got notified by mail and shouted “yay!” Lol. I have been anticipating entry 2 🥺. Lol oya oya let me read.

  2. ChristianGayBoy
    January 17, 07:26 Reply

    This entry will kill me with diabetes!!!! Too much sugar, my legs curled and curled simultaneously with the ever stretching smile of my lips that threatened to crack the corners of my lips! I hope we have a happy ending by the time you are done writing ( if there are going to be more sequels). I love every bit about Kai, a brilliant man I dare say!

    And you are right, no sugardaddy can top that.

    I also appreciate the uniqueness of your story, it has to a great extent helped me debunk the single story I have about relationships considering my failed experience at dating (oh did I mention earlier, I even had a dream last night about the shame in my relationship failures. Hehehe).

    Love is out there somewhere. I am grateful on your behalf that yours found you.

    Please let there be another eggy entry 🥺🥺🙏🏾

    • Pink Panther
      January 17, 08:30 Reply

      Love is out there indeed.

      Don’t let anyone tell you different.

      • ChristianGayBoy
        January 17, 09:24 Reply

        Lol.of course I believe in love. I do not plan to settle for an alternative of love and I do not plan to die single so that love better exist. I better continue to believe it does exist!

  3. Greenfox
    January 17, 07:54 Reply

    Wahala for person wey nor get Kai o. Congratulations big man.

  4. David Kamdili
    January 17, 08:28 Reply

    Nice read.
    But I guess we all have our different opinion when it comes to friendship and relationship. The entry made you seem like a narcissist you got everything but gave nothing in return. To be honest, I wouldn’t blame Kai if he stopped been benevolent at some point. As we place people on the long test of proving how much they love us, we should as well reciprocate the gesture. They are humans too.

    • Mandy
      January 17, 08:36 Reply

      I think it’s unfair to characterise him as someone who doesn’t give back to the boyfriend from just this one episode. This was written, I imagine, to follow up on the last episode that showed his obsession with finding a sugar daddy. And this entry is like, “Hey, I didn’t lose out on getting a sugar daddy. I got one after all.”

      Hopefully, there are plenty more episode’s ahead to tell us what kind of boyfriend he is to Kai.

    • Kennedy
      January 17, 09:17 Reply

      First off, cooking for someone isn’t “a long test of proving how much you love them”, doing nice things for someone you love is as Natural as breathing…and if you’re the type to stop being kind because you get nothing in return then you were never really nice to begin with.

      Finally, look up the word ‘narcissist ‘ before throwing it around. *hugs*

  5. Mitch
    January 17, 08:36 Reply

    Kai bought you shoes that weren’t your size? Wakanda sontin is doing that man sef? Heu!

    Meanwhile, I’m just so glad he taught you how to cook😂😂🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

    • Kennedy
      January 17, 09:06 Reply

      Oh plix, I was already a seasoned chef before I met him.

      • Mitch
        January 17, 14:56 Reply

        Liza Minelli!!!

  6. Lopez
    January 17, 08:37 Reply

    Ehen, wetin come happen next? You cheated, You dumped him, you… Just say it.

    • ChristianGayBoy
      January 17, 10:32 Reply

      Lol. Lopez. Who did this to you? 😂😂😂😂😂. But I swear in this part of our world eh I can’t even sympathize with the broken hearted again. Now after I hear a heartbreak story I just think of telling the victim “sorry, oya pick a number and get in line. NEXT!!!!”

      • Lopez
        January 17, 12:54 Reply

        Biko, allow me rest. I cannot even come and tell my story here. What I know is majority of us are just ingrates, na so we go spoil a good thing and then play the victim.

  7. Dumi
    January 17, 09:40 Reply

    … but wait oh… where do you guys find these persons?

  8. David Kamdili
    January 17, 10:28 Reply

    Narcissist- A person who has an inflated sense of self- importance…

    A) You’re narcissist…..

    B) The entry made you seem like a narcissist…..

    Both statements above have different contextual meaning.

    If aren’t open to people commenting (honestly) on a public post you made, please kindly tell them to read and keep walking

    • Kennedy
      January 17, 10:31 Reply

      Love and light to you, love and light.

  9. Swan Dagger
    January 17, 11:53 Reply

    Some people are single because the kind of person they are looking for doesn’t exist.
    Love is found in the simple things.
    I appreciate your ability to appreciate those simple things that mean the most.

  10. Jo
    January 17, 22:36 Reply

    Interesting write up, thks for making out hope stay alive. My Kai! Where art thou? Come and locate me oooooo

  11. N'Darl
    January 18, 01:55 Reply

    I shed tears when reading this 🥺
    ……I went inside the bedroom, dropped my bag, and then returned to stand by the door, watching him. He was hard at work, and I was taken in by him, his attention, his diligence, just so I could have oha soup…..

    It wasn’t just the cooking but his attitude towards the cooking, people need to know the little things matter, the little things always matter

  12. Tristan
    January 18, 11:49 Reply

    In my own case, he invited me to come over to eat his home cooked meal. A meal I intended to lace with weed so we could have a wild fuck. Heck! Dude cancelled on me on the D-day. It was pain indeed.

  13. Mickey
    January 18, 19:57 Reply

    this story was lovely,this kind of guys are rare, hope you guys get married soon.

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