Nigeria’s films and video censors board has reportedly set up panels to ban Bobrisky movie

Nigeria’s films and video censors board has reportedly set up panels to ban Bobrisky movie

The National Film and Video Censors Board has reportedly set up some panels to analyse the recently released film titled ‘Bobrisky in Love’, which stars, well, Bobrisky.

The movie was produced by Nollywood Namaste Production company with Ken Steve Anuka as the director. The movie follows Bobrisky, as she plays a transgender woman named Cherechi, who travels out of the country as a man to return to the village a woman, much to the chagrin of her relatives and the woman she was affianced to.

The movie, which really is a Youtube series, already has a few episodes airing on the video sharing platform. And has been causing quite a stir since it came to the public’s attention that Bobrisky was going to be in a Nollywood project.

Notable among those who expressed their reproval was actor Charles Awurum, who videoed a diatribe where he informed the filmmakers who hired Bobrisky of God’s equal wrath against them and their star.

And now, it would seem as though the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board is getting involved, as a top official of the organisation reportedly told the Punch that three separate panels have been set up at the zonal levels to classify the film.

“We have set up three different panels to view the movie which was given to us by the producers for classification and review,” this official said. “For the purpose of fairness and objectivity, we will not give specific details since evaluation is still ongoing, but note that any movie that promotes homosexuality in contravention of our laws cannot be endorsed.

“Latest by next week we will deliver a verdict on the movie. If the movie is banned, it would be communicated to the producers and our enforcement team would mop up all copies of the film on the market and defaulters would be apprehended and fined appropriately.”

I’m curious though as to the reach of the censors board’s power. Even if they could get the CD copies of the series taken off the market, surely they have no authority over the release on Youtube, do they?

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  1. Mitch
    May 29, 06:57 Reply

    As much as I detest Bobrisky, these censors board people are mad!

    Useless fools that won’t go and face the substandard, idiotic and unwholesome movies being produced in this country on a daily. It’s Bobrisky they want to face.

    Ndi ala!

    • Lorde
      May 29, 14:32 Reply

      Like….. all the softcore porn released daily has never been vetted by this so called censor board…. its someone jejely minding her business that you’ll come to attack….
      I mean…. there was a movie poster i saw on the road one time….. title literally read ” I need sex” …. no one banned that one oo…

      • Pink Panther
        May 29, 14:41 Reply

        A movie title was “I need sex”? LMAO!!! And we are a country of such upright religions? LMAO! Chai. The hypocrisy in this country sha.

  2. Mandy
    May 29, 07:34 Reply

    But why is it called Bobrisky In Love if Bobrisky is not playing herself but a character named Cherechi???

    • trystham
      May 29, 11:23 Reply

      #sigh who can know the minds of Nollywood writers?

  3. Black Dynasty
    May 29, 08:18 Reply

    Lol Nigeria, forever focusing on the wrong things.

    No one’s perfect, but I applaud the bravery to live unapologetically. Especially within such a critical society.

  4. Legal Koboko
    May 29, 08:39 Reply

    Ndi ala!

    “Any movie that promotes homosexuality in contravention of our laws cannot be endorsed”

    Yet you endorse hundreds of thousands of films and music videos that endorse witchcraft, pornography and insult to other people’s religion which are all in contravention of our extant criminal laws.

    A film and video censor board that wakes up to its responsibiliries only when homosexuality is involved is practically dead.

    These people should be lobbying the National Assembly right now to pass a law that would provide for a descent interment and funeral ceremony of the Board so we all could be saved from the frightful prospects of ghosts flying all over the place at the mention of homosexuality.


  5. Higwe
    May 29, 08:55 Reply

    They should ban the movie not because it’s promoting anything but because it’s literally the worst movie I’ve been unfortunate to watch.

    My MB was crying after watching this movie ☹️.

    Queen Nwokoye was hilarious , but that’s pretty much it.
    Bobtherisky is an atrocious act(o)ress .


    I saw a recent picture of queen Genny , Omosexy and co together and it made me maudlin.

    I remembered how my family used to gather in the living room to watch the Nollywood movies we rented then .

    So much happiness and laughter ?.

    I haven’t watched anything Nollywood in nearly a decade ….
    (until Bobrisky in whatever ) and this left a sour taste in my mouth .
    It will be another decade before I get over this.

    Way to go censor board ??.

    P.S: Pink P – this is sarcasm .?

  6. Delle
    May 29, 12:08 Reply

    But the movie is literally the most horrid thing I’ve had the displeasure of seeing (even if it was only the trailer). Horrible scripting, bad acting, disgusting storyline…oh God, make it stop!

    However, the fact that they aren’t shutting the movie down because of all these aforementioned but on the basis that it could be promoting homosexuality (whatever this means), is ridiculous. But not surprising. I mean, it’s Nigeria ?

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