Men reveal why they send dick pics on dating apps

Men reveal why they send dick pics on dating apps

Men have revealed why they like to send dick pics on dating apps.

New York’s The Cut blog offered a selection of numerous men who explained why they did it.

‘In the gay world, a dick pic is the equivalent of small talk, especially on any sort of sex app,’ Tanner, a 32-year-old in marketing, said. ‘There’s usually a hello, a few back-and-forths before showing your dick is the expected next step. At this point, dick pics aren’t exciting anymore. I don’t even try to take good ones myself because it just doesn’t matter — they’re more of a sign you’re breathing than any real barometer of whether a dude will have sex with you.‘

For Ryan, a 27-year-old cook, dick pics are the ‘ultimate sign of confidence’. ‘It’s important to let a girl know exactly how ready I would be in a situation where she would need me to be naked,’ he said.

Michael, a 39-year-old videographer, said: ‘In gay circles and/or networks and/or apps, not only is the dick pic a courtesy, many decide to skip the dick pic altogether and go for the asshole pic, a starfish selfie. Some dicks are deal-breakers while others seal the deal in a few seconds. A picture is worth a thousand words, and we are living in a world of Twitter-length messaging. Get to the point.’

Mike, a 25-year-old waiter, said: ‘I like dick pics cause the camera makes your wang look bigger. Plain and simple.’

Charlie, a 33-year-old writer, says while he likes receiving dick pics, he doesn’t send them himself. ‘God bless the dick pic!’ he said. ‘My very close straight girlfriend regularly sends me the photos she receives from her conquests, so I reap the rewards too. She’s become a size queen over the years, so it’s a win-win for us. But it’s for that reason that I do not share photos of my junk. Call me old-school.’

But Kevin, a 50-year-old comedian, is even more straightforward. ‘I send dick pics because — at the risk of sounding cocky (heh, heh) — I have a truly beautiful dick.’

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  1. Mandy
    May 22, 06:41 Reply

    ‘In the gay world, a dick pic is the equivalent of small talk…’

    Sorta like ‘hello, hi, nice weather, here’s my dick’.

  2. jo
    May 22, 06:53 Reply

    lol..Receiving dick pics can be fun. there is just some cool feeling knowing it I someone’s not just an internet pics..

    • ambivalentone
      May 22, 07:18 Reply

      Yay for you. I wonder what u will use that knowledge for. Perhaps in solving a kidnap case??? Or when u see it splashed over LIB front pg

      • Paul
        May 22, 08:09 Reply

        Hello Bae it’s 2016, not even a moron sends his nude with a face attached.

        Me I like to receive pix but hate d idea of snapping to let alone send
        (yes I am dat selfish)

        • keredim
          May 22, 11:30 Reply

          “Hello Bae it’s 2016, not even a moron sends his nude with a face attached.”

          Bless you??

      • ambivalentone
        May 22, 12:46 Reply

        Apparently, they don’t. But obviously some ‘feel cool’ saying “Oh look, this dick is definitely John’s. It has a birthmark on d cap I av seen no other dick have”

    May 22, 10:52 Reply

    Sending pictures? Its a No No No! guess v missed so many shags coz of nude pix…. don’t even send to me… jide amu gi

  4. Dennis Macaulay
    May 22, 10:58 Reply

    I honestly don’t get the fascination with dick pics and I’d never send out dick pics.

    If you want to see my preeq, come to my house ???

  5. Delle
    May 22, 14:46 Reply

    Lol @ the fifty year old man. Well, I love to receive them, I don’t send. I don’t know how someone would just pose nude and start taking selfies of their genitalia. Oh well, if u snap…send. But don’t expect mine…hehe.

  6. Terra
    May 23, 08:27 Reply

    “In the gay world, a dick pic is the equivalent of small talk”

    Dafuq? Also, I’d like to know where the portal to this “gay world” is

  7. Eddie
    May 23, 12:12 Reply

    I won’t send and I won’t ask for them….though I don’t get the fixation… I find it creepy and gross…. that’s just how I feel sha

  8. Raj
    May 23, 21:19 Reply

    I think sharing dick or ass pictures is really absurd and pathetic because it’s just for a short time the horniness/desire to have the dick or ass goes away and it won’t make you love him better.
    Also, sharing of such is only best if you have a couple who travelled away and maybe doesn’t wana cheat on you, he requests for your dick just to wank with it or better still may have video chat with you.

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