Nigeria has become a country where men boast of raping lesbians

Nigeria has become a country where men boast of raping lesbians

15978067_10210779130130544_5865992092761645750_n2a 15965066_10210779132650607_9219976220530093828_n2a 15965066_10210779132650607_9219976220530093828_n2b 16002825_10210779134210646_9006114086743036126_n2c 15895185_10210779135090668_170875492095309048_n2d 15977480_10210779149411026_3438033626503877433_nThis is where we are as a country. The level of such inhumanity that rape is now celebrated over sexuality. The level of such depravity that a Nigerian can come out to thump his chest over claims that he has raped lesbians and can never be held accountable for it. The government that focuses on persecuting LGBT Nigerians is the system that led to this level of depravity. When we are solely focused on dehumanizing the minority, the majority turns into animals themselves. We extort, we lynch, we kill, we rape. But hey, as long as the victims are gay people, bravo!

There are disgusting human beings in this world. In this very country that touts itself for being religious. To be proud about the fact that you rape women, to be so unapologetic about the fact that you hurt your fellow human being…

There are such despicable human beings walking this earth. God help us all.

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  1. Bain
    January 16, 09:18 Reply

    This just spoilt my day.I’m so ashamed of being a Nigerian right now,who wants to follow me,let’s go to Japan.

  2. Mitch
    January 16, 09:37 Reply

    In a country where madness and big time criminals are celebrated, this becomes norm.

    Congratulations Nigeria! You have officially sunk to depths beyond redemption.

  3. Elvis
    January 16, 10:59 Reply

    Such nonsense.does he rape boys too??? If the guy is cute..he should come and rape me..

    • Jide
      January 17, 23:20 Reply

      You’re fond of leaving your brain far away from you when you type.

      I saw how you were so excited by that Jnr pope guy the other day and barely two days after, you’re already displaying your depravity again.

      Better have sense.

  4. Pankar
    January 16, 11:25 Reply

    Honestly I could stab the bastard If I can ever meet him, spill his blood and continue life as normal..

  5. Chyki
    January 16, 14:25 Reply

    This is why im always scared of any one finding out im a lesbian…. Individuals(Men) will gladly and happily rape you because they feel they are correcting(making you straight) you by raping.

    A friend of mine and her gf were raped by 4 guys last year. They both commited sucide. Living in this country is just sad.

    • Jide
      January 17, 23:22 Reply

      Omg. I’m so sorry about your loss, Chyki.

  6. QuietSprite
    January 16, 15:32 Reply

    This is unbelievable, a person admits to being a rapist and is still walking the streets free and proud! What a country we live in…

  7. Khaleesi
    January 16, 17:28 Reply

    Truly, very little about Nigerians shocks me anymore! Nigeria is a country of people so utterly vile and cruel; you can taste and smell the cruelty in the streets … #HucksAndSpits

  8. .•*Sugaar.•*
    January 17, 00:02 Reply

    The hate burning in me about Nigeria only God can cool it down! I hate the law makers, the laws, constitution, and any other human being that makes someone hurts!!! Gone are the database when one would be proud of Nigeria! Ctew

  9. Eddie
    January 18, 07:33 Reply

    corrective rape hmmm….how depraved! Hunnays y’all be careful out there please..get pepper spray or a taser or better yet avoid meeting strangers in this God-forsaken nation… I avoid strangers like a plague maybe due to my overactive paranoia…stay safe!

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