Photo: Helen Mirren Wants To Die

Photo: Helen Mirren Wants To Die

elbaAll these females will just hiarandia and death will be hungrying them.

They’ll just be looking for early retirement from this life.

Let me just siddon and be looking at them.

And just be looking.

Just siddoning and looking.IMG-20160509-WA015

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  1. Magdiva
    May 10, 07:19 Reply

    Idris Elba is bae ??

    Like I’d sell my first born just for a night ???

  2. ambivalentone
    May 10, 08:21 Reply

    Looool @ early retirement.
    But I have looked, looked and looked at this uncle, and I find nothing remotely attractive about him. NOTHING. So WHY? Am I blind?

    • Magdiva
      May 11, 07:14 Reply

      Blasphemy!!!!! ??

      But that’s good though. One less competition. Lol

  3. Terra
    May 10, 08:41 Reply

    Loool, your chill is on -10

  4. Richard Moore
    May 10, 09:14 Reply

    Madam Helen is not the only one looking for retirement from this life because of Idris Elba.

    And just to be clear, HE’S MINE!

  5. kacee
    May 10, 09:32 Reply

    The picture of the Cat filing his/her nail is hilarious.

  6. Khaleesi
    May 10, 14:41 Reply

    Idris is hot, – I’d like him much more uf he was 10 – 15 years younger though …

  7. Delle
    May 10, 15:10 Reply

    Boris Kodjo all the way! *flings Idris into the Sambisa forest*

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