Much More Ado About Steven Ugochukwu

Much More Ado About Steven Ugochukwu

Ok, so you know that remixed bit about hell having no fury like a gay man scorned? Well, it turns out that Steven Ugochukwu is not going down without a fight. And he’s airing all the dirty laundry on instagram. Check on some of the screengrabs below.Screenshot - 4_25_2015 , 8_59_48 AMScreenshot - 4_25_2015 , 9_07_13 AMScreenshot - 4_25_2015 , 9_08_54 AMScreenshot - 4_25_2015 , 9_14_29 AMScreenshot - 4_25_2015 , 9_15_41 AM

He even roped blog queen Linda Ikeji into his tirade. It would seem LIB has refused to pick on his story and publish it for the whole world to see. I dunno. I’ve not being on LIB in ages. All you KDians who are also LIB readers, any breaking news on the Yul Edochie/Steven Ugochukwu saga brewing there?Screenshot - 4_25_2015 , 9_16_44 AM

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  1. Dennis Macaulay
    April 27, 05:19 Reply

    But did I not say we havent seen the complete story? This guy is a looney bin and all yes, but Yul was along for the ride. He outed the guy so as to jump the gun

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 27, 05:26 Reply

      In a way, I understand why this Ugo guy was so vindictive, throwing out their dirty laundry the way he did. After all, it was Yul who struck the first blow. Who revealed his identity publicly. Who made him out to seem like one sick faggot. If na you nko, won’t you want to prove to the world that the guy disgracing you is a hypocrite?

      And that’s what I think Yul is. A bloody hypocrite, judging from these IG postings.

      • Dennis Macaulay
        April 27, 05:30 Reply

        Ehen na! From day one I knew Yul knew more than he was letting on. I knew they fell out and Yul feared ugo will out him so he went ahead to spill the story.

        Ugo is clearly obsessed with him to the point of stupidity, but both of them were involved in this drama!

      • trystham
        April 27, 07:12 Reply

        Dennis Macaulay m, you knew this how? I also have a feeling u aint letting on all u know

      • trystham
        April 27, 09:04 Reply

        Make it a hundred and I will show u the buttock that has d heart tattoo on it

    • wondabuoy
      April 27, 11:34 Reply

      No smoke without fire! Every rumour has elements of truth. Break up gone sour.

  2. Dubem
    April 27, 05:24 Reply

    Tsk tsk. Just see. Really though, what was Yul expecting when he started this whole mess on Twitter. He handled this all wrong.

  3. pete
    April 27, 05:24 Reply

    Yul’s dad made him marry @ 22. maybe, just maybe, he had an idea & felt marriage will curb it. is this Ugo okay?

    • trystham
      April 27, 06:49 Reply

      They still make ppl marry at that age… when its nt like he impregnated sum1? Oh dear

  4. obatala
    April 27, 05:27 Reply

    uhm, I read through it all and I am barely able to make a round head or a pointed tail from it all. yet, my sole question is, why single out two countries to punish aunty Lin Lin? that’s some weird stuff right there folks.

    • Teflondon
      April 27, 05:34 Reply

      He is a Nigerian and but resides in Canada… So those two countries come to mind. There goes your answer!

    • chestnut
      April 27, 05:37 Reply

      That’s d thing! This “evidence” doesn’t actually show anything concrete,other than a man trying to play on a toaster’s intelligence(in Steve’s case,I use tha word extremely loosely) in order to gain favours. He previously said he dated Yul for almost two years, yet he’s begging ppl to tell him d size of Yul’s dick. Those exchanges don’t seem like that btwn boyfriends that have dated for almost two years.

      • Chris
        April 27, 08:12 Reply

        @chestnut, am seeiing this whole saga the way you are seeing it. I dont think there was any proper affair not even a one night stand. i think Yul was just trying to curry probably favours including material things from Steve.
        A lot of straight dudes do this a lot in Nigeria. They purposely targeted gay/bi dudes and flirt and string them along for the said kind of favours. It is so rampart now in Nigeria where straight dudes are chasing Gay /bi for materials things because of the present economic climate.,,such as unemployment

        The nature and content of the conversation did not reflect a normal affair between two people. Ladies play this kind of games wih dudes all the time yet the dude will never have the opportunity to glance the lady’s underwear. Its a matter of ‘toaster’ and the ‘toastee’.

        Well my theory could be wrong, Yul might be a bi dude or involved somehow with Steve, but am not convinced due to the above transcript i just read.

        Having said all, am aware of loads of gay/bi dudes that are fond of chasing straight guys from Lagos to L A and from Canada to Kaduna, well , some of these chase doesnt always bring joy, some only brings frustration, anger or disappointment. Some gay/bi dudes believe they can ‘convert ‘ every male around them.

      • Teflondon
        April 27, 10:01 Reply

        “Some gay/bi dudes believe they can ‘convert ‘ every male around them.”

        Catches my Sub..
        **whistling and Sashas away**

      • Chris
        April 27, 14:35 Reply

        @Tef,you will have to enlighten me, there is more
        to that “sashas away” plus the whistling thing too:)
        Bear in mind, i stand to be corrected, (smiling)

  5. Oscar Wilde
    April 27, 05:29 Reply

    But that other guy on the pix though. He is a well known location manager in Asaba. Na confirm Gobe all of them dey now oh. Kito on fleek. Who dey call mike and DKD enter this matter now? The devil dey do overload. Chimoooooo! *In tonto dike’s voice*

  6. Teflondon
    April 27, 05:30 Reply

    LOOOL! This Steven ugochukwu reminds of every bit of my bitch-side.. I use to be like this till I gave my life to Christ.
    *dabs lashes*
    I really pity this Yul guy tho* still not convinced based on all of this that he is gay.. Might just be playing along to get things from this Steven.
    It’s all a fun read tho* PP should have added this to humor section. It will fit right in..
    And then I saw something above, the last pic.. Where Steven said “LADIES STOP GETTING WET FOR THIS” and then he tagged Wizkid, Alex Ukubo, Banky and a host of other ladies.. He wouldnt be suggesting this Niggas he mentioned are part of the ladies.. Would he? Cuz of that was the case.. It was funny AF!
    That said…
    What’s all this PP doesn’t visit LIB “Thingy” Lol we aren’t forming rival now.. Are we? (Pun intended) nways I pray you grow as big as her and even bigger.

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 27, 05:34 Reply

      Forming rivals… Teflondon, you’re just seeking my mouth this morning. I won’t give it to you. Rest, child.

      • Teflondon
        April 27, 05:37 Reply

        Pun intended Mother Theresa! Pun intended!!!

        • pinkpanthertb
          April 27, 05:39 Reply

          I don’t even see the pun in what you said. But you know what, whether you intended a pun or not, keep em. It’s Monday morning, and I had a satisfying weekend.

      • Teflondon
        April 27, 05:46 Reply

        Oh stop being dramatic.. Isn’t it too early for such. It’s early Monday morning.. Like you clearly stated.. You could have laughed it off.. It was REALLY a joke.. Just that, a joke! And then you ignored my prayer at the end and concentrated on whatnot. Alittle laugh on a Monday morning wouldnt hurt.

        That said..
        You just love to get your claws out on people.
        Nywoos, it’s okay.
        **sharpens Claws**

        • pinkpanthertb
          April 27, 05:47 Reply

          Correction. I just love to get my claws out on YOU. That said, ‘Amen’ to your prayer.

      • pete
        April 27, 06:00 Reply

        Pinky had a satisfying weekend? Is it what I have in mind?

      • A-non
        April 27, 06:05 Reply

        Pete,I thought I was the only one who saw that.

        Pinky, oya begin talk before arusi nteje go begin pursue you.

  7. chestnut
    April 27, 05:32 Reply

    I know many straight guys who “play along”(without eventually actually getting down) just to milke gay guys dry and gain financial favours…just saying.
    Pls u ppl should leave my Linda out of this festival of madness,biko. Lol

    • Dennis Macaulay
      April 27, 05:35 Reply

      Well then Yul should have disclosed that in his own epistle that he played along for a bit to gain some financial favors rather paint it the way he did.

      • pinkpanthertb
        April 27, 05:38 Reply

        Exactly! Anyway you look at it, I’m tempted to say he’s getting what he deserved. You don’t expose a man like that to the whole world, and not think there’ll be consequences.

    • Teflondon
      April 27, 05:40 Reply

      Exactly Chesnut!
      Except someone else comes out.. To confirm that Yul is Gay.. Then it would be unfair to Judge him rather harshly.

      • Mandy
        April 27, 05:42 Reply

        Judge him rather harshly, eh Teflondon? Would you still be so charitable in your opinion if you were the one outed on twitter and all other blogs from here to Sokoto?

      • Teflondon
        April 27, 05:52 Reply

        Mandy Outted?! You think this Steven gives a Huch! He was Outted.. He enjoying the publicity. This guy is every bit deranged (something I’m attracted to in a sick twisted way Lol) he is enjoying all of this. Now it’s not an excuse to say what Yul did is good but.. But isn’t this what the LGBT want? More people coming out.. Whether through Kito, voluntary coming out, Outted and what have you.

        • pinkpanthertb
          April 27, 05:55 Reply

          LGBT is about more people coming out whether through Kito…? Are you kidding me with that?!

      • Mandy
        April 27, 05:58 Reply

        No one has the right to force out of or make anyone have to leave his closet. No LGBT individual has that right. Kito is not deserved for anyone. The decision to come out entirely rests on the individual himself. Really, Teflondon, think before you spout some things.

      • Max
        April 27, 06:42 Reply

        @Teflondon, before the week runs out, I’ll out you on KD, fb and any other platform you can think of. Its part of our new #OutingCampaign to enlighten people about LGBT issues in Nigeria.

        • pinkpanthertb
          April 27, 06:45 Reply

          Hahahahahahahahahahahahaa!!! Ok, this totally cracked me up.

  8. Dennis Macaulay
    April 27, 05:33 Reply

    But wait oh, 10k? Assin Ten thousand Naira? Na so Yul cheap reach? O chimo

  9. Santa Diaba
    April 27, 06:07 Reply

    Hahaha!!!! Wow. My gaydar is apparently very good! Every time I see Yul on TV, it flickers a bit. This confirms everything.
    My gaydar flickers and I often doubt it. I should start trusting my instincts more.

    • trystham
      April 27, 06:50 Reply

      How u guys can see someone and know ‘gay’ spot on…teach me thine ways, master

      • Eros
        April 27, 07:33 Reply

        The hands luv. It is always is the swinging traffic warden hands. Then the slight swinging of hips. And the involuntary flipping of invisible Brazilian hair. These and many more are methods in Gaydar 101

      • Chris
        April 27, 08:23 Reply

        Am sorry here, my gaydar is kindof sharp. I dont see this dude doing anything
        extra with hands. I dont see swinging hips nor flicking of his (Yul) bald hair, lol.
        If that is the case , all 9ja dudes should be served 24yrs sharpaly.

  10. Max
    April 27, 06:13 Reply

    Omg omg omg omg. Chimooo. This sh*t is worse than I thought. The phone number
    08061616443 should belong to Yul, right?,But according to Truecaller, it belongs to a “Friday Eli”. Dunno if it’s a lie or true anymore.
    More mess.

      • Max
        April 27, 06:44 Reply

        Yes Pinky Yes. It has never failed me. It’s been 100% correct so far. So that number doesnt belong to Yul. I smell something fishy.

        • pinkpanthertb
          April 27, 06:46 Reply

          Trust me, Max, in my line of work, I’ve seen Truecaller fail. It is not a foolproof application.

          • wondabuoy
            April 27, 11:46 Reply

            True caller depends on what names people store your number with. It uses that number as an index in the database, not a unique index though, because submissions come from every where. Then it sorts the entries by this index, picks the first name as the identity. Some other algorithms are used to update the name assigned to a number. It’s not a perfect app. It can’t be. Use number lookup service to do this [of course this is a paid service]

      • Dennis Macaulay
        April 27, 06:50 Reply

        True Caller, that showed my other glo number as Rochas Okorocha? Abeg that app is not 100percent reliable.

        Plus he could have registered the line with an alias or someone registered it for him

      • chestnut
        April 27, 09:49 Reply

        Hahaha…Dennis and Pinky, eager to prove that Yul is a closeted, internally-homophobic-homosexual,lol.

        • pinkpanthertb
          April 27, 10:52 Reply

          Chestnut, will it add any value to my day whichever one he is, gay or straight?

    • trystham
      April 27, 06:53 Reply

      Fuck!!! That truecaller is just another reason to NEVER drop my number again. I will not be surprised when kito knocks on our family house door in the middle of breakfast one day

    • Jeova Sanctus Unus
      April 27, 22:37 Reply

      It’s Yul’s number. I checked with Truecaller and Facebook’s Hello (Hello–as usual–brought up his FB profile).

  11. Sinnex
    April 27, 06:18 Reply

    Like play like play, this Stephen Ugochukwu guy don become internet star ooo. When I saw the name I just knew it was him.

    Even if Yul is gay, I still can’t wrap my round the fact that he might have actually screwed this guy….ewwwwww!

    • Chris
      April 27, 08:31 Reply

      Lailai i will bet a tenth of my montly salary , nothing took place, maybe slight ‘touchbody’ finito.
      Am not saying Yul doesnt swing , pls , the world will be surprise to know who is on the DL, but
      i maintained that am not convinced that much went down between these two.

  12. Mitch
    April 27, 06:41 Reply

    Now the crap gets crappier, the mess gets messier and the shit gets shittier (even in heads here on KD)!

  13. Ruby
    April 27, 06:55 Reply

    All this to what end?
    I’m officially over this issue Mbok
    “Nsua ekpri ekpok mi kot ke idem esie mmong ino item.”

  14. trystham
    April 27, 07:13 Reply

    The third pic tho…@mc_dopewears, her exclamation got me. And the last commenter in the linda pic…lol The person go like ofofo. im swear pass Steven own.

    Oh well, what can I say? This is better gist than what Bruce Jenner did or dodn’t do

  15. Khal
    April 27, 08:23 Reply

    There’s nothing remotely conclusive here, the guy is just trying to play black widow. He should park well jare!

  16. Dennis Macaulay
    April 27, 08:34 Reply

    You people are missing my point. Maybe, just maybe nothing happened between Yul and this guy. When Yul told the story initially, why did he not mention that they traded messages talking about his dick and all and why did he not mention that the guy sent him money to show him nude photos.

    “When next you shout at me, you will pay a fine”

    Dominatrix anyone? Why did brother yul leave out these details.

    ***rolls eyes**

  17. Arya Stark
    April 27, 09:15 Reply

    Hmmm I got lost somewhere inside inside this story, maybe pinky and DM and max……can help me out,
    #1) was Yul (Yul m) looking for financial favour? 10K??????? Seriously?
    #2) this Steve’s grammar self fit make me to be dey mix Engrish and pledgin, why Yul m sef dey follow am?
    Anyways being the bitch I am, and letting my curiosity get the most of me I added the phone no: from the screen grabs and it definatly has Yul’s pic on it, is that really him on an imposter?????????? This story is getting annoying abeg

  18. Arya Stark
    April 27, 09:33 Reply

    Or perhaps it was ten thousand canadian Naria there’s something like that shea???????

    • Chris
      April 27, 12:33 Reply ‘ve got jokes. lol@canadian naira. Some Kdians knows how
      to shade minus the bitchiness.

    April 27, 12:03 Reply

    Honestly speaking, this Steven guy is disgusting. He’s only making gay people look like what they aren’t.

    • Chris
      April 27, 12:24 Reply

      This dude (Steve) is indirectly drawing back the work of lgbti in Nigeria.
      This is one of the reasons why downlow brothas or MGM/MBM shy
      away from some gay dudes. Some gay dudes are so freaking vindictive.
      Ok, Yul strung him along(or there is more to the story) but Steve place
      himself in the position to be taken advantage of in the first place.

      • pinkpanthertb
        April 27, 16:47 Reply

        But the Steven wasn’t reacting to Yul stringing him along now, is he?

      • Chris
        April 27, 20:03 Reply

        @Pp, Yul called Steve out because , Yul fears intimidation and blackmailing coming from
        Steve. Steve is reacting to? am in the dark still. Is he reacting to been betrayed, called out ,
        strung along, dumped or used. Probably all of the above?

        • pinkpanthertb
          April 28, 03:20 Reply

          Help me understand something, Chris. So how would you react if someone called you a faggot on the social media, and the whole world read about it on blogs. Yes, Steven is being too vindictive, but let us spare a thought of consideration for him. If Yul were any other man but an actor, you people would be more supportive of Steven. I don’t get why he’s the only bad guy in this scenario.

      • Chris
        April 28, 06:16 Reply

        I shall like to try and dissect Pp viewpoint from two angles. Subjectively and furthermore,hypothetically,
        if someone was to out me in in public, regardless of the platform, it could be for either of two reasons
        i will mention here. Frustration and desperation could force a person to out somoeone publicly.
        Secondly, being vindictive maybe the bane for public announcement of someone else sexuality.

        Yul called the the dude Steve out , i believe because of frusration and desperation. let us bear in mind
        that Mr Steve has already voluntarily outed himself, going by the comments of some of this blog readers.
        I like to point out here, that Steve mention a lot of other peoples names in this transcript in which he
        intently or indirectly outed them( true or not, i dont know).

        Insisting and pushing for somebody to show you their genitals either because you show them the money
        or infatuated with them is, to me is begging for trouble.
        My stand will still be the same Pp, be it a celebrity or another person. I didnt say, if my earlier remarks were
        noted that Yul was entirely innocent, oh no, not at all, but Steve’s approach encouraged the vitriolics and
        vituperatives directed at him by some of this blog readers.

        Pp, i admire your diligence and physical strength with work you are doing with this blog. One could almost
        set his time by the time you start rolling out articles up here on daily basis, kudos.

  20. Ringlana
    April 27, 12:51 Reply

    No Smoke without fire, Yul acted too weird,Maybe the two were having squash,Tins went south.and Yul wants to be the good Guy here ,den Ugo rant. If am not mistaken. Is he the first Actor to be Approach ?

  21. Chuck
    April 27, 13:00 Reply

    It’s time to delete bbm and whatsapp. From now on it seems you can only fuck those you were already fucking. #kitoseason #nonewhookups

  22. Ringlana
    April 27, 13:06 Reply

    From wat am finking, if ders any Atom of truth in what Steven is saying, it means that yul can stub so low that dat Ugly B**ch,It take Denrele Eye lash to lay Yul on bed

    • trystham
      April 27, 16:01 Reply

      Nwam baybee, bitches with the sweetest ‘shobosho’ / ‘kporo’ no dey carry am for face. Apparently our dear ‘Yul m’ has latched on this truth.

  23. Metrosexual
    April 27, 16:01 Reply

    This is really sad.

    I still don’t get why he’s doing all this.. What’s his gain.!?

  24. pete
    April 28, 04:52 Reply

    agwago m gi na O di very small. yea,i listened to the audio on IG *covers face*

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