Photo: What Alex Ekubo Could Be Talking About

Photo: What Alex Ekubo Could Be Talking About

A KDian sent me the screengrabbed photo below along with the words: “I don’t think he was talking about the clothes, but my mind was miles away from that. I guess I’m dirty like that.” lolScreenshot_2015-12-13-18-19-14

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  1. ken
    December 19, 06:59 Reply

    I hate alex. I hate him hate him hate him.

    Pompous proud always feeling like he is Gods gift to tbs. With his kpomo lips and big head. Probably a secret homophobe. Smh

    • Keredim
      December 19, 07:09 Reply

      Wow, that bad belle is serious?

      Those “Kpomo lips” are what people pay ££££ to get in the west… I suppose you would pay the same to have yours removed (if you had them)

      • ken
        December 19, 07:11 Reply

        Mr man dont get me started. Dont push it!

        • Pink Panther
          December 19, 07:13 Reply

          Well, well *in Maleficent’s voice* Clearly the vex runneth deep. Ken, is there a story here? Did Alex dump you faster than Fast and Furious? 😀 Did he snatch husband from you? Are you going to share all the nasty dirty details with us? Do I anticipate a story in my email?

          • Mandy
            December 19, 07:27 Reply

            LOL @PP
            Your story whoring is never in off mode, is it?

            • Pink Panther
              December 19, 07:52 Reply

              *plucking off a piece of lint from my Armani shirt* Mandy, I’m sure I dunno what you’re talking about. 🙂

          • ken
            December 19, 07:29 Reply

            Lol @ PP
            Abeg make we leave matter (for nw). I dont like him, shikena.

    • Absalom
      December 19, 07:13 Reply

      Na wa. So there’s something like God’s gift to “tbs”? ??? Lol!

    • Mandy
      December 19, 07:31 Reply

      ken, but he is in fact at the top of his game. A celebrity people talk about and girls want, someone who gets to shuttle about from country to country, It’s a glamorous life he’s living. It will be hard to find any guy, gay or straight who won’t have his life and not think he’s God’s gift to somebody else.
      Even you, if you tell yourself the truth. There’s a tendency for pride and I-am-all-that-ism when life is really good in all of us.

    • bruno
      December 19, 09:03 Reply

      “probably”? lawl ☕

    • Whisperer
      December 19, 19:40 Reply

      Did he give you the “boot” after you stalked him for longer than you’ve actually been alive?

  2. XavierA
    December 19, 07:31 Reply

    What could possibly be darker than black?

  3. johnny
    December 19, 07:37 Reply

    I heard he loves black banana tho. I heard ni o don’t get high

    • Delle
      December 19, 10:19 Reply

      I really don’t think it’s undersized per se, I just think it’s extremely fitted

      • LOL...
        December 19, 13:15 Reply

        *In Leann Rimes’ voice*
        How does he breeeeathe….?

  4. shuga chocolata
    December 19, 08:12 Reply

    Really don’t like the dude one bit, I’m with ken on this individual. Too proud and pompous.

    Pp always on the look out for stories.©

  5. Oturugbeke!
    December 19, 08:21 Reply

    This one that has a gigantic nether region. #don’task #don’ttell

    • ambivalentone
      December 19, 10:50 Reply

      gigantic nether region??? Prick or Arsehole??? #AskingForMyPeaceOfMind

      • Mandy
        December 19, 11:54 Reply

        Prick obviously. Lol. Ha! How can an arsehole be gigantic biko?

        • ambivalentone
          December 19, 19:37 Reply

          You must know nothing. How bout ‘gigantic cavern’?

  6. #Chestnut
    December 19, 09:00 Reply

    But I don’t understand.what do y’all think he might have been implying? “Black” is just a colour,no? Is it a euphemism for something else? I’m so confused…

  7. Delle
    December 19, 10:17 Reply

    Oh Alex! One of my Nollywood crushes…
    And to all ye pervs, Black is just a colour o…just a colour!

  8. Khaleesi
    December 19, 10:20 Reply

    One of the few light skinned guys I’d totally rip into! Alex is hot, at the top of his game, young, hot, sexy, desirable … Please dont hate! Be inspired and work to create your own success story! Envy gets no one nowhere!! And … He seems to have put on a tiny weeny bit of weight …

    • Mandy
      December 19, 10:37 Reply

      His fairness gleams sha. Chai! The guy’s a piece of prime goodness biko. All these haters we have on KD should cool their nyashes in the National Stadium.

      • Teflondon
        December 19, 12:16 Reply

        Ah! Yes! national stadium.. Shoulda known.
        I drove by the other day. I thought I saw someone that looked like you.

        Selling Market there too?
        Oh well.. What do I know. ?☕️

        • Mandy
          December 19, 12:37 Reply

          Yes, indeed, what do you know?
          Evidently nothing.

  9. Teflondon
    December 19, 14:55 Reply

    Alex well.. He used to be a good frnd but.. Well! Whatever.
    Still proud of him. He’s holding his own since he moved on from ” black “

    • Brian Collins
      December 19, 21:08 Reply

      Hahahahaha Da fuq! “Moved on from black”? This one got me.

  10. Brian Collins
    December 19, 21:27 Reply

    I felt like one word was missing from all of this and it’s DICK. Fix it any where you want. Thank me later. *Takes a bow*

  11. gabbie
    December 20, 10:58 Reply

    hahahahaha lady alex ekubo…cladded in all that grace and glory…for me not much is missing in the picture…just some hot red lipstick…black high heels…and of course a gigantic pepper red “gele” who cares if he likes it black…charred…or tanned…we are all busy having a crush on his fake pink lips!

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