Never A Curse

Never A Curse

This is for those who find themselves broken and their dream shattered because of the pain of their solitude. There will always be those who suffer through the questions they have about their existence or the perception of other people about their lives, but blessed is he who finds light at the end of the tunnel. Even more blessed is he who has the support of a community to fuel his will to get to that light.

Sometime ago, despite my track record of academic excellence, I questioned my existence. The central reason for the question was my sexuality. I found it quite tasking to reconcile my promising future with my sexuality, especially in light of the many struggles I was going through in my personal life. As a result, I felt as though my sexuality could be an inhibition.

Well, it turned out not to be.

In April 2019, I penned something for this community, a question that revealed my vulnerability as I wondered if I was cursed. I was on the verge of losing my admission into the Nigerian Law School because of these overwhelming struggles.

But this community saved me.

Some beautiful human beings took it upon themselves to reach out to me; they supported me through financial assistance and encouraging words. You will never know the impact your support had on me, because they were the reason I was able to work hard at my education this past year. I worked diligently. I fought inner battles. I was determined to show the world in whatever minuscule way I could that the queer community has greatness amongst its people and that who we are is not a curse but a reminder that we live in a society where we have to do more to get the recognition we deserve as individuals.

Everything I put into my education paid off. I have graduated with one of the best grades from the Nigerian Law School in the entire federation. (I would give more details to this achievement but I wouldn’t like to out myself by myself. Lol. However, I will reserve this information for those who reached out to me directly with their generosity and encouragement)

This post is to appreciate every kind soul who reached out to me when I needed comfort the most. Pink Panther should be greatly appreciated for the privilege of this platform. Without this platform, my story would not have been heard. Probably something negative would have happened to me. I appreciate the KDian, Sim, specifically for supporting me throughout the process at the Law School, especially when I needed a place to stay for my externship. Tobawells and a number of other great persons helped me out financially towards the attainment of my Law School fees and subsequent maintenance. To every other person through whose comments I healed and emerged triumphant, may God continue to perfect all your concerns and make you happy.

Based on the foregoing, I feel indebted to this community. Although I am still seeking more professional development like Masters and PhD abroad, I have decided to give back to this community throughout my professional sojourn. In the interim, I have applied to the TIERs for work/internship but due to some hitches, I could not get in. Personally, and privately, I have helped out some members of the community who encountered issues with members of the Nigerian Police. I will continue to volunteer. Because to whom much is given, much is expected.

Thank you, guys. Thank you immensely for this community and for all you do to make those of us less-privileged ones shine.

Thank you.

With all my love,


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  1. Eddie
    July 07, 11:34 Reply

    Good for you, bro?
    Proud of you even though I don’t know you… Keep it up ?

  2. Jesse
    July 07, 11:34 Reply

    My sexuality hasn’t really affected my academics even till now, tho i face alot of scrutiny pertaining to my attrahent behaviour which has pushed me into the closet. what scares me so much is my aunt who might just loose it one day and be like *you know what? f**k it, i ain’t paying for your school bills again* lol, but i do understand what you went through to an extent tho.

  3. Tad
    July 08, 12:38 Reply

    Congratulations!????? I wish you all the best?

  4. Mash
    July 10, 00:18 Reply

    Hey Lex,

    Congratulations ?
    I am so happy and glad at this new feat you have achieved.

    Like the saying goes the sky is your starting point! Keep up the good work and let your light shine.

    If you don’t mind and still have my number kindly reach out to me, just Incase you don’t you can ask pinky for my mail add. I am willing available to give you advice and guidance towards your applications to grad school and possible scholarship opportunities. It’s a process I’m involved in.


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