28 Pictures You Will Relate With As A KDian

28 Pictures You Will Relate With As A KDian

DISCLAIMER: The following is not to be taken seriously. Things have obviously been exaggerated for comic effect. ITS ALL BANTZ. We will not be held responsible for whatever offense you take if you carry on reading. J

  1. Us, when drama erupts in the KD comments section that has nothing to do with the post:20160724_161328                                                                  I can’t comman miss all the action.
  1. Us, when Pink Panther decides to release another episode of Love And Sex In The City:unnamed %281%29
  1. Max, when anyone not from the Island or tush Mainland gets kitoed:IMG-20151012-WA0009
  1. Jarch, when he spots someone over 40 on a flight:20160724_161407                                                                            “Well hello there, daddy…”
  1. Aunty Django, when she remotely senses an incoming lesbophobic or misogynistic comment:unnamed                                                                Don’t even attempt it. She is always ready.
  1. Chizzie, when Dennis Macaulay or James IBK drops a new article:20160724_154808                                                                             “Why do you even exist?”
  1. Sensei, after successfully writing an article without leaving the fence:20160725_140719                                                               Argue for both sides and bounce out. Peace.
  1. KDians, when Kizito speaks:20160724_153442
  1. Us, when Duke drops a new article, and Oga Too Clean manifests to remind us of their BFF status:20160724_153646
  1. The Lipstick Gang, when Teflondon attempts to comment:20160724_153512                                                           “Don’t speak! Don’t type! Don’t even breathe!”
  1. Sinnex and “I haven’t seen this movie but I have it on my laptop”.images %283%29
  1. Us, when Chizzie starts quoting bleaching creams:IMG_20160711_223002                                                                         Oshey! MAMA THE MAMA!
  1. Max, when someone gets more than 50 likes on an Instagram picture:IMG-20151012-WA0009
  1. Max, when Dennis comments:20160724_160718                                                     “That one that can’t make up his mind…Mtcheeew!”
  1. Peak and writing long epistles:images %283%29                                              Suffry, suffry, oga…It’s not Inter House Sport Debate Edition.
  1. Posh666, before he comments nowadays:images %284%29                                                         “I cannot comman be yabbed for bad English again.”
  1. KDians and never forgetting someone’s gist:20160725_135929                                                             Saved to be used as ammunition on a later date.
  1. Dennis, when he sees university boy “fresh off the runway”.20160725_142057
  1. The Vhargency, when Vhar drops a new article:20160628_164846
  1. The Vhargency to everyone on Vhar’s article:anigif_enhanced-30124-1395640616-2
  1. Us, when Max changes versions every few weeks but doesn’t come with an upgrade:child-face
  1. Chizzie, when Dennis breathes:20160724_160536
  1. Almost every KDian when the Admin goes: “We need to be nicer to one another.”20160725_142345                                                                     “Yeah, right. Where is the drama?”
  1. Francis and his paranoia:20160725_142937                                                                      Best friends, Greatest love of our time.
  1. Khaleesi and “No hope, Opium Pipe, and Sashays away in red pumps”:images %283%29
  1. Kacee, when her baby, Delle speaks ill of lesbians:20160724_164853                                                                                      “How dare you!”
  1. Shuga Chocolata, when Francis breathes, sneezes, and wakes:20160705_222626
  1. Us, when that one time, Sinnex showed that he was a savage not to be trifled with by dragging Teflondon by the edges:20160724_153911 (1)                                                                            “WOW! Who knew??!!!!”
  1. Us, when anyone tries to hold us responsible for this post:20160705_222028                                                                                        Not happening!

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  1. Kerr
    August 01, 05:42 Reply

    Lol…. When I saw the thread, I knew this was coming here soon…. The Vhargency meme ???

    • Pink Panther
      August 01, 05:45 Reply

      The Vhargency meme is EVERYTHING! I died laughing at that.

  2. Kerr
    August 01, 05:43 Reply

    Happy New Month, folks

  3. Mandy
    August 01, 05:43 Reply

    OhMyGod!!! ???? ???? ???? ????

  4. Kainene
    August 01, 06:01 Reply

    LMGAO!!! I diedt ooo @ Pink Panther and a neww episode of love and sex in the city! Its been 84 years no be small looooooooll! “and I can still smell the fresh paint, the china had never been used” is norray small sumtin. Abeg PP repent for the Kingdom of chukwu is at hand.

    • Pink Panther
      August 01, 06:02 Reply

      Heehehehee!!! I’ll be repenting soon. Don’t worry. I have an appointment with TB Joshua for a deliverance session.

  5. Francis
    August 01, 06:35 Reply

    I thought I had seen them on Twitter sef


  6. MagDiva
    August 01, 06:55 Reply

    †☁DEAD☁† stop!!! ???

    Like I was snort laughing all the way to the end. Job well done ????

    PP can we have our episode back already?? Some of us have gone grey waiting. Thanks

    August 01, 07:31 Reply

    this is the best way to start the month i swear…

    i laughed really hard.

    especially @LASITC, @Vhargency and the bleaching thing..

    more! more!! more!!!

    August 01, 07:57 Reply

    Hey guys…. I cried like a baby early this morning after viewing a horrific AIDS documentary and the gay community in the 90’s.

    If you have some data please watch this documentary on YouTube> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YjGVT4BUG-w

    It’s so raw n real. Shows two young gay lovers recording their journey themselves battling AIDS till it eventually killed them… You will certainly be teary eyed at the end 🙁 It’s the saddest thing I’ve seen in recent years… ?

    • doe eyed monster
      August 01, 08:06 Reply

      Ehn. ..thank you o.. .when we were just saying the comic relief was a good way to start the month, you decided to bring your own.

    • Mandy
      August 01, 08:24 Reply

      Really? On a post as light hearted as this is where you bring a downer about HIV? Smh

    • FOOFOO
      August 01, 08:34 Reply

      I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to be that way and I sincerely apologize 🙁

  9. doe eyed monster
    August 01, 08:04 Reply

    LMAO… I swear I thought I was the only one who looked at Oga too Clean like that. “ah, you dint gist me that part” “ah, bestie iyaff join gang” Biko, the hall is yours.. .take several seats.

  10. Oludayo A.
    August 01, 08:06 Reply

    Memes are #spot on. Shuga Chocolata and Posh665 memes got me rolling.

  11. Eugene
    August 01, 08:31 Reply

    LOL. I can’t read suddenly. I don’t know.

  12. ambivalentone
    August 01, 08:45 Reply

    Looooool. I dunno, it didn’t feel so funny as when I had just seen it. Hilarious shii. But Django’s “not on my watch” meme is so giving me life. ROTFLMAO

  13. Dimkpa
    August 01, 08:49 Reply

    Absolutely Brilliant! ??????

  14. Khaleesi
    August 01, 08:54 Reply

    Hahahahahaha,Deola you’re going to roast slowly in hell for this!!! Its all spot on!!

  15. bain
    August 01, 09:15 Reply

    Lmfao…..at least iv here long enuf to understand does memes,deola we need to be besties ,really.

  16. Kenny
    August 01, 09:16 Reply

    LMAO!! I died went to heaven, came back and died again. I love this Deola ????

  17. Drone
    August 01, 10:21 Reply

    “I can’t read suddenly. I don’t know” ?????

  18. Bloom
    August 01, 11:05 Reply

    My tummy hurts. The absolute best way to get the month started. Thanks Deola

  19. Too clean
    August 01, 11:13 Reply

    Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha…Deola….why did thou this thing to me?

    Me wey no reason say anybody put eye for my comment here…..chai…

    Your storey building in hell has been commissioned
    …You are needed there!

    Good one….i like that!

  20. Absalom
    August 01, 12:35 Reply

    Looool. Jesus.

    My best: “It’s been 84 years.”

    • Pink Panther
      August 01, 14:31 Reply

      Mm-hmm, everyone’s best is the one where I’m targeted, abi? :/

  21. posh6666
    August 01, 13:28 Reply

    Lool aswer Deola u are a super bitch! I really loved this…But u get time oh! I was just scrolling really fast to see which bitch made this up. Who says gays aint talented?

    The Dennis line and bleaching cream about mama the mama made me laugh like a child…

    • Kasper
      August 01, 15:52 Reply

      That one about posh666 looking up the dictionary before commenting made me laugh like a baby too. How can anyone hate this Deola guy? He does no wrong!!!

  22. Brian Collins
    August 01, 14:10 Reply

    Hehehehehe, this was so on point. Way to go Deola. Don’t mind Too Clean & The Vhargency.

  23. Shuga chocolata
    August 01, 16:21 Reply

    Deola????? aswear I’m coming for you will all claws.
    I had a good laugh thanks though.

    @LASITC 84years indeed, you truly showed us that KD never forgets because you just remembered sinnex and Teflon ishhhh,
    This is the real deal……..

    I miss chizzie BTW, that dude knows how to give everyone even the admin his own dose.

    @peak and long epistles.
    Too clean and forever reminding us he knows Duke.
    Aswear I usually call kizito HOE??
    Vhargency and comments bullying??????
    Django and delle reminds me of a mother and daughter’s love.

    Francis has gone pass his paranoia state, that I must confess, he is a bit vocal now.

    Bless you deola.

  24. JArch
    August 01, 20:12 Reply

    Deola!!! Kai this pikin has killed me aswer… Atleast you used Oprah sha… LMAO

  25. pagxy
    August 01, 20:16 Reply

    I loved the part about too clean

  26. You Know Who
    August 01, 21:53 Reply

    Lmao!! Okay this was fun.. I enjoyed it.

    I miss the old KD and it’s drama. 2015 KD and Kdains.. Best ever!!

  27. lluvmua
    August 02, 13:18 Reply

    oshey mama the mama….lol ….@chizzie *runs off*

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