Man Crush Monday: Darius Ferdynand

Man Crush Monday: Darius Ferdynand

“I HAVE A MAN CRUSH!” Reverend Hot gushed to me. “Who is he?” I asked. “DARIUS FERDYNAND!”

Who is he? You ask. Well, turns out he’s a porn star. And one who’s incredibly good at his job, it would seem, (‘He can bottom for Africa!’ Rev. Hot said) because he apparently won Britain’s Best Bottom of 2015. “He’s cute, has a sexy accent… And he’s shy off camera but a totally different shade of crazy in the studio…” Rev. Hot gushed on, clearly smitten.

I’ll be checking out his videos online; while you can check out the rest of him below.Darius Ferdynand 01Darius Ferdynand 02Darius Ferdynand 03Darius Ferdynand 07Darius Ferdynand 08

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  1. Alice in KDland
    September 07, 05:56 Reply

    I’m a fan too. Hehehe. He’s gotten hunkier over the years. And yes he can bottom for Africa and beyond.

  2. drizzle
    September 07, 06:18 Reply

    Looks good.. Someone needs to check out Jovonnie.

  3. OMG!!!It's HYPO
    September 07, 06:20 Reply

    Wow…..He’s a bundle of hotness! I’m a bottom and ayam crushing on him already (Lesbianism in Gay)

    • Django
      September 07, 08:07 Reply

      Why did that sound offensive to me? Is lesbianism something that low to you, that two bottoms gushing at each other fits into that description? What would you call two tops “flirting” with each other? A superior title to lesbianism, I suppose?

      Do not be offended if I say:

      – a bottom isn’t capable of impregnating women
      -a bottom will be “the woman” if eventually they enter into heterosexual relationships “for marriage sake”

      Or worse?

      – that two gay men, of whatever kind, aren’t real men, who’d never be called men and can’t go the normal process of being with women as is supposed to be!

      Sorry guys, this has gone on for too long and no one is doing anything about it. Since this “lesbianism” joke keep flying around the gaybourhood and everyone sees nothing wrong with it, LET’S GO THERE.

      • Panther
        September 07, 08:08 Reply

        *ovation* I love it when Django gets fired up. School them please.

      • Peak
        September 07, 08:59 Reply

        @Django, baby love u don’t know how much delight ur comment just caused me. I cringe everytime i hear that word and its accompanied pharse all the time. Being gay means you are attracted to men full stop. Why create limitations for yourself by saying u can’t because u both love bouncing on castles? But then again, we have ppl who would argue that its a personal preference. Either way, its just a wrong ideology we sell to ourselves.

      • Max
        September 07, 09:53 Reply

        Django, you have my unending love ????..
        Thank you
        Thank you
        Thank you

        • pete
          September 07, 11:30 Reply

          Max, how time flies! Last year, when I complained how distasteful this lesbianism joke is, you called me Petiana & made fun of me. Now, you like Django for doing the same thing. I’ll file that under the educational effects of KD.

          • Max
            September 07, 12:26 Reply

            Na Na Na Na, your line of argument was quite different from Django’s.
            So don’t gerrit twisted. There are other parts of her comment that made me give her a thumbs up, not only the lesbianism part.

  4. Rev; Hot
    September 07, 06:24 Reply


    thank u pinkie…..

  5. Masked Man
    September 07, 06:34 Reply

    Well, aswear, there’s no thirst here.
    I mean, he’s just there.

    Gushing and drooling? Not quite!

  6. Ace
    September 07, 06:48 Reply

    Chai! He has the hanging ass! The type that I like to eat.

  7. Max
    September 07, 06:49 Reply

    So taking a D is now a skill? Please can you kindly explain if its an acquired skill from years of practice or a natural one?

    Oh and, The guy is cute btw

  8. ken
    September 07, 06:58 Reply

    Really?? Gushing over pornstars now?
    Have we really sunk that low??? Eeeew

    • Masked Man
      September 07, 07:06 Reply

      Because they are porn stars, they cannot be liked?
      Abeg shift!

    • Peak
      September 07, 07:31 Reply

      Porn stars aren’t humans abi?
      What they are doing is not legitimate according to you abi?


      • ken
        September 07, 07:59 Reply

        In my book pornstars are slightly above blackmailers but way below prostitutes.

        Seriously people, how do u crush on a man that spreads his legs wide for the whole world to see. Like seriously??

        They are good for sex or early morning wanking, I give them that. But crushing?? Eeeew…I cringe in disgust!

        • Peak
          September 07, 08:22 Reply

          Although they are two completely different but highly misunderstood concepts, but I’m forced to agree with homophobes this morning who think you are less than a pig for spreading ur legs for another man or neglecting the softness of a woman to drool over a man.

          And yeah! “Eeeewww” to what you are.

          • ken
            September 07, 09:33 Reply

            Its not homophobia, its decency. Not everybody is as “wild” and “loose” as some of us. Am not hating on people who choose to be pornstars, all am saying is they dont do it for me -crushwise.

            Btw that we are gay doesnt give the license to fuck around. Being a pornstar is a choice, a job. And it doesnt matter if you are straight or gay.

            • Peak
              September 07, 10:02 Reply

              Like I said, homophobes misundertand what ur sexuality is about, just as u clearly misundertand what it means to be a porn star or work in the industry.

              Define decency? Cos if u are going to use society’s view of decency, then being gay is wildly considered as indecent.

              Using ur moral compass to judge ppl who have legitimate jobs and tax payers without knowing what their lives is about or what they are about reeks of ignorance. The porn industry generates billions of dollas annually from the US alone. Just cos u sit behind a desk or working towards that doesnnt make u any better, its a job and someone has got to do it. A lot of these stars identify as models or professional escorts.

              Its nothing personal, I just find it a difficult pill to swallow when ppl who wail endlessly about how they are misjudged and misunderstood, are always quick to judge other.

              • ken
                September 07, 11:12 Reply

                Did you read the part where I said pornstars dont do it for ME? This is my preference, my opinion. I watch porn, hell I wank to porn. But I sure aint taking a pornstar to mama!

                No point being defensive about the porn industry. Its a job, a choice. Just like being a doctor, a painter or a hair stylist is also a job. They chose to do that. This obvious can not be compared with homophobia i.e gay people didnt choose to be gay. And in anycase, its not only gay people in d porn industry so your homophobia argumant makes no sense.

                I am attracted to porn bcos I love sex. But I am not attracted to pornstars. They are nice to watch on tv or my laptop. I dont care much for them in real life. And yes, this is my preference, u dont have to like it.

    • Max
      September 07, 08:06 Reply

      ??.. And ya’ll say I’m crazy

    • Peak
      September 07, 13:46 Reply

      Your “Have we really sunk that low??? Eeeew” is what started this trail of conversation. U made a sweeping statement that bordered on false represntation when the word “we” was used and distasteful generalisation with the phrase as a whole.

      Defensive? No bro, this is an educative forum where we school each other.

      If u had made it clear that u are not into porn stars, no one would have blinked in ur direction longer than necessary. The ” have we sunk that low??? Eeeew” comment hijacked the narrative of those who fancy and respect porn stars as well as the young man who saw him fit for his man crush and spoke on all their behalf. it was dripping with condensation and disgust (in other words, Rev Hot is so low to pick of all ppl a porn star). Statements like this is a reflection of what homophobes think of gay folks.

      If its ur personal preference, fine! No one is going to fault you for what u like, but when u make a general statement that makes u look superior to others, then expect a backlash.

      Do enjoy the rest of ur day Mr ken.

  9. Absalom
    September 07, 07:12 Reply


    I stick with Jessie Coultier.

  10. Django
    September 07, 07:31 Reply

    Lesbianism in Gay? Who wants to do the honors of explaining that to me?

    • Panther
      September 07, 07:33 Reply

      Hahahahahahaa!!! It is when two or three Bottoms have come together to sing Hallelujah unto the Lord. 😀

  11. Sinnex
    September 07, 07:48 Reply

    As usual, I just have to pass.

    I am fine with Sean Xavier….but the guy get wahala. Some years back I added him on Facebook and was chatting with him, then he said he doesn’t need friends that he already had enough, that I should pay some dollars to one account for me to see him wank…WTF!!! That was officially my second heart break and I just had to remove him.

    • Panther
      September 07, 07:49 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahahahaa!!! Eiyaa. That he let you get as far as chatting with him is something nah.

    • Mandy
      September 07, 07:50 Reply

      LOL! The hustle is real. 🙂

    • #Chestnut
      September 07, 08:04 Reply

      Buahahaha! Wait,Sinnex, so u were thinking u’d have some sort of relationship with a foreign pornstar? Hahaha.U tried it niqqah!

    • ken
      September 07, 08:07 Reply

      My point, exactly.
      They are worse than prostitutes. At least with ashawos, you know what ur in for.

      • Deola
        September 07, 09:44 Reply

        Judgemental much Ken.

        • ken
          September 07, 11:15 Reply

          @deola darling isnt that y we are all here?

          • Deola
            September 07, 13:08 Reply

            Uh uh darling. Speak for yourself.

    • Max
      September 07, 08:09 Reply

      This one everyone wants money from Sinnex. Biko, are you related to Dangote?

      • Panther
        September 07, 08:09 Reply

        LMAO!!!! Max, you don dey find trouble nah

        • Max
          September 07, 08:29 Reply

          Me I’m asking Na. I want another money maker. One can never have enough sources Na.??

          • Panther
            September 07, 08:35 Reply

            Another moneymaker huh? So if Sinnex identifies as Dangote’s son, you will finally fulfill all those fantasies he’s been having about you, ei? 😀

            • #Chestnut
              September 07, 09:30 Reply

              If Sinnex reveals himself to be Dangote’s son, hell,I’d masquerade as Max and fulfil all his Max-fantasies! Lol #BitchBetterHaveMyMoney

              • Deola
                September 07, 09:42 Reply

                Lmao!!!! Hot fucking mess you are chestnut.

          • Sinnex
            September 07, 09:51 Reply

            …but why are you looking for a money maker when Teflondon is just some minutes away from you?

            • Max
              September 07, 09:56 Reply

              Lmfao???. I wouldn’t fuck TEF if he had a diamond mine in his ass..

              • Pink Panther
                September 07, 10:33 Reply

                Hahahahahahahahahaa!!! Max, not even if Dangote acknowledges him as his son?

      • Sinnex
        September 07, 09:46 Reply

        Okay, for the first time Max made me laugh.

        This is good.

        And no, I am not related to him, maybe they see me as the newest ‘mugu’ in town.

        • Deola
          September 07, 09:59 Reply

          Max and Sinnex sitting in a tree…

          • Max
            September 07, 12:28 Reply

            Max touched Sinnex
            Sinnex touched Max..

            **fill in the continuation @Deola* ??

  12. Peak
    September 07, 10:18 Reply

    Everyone one knows everyone and their bidnez? Shout out to Deola’s invisible external memory drive.

  13. spade
    September 07, 10:20 Reply

    I honestly dont see it, where is the sexy, the hunger, the cold. His got non, maybe cute yea but not hot. He lacks a certain proportion and extreme.

    His like 15% popilis of average American body type. #nothing special.

    September 07, 10:37 Reply

    sinnex and Max its owkay if you tell your self the truth!.. I mean enough of this hide and seek game!… Let it be the first wedding we would attend from kd here…

  15. Teflondon
    September 07, 10:41 Reply

    Why don’t I feel bad not knowing all these pornstars and shii.. it just feels so wrong. Some people on here know more abt pornstars personal life than their personal Lord and saviour. Smh

    Muscular people shouldn’t be bottoms to be honest. It’s feels all shades of messy and disturbing. Yea yea! Scream stereotyping to high heavens but IMO bottoms shouldn’t look intimidating. They should either be slim cute looking portable beings or be soft skined with all kinds of large assets in the right places.

    I’ll pass on this guy any day any time.. Not that he isn’t gorgous and shii. He is just too muscular to be my bottom. Well my preference.
    Even tho str8 is my thing, I like to engage in lesbianism once in a while. (Yea I said lesbianism! What’s all the noise and weave flipping abt earlier. We need to calm our titties really. When did freedom of expression become a crime. I say what I want, when I want.. No one should tell me nonsense. Pls. I’ve been called worse on these blog and I’ve mentained my peace. If we can’t be free wth ourselves and make a few jokes albiet a bit insensitive and annoying then what then is the eccense of this blog). #Learn

    • Vhar.
      September 07, 11:39 Reply

      I’ve seen more intelligence in the crotch lice of harem whores.

      • Max
        September 07, 13:52 Reply

        ???????? oh Vhar

  16. Rev; Hot
    September 07, 11:08 Reply

    OYA IT’S ENOUGH!!!!!! ALL OF YOU WEY NO GET BETTER THING TALK FOR MY MAN CRUSH – DARIUS…… JUST STOP HATING…… BEfore I bring down heaven and raise hell on your asses

    I haf talk my own oooo

  17. Olly Goes
    September 07, 11:21 Reply

    I met Ferdy ( that’s the pet name I gave him) on my last UK trip. He was surprised that it also means open yansh in my local language. And yes he can bottom for Africa

  18. Khaleesi
    September 07, 11:47 Reply

    I dont care, y’all can stone me, but if i meet a guy as hunky as this and he tells me he’s a bottom, am smacking him hard across the face! with that body, honey you belong firmly in a mansion on the hill in “TopVille” … leave the bottoming to more “suitable” “bitches” joor …
    ***pulls long grey shawl over hair and flees swiftly***

    • A-non
      September 07, 13:51 Reply

      My thoughts exactly! KD people can make you wear blazing hot LASTMA vest.

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