Omari Hardwick checks a fan who goes “No Homo” on him

Omari Hardwick checks a fan who goes “No Homo” on him

“No homo” – the two words that validates heterosexuality in men who are not secure in their straightness. You say those two words after expressing some form of affection toward your fellow man, and all is well with your soul.

A fan (some are saying he’s Nigerian, lol) apparently felt he had to clarify to Hollywood actor and star of TV show Power, Omari Hardwick, that while he loves the actor and his show, he absolutely doesn’t mean he wants to shag the actor.

And Omari had the perfect response to him.

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    • Mandy
      May 25, 07:30 Reply

      ????? Only Nigerians spell it like that, yes?

  1. Mitch
    May 25, 10:10 Reply

    The name starts with ‘itz’!
    The fucktard is definitely Nigerian.
    Of that razz breed that only got a phone because of the subsidy on phones in Onitsha and Enugu.

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