No Words For This KDian

No Words For This KDian

Previously on, Deola’s meme post dedicated to KDians was plagiarized. And not even brilliantly sef.

And today, here’s the dude’s message on Stella Dimoko’s blog again, the words written without any alteration:


Greetings to you Madame Stella

I feel very honoured to be featured on your blog

The whole stuff started as a result of depression

I didn’t even smile while creating those memes but I thought if I can create something funny someone in my case would be fine, shout out to Deola and KDIANS I would have refrenced you guys but for the nature of your blog and no I’m not davido or something, I’m a long time BV since 2012 and I open the blog @ least once a day it’s like my news paper and I read and don’t forget that’s what  medical school did to us

If y’all want I’ll create memes once a week but for now it’s back to the first struggle  MEDIZIN UND CHIRUGIE

Thank you guys the comments lightened my heart

And here is, I’m guessing, Stella’s response to him attached to the post:

*Please darling do us one more before you go back to reading mode.

BVs can suggest which bvs he shuould make memes of and i am sure he will.I want to see a Jaymoore meme.I want to see James meme in different variations and one trillion too.

Uh, Stella, don’t hold your breath. He isn’t going to do one more for you until Deola does another one for us.

Next Rush Limbaugh thinks Melania’s Revealing Photos Will Win LGBTQ Votes for Donald Trump

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  1. Mandy
    August 03, 17:51 Reply

    I don’t understand. If he’s going to so shamelessly claim creative ownership, why is he mentioning KD and talking nonsense about referencing us? This idiot should goan have several seats. As a result of depression ko, repressed ni. Mscheewww!

  2. pagxy
    August 03, 18:03 Reply

    But he has done another one I read it yesterday it was even funnier than the first one. Oya where are the medical students detective mode activated.

    • Gag
      August 03, 23:16 Reply

      BV on stella’s blog means BlogVisitor(her reader) on linda’s blog its call Libers, and on Ladun’s blog its LLB

  3. Stein
    August 03, 18:59 Reply

    Pp, tell us what BV is so that we read this post again and understand

  4. Dr
    August 03, 19:22 Reply

    but I already agreed I’m at fault now and I honestly apologize to y’all again I just did that outta mild joblessness I’m sorry Deola and other people who might have felt offended I would really have said image source but I felt I’ll be outting myself and the others I’m on my knees ejor this stupid boy is sorry
    and yeah they are very funny memes I made if u visot that blog often
    let’s learn to tolerate each other if we want to be accepted by the world a house divided amongst itself how can it stand
    again I’m sorry

  5. Dr
    August 03, 19:24 Reply

    #those are pardon my errors biko
    I was jittery typing that
    I’m just a frail teenager ooo forgive me ejooooooor

  6. Brian Collins
    August 03, 21:27 Reply

    I am just waiting for what is going to be said about the Ifeanyi Dike Jr. Fiasco. I used to love him to bits but the damage control he tried to do was all sorts of wrong. Outed or not his reply was terrible, bordering on homophobic even.

  7. Dimkpa
    August 04, 05:52 Reply

    After reading the Dr’s memo and comments, I can’t help but feel that he should have featured himself in the meme with a dictionary. Far too many spelling errors and not one punctuation mark in both posts (not even a fullstop) except for that used in the wrongly misspelled kitodiaries site.

    I think it is a good idea to pay more attention to the books.

    “I would have referenced you guys but for the nature of your blog”
    In other words KD is second class. Stuff from KD can be stolen without permission and not acknowledged either because we are outcasts. Furthermore this is proclaimed in a straight blog as a cogent reason for the disrespect, probably bolstering their already questionable views of the LGBT community. I somehow find this more insulting than the plagiarism.

    @Dr, If you are ashamed of us then don’t steal from us.

    Don’t preach tolerance to us, this issue is about theft and I believe we are all united in disgust at your action.

    • Dr
      August 04, 08:37 Reply

      Dimkpa sweetie take this from me..if I reply you, you would cry. How else am I supposed to say I’m sorry I already mentioned how jittery I was typing that shit and I sent her that message to post on her blog so I don’t take glory for someone else’s concept
      I know quite a number of KDIANS who post articles here and they ain’t even half brilliant as they write
      Life isn’t by composing an article for 6 months and posting it on KD to appear eloquent and brilliant
      To anyone else who still holds grudges against me choke on your bile I don’t care anymore people have been using the same pictures for different memes since time immemorial and no one called the other a thief
      That’s how one idiot prayed death for someone because he said he wants a family
      Don’t worry guys keep up this way tear down at each other the whole world would accept y’all sooner than you think
      And yes I’m dumb

      • ambivalentone
        August 04, 10:39 Reply

        *sputters* Oh no, bitch didn’t just do that. Are u sure u ain’t Keredim (he uses punctuations liberally tho)?…LMAO

      • Mandy
        August 04, 13:31 Reply

        Is this guy serious? You stole from KD, and you’re expecting an applause because you’re gay like us?

      • Dimkpa
        August 05, 19:00 Reply

        @Dr, I have been trying to resist answering you for days but I shall yield to temptation this one time.

        Don’t make empty threats like ‘if I reply you, you will cry.’ I know it is empty because it is a cliché used by people who do not have anything to back up their claims. I have not cried since I was in primary 2 and I am not about to start with you. Going by your poor use of English and the lack of original thoughts in your head, hence your plagiarism, I doubt you could come up with anything the least bit intelligible enough to make me flinch let alone cry.

        You try to mock people that take time to write good posts. I guess your go-to approach would be to just wing it. The surprise is that you have not used your poor excuse for comments as evidence that approach doesn’t work. Your disdain for good work is laughable in the face of your theft of the same thing you ridicule.

        You are quick to condemn the behaviour you perceive as flaws on the blog, yet you have no praise for the good things and stories of courage that are told by those who go on living despite the challenges and odds against them. I have not yet seen you condemn any perpetrator of kito. I did not see any comments of grief because of fellow gay men who were murdered. What do you do instead? You take something created by the blog you like to loathe and rush off to display it to the people you wish you were like without acknowledging the source “because of the nature of the blog.” The people you pander to would not hesitate to shun or maybe even mob you if they know what you are. Yet you somehow prefer them to us. Furthermore when confronted with it you have the nerve to spew rubbish from the confusion within you. It is a testament to the final statement of your reply to me that you do not understand how annoying it was going to that blog and seeing them laughing at what was our in-house joke while at the same time knowing they probably cheered at the law that made criminals of us just because of who we are.

        Know this, tolerance will come one way or the other. The world is ever moving forward and they will eventually drag us along willingly or otherwise. When that time comes it is people like you who will not rejoice because you would suddenly realise you were not prepared for it.

        Go look in a mirror and ask yourself some questions and stop entertaining the thoughts of making Dimkpa cry. You soooo are not worthy of my tears.

  8. Chuck
    August 04, 10:41 Reply

    I think you’re stupid for believing that gsy solidarity means you should be celebrated for plagiarism.

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