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Photo Of the Day: Thou Shalt Not lie

Are you a perpetrator of these lies below, better stahp it! God is watching you o. 

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LOL! Ok, someone please explain this to me.

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Photo Of The Day XIII

Lol. This is such a mess. The wife who is covering up her affair with the man who her husband is sleeping with. Yep, a very hot mess. (I should


  1. yinkss
    August 13, 06:21 Reply

    Yeah.. Beyoncé, lol.. just kidding

    • Mandy
      August 13, 06:55 Reply

      Lol. You’re so right. Beyoncé is that woman. I dunno about the man. Django, why don’t you tell us?

    • Jamie
      August 13, 07:29 Reply

      No, don’t kid!! That lady is worth the compliment, ain’t she? Cos she’s been my crush…lol

  2. masonkz
    August 13, 07:10 Reply

    That’s assuming being gay is all about sex….then maybe that would be possible.

  3. #Chestnut
    August 13, 07:13 Reply

    Hmm…Rihanna, Genevieve, Amal Clooney…er Kylie Jenner (I know I’m an agbaya,but she’s 18 nau,abi?)

      • Colossus
        August 13, 11:58 Reply

        I think he mentioned Amal as a way to get closer to George

      • #Chestnut
        August 13, 12:35 Reply

        Lol @ Colossus and Pinky: no,really, I find Amal very sexy; she just reeks of class and elegance and good-breeding(plus,she’s intelligent). She carries herself with so much grace; like a delicate nymph-princess…there’s one footage of her E! always shows,in a short floral dress…Exquisite! In fact,if I had to pick just one on my list,it would be her…or Kylie Jenner(again,I know I’m an agbaya, but c’mon!)

        • Ace
          August 13, 14:49 Reply

          I agree totally, Ms. Clooney is so classy. I always say she was worth the wait. Intelligent, UN member and Lawyer and beautiful too! She is the whole package.

  4. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    August 13, 07:42 Reply

    Exist fire…

    But come to think of it;if someone like that exist in Nigeria, it would be a big business franchise 🙂

    • Pink Panther
      August 13, 08:56 Reply

      Lmao. On point, Damilare. There are enough bruthas who’d wanna ‘straighten up’ fast fast

  5. Dickny
    August 13, 07:59 Reply

    Nicki Minaj is the woman…She’s being my crush,with that big ass.

  6. Gabbie
    August 13, 08:26 Reply

    wake up girls…show’s over…there’s nothing like that…you not turning straight and leaving your boyfriends heart broken that ain’t happening!

  7. Diablo
    August 13, 08:35 Reply

    Definitely Kim K…that ass, those boobs, constantly bring out the lesbian in me. Oh and Amber Rose too.!

  8. Sinnex
    August 13, 08:45 Reply

    It is very possible. If there are gay men who make straight men gay, why can’t it happen the other way round.

    Mehn, Nicki Minaj is something else. I know she is plastic and all, but….

  9. Masked Man
    August 13, 09:15 Reply

    I want to be that guy, that turns straight men gay, and gay men…..well you are already gay.

    • Pink Panther
      August 13, 09:23 Reply

      Hahahahahaa! And when you get such super powers, what straight man would u first pay a visit?

      • Masked Man
        August 13, 09:33 Reply

        Okay, from Lagos here, let’s start with Joseph Benjamin.

        I heard he’s off the market now. Separated with his wife.

        • Pink Panther
          August 13, 10:07 Reply

          And separated men are such easy prey to gay superpowers, right? 🙂

        • Dennis Macaulay
          August 13, 10:58 Reply

          I like you! I will hate to disfigure your face! Steer very clear from JB!

          I used to like Genny until she was kissing him upandan in “Tango with me”


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