“To My Doubting Detractors, I Pray For You.” Man Who Says He Was Delivered From Being Gay In Viral Video Speaks Out

“To My Doubting Detractors, I Pray For You.” Man Who Says He Was Delivered From Being Gay In Viral Video Speaks Out

All week, people have been talking about the video of a young man standing at the altar in church, saying that he was delivered from homosexuality. At the recent Church of God In Christ (COGIC) convocation event last week, the COGIC’s 107th, the young man walked to the altar and asked to share his story in front of the congregation. The 21-year-old’s testimony went viral and caused a great deal of controversy, and now, that young man is speaking out about everything. His name is Andrew Caldwell, and he recently posted a statement on his Facebook page sharing some of his back-story (and promoting his books…yes, he’s an author). He let people know what drove him to the altar during that convocation, as well as how he’s dealing with all the attention.

“My name is Andrew Caldwell. I appeared on a video at the recent Church of God In Christ International Convocation in St Louis. On that video I gave a testimony of deliverance from homosexuality. As a child, I was raped by a member of my own family. At that time I did not think of it as abuse. I kind of enjoyed it. I kept it to myself, not realizing how it had changed me. Growing up wasn’t a pleasant experience. I was harassed, heckled, and ridiculed by classmates. Many told me that I would never amount to anything. This gave me the motivation to try to prove them wrong. Being fairly attractive as a young man, it was not difficult for me to get involved with other men. I have dated athletes, ministers, and celebrities. As time passed I got tired of this way of living. I always attended church. But I always found the same things in church that I found in the world. After joining my present church, it came to me that this lifestyle was not right. It seemed that the more I tried to quit on my own, the more intense was the temptation. All last week I fasted and prayed. On this past Saturday at the Convocation, there was an altar call. I came forward and offered my testimony. It was unscripted. Not only do I hope for my own deliverance but for the deliverance of others who may be struggling with their own issues. To my doubting detractors, I pray for you. To my supporters, I am grateful for your support and prayers.”

Caldwell also did an interview with the blog show Church Folk Revolution Radio, and calling it interesting would be an understatement. Here are the points that really stood out (FYI: how you read his comments are exactly how he said them):



“It’s a little bit overwhelming, but also, God, He gets all the glory. If it wasn’t for God’s grace and a chain has been broken, and I’m no longer bound, what would I be? So God is saying, take the chance I gave you. I always wanted to be famous. I always wanted that. In life, I always wanted to be the top person…That video was not be famous. That video was not planned. I did not know I was going to get that mic…When I walked up there, I was walking up there, chains bound. I was walking up there, not knowing that I had more hope to myself. I needed prayer and I got the prayer.”



“I was sitting there and I began to sweat. I began to start crying. The Lord gave me a vision while my eyes was open that, if you continue to walk in this, if you continue to be like this, if you continue to act like this, I was going to die, have a heart attack and die. I said ‘Lord, I’m not ready to die. I still have works to do. Souls out here that need to be saved.’ Well, He said, how can souls be saved and you’re not saved?’”



“When I first came to my church, my hair was dyed blond and red. I was carrying a purse. I had diamond earrings. I was wearing tights, the skinny jeans–with the boots. Different things that women would wear. I was acting like a first lady. So now, I don’t think about that no more…God can deliver, but you have to want to be delivered. You have to say, ‘God, I don’t want this no more. And then it’s going to take a process…I had to keep coming up there for prayer.

I don’t hang out the places I used to go. I don’t do the things I used to do. I don’t say the things I used to say. I don’t buy the things I used to have.”



“It was meant. God will put the spotlight on certain people in certain seasons. It was meant for that video to go into homes. You might laugh at it, but that laugh, at the end of the day before you went to bed, He got you on that laugh. You thought about that. I am delivered. I have been receiving thousands of inbox messages on Facebook and emails that say, ‘Hey, I laughed at your video, but I have not told my husband that I was gay. How can come out of it?’

It’s hard to believe, yes it is. It’s hard to believe that. But you have to hear a person’s story first. You have to talk to them, you just can’t judge it right away. The people who judge it right away are unbelievers.”



“I’m starting to get on hard for women. When I look at another brother, I look at them as another brother in Christ, or a big brother.

I like the pretty hair; I like the lips; I like the butt; the thighs…I didn’t see that in a man.”


Lol. Oh dear. For those of you who haven’t seen the video yet, check on it below.

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  1. enigmous
    November 16, 05:39 Reply

    Akuko Mike Ejeagha…Oya, all of you that want to do Naija remix should run to Pastor TB immediately. If you ask me, I believe the TB is in his name for a reason.

    • enigmous
      November 16, 10:10 Reply

      HOElivia, did u just write TB HOEshua??? Gurrrrrrrrlll you are just more evil than I am…I can’t deal.

  2. DeadlyDarius
    November 16, 05:56 Reply

    This was amusing…lol. It falls into the category of all faith healing. Nothing more to see here *yawn*

  3. Kryss S
    November 16, 05:57 Reply

    Happy for him oh! How I wish……………. Never mind!
    By the way, he should make a sextape with a female to prove he is really changed, cos talk is cheap *just saying*!

    • enigmous
      November 16, 06:00 Reply

      Lol…Kryss S, you know you are evil right?

      • Kryss S
        November 16, 07:12 Reply

        Ah! My brother, what else do u want me to say naa? Anybody can come out nd say same but give them a woman nd their penis would shrivel in only 2 come out from their ass! Talk is definitely cheap nd action speaks louder than voice! All in support of a sextape 4rm dis guy say “Aye”!

  4. DeadlyDarius
    November 16, 05:59 Reply

    PS: biko, who is this Mike Ejeagha ppl keep referring to? I’m out of touch *covers face*

  5. chestnut
    November 16, 07:21 Reply

    Wait…so, technically, he was gay when he was sitting down on his seat when that altar call was made, but as soon as he stood up from his seat, he stopped being gay? FOREVER? And he knew it was totally gone in the few seconds it took for him to get up from that seat?…FOREVER? (Or maybe I didn’t really understand what I just read?)…
    I can’t. Lol…I just can’t.

  6. chestnut
    November 16, 07:39 Reply

    Ok,I just saw d video… “…fairly attractive young man…”? You tried it,young man!
    (I wonder how many of those church ministers rejoicing with him on that stage are gay, and doing him “Yimu” in their minds,lol)

  7. Dennis Macauley
    November 16, 07:39 Reply

    A few people on this blog am sure would like to visit that church!


    • Max
      November 16, 08:20 Reply

      Abi?… Had the same thing hovering in my mind…

      • Dennis Macauley
        November 16, 10:18 Reply

        Am sure the “annointing” present in that church helps get rid of side habits

      • Max
        November 16, 10:38 Reply


  8. Max
    November 16, 08:16 Reply

    Don’t even wanna see the video… Akuko n’egwu… Some ppl will do anything for 2 seconds of fame… Saw this shit on fb… Many of my fb friends liked it and it made me mad for a sec, but I just scrolled past it.

    November 16, 08:24 Reply

    Dead.. I saw d vid and I LMAO any ways I wish him all d best…

  10. Metrosexual
    November 16, 08:27 Reply

    I saw the video on E’s ‘The Soup’….. You need to see how this brother was shaking his booty after the testimony… ROTFLMAO…. I don’t get it wen he said God wants him to be famous, and then flips the page, and said the video was not meant to be famous..

    • Kryss S
      November 16, 09:14 Reply

      Lwkmd @ “…shaking his booty after the testimony…”! A brother abi sister has to sell their market naa! Lol! Confused being! Ain’t believing this until I see a sex tape from him! Finito!
      And yes Dennis, some of us here won’t mind going to dat church oh!

  11. Dimkpa
    November 16, 09:32 Reply

    Na the spirit filled dance party after we dey make me laugh. Like seriously….?

  12. hoelivia poop
    November 16, 10:03 Reply

    insinuating pastor TB Hoeshua is gay? u r EVIL 😀 But rili, d BS dat happens in churches is wayyy 2 much.

  13. Dennis Macauley
    November 16, 10:12 Reply

    I saw the video on instagram and I laughed really hard!

    I thot the Kardashians were the only ones who will do anything for fame!

  14. Deola
    November 16, 10:46 Reply

    Oh and he filed a lawsuit against twitter for $50mil or so for willingly allowing their users to bully him.
    He says because of the backlash he recieved after the video went viral and that he suffered a nervous breakdown and had to quit his job.

    In a few days this guy’s 15minutes will be over, but if he’s happy then goodluck to him.
    And I thank him because ‘I am DELIVERT’ is my new favorite thing!!!

  15. Bane
    November 16, 12:28 Reply

    That nae nae church dance is why he would remain gay forever in the first place…

    • pinkpanthertb
      November 16, 12:42 Reply

      Hahahahahahahaa. Bane! You’re so wrong. Let the dude have his miracle.

  16. Dom
    November 16, 13:46 Reply

    Did anyone watch this video? The guy is 21 and he’s published 14 books? What time did he have to meet men if he’s published 14books at 21? Maybe 14 pamphlets. And what’s this thing with black people churches and leg dance? So going to one next Sunday.

  17. lluvmua
    November 16, 19:10 Reply

    I love this church though!!! They can dance !!! Lolz . Fink dats where am gonna be spending next sunday! And for that gurlll sowie guy!!! Hmmmmmmm comment reserved. Yimu!!

  18. Legalkoboko
    November 16, 20:36 Reply

    Another religious hogwash. Humph!

    On a lighter note, you noticed when he said
    ” In life, I always wanted to be the top person”,
    and when he later said
    ” I like the pretty hair; I like the lips; I like the
    butt; the thighs…I didn’t see that in a man.”

    But of course you didn’t, honey! You were a bottom then!
    Welcome to the league of the “top persons”.

    • pinkpanthertb
      November 16, 20:37 Reply

      Hehehehee. Nice deduction. He simply got delivered from one role to the other, no?

  19. Legalkoboko
    November 16, 20:49 Reply

    Yes oo Pinky. The trills of being a top. Hei!
    Can make some guys go gaga. Lol!

  20. Anonymous
    November 17, 04:19 Reply

    The footwork in this video is to die for

  21. evans
    November 17, 05:57 Reply

    I wish its dah easy…… Gay no more in jst few seconds, pst chris! Here I come

  22. Malik
    December 15, 19:56 Reply

    Please we need a follow up story ?. Gon be hilarious. Deliverance korr…

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