Nigerian Twitter user, Faeyfaeyy, wonders: “Imagine We Had An LGBT Radio.”

Nigerian Twitter user, Faeyfaeyy, wonders: “Imagine We Had An LGBT Radio.”

It is no secret that the Nigerian media and entertainment industry are hardwired to not push any narratives that favour the Nigerian LGBTQ community. Whether they spin homophobic narratives of their own volition or because they are wary of getting on the wrong side of such regulatory bodies like the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission and the National Film and Video Censors Board, the point remains that the LGBT community is largely disadvantaged when it comes to representation in media and entertainment. I have actually been at a radio interview where the hosts informed me beforehand that, even though we were going to be talking about Nigerian LGBT issues with respect to the spate of antigay crimes that were going on at the time, I couldn’t express certain views that would come off like I was “pushing the gay agenda”. In fact, I was expressly told what words I couldn’t mention on air.

And so, the result of this is a narrative about the existence of the LGBTQ community that is skewed against us. However, day after day, struggle after struggle, members of our community find ways o push back, to insist on the right narrative, to tell the right stories. There have been pro-LGBTQ film productions, online publications, podcasts and Youtube vlogs.

And now, Twitter user, Faeyfaeyy Fejiro Adjerhore, wants us to imagine the existence of an LGBT radio.

He took to Twitter yesterday to post a short video clip with the caption: “Imagine we had an LGBT radio, to help your imagination, I played with a little something.”

And the video turned out to be a 2-minute run of Faeyfaeyy playing out his best on-air personality skills, complete with the smooth radio voice, the shout-outs to the community, and the music (including the song, Powerful by Cabrini Divo).

“If you can hear me, top of the evening. Child of the rainbow, you are listening to Coloured Online Radio, Nigeria’s first inclusive radio,” he says. “My name is Faeyfaeyy. Call me the fairy god-baby, because just like the fairy godmother, I am here to make your dreams come true.”

And if the reactions to this clip are anything to go by, those dreams are exactly what Nigerian Gay Twitter hope will come true.

In this month that is the LGBT History Month, it is our hope that history will one day soon be made where Nigerian queer people will get to listen in on a radio broadcast that caters to their community.

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  1. Hausdorff Space El
    February 06, 06:53 Reply

    Faeyfaeyy, you keep pushing and polishing your skills and passion. My love and respect for you is as evergreen as it was the first day I listened to your work. Keep your flag flying high darling, you are indeed made for more.

  2. Realme
    February 06, 08:34 Reply

    Dat’s mY FAMILY ❤️❤️❤️
    Faey faeyy

    Babbbbby so proud of u

  3. Mandy
    February 06, 08:36 Reply

    After listening to this short broadcast and the song by Cabrini Divo, I can’t help but believe more and more that Nigeria is a dream killer! Not just killing us as average Nigerians struggling to get by but as LGBT Nigerians struggling to live.

    Faeyfaeyy, please, make this dream come true.

  4. ghenerhaw
    February 06, 08:46 Reply

    The listen is everything, flawless voice and delivery, nice initiative as well. We hope this fairy god baby makes our dreams come true.

  5. Presh
    February 06, 08:56 Reply

    This is so beautiful baby I want to keep listening

  6. Delle
    February 06, 11:57 Reply

    This is so good!!!

    Lemme fly to Twitter to encourage that child!!!

  7. Tariq
    May 12, 19:47 Reply

    What if I told you I met this fairy god-baby today!

    Naa he met me!

    Such talent….!!!

    This delivery is flawlessly IT!

    PS : put a Cap L before the IT.

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