Mr. Ibu Says Homosexuality is tearing Nollywood apart

Mr. Ibu Says Homosexuality is tearing Nollywood apart

Yes! The problem with Nollywood has been identified, guys. By none other than the thespian whose acting is a joke.

Nollywood actor, John Okafor, popularly known as ‘Mr Ibu’, has opened up on the issue of homosexuality in Nollywood.

Speaking with Vanguard, the 54-year-old actor, who is best known for his ridiculous hilarious appearances in movies, disclosed that the movie industry is plagued with homosexuals, people he described as ‘viruses that can kill the spirit in the industry’.

“I fight vehemently against homosexuals; both gays and lesbians,” the actor stressed.

According to him, “In Nollywood men harass themselves, and women harass themselves, so they are wonderfully preparing themselves for the devil, and I tell you, they will all go to hell.”

When asked if he had recounted an experience on homosexuality, he recalled where he publicly embarrassed a certain man who had approached him, looking to lure him.

“The man that approached me will never come close to me again in his life because I humiliated him publicly. I called him out, and shouted his name everywhere. Besides, if it was by looks, nobody would approach me because I’m not fine,” Mr. Ibu said.

So I’m confused. He knows he’s not remotely sexually appealing, and yet someone approached him, looking to seduce him? I just puked in my mouth.

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  1. Kerr
    December 11, 04:42 Reply

    Lol…. I don’t even want to imagine what whoever that approached him was looking for, because he doesn’t fit any specifications . But then, what do we know. One man’s meat is another’s poison.

  2. ken
    December 11, 04:54 Reply

    Choi! Tbs don suffer for naija o. Can u imagine ibu of all the people on Gods green earth – now claiming a guy approached him?? Tufiakwa.
    This black fat goat must really be high on aboniki. My kweshon to ibu is: if u even see guy wen approach u, u no go happy?
    Like what will any sane person be using a basket of rotten putrid sewage to do? Tufiakwa o

      • ken
        December 11, 07:02 Reply

        Lol. My dear, inukwa? Mr ibu of all pipo. Smh

  3. pete
    December 11, 06:35 Reply

    Before you descend on him for his looks, you can’t legislate on who people get attracted to. As for Mr Ibu, he just spoke like the typical Nigerian who’s ignorant about spectrum of sexuality & who quickly whips out religion to support his ignorance. As for ‘converters’, get to know the person before you take the plunge; you will know where he stand as per gay people. Even if he’s a closet gay, why will you want to get down with someone who publicly condemns you?

      • Chuck
        December 11, 07:46 Reply

        Good point. Some people are more attracted to sexal deviance than they are to the same sex. If homosexuality was legalised and accepted they’d lose their attraction to other men

        • ambivalentone
          December 11, 17:18 Reply

          I guess we really need to start pushing hard for ‘legalizing’ homosexuality

    • Kerr
      December 11, 08:07 Reply


      It’s too early for this naa…

  4. Jaden
    December 11, 07:08 Reply

    Indirectly, Madam Ibu is looking for a shag she’s never gonna get.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 11, 07:21 Reply

      I swear down! Auntie wants big preeq!

      We wee not give it
      *in Orubebe voice*

  5. Maximus
    December 11, 07:15 Reply

    ???? I can’t even with this one, I just can’t lmfao. At this rate, the state of the economy would also be attributed to homosexuality. I never knew we had such power.

  6. Delle
    December 11, 07:38 Reply

    Mr Ibu said this? Oh oh oh, Mr Ibu? The Nollywood clown whose ability to be outstandingly foolish pushed him up the ladder of success? Hahaha I can’t fit laugh!
    The man that approached you was either dying of one viral disease or just a less privileged man who felt you could help him out of his damning predicament!

  7. Sinnex
    December 11, 07:56 Reply

    At least Homosexuality is only tearing Nollywood apart and not his black ass.

  8. Nightwing
    December 11, 08:06 Reply

    Wait Mr Ibu gets approached and I’ve never been? ?? what did I do wrong, is it my soap????? yes I’m more concerned that he’s been approached and I’ve never been, can’t take “Mr Ibu’s” words seriously, who has time for that literally, who has. . *runs to baba**”good afternoon, my soap no dey work”*

    • #Chestnut
      December 11, 09:20 Reply

      My dear,that was d same thought I had o! Ppl are toasting Mr. Ibu,and yet, to find someone that will open mouth and respond to my greeting on d road is a problem. Who did I offend biko? Why? Why? Why?

      • Mandy
        December 11, 11:46 Reply

        LMAO. Chestnut, take heart, you hear?

  9. McGray
    December 11, 08:12 Reply

    Dnt be confused hon. He might be saying d truth dat someone approached him. Believe it or not some gays will go for every big yansh dem see regardless of d face and body. Some will tel u to use doggy style so u won’t be seeing d face or think of someone else while fucking him.

  10. Mitch
    December 11, 09:18 Reply

    Somebody, remind me to puke in the next 5 minutes.

    • McGray
      December 11, 10:10 Reply

      Reminder: Mitch go and puke. U wlcm.

  11. Teflondon
    December 11, 11:47 Reply

    You know it’s funny how Mr Ibu keeps wailing here and there about how homosexuals are “destroying” Nollywood.
    First of all, what’s in Nollywood to destroy? We produce large sums of substandard Movies and we think that’s success?

    Secondly, It’s almost as if Mr Ibu is on some advert issh, hes been on about this for a very long time and after a while he kept quite. I think he needs to sell his market again, that’s why he came out again recently.
    For Mr Ibu to be considered a front runner/ success in the industry just shows how much of a joke Nollywood is. Forget his looks, it’s his idiocy I can’t stand in Movies. guess what? People laugh to that.

    People like Ibu (and our very own Make-believe expert on here), gives more credence everyday to that saying. “A fool at 30, 40 years is a fool forever”

  12. Chizzie
    December 11, 14:20 Reply

    I think a certain menace who lives in PH watches a lot of Mr Ibu movies. Because they have a lot of things in common. They are both delusional, extremely unattractive, and feel that men are constantly trying to lure them. (Air quotes on Lure)

  13. Khaleesi
    December 11, 15:05 Reply

    Boundless stupidity …. Mtcheeeeeeeeeeewwww … ***walks off in a swirl of skirts****

  14. iamcoy
    December 11, 17:13 Reply

    I have two words for this one AMBER ROSE!

  15. Dick Advocate
    December 11, 19:19 Reply

    Mr Ibu no gay person will want you. Not with that fat belly and ugly face of yours.
    Nigga looks like a fat version of DM.

  16. Wealth
    December 11, 19:35 Reply

    Lol,geez can’t stop laughing,who is blind enough to approach that old man. Then there is hope for me then.

  17. peaches
    December 12, 01:06 Reply

    if it be true that a *happy* fellow approached the fifty something year old chimpanzee let him be found and flogged for being a stupid specie of a human being.

  18. bamidele
    January 24, 13:01 Reply

    Foremostly, Mr. Ibru appears to be a disappointment to Nollywood, with such flimsy, vague compliments without any logical argumentative foundations. Well, then I’m not surprised; many Nigerians are really terrible in making logical argument . The next thing they’ll be quotaing bible or quran, which they even don’t know very well, if at all. Finally, does this imply that the way mr Ibru actions in movie should be taken for reality?

    By the way, our tb brothers and sisters should observe body language before thinking of converting people.

  19. Super
    September 08, 07:00 Reply

    You all should blame the media. When you get used to seeing something/or someone too much on your screen certain likeness begins to evolve. Lots of people are attracted to their tv idols, so Mr Ibu can’t be completely ruled can’t possibly explain how 1 man’s poison became another man’s meat.
    Every one’s got that thing that make people sexually attracted to them. God puts it in them.
    If Ibu can be loved my a woman, he can be loved by a man likewise. I guess he’s just

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