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Photo Of The Day: Best Job Ever

Please can someone tell me how I can get this job… lol

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Photo: When Taylor Swift And Justin Bieber Became A Lesbian Couple

You can thank (or blame) Miley Cyrus for bringing this to our attention — face swap Taytay and the Biebs and you’ve got yourself one adorable lesbian couple. Taylor’s response?

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  1. JBoy
    January 12, 06:31 Reply


    ? ? ?

    *hands her pink oil for her kinky blonde*

  2. Mandy
    January 12, 07:51 Reply

    Hahahahahahahahaa!!! Chai! That final answer is everything.

  3. Delle
    January 12, 08:09 Reply

    Hahaha…I’m so glad the wise one is her age mate at least every hint of ‘polite insults’ would be overlooked. That lady is just so confidently foolish.

    • Pink Panther
      January 12, 08:42 Reply

      Confidently foolish. LMAO. I’ve found my new choice zinger. *off to use it on Facebook*

  4. Mitch
    January 12, 10:07 Reply

    Burn!!! That zinger was the ish!

  5. JArch
    January 12, 11:58 Reply

    In the spirit of stirring the bee hive (not bey hive… Y’all can chill)

    What’s now the definition of bisexual?


  6. Lothario
    January 12, 23:37 Reply

    Lol! Blanche had a really big issue getting with her brother’s sexuality, that episode was quite educational, especially when you consider the time it was aired.

    Watching Golden Girls, you begin to understand why it’s a major reference point for gay culture, they really made an effort to educate people about homosexuality and issues surrounding sexuality. Everyone should make an effort to watch it.

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