#MrTourism: He’s in it to Win

#MrTourism: He’s in it to Win

tourSo Dennis Macaulay’s friend is in the race contending for the crown of Mr. Tourism 2014. And he pretty please with-his-dick-on-top wants y’all to vote for this friend. All you gotta do is click HERE, RIGHT HERE. And proceed to like the photo of the guy you see up there.

Let’s take a good look at him though. Is he hot enough to lead Nigerians on her next 365 days of tourism? That dimple…those eyes…those lips… Okay, time to go vote.

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    • JArch
      October 21, 21:44 Reply

      Bia Dennis you now owe me an all expense paid trip to the Macaulay residence… including visa and tickets to PHC from Abuja hehehe.

      Pink Panther (shey you see how I called your name in full. so you know am serious) When am I getting my spa treatment that you promised me some months ago hehe

      • Dennis Macauley
        October 22, 00:10 Reply

        No wahala! Just vote, I’d ask Mrs Macaulay to finalize arrangements for your trip

    • Christopher B!
      October 22, 04:43 Reply

      My only worry is, I feel it ain’t right putting up his pix here just lyk dt. Mks it look like he is being outed. But I hv voted hm tho.

      Plz o, Kito diareans what is happening? I hv become addicted to wanking since I began residing in Calabar a few months ago! No hk ups no meet ups! Al I hv been doing is watch porn n wank my brains out almost every morning! I’m nt really d outgoing type. Plz any god brother in my city shld hk up wt me, biko. I’m versatile btm, very manly n gd to go! Pinky has my contacts

      • gad
        October 22, 04:58 Reply

        Chris, I think I can help.just drop ur contacts

        • pinkpanthertb
          October 22, 05:00 Reply

          Not on the blog, he says. Gad, email me whatever contact you want him to have, and I will send them to him. Or vice versa @ Chris

      • Dennis Macauley
        October 22, 06:07 Reply

        I haven’t said he is gay have i? He is just my friend and I want him to win. Please do this for me

      • boy2006
        October 22, 09:32 Reply

        Can we please stop using the tag line “very manly” or whatnot. It only perpetuates the shaming of those who are femme and makes it seem like there”s something inherently wrong with them. At the end of the day, all that masculinity will count for nothing since we’re all having man on man sex and there’s nothing gayer than that.

  1. gad
    October 21, 18:30 Reply

    Done. Is there anything else one can do to help this brother realize his quest?

      • daniel
        October 21, 21:48 Reply

        What does this brother have to offer a brother that votes for him? Let’s bargain.

      • daniel
        October 22, 09:09 Reply

        Dennis Macauley, is that how u do business, ever heard of pay before service?

  2. anonymous
    October 21, 19:31 Reply

    I’ve fucked dis dude b4…nd he’s nt dis cute on ground!

  3. lluvmua
    October 21, 20:11 Reply

    I would only vote on 1 condition *looks around for khaleesi* that’s if he agrees to marry me lol #okbye #anyfin 4 u my dear dennis *sights mrs macauley and runs off*

  4. Brian Collins
    October 22, 05:00 Reply

    Done. Pls note that you have to like the contestants picture to vote. And i read somewhere that you gotta like the Mr Tourism Nigeria page too.

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