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Photo: The Gay Man’s Malaria Drug?

Well, here it is, gentlemen. The antimalarial recommended for a special demographic. 😀

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Funny Photo: His and Hers

LOL! Again, I just can’t.

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LOL! Moral of today’s lesson: Homophobia kills.


  1. Hozier
    February 13, 08:40 Reply

    This dude should direct all that attention to his skin. Moisturizers aren’t that expensive. He isn’t trip worthy. The boy is so brave writing all that epistle with chapped and unappealing lips.

  2. KingBey
    February 13, 09:00 Reply

    Much ado over nothing. What has my natural pink lips gotten me? Mbok !

  3. Rapum
    February 13, 09:03 Reply

    Brush lips for 20-30 minutes?! As in, I no get work abi?

    • ambivalentone
      February 13, 12:39 Reply

      It reminds me of all those skin care range commercials. Like who tha fuck has that time?

  4. Mr. Fingers
    February 13, 09:06 Reply

    Choi. This guy na olodo. Thick and big kpomo lips is the best biko.

    • Pink Panther
      February 13, 09:13 Reply

      Thick and big kpomo lips… LMAO. Not always the best biko.

      • Mr. Fingers
        February 13, 09:34 Reply

        I enjoy kissing. A lot. Most of these soft pink lips can’t withstand the hustle and bustle of a 45mins long kissing contest. Ijs

        • Dredsh_Maliq
          February 13, 10:45 Reply

          Chineke! Are you serious? Why would you want to kiss someone for that long?
          Even if na job sef!

          • Mr. Fingers
            February 13, 12:26 Reply

            Bros u won’t understand. Kissing is an art, only creative people like Kanye West will get it. Lol

  5. Chizzie
    February 13, 10:42 Reply

    These aren’t pink lips, these look like yoruba lips of hardship. From the jaundiced eyes you can tell he has to be yoruba or have some of thier ancestry.

    • Shuga chocolata
      February 13, 10:58 Reply

      And chizzie the defender comes out to the rescue.

      Hi chizzie. How do you do??????? I admire your new cool.

    • Theo
      February 13, 11:23 Reply

      Chizzie, you really should look up the meaning of Jaundice and how to identify one.

    • ambivalentone
      February 13, 11:38 Reply

      I can’t pray enough for the day of your ‘freedom’. I’m sure u can’t too. Then, all ur animosity for ur mistresses n my tribe in general might reduce. Pele tie

    • Chuck
      February 13, 15:16 Reply

      I see Chizzie is still ignorant. Maybe next year.

  6. Lothario
    February 13, 12:20 Reply

    Trip at your own risk…… Hahahahahahahaha

  7. bruno
    February 13, 12:38 Reply

    “trip at your own risk i have a girlfriend” lol. so adorable.

      • bruno
        February 13, 13:22 Reply

        reference your shaved ass at your own risk i have a boyfriend ?

  8. Nefretiti
    February 13, 15:29 Reply

    Mtchew ….. I want a house in beverly hills not pink lips* pass*

  9. Khaleesi
    February 13, 15:31 Reply

    ***bats eyelashes*** #ProudlyTeamBrightPinkLips

  10. Eddie
    February 13, 20:16 Reply

    Where did you get that picture from please?

  11. Geeluv
    February 14, 07:34 Reply

    This is the height of Joblessness…… Rubbish. BTW… who pink lips don help???

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