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Photo Of The Day III

Nigeria, ya hear?

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Photo Of the Day: Thou Shalt Not lie

Are you a perpetrator of these lies below, better stahp it! God is watching you o. 

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Humour Thursday: And They Wonder Why We Love Cock

The picture below says it all. Lol. Childhood really is when they ruined it all for us.


  1. D-boy
    March 11, 05:26 Reply

    Lmaooo..,.is this a result of frequency or size? Dissertation research here..

    • Pete
      March 11, 05:29 Reply

      D-boy? Not sure I have seen this pseudonym before. Welcome

      • D-boy
        March 11, 05:33 Reply

        Thanks Pete. Newbie here. Hence, my research questions 🙂

  2. Chizzie
    March 11, 05:59 Reply

    lol and it feels like ur head might slip in by accident…

  3. Ace
    March 11, 06:40 Reply

    Get ready to eat… SHIT!!!

  4. Mercury
    March 11, 06:45 Reply

    Yes!!!! Fix him (Pink Panther) Jesus……Hahahahahaha.

      • trystham
        March 11, 07:47 Reply

        Nah!!! It will be a lot cleaner than using d enema bottles n bulbs. Sponges, soap and stuff go fit enter clean everywhere

  5. trystham
    March 11, 07:49 Reply

    I had this weird feeling to clench my buttocks

  6. Peak
    March 11, 07:55 Reply

    Dear Lord! PP! I love u and all but I’m going to personally book ur flight to hell for this! Whatda………. The shinny red view from inside? I think I’m about to get sick

  7. Mercury
    March 11, 08:46 Reply

    That’s a carven of possibilities.

  8. KingBey
    March 11, 09:23 Reply

    Great ! just great ! I just have to see this during breakfast. *pukes all over dining table*

  9. Ruby
    March 11, 09:34 Reply

    Hold up! I could actually slip and fall in Head-First!

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