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Funny Photo: What’s A Dick To Do?

LOL! If only the penis could talk, the things it would say…

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Photo: Cakes On The Menu

*drops breakfast tray* *runs away*

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LOL! This pride reaction is one of Facebook’s greatest gifts to the LGBT community, it will seem.


  1. ken
    December 04, 05:28 Reply

    Many bottoms are like this. They will just lie down there refusing to participate. That is the peak of selfishness and wickedness! Smh

    • Pink Panther
      December 04, 05:30 Reply

      Heheheheee! And the man I had in mind for this post has spoken.

      • Absalom
        December 04, 06:16 Reply

        LMAO @ “refusing to participate”.

    • JustJames
      December 04, 06:19 Reply

      If you re giving a bottom a good dicking he’s bound to respond more often than not.. From what I’ve found out sha.

      • Pink Panther
        December 04, 06:23 Reply

        You dey mind Ken? No Bottom will not respond to a good dicking. Emphasis on ‘Good’. lol

        • ken
          December 04, 08:36 Reply

          “Good” indeed! Thats still very selfish o. Ok imagine bottom whinning your waist and doing all manner of acrobatics only to meet with ur top flaccidness?? How will u like that?

          A good btm knows how to suck it up and for heavens sake pretend to be on cloud 9. If u just lie down there chances are u will succeed in deflating ur boo’s ego. Next tin u knw he’s no longer interested in sex wit u and goes outside…all bcos u couldnt practice what housewives have learnt for years.

          Btw if he’s not getting it right, part of ur job as a good bottom is to show him what to do. Not just lie down there and expect him to miraculously knw what stimulates u

          • JoshDeity
            December 04, 08:48 Reply

            If I may…
            Any top who needs a housewife should go and get one. They’re everywhere these days.
            But I support the last part halfheartedly. Both sexual partners should talk about what stimuli they want…and keep going at the sex.

          • ikhines
            December 04, 12:36 Reply

            I agree with you ken. Imagine sucking a dick like your life depended on it and i’m there flaccid AF and probably biting my nails and yawning.

  2. Zage
    December 04, 05:58 Reply

    And most especially when he goes on and on and still does not cum.

  3. JustJames
    December 04, 06:17 Reply

    Happened once to me.. I started to read the writing on a calender.

      • #Chestnut
        December 04, 07:00 Reply

        PP,steady tryna’ start somethin’ since 1991…*sips lemonade*

        • Pink Panther
          December 04, 07:01 Reply

          I’m just 1991.
          You’ve being starting somethin’s since 12 AD.

  4. john
    December 04, 07:23 Reply

    lol. some tops go dey delay cum, bottom self go don tire.

    • bruno
      December 04, 09:17 Reply

      lol! this. abeg sometimes a top should leave to leave when the ovation is loudest.

  5. Nightwing
    December 04, 07:25 Reply

    Hahaha, this usually happens when a guy takes forever to cum. Even good dickings become boring when he keeps pounding for up to an hour, I don’t get why people have to take so long to cum, did someone close the flood gate? ?

    • Peak
      December 04, 07:36 Reply

      He cums quickly, una go put am for headline news the next day.
      He cums late, while hitting all walls like Y’all “demanded”, una go write endless petitions.

      A brother can never win with you guys.

      • Mandy
        December 04, 07:43 Reply

        Lol. Peak, there’s something to be said for moderation. A brother who’s pounding for an hour before coming has to explain what it is he wants to dig out from the bottom’s ass. There’s acceptable late cum, and there’s late cum that’s just not acceptable. I don’t think there’s any Bottom who likes a Top going at his ass for the length of time it takes the Bottom to wonder if he thinks he’s fucking a vagina

        • Max
          December 04, 08:02 Reply

          I don’t get this thing with people not liking long sessions? As long as you’re still enjoying it, why stop?
          Even if it takes hours..
          Oh and FYI, if you feel so much discomfort while taking a D, then you shouldn’t be doing that in the first place. Some ppls ass was meant for sex, I think taking a D should be left for them.
          Everyone should know their place and stop forming #BaddestBitchEverLiveth when they can’t even take a D for 30minutes without turning into that aweful image above.

          • Chuck
            December 04, 14:03 Reply

            Bottoms in Lagos don’t even know how to prepare for dick. To avoid beans, I often ask a few questions. The answers often reveal that a hookup with some bottoms is not advisable.

            • Max
              December 04, 14:39 Reply

              I agree, most of them just want dick in their dirty ass.. Tueh

            • posh6666
              December 04, 14:44 Reply

              Chuck you are finding trouble oh the association of lagos dirty bottoms will soon come for your head especially the fat pig looking one lol

      • Peak
        December 04, 08:33 Reply

        @Mandy, to be honest, I respect limits and moderation. But nigga be in the street acting like they are about that life. They would put you and ur business out in the street with the quickness of fuel and fire if u ain’t hitting it right. Case in point, the above picture.
        Like Max said if you can’t go all the way, biko state it, let it be known and leave the D slayage for the real slayers. Don’t be mouthing of like a chariot when you can’t take a trek. I’d would respect you more if you say you are a “side” and don’t do penetration. Bottoms are MVP in my book, and dealing with imposters is no fun. You really should see when these guys are sniffing you out and bragging like they are the horse men of death. 5 minutes in and the are tapping out.
        A guy (A versatile at that) once referred to guys like that as “Lazy bitches”, and I see no lies in that.

    • charis
      December 04, 08:34 Reply

      When the ass becomes open and loose… cum becomes hard to achieve as no friction…

  6. Jon Snow
    December 04, 07:35 Reply

    Aunty Pinky I saw what you did there…

  7. Oturugbeke!
    December 04, 07:41 Reply

    Hahaha! This is so true especially when the penis is like a finger nail and you just give ass to fulfil al righteousness. Una dooooh oh!

    • JoshDeity
      December 04, 08:20 Reply

      LMAO ??

      Once upon a time, a certain top’s finger actually did a better job than his D… ?

  8. Nightwing
    December 04, 07:56 Reply

    Sadly I sorta agree with peak, some guys actually prefer when a guy fucks for long, I don’t know where they purchased their lust for dicks from, but some people would like everything wrapped up in I dunno 45 mins foreplay included. Especially if he’s the rough kind who pounds like it’s a porn video.

  9. Brian Collins
    December 04, 08:03 Reply

    Any guy that makes me feel like this is gonna be kicked to the curb #totheleft

  10. Dennis Macaulay
    December 04, 08:14 Reply

    Awon Power Bottoms Inc.

    Can you ever be pleased?

    Abeg lemme enjoy my celibacy

    • Colossus
      December 04, 12:04 Reply

      Ok, I nearly choked on reading this.

  11. Chizzie
    December 04, 08:22 Reply

    Most times after a while the pumping gets exhausting and I just lay there waiting for him to cum. And I don’t know why our Nigerian tops don’t cum early, going at it like it is a vagina.. Some will even want to kill you in the process of fucking. Please awon tops, sometimes take it easy. It is an ass not a vagina ?????

    • Max
      December 04, 09:35 Reply

      Asses aren’t muscular like vagina and makes it hard to build up enough stimulation needed to get you to Orlando. So yeah, thats why it takes a while to cum. You gotta pound it like fufu, like your life depends on it.

      • Chizzie
        December 04, 10:50 Reply

        Looool @ pound like fufu. But they always say ass feels better than vag? Please ndi bisexuals you are needed here

        • Peak
          December 04, 11:56 Reply

          As far as I know, warner, tighter ( normal circumstances) and has better suction.

          • Mandy
            December 04, 14:29 Reply

            All hail Peak the connoisseur!

      • Aj
        December 04, 17:16 Reply

        Taaaah… I disagree. Its all about feeling. You’re meant to enjoy sex, not pound hard. Wallai, when a top pounds too much and too hard, it gets tiring. Besides, you’ve a lube accessible to you. If you aren’t feeling it, lubricate the ass and continue. Stop punishing yourself. Your waist is vital. Why give yourself stress?

  12. Terra
    December 04, 08:24 Reply

    There are times when you’d just not be feeling it. But really though, if the top is hitting it right, why would anyone become a lifeless doll?

    • Peak
      December 04, 08:38 Reply

      I taya ooo

      It could be that their anal walls have collapsed, so they have little or no sensation down there. #itcouldbe

  13. bruno
    December 04, 09:25 Reply

    if by bad, you mean boring please switch positions. you have like 999 of them to choose from.

    sex is actually only really bad when it starts to hurt. in that case you shouldn’t just lie down there. you should end the session so you can live to bottom another day…

    • Mandy
      December 04, 11:28 Reply

      LMAO @ so u can live to bottom another day

  14. KingBey
    December 04, 09:56 Reply

    Oh how I dread bad sex. OAN, I’m currently crushing on this cute, sexy secondary school twink on my street. He’s in SS2. *waves at Dennis*

    • Sinnex
      December 04, 10:13 Reply

      That means he is like 15…and I thought something was wrong with me!

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 04, 11:39 Reply


      Don’t wave at me! I don’t pursue kids in ss3 biko!

      You are alone on this

      **raises chin and unlooks**

    • Chuck
      December 04, 14:05 Reply

      Ndi Audu are on this blog too!

  15. Sinnex
    December 04, 10:20 Reply

    That’s what happens when you decide to use Sprite mixed with Viagra instead of going with the natural flow. Some guys are sinister, that was how one guy pushed a guy off him when he refused to cum after some time. The guy was erect till the next day and he couldn’t sleep. Wanking and sucking could not even make him cum. No one should ask me what I was doing in a room with 2 guys having sex.

    If you are bored and not feeling it, why don’t you just get up?

    • ambivalentone
      December 04, 11:44 Reply

      So, what were u doing in a rm with two guys who were having sex? *sips on tea*

  16. Dennis Macaulay
    December 04, 11:40 Reply

    Ultimately people should have conversations before sex; what you like and what you don’t. Teach people to pleasure you and be very vocally expressive during sex so we don’t have scenarios like this.

    I always try to find out what my partner likes, saves me a world of trouble!

  17. ambivalentone
    December 04, 11:54 Reply

    Big dick, bad sex, long staying powers…the only responses u will be getting from me, asides laying like a corpse is ‘yeeee!!! oga, gently jare’
    Good sex has had me curling my toes, arching my back and having multiple orgasms. Abeg, blame the tops.

    Jokes apart, I think u can tell a good experience from what happens b4 d whole sex proper. Some just lose interest the minute the mouth is open. Others, when the shirt goes off. Tops, u must av done something wrong to be humping a log

  18. Dickson Clement
    December 04, 12:07 Reply

    1hour?, is that even possible? People pounding for an hour? God increase me strength!! By the way, the ass and the vagina have almost similar epithelium!! (covering), so what a woman can do,A man can do it better!!

  19. Colossus
    December 04, 12:09 Reply

    Discussions before sex? What are we about to take, an oral exam? Go with the flow, if he is good, he’ll stimulate you long enough to enjoy it. Find his pleasure points and even if you’re pumping him hard for 30mins straight, use the pleasure points to distract him from the pain.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 04, 12:36 Reply

      I believe in pre-sex dialogue Oga, it makes things easy.

      For instance, I like S and M and I have to be sure you like it before I slap and choke you mid sex!

      Dialogue makes everything easier

      • Colossus
        December 04, 13:50 Reply

        Dialogue takes out the pre sex fun. S&M is clearly a whole different thing, if you’ve got a sex dungeon at least that’s bound to come up. But holding his neck at an almost strangling degree? Don’t we all do that?

      • posh6666
        December 04, 14:18 Reply

        Lmao Slap and choke? Eziokwu! Odin ma hope you also like to receive the slaps and the choking and not just one way?

  20. Delle
    December 04, 12:50 Reply

    Hahahaha this photo killed me!
    Well, I believe there really is nothing like BAD SEX. Your predisposition matters before sex. If it’s a guy you absolutely love, no matter how poor he is at handling you, it’s glorious. Personally, no matter how the sex is, I moan (more like squeal). Maybe we should learn the art of MOANING (many Nigerian gay guys don’t, even when it’s a pleasurable sex). It’s encouraging, it’s stimulating and rejuvenating.
    When I’m having sex (ordinary ones) and I just need it done and over with, I enter the MOAN and SQUEAL mode. It gets them going and for all of y’all complaining about the tops not cumming in time, try this.
    Reading a magazine or fantasising shopping with your friends at that time is just WICKED!
    I’m a good lad. Mmhmm.

    • Bret Hart
      December 04, 14:23 Reply

      I agree with you on this .a bottom’s ringtone is really essential. I don’t wanna be banging someone and I’ll be hearing “Haa haaa, yeee, yeee.” ;*
      Give me some “”oohs and uhhs”” on a sexy whisper mode, and you’ll get the best sex ever from me.

  21. Bret Hart
    December 04, 14:29 Reply

    For someone like me who has got it long, thick and curved. .. I’ve never had a bottom laying down like a log…. you’ve got to feel the heat.. …
    I’m also a very active person during sex, always changing styles and rhythm in accordance to the music playing in the background. …….you definitely gotta feel it……

    • posh6666
      December 04, 14:33 Reply

      Hahaha odikwa risky! See stylish selling of market oh.My broda dont worry am sure some will get back to you through pinkie to buy what you are selling,and we will still be here to hear the full gist after…

      • Dennis Macaulay
        December 04, 15:25 Reply

        I thot I was the only one who saw the advert!

        Awon Power Bottoms, see free meat!

        Buzz PP Now

        • JoshDeity
          December 04, 15:37 Reply

          How do I buzz PP o?
          I’m going to need some action in the land of the valley of the shadow of death that I’m moving to.

          • posh6666
            December 04, 15:54 Reply

            Excusez moi?this isnt a hookup site we were only joking.

  22. Arya Stark
    December 04, 15:42 Reply

    Hmmmmmm! To me though, the stuff in that pic happens for different reason, could be;
    ” broda! Just fuck and gimme the money make I commot for here joor.” And to someone else it could be;
    ” bros!!! you no wan come since? I don come tay tay leave you.”
    I think why nigerian guys don’t moan, squeal, squeak, shout, scream or whatever they call sex noise is coz of the place of sex, to me anyways, I can’t imaging shouting to my bae
    “Oooh baby harder!!!! Yes! Ooh yeah!, faster” when he have neighbours or family or peeps nearby, can’t even moan self and one soon gets used to a noiseless sex! The kind the do in paris….ooh not paris the Kind sex Eugenia And Chidi Nebo the assumed perfect couple from the movie ‘The Visit’

  23. Dick Advocate
    December 04, 18:21 Reply

    No power bottom Talkess ordinary bottom tries this nonsense with me.. Even ladies that like to form. Just the tip of my Dick and they strt their ring tones ‘ohss’ ‘Aaahhhs’

    Im not called Dick Advocate for nothing.

  24. Swiss
    December 05, 21:17 Reply

    Stop all this trash talk. you don’t expect me to pretend to enjoy terrible sex even after I have gone all out on foreplay. I pay with foreplay and you pay with good dick’in.

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