Man Crush Saturday: Mr. Nigeria

Man Crush Saturday: Mr. Nigeria

Emmanuel Ikubese 24I recently saw Emmanuel Ikubese at the airport, and – By God! – he is every bit as delicious-looking in real life as he is in pictures. Those lips on him especially, full, sensual, and oh-so-pink! I just couldn’t deal. Painful thing is, I was running a quick errand when I saw him. I was done with my errand in a jiffy, and then returned to ask for a snapshot. And he was gone! Just like that, I missed out on cozying up to Nigeria’s recognized hottest man of the year, and immortalizing the moment in a snapshot. Still hurts to think of it. Oh well… I simply took a detour to his instagram page to delight myself – and y’all – with the following pics of him.gy2Emmanuel Ikubese 25

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  1. maxonex
    September 13, 04:54 Reply

    Wow…. He’s hot… Back to sleep

  2. xpressivejboy
    September 13, 05:01 Reply

    I’m wet already…Pinkie, you’re such great evil. Now, I need a hot session with any available cutie asap.

  3. shuga chocolata
    September 13, 05:27 Reply

    There is just something about this guy that is not just right. He is very deceptive, my instinct has never once failed me. Well I will seat and watch whenever he feels to come out of his closet. @pinky who sent in this story?

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 13, 05:31 Reply

      Oh dear gawd! Seriously? You think him gay too?
      Anyway sha, It’s not a story sent in by anyone. It’s me narrating what happened recently to me.

    • shuga chocolata
      September 13, 06:29 Reply

      Pinky don’t get me wrong am not saying he is gay neither am I stating the fact that he isn’t. Am just saying something is not right somewhere. #MyTwoCents. Have a fab day ahead to all KD.

  4. lluvmua
    September 13, 05:36 Reply

    Nice lips *plants kiSs on them*

  5. trystham
    September 13, 06:28 Reply

    Too much air space in his pants. Dude beta be a grower o *sniffs*

    • Mr Bassey
      September 13, 09:34 Reply

      Gbam!!!!, gosh so you’re a size-queen too.

      • trystham
        September 13, 14:24 Reply

        No, I’m not. It just makes the sex easier to anticipate when u think his crotch is heavy. Nobody dreams of sex with a PeeWee leaguer na.

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 13, 06:37 Reply

      My tongue, that’s what. Not your cock, Dennis. So BACK OFF!

      • Dennis Macauley
        September 13, 06:47 Reply


        Alright already

        Am off


        Wait till Khaleesi comes, then you will meet your match!

        • pinkpanthertb
          September 13, 06:50 Reply

          *hefting my bazooka* Lemme see anyone suicidal enough to come drag this one with me. Nonsense and ingredients!

      • Dennis Macauley
        September 13, 07:09 Reply

        Nonsense and ingredients? LOL! Dude this expression kills me everytime!!!

  6. enigmous
    September 13, 07:05 Reply

    Dear Lawd…pinky get ready for fight ooo, El is for me alone #possessingmypossession

    • trystham
      September 13, 07:36 Reply

      @Pinky This one already knows his pet name- El. Nne take a seat already. Your bazooka will not earn u much o

      • pinkpanthertb
        September 13, 07:40 Reply

        The pet name that she formulated just now? *turning the bazooka to face Trystham* Are you looking to get a piece of this?

      • trystham
        September 13, 08:07 Reply

        *melts into shadowy recesses of KD*

    • Aproko Pikin
      September 13, 08:05 Reply

      @xpressivejboy, abeg wetin U know? *pour the gist biko*

      I’ve kinda been liking him from the Shuga episodes he did. He’s good looking but not my crush yet!

  7. ray
    September 13, 08:16 Reply

    Now this is a man.
    I will bite his nipples till he screams.
    I hope he’s not a macho mary sha.

    • yzee2013
      September 13, 18:58 Reply

      lmaooo seriosly macho mary indeed coz diz kain guys fit swalow beta big prick in dia boy pussy n kip it movin lik itz notin lol

  8. enigmous
    September 13, 08:20 Reply

    Trystham u can never be too sure, I have my strategy all planned out. Amebo pikin, he was too promiscuous as Femi in those Shuga episodes but I like them promiscuous. Pinky darl, am sure you have other options to choose from so let’s not fight over this one

  9. Khaleesi
    September 13, 08:21 Reply

    chaiiiiiiiii!!!! **shivers all over in delicious ecstacy**** chaiiii … this is the sort of man I’d love to make slow, teasing sensual love to as opposed to some others who are suited for wild aggressive, raunchy sex! he’s too pretty for the wild variety. **picks up hairbrush and slowly brushes long flowing hair smiling at the thought of landmines planted all around Pinky and her bazooka*** smile widens***

  10. Blaq Jaqs
    September 13, 08:43 Reply

    *sigh* okunrin le leyi o… I remember he was on some show on the radio, The Twist with Shyne or so, and he had to read a love letter to an old crush… just his voice alone made me feel very strange things in my lady loins and I screamed and swooned and gushed like say na me e write am for!

    • xpressivejboy
      September 13, 09:18 Reply

      *checks Blaq Jaqs’ temp*

      Just like Absalom said, you need a special touch of annointing and the third work of grace.
      Oya take *hands him tissue paper and Always* go dry and pad ya self sharp sharp ‘cos he’s taken already.

  11. enigmous
    September 13, 09:34 Reply

    Yes Blaq Jaqs & xpressivejboy…he’s taken already BY ME!!! *brushes weave & pouts for a selfie*

  12. Mr Bassey
    September 13, 10:01 Reply

    Those nipples tho, * licking my lips very very slowly* the things I’ll do to that body…….. ION….some “straight” hottie I’ve been drooling over, just left my house,we met about a month ago and I told him I was Bi and I liked him and he said he liked me too just as a friend, and he didnt care about my sexuality. Then he goes like “can’t u control it” when I say yes I can, he’s like “cool, I have nothing to worry about”….. And this morning he shows up to my house IN THOSE JEANS…..if my dad wasn’t in d living room with us, I swear I would have jumped his bones. I see him off and walk back home trying really hard to hide d woody I just acquired… he just texted saying he enjoyed being around me and wants to see me again in d evening…..I don’t wanna see him again, its too hard just sitting there watching him smile and talk, oblivious of d battle he’s causing in my pants. I really wanna be his friend but its really hard to put d physical attraction away.

    • Dennis Macauley
      September 13, 10:09 Reply

      How do you like your “K” sir?

      Fried, Boiled, Roasted Or Saute’d?

      *runs away*

      • Lothario
        September 15, 06:03 Reply

        Hahahahahaha…..I second that question. *not running away, looking at you quizzically *

    • shuga chocolata
      September 13, 10:19 Reply

      @Mr Bassey, it is better you tell him how you feel about him making sure you leave no details behind. Make him see reasons withyou knowing fully well its not mere physical reaction. Was also in a situation like this, I came out straigh told him the fact and the remaining story is for another day but the bottom line is my mind and heart is off him for ever.

      • Mr Bassey
        September 13, 10:51 Reply

        I won’t make any special effort to see him again ooo, if he wants me arnd, he knows my house……@ Dennis u beta run…..on a serious note tho, I doubt that there’d be any K, beside bring d K and I’d go to any length to end you. And yes I got d resources to and won’t think twice about using em.*after d first K, I kinda went dark and I love it. After all evil begat evil.

    • king
      September 13, 13:54 Reply

      Hwhehehehehe ok ooo

    • anonymous
      September 13, 14:10 Reply

      Correct me if I’m wrong … E.D is this you?

  13. Mart
    September 13, 11:38 Reply

    A man, yes. Good-looking, yes. In pink shirt?…potentially……(I didn’t say anything)

  14. dominic
    September 13, 14:22 Reply

    A lady at work said I look like a rugged version of this guy. I was sad. I’m hotter jare and I freaking know it.

  15. gad
    September 13, 14:43 Reply

    He looks responsible and he is well dressed…nice

  16. Eyekay
    September 13, 23:20 Reply

    I met him at MUN 2014…. OMG!! He is hot!! I almost had a boner staring at him on d red carpet.. Smtin tells me dat nigga is gay..

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 13, 23:47 Reply

      Lol. Yea that something that makes you desperately want to bone him

  17. kendigin
    September 14, 08:40 Reply

    Hes hot
    But sadly doesnt appear gay
    one of those who make great platonic friends

  18. Lothario
    September 15, 05:55 Reply

    Lol! Not that last picture…. He looks like a pepper seller going to church.

    All these excessively hard-bodied guys, I wonder what the turn on is.

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