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It has been nearly two weeks since we last updated or showed any activity on any of our platforms here on Kito Diaries. A number of people have expressed worry

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Happy Easter, KDians

Amen to this!


  1. simba
    September 12, 17:16 Reply

    I told pinky few days ago to watch Nat most weird animals.. they showed gay panthers and some monkey species among other animals. Love is a complex verb, and should be differentiated from fucking one’s same sex. Fam any idiot or fool, even homophobics when properly drugged would fuck any hole. Its only people who have evolved past their contemporaries and attained a certain height of awareness can reciprocate love to same gender..

    • trystham
      September 12, 20:15 Reply

      Still beats me why a ram would mount another ram, but that some animals understand the ‘love’ concept is truly an indication of evolution, which traits they won’t pass down generations.

  2. shuga chocolata
    September 12, 17:29 Reply

    Hello pinky, I love your witty nature and sense of humor am loving you already. Dennis, king, chesnut, rapum, khalessi you guys rock and don’t know why I find chizzie statements or writeups very amusing.

  3. dominic
    September 12, 18:04 Reply

    Wow….*singing*….’heeeeeee touched me!’. ride on preacher!

  4. JArch
    September 12, 19:49 Reply

    Tell em hun…Preach!!! *waves white hanky furiously*

  5. JArch
    September 12, 19:53 Reply

    Bia when did King become an overnight celeb on this blog like Dennis kwa? Life isn’t fair. .

    -Me I’ve been here since inception and king just sauntered in and becomes a cele

    I WILL SUE!!!! *dials lawyer*

    • JArch
      September 12, 19:54 Reply

      Correction: Becomes a celeb

      • Lothario
        September 15, 05:44 Reply

        Actually ‘cele’ looks like you did it on purpose, it came across as funny….lmao

  6. Aproko Pikin
    September 12, 20:31 Reply

    The act of loving is a choice, anyone could choose never to fall in love. Also whom to love is a choice. Choice is freely given unto all men. Its a basic fundamental right! Nice one Pinky!

    But I dont think I could stand on a pulpit like Dennis and preach it!

    Bia Pinky, I want to be a celeb in this blog, what are the requirements?

    • JArch
      September 12, 21:37 Reply

      Keep Calm joor you’re already a celeb, your name is just too long for people to write out in full, hence the feeling that you’re not one hehehe

  7. dotunthompson
    September 12, 20:44 Reply

    I love it in the closet…I do it the way I want. I don’t want to have to be a walking billboard for people to read through like some DL bitches would love to go “the rainbow-i am so fabulous” kinda message. If they say no gay shit on the naija streets,well HELL YEAH! No Gay! Judge me!

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 13, 01:35 Reply

      And if they stone the gays on the naija streets, you would pick up a stone and throw too, wouldn’t you?

      • SavingGrace
        September 13, 05:17 Reply

        Rhetoric flawed! Not liking Gay PDAs or Public Personality/Pride Flaunt doesn’t mean you would necessarily join the Anti-gay lots to cast stones. Who has time for that?…

        • pinkpanthertb
          September 13, 05:20 Reply

          Who even does Gay PDAs or Public Pride Flaunts in Nigeria (‘on the naija streets)? Even before the law was put in place, which Nigerian do you know went about holding hands with his lover or smooching up a storm in full sight of the public?

  8. SavingGrace
    September 12, 21:32 Reply

    Arrant Nonsense! I don’t want no slutty bitch on the Naija streets. I like it in the closet. Its fun. I loathe the walking billboard “bitches be like I’m rainbow fabulous DLs” pesky morons! Judge me all you want. *gulps tea*

  9. Colossus
    September 12, 22:33 Reply

    I don’t see my own logo there, this ain’t complete.
    Man and a horse, this is love too, No?

  10. SavingGrace
    September 13, 05:38 Reply

    Dude, I bet you haven’t really been on the streets to see these people. Have been to clubs on the island in lagos,where I go all moody,whenever I see these,of course,Nonchalant folks throw caution in the air, jumped on the table and bringing it on with their electrifying ,impressive but disgusting beyonce moves to “single ladies” or the ones I see on the exterior of silverbird galleria loitering outside for God-knows-what smooching and creating unwanted gory scenes. Whenver I walk with my mum through the lobby,to see a movie or two,she would tap me to see these “amazing folks” and their sleekly cut bumshorts,tinted hair,some wear on make-ups and whenever she taps me to take a look,I get this goose pimples all over my body,maybe its the thought of these folks or shame. I can’t figure,some people really endanger this special specie of ours.

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 13, 05:43 Reply

      Ok? I haven’t been to clubs in the island or seen bruthas getting their freak on in Silverbird galleria. But first of all, aren’t clubs supposed to be a haven of all sorts of decadence? Isn’t that why the music is so loud and the booze kept flowing?

      And secondly, tell me something, do you also cringe when you see straight couples doing the nasty as well?
      Because, me, I’m not comfortable with public displays of affection between ANYBODY! Man and woman or man and man. I’d just like to know if that is the same for you, or if your disgust is there mainly for the gay men…

  11. SavingGrace
    September 13, 06:15 Reply

    I’m guessing the clubs you have been at every other places,all sorts of decadence thrive there, like men having sex with each other, rape thrives there, die hard gambling, and the list is endless…well, a club to me is meant to be where you listen to music,grab a drink at the bar and dance. Now that is civil. As for me,anyone can do what he likes,the hand of the law will get offenders. My disgust is for care-free dl folks who just go about “doing there thang” and won’t stop even when they see law enforcement agents,I mean,the law is express. So they should just adhere until the beautyful ones are born.

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 13, 06:23 Reply

      *laughing and shaking my head*

      First of all, I’m not even a clubbing kinda guy. I spend my Friday nights at home, resting, watching movies or writing. So you can like to chill on the condescension.

      Secondly, you didn’t even answer my question. I’ll repeat it just in case you didn’t get me the first time. Is your disgust reserved for gay folks who carry out PDA or for everyone who do it?

      And before the anti-gay law was enacted (which I’m guessing is the period you and your mum were having your eye-ful of these orgiastic happenings in Silverbird), how was PDA between gay men an offense to the law? Do tell.

      I’m actually trying to have an intelligent conversation with you based on your opinions, but it’s apparent you are letting your prejudice cloud your answers. So I won’t fret if your response to this will be another tirade that attempts to insult me and doesn’t answer my questions.

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 13, 06:29 Reply

      In a society that does not have the aversion Nigeria has to gays, if such a society permits the snogging of a man and a woman in public, then that society should let a man and a man or a woman and a woman enjoy the same intimacy. My point? Throwing about an offense to the law as a reason you disapprove of those horny guys you saw is completely moot. Never mind that it’s probably your sensibility that is more injured than anything else. But of course, this is Nigeria.

    • Mr Bassey
      September 13, 10:21 Reply

      Oh hunay!!!, love yourself more man… still think you’re doing something wrong that y u feel uncomfortable around people who do d same PUBLICLY….and FYI, if they r showing PDA, then they certainly are not DL. Learn your terms….I repeat love yourself, its not your fault.

  12. SavingGrace
    September 13, 07:11 Reply

    Calm your tits!
    As interesting as your analogies seem,they are zapped with kerbs of ill-tempered double standard. Besides, I’m disappointed as intelligent as you seem,you decided to misconstrue my point of view over what your “definition of a club is,if I quote you in your own words “But first of all, aren’t clubs supposed to be a haven of all sorts of decadence? Isn’t that why the music is so loud and the booze kept flowing?Now that in your last comment,you have indicated that you don’t do clubs, I only wonder how you arrived at your opinion of a club. I would have saved myself the qualm of having to explain to you deary.You rather,should I say got disillusioned, to think my statement was condescending. And how you blatanly ignored my response to your question,an oversight maybe. I would implore you read again and pay attention to every word as well as pointing out any insulting or derogatory word that is directed at you. As for letting my prejudice cloud my reasoning,I don’t do that. I would rather not dignify such baseless allegation with a response. This is just a discussion not a panel . So,you do the chilling. I owe no apology for any feeling of being opinion bullied. Cheers!

    • pinkpanthertb
      September 13, 07:15 Reply

      Ah yes, the insults. The go-to position of anyone with very little intelligence to impart.
      Shocking how out of all that long clarification, you still didn’t take the time to answer my questions. Actually, it’s not that shocking at all.
      PS: I didn’t ask for your apology. I asked for some answers. It’s really not that hard to tell the difference.

      • SavingGrace
        September 13, 07:26 Reply

        Whatever! I think you have got work to do sweetheart, let’s read another exciting piece from you. I will rather do this,than That.

        • pinkpanthertb
          September 13, 07:28 Reply

          Lost interest in you and this conversation several comments ago…

  13. SavingGrace
    September 13, 07:36 Reply

    LOL… Lost interest in me? Awwwww honey, come here *big hug* I’m so so so sorry for your Loss!

    • Khaleesi
      September 13, 09:04 Reply

      who is this self-loathing overgrown homophobic baby???!!!** @saving grace! your internalized homophobia is consuming you like a cancerous tumor. Yes, if a straight couple can display their affection in public, y not a gay couple? you’re so tragically messed up in the head, I pardon yoy, its obvious you’re still in your teens or else you still have an infantile attachment to Mummy. What grown man goes to ‘watch a movie with Mummy?’ We all love our Mummies, but you just gotta grow up at some point in life. haba! so what if a gay man wants to dye his hair a rainbow colour? or wear bum shorts? does his being gay automatically mean he must he squashed into a confromist box by the majority? its twisted and sick homophobes like you that screw men in private and in public act like homophobic straight men and probably have girlfriends and eventually wives they deceive and lie to … you’re disgusting, in a nutshell!!! now, run along Mummy ks waiting with an icecream cone, she wants to hold your hand as you cross the street.

      • SavingGrace
        September 13, 09:20 Reply

        All ths for me? Wao!…you just won yourself a trophy.

  14. honey pot
    September 13, 08:11 Reply

    Awwmn diis is so sweet…can’t wait to see us accepted.

  15. JustJames
    September 13, 10:03 Reply

    *stares at saving grace’s name suspiciously*

    I think I know something and if what I know is correct then we need to ignore some comments here. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.. even the dumb opinions and SG just seems embittered by the flaming sisters. Not sure how public statements that someone is gay concerns this post though.

    I’d understand if it made you uneasy.. A guy pulling off beyonce moves in the club or wearing bum shorts around silverbird (pray tell me how I missed this all the times I was there?)..

    But how e concern you. Na you dem dey use dance? Or is it you that they are wearing the bum shorts on.

    Seriously.. we really need to mind our business especially when other people’s behaviour doesn’t affect you.

    • Mr Bassey
      September 13, 10:33 Reply

      I wonder oooooo, Some people just wan take panadol for other people headache…

  16. SavingGrace
    September 13, 10:33 Reply

    Ahnnn han…you pple should free me o. Na war make person comment for here? You people should just leave me alone abeg. Infact let me set the record straight for some crass questions some people are asking…I’m Gay and I love it. I don’t even like the opposite sex for sexual expo at all. I love cocks(and cakes too,shoot me) I also love myself and I’m not in any denial at least I don’t hoe away my virtues to any asshole. My opinion should be preserved. If one can’t post comments on this bog without some crazy bitches trying to fine tune another’s view to suit their own,then this blog should be rendered obsolete. You ppl should rest abeg and leave me biko.

    • Dubem
      September 13, 11:15 Reply

      My dear, when you come here and spout your idiocy, the right is reserved for any reader to blast your silliness. Now quit pouting. Reserve that privilege for your mummy, you momma’s boy.

  17. engorgio
    September 13, 17:48 Reply

    As unpopular as SG’s views are I think I share some of his sentiments. However primitive and childish a comment is, one should be able to air his views without unnecessary assaults/insults * wears my titanium bullet proof as I wait to be shred apart*

    • tikky20
      September 13, 21:52 Reply

      I share your views @engorgio and though SG’s opinions might be misinterpreted as sentimental, I kinda buy into it too. hope your titanium bullet proof is the latest model,@engorgio because I already hear some serious gun cocking sounds nearby. *wears helmet as I take cover to safety*

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