Nicki Minaj’s Ex, Safaree, Lands Seven Figure Deal With Sex Toy Creator

Nicki Minaj’s Ex, Safaree, Lands Seven Figure Deal With Sex Toy Creator

Talk about Safaree’s private parts don’t look to be silenced anytime soon. Near the top of the year, his nudes leaked onto everyone’s timelines and were once again brought up in a public rift with ex-bae Nicki Minaj.

However, it looks like it will all pay off as Safaree will now receive a 7-figure deal as a result of the leak.

TMZ reports that sex toy creator Doc Johnson will create a life-sized mold of Safaree’s genitalia. If you are looking to score one, for yourself or a friend, you have to wait a little while before it hits your possession. The pre-orders for the replica will open in December and will be available for shipping by Valentine’s Day. A gift for some, a necessity for others who are a bit lonely on the national love day.

This isn’t the only time a source of shade is proving to be lucrative for Safaree. In the same Twitter exchange with the Queen creator, she attempted to expose her former love for getting a procedure to restore his hair lining. After mentioning it Safaree began to rack up thousands in referral fees. With his luck, it’s a safe bet Safaree wouldn’t mind being “exposed” some more.

Just in case you forgot the kind of D Safaree is serving, click HERE and HERE to refresh your memory. ?

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    August 29, 07:55 Reply

    Dear Straight Men
    Let this be a lesson to you. Instead of spending time obsessing over what gay men do with their dicks, how about you spend that time monetizing your own dick.

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