Man Crush Friday: Lynxxx

Man Crush Friday: Lynxxx

Lynxxx 08Says a Kitodiariesian:

‘It was about midday and I was bored and hungry. So I decided to go to the cafeteria to get lunch and possibly feed my eyes with some man candy. I got to the cafeteria, ordered my food and settled down to eat. Almost immediately, Lynxxx’s newest song came on the cafeteria TV, and – Damn! – this guy was sexy! That was how Lynxxx succeeded in making me thirsty! God help me if I don’t have him soon.’

Yup, that was Iluvmua. And he’s sharing with us today the visual delight of his man crush.Lynxxx 11Lynxxx-InstagramLynxxx-Jinglejist

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  1. enigmous
    October 24, 03:42 Reply

    Iluvma, God help you if I don’t have him before you…dayum, d guy is hot o and my junior is nodding in agreement

    • king
      October 24, 15:32 Reply

      Your junior????? Is it that small! Eh just saying oooo!!!!

      • enigmous
        October 26, 04:48 Reply

        Kinggggggg!!! Am sure you don’t wanna go there. But, just to help your curiosity, my junior is a big banana-plantain you may say- and it gets it’s full dose of “rush of blood”. Want to find out? Just come closer, you will come begging for more I promise…

  2. McGray
    October 24, 04:21 Reply

    And if u dnt hv him soon? Sure i wil kick ur butt

  3. Samaurai
    October 24, 04:44 Reply

    Onye nke a bukwa onye.
    He is hot sha.
    But I’ve not seen anyone here yet who beat my Idris Elba (Pinky, u better not give me a smart retort 😉 ).

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 24, 04:45 Reply

      Hahahahahahaaa!!! *swallowing my smart retort* You’re lucky I’m in a good mood.

      • Dennis Macauley
        October 24, 06:29 Reply

        Bia Pinky how many men are u crushing on?


        David Macintosh

        Tyson Beckford

        Alex Ekubo


        Only you?

        There is a word for people like you

        Starts with an S and ends with a T

        • pinkpanthertb
          October 24, 06:36 Reply

          Since when did I say I crush on either David or Alex? Hia! See me o! All these pipu that want to spwel my polyandry marriage to Idris and Tyson. It wee not work for you pipu. I merely appreciated God’s creation of David.
          And as for Alex… Alex who?
          Abeg o. My heart belongs to Idris and Tyson mbok!

  4. daniel
    October 24, 05:23 Reply

    Dude is cute but my members don’t react to him in anyway, meanwhile he happens to be my bff’s crush.. *hangs around waiting for his comment*

    • Micky Mouse
      October 24, 07:38 Reply

      Yea Yea!!!!!!! You know me well!!!!!!!!!!! Going into 40 days and 40 night fasting mode. Lol. I just love everything about this man. Damn!

      • daniel
        October 24, 08:47 Reply

        Mouse??? Lynxx stole ur creativity? U best be asking for anointing oil..

  5. Brian Collins
    October 24, 06:12 Reply

    Yes please, *takes the glass of cold lemonade offered*
    Lynxx has been a huge crush for me for a while now, that gorgeous face and those big guns and the hopefully big other member *Someone this fyne should not have less than a 7″ member* . He is what my friend would call ‘la hot bobo’.

    • Dennis Macauley
      October 24, 06:21 Reply

      Too much sluttiness this morning

      *sprinkles holy water and performs exorcism*

    • Mr Bassey
      October 24, 11:27 Reply

      I heard its small hun……then again who cares about cock anyways when I can have cakes.

  6. Constant
    October 24, 07:01 Reply

    Hmmmm… Not interested….Lemme see his cakes first… I might change my mind. *slams the brakes hard*

  7. Micky Mouse
    October 24, 07:35 Reply

    Finally!!!!! My Man crush!!!!!!!!!! Damn it!!! Lynxxx is beautiful.

  8. lluvmua
    October 24, 08:03 Reply

    *brings out gun and shoots all d thirsty hoes around lynxxx * nobody should dare go close !!! He’s mine and mine alone *points gun @ khaleesi*

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 24, 08:21 Reply

      Ha. Khaleesi kwa? He isn’t even here and you’re under hot under the collar

      • Dennis Macauley
        October 24, 09:13 Reply

        Wait till Khaleesi lands!

        He is very capable to fight his own battles

    • Brian Collins
      October 24, 12:55 Reply

      iluvmua that my pink bereft pistol is still there o. No just try me o

      • Brian Collins
        October 24, 12:56 Reply

        my pink beretta pistol, and utility has not had any action lately.

  9. #TeamKizito
    October 24, 11:23 Reply

    Hmm. It just had to be Lynxxx. Maybe it’s just me; he seems like a really proud queen.

  10. Mr Bassey
    October 24, 11:23 Reply

    Yeah….. Our man crush….cos I’m willing to share….Iluvmua I just gave u a good deal, take it or bite me.

  11. Peak
    October 24, 12:09 Reply

    *yawn* He is Fu-ayn, him fine pass me and ery nigga I ve gotten with! But 4 some unexplainable reason, this nigga does nothing for me. The guy fresh shaaaaa!!!!!! I wonder how fresh his cakes are ?????

  12. Remy Dubois
    October 24, 12:57 Reply

    I can let dis one rape me…like over and over…wah da fuck…dayyyymmm!…nigga so hot..

    • Dennis Macauley
      October 24, 14:42 Reply


      You are messed up for this!

      You need deliverance!

      *dials TB Joshua*

      • Ruby
        October 24, 19:06 Reply

        I’m sorry, is it me or am I seeing his D*** outline in the 1st Photo

  13. Legalkoboko
    October 26, 03:43 Reply

    Looks more nondescript than remarkable.
    last pic looks more like yam tubers with beards.

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