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  1. Magdiva
    April 29, 05:26 Reply

    Saw this yesterday and my first reactions were anger and disgust at their misplaced priorities. But someone threw a different spin on it and said that this is the new way of seeking for asylum abroad.

    Take out an ad, then attach it to your application showing your life is in danger etc. I do hope it’s not true

      • Magdiva
        April 29, 05:40 Reply

        I know right. Like totally messed up if true. But apparently she sees a lot of these cases. Like the gay Nigerian that was arrested for raping a female in Ireland ….. Had a baby mama.

        OAN has anyone watched bridegroom?? It’s on Netflix and full version also on YouTube. Highly recommend. I bawled like a 3 year old yesterday ?

      • Peak
        April 29, 18:01 Reply

        @Magdiva, Just saw the documentary. Words can’t begin to express how touching that documentary is, it’s the most moving and heart felt thing I have every seen in my life.

        “His was Tom and he was my Life”

        • Magdiva
          April 30, 02:50 Reply

          @Peak it so is. Like I honestly cannot remember when I felt this emotional over a story. I know it ain’t the same, but I’m glad they documented their lives together albeit short. At least he still has those memories and I’m glad he shared it with the world

          Which has made my mid-year resolution to be to capture every precious moment with my loved one(s) on video and pictures.

          And I’m getting too many mentions on one thread. I feel I should start charging for people calling out my name

          Pete and Delle kiss and make up, life ain’t that serious. It’s all love and cupcakes xx (Pete cracked me up with that comment though) ?

  2. Keredim
    April 29, 06:18 Reply

    I can’t believe this is true.???

    And yet the absurdity of it, makes @Magdiva’s explanation plausible.

    Either way, shame it has had to come to this.

  3. ArabianPrincess
    April 29, 07:30 Reply

    it could have been put up by family members…..I remember when I was outed to my family and I was forming “born this way”, my father printed posters of my picture, with the words “face of a homosexual” on top, my name, matriculation number, department…..he was gonna write a petition too to the school authority accusing them of harbouring gay people… took my uncles’ intervention for the matter to settle……and that was my reset button

    • ArabianPrincess
      April 29, 07:34 Reply

      OAN, that David Gold D was chatting me up….see the bastard was claiming to be a pediatrician. He’s so fucking smooth….I quickly gathered my abaya and ran for my life.

    • Francis
      April 29, 10:26 Reply

      Wow! This your story is some scary shit. So how are things now?

        • Francis
          April 29, 12:27 Reply

          So we are now straight as an arrow in the eyes of father dearest?

          • ArabianPrincess
            April 29, 14:43 Reply

            I sent you sneak peeks some times last year…wasn’t able to complete it..but I’ll start writing

      • Peak
        April 29, 12:29 Reply

        I am with you on scary

    • daleen
      April 29, 19:39 Reply

      really? wow. Thats some stuff right there. i cant imagine that happening to me

  4. Mitch
    April 29, 07:42 Reply

    What can be more astoundingly stupid than this? I’m forced to recall Tiercel de Claron’s words, “Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you’ll find a Nigerian reversing at a roundabout.”


  5. Francis
    April 29, 10:29 Reply

    This matter is very simple. If I be police I go follow the matter up find out who put up the ad and make the person suffer. Mscheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

    That’s if the ad na asylum application material

  6. Delle
    April 29, 10:49 Reply

    Huh? You know, it would have been a whole lot better if it was Bestial activities she was wanted for, but this? Putting a young woman on the run for this?
    Where are we headed in this country? The person who put this up isn’t just demented, but is to be lynched for being so brainless!

    I wonder what would have happened if she was accused of being involved with just a girl…smh

    • pete
      April 29, 11:01 Reply

      Delle, I mean this in a good way. You always seem to run with one side of a story. Magdiva gave a plausible explanation. We don’t really know the full story.

      • Keredim
        April 29, 11:05 Reply


        • Mandy
          April 29, 12:48 Reply

          Hehehehee. Keredim sef, you’re just a winch.

      • Peak
        April 29, 12:32 Reply

        LOL, Pete and Keredim, Abeg wetin Delle do una bikonu?

      • Delle
        April 29, 13:24 Reply

        No Pete, this is you just wanting to say something cos Delle is involved.
        Contrary to what your brain tells you, I don’t run with ‘one side’ of a story, I go with what I read and what I read here (the entry that is), has no Magdiva on it. Bye now.

        • Tiercel de Claron
          April 29, 18:36 Reply

          Learn to let it all sink in Delle,before you let your fingers run.
          This is not about anyone picking on you.

          • Delle
            April 29, 20:05 Reply

            Learn not to leave your brain out when you want to say something to me cos I don’t see any reason why u shouldn’t firstly heed to that exact piece of shit you call advice.
            Nd no, no one is picking on me. Wrong again.

            • Mitch
              April 29, 23:21 Reply

              Delle, calm down! Sometimes opinions are just that, opinons. Not everyone is the big bad wolf out to eat Little Delle. Please. This reaction of yours is not just uncalled for but is also uncanny and most definitely doesn’t present you in the best light.

      • Mitch
        April 29, 23:34 Reply

        Pete, I get that you and Delle may never see eye to eye. However, trying too hard to belittle him at every turn makes you look small and extremely petty. Delle’s comment was made on the assumption that the ad was placed by the police which was the same notion Pink Panther and heck, virtually all of us, had upon seeing that post at first. MagDiva merely saw it from a different perspective, one which is quite plausible. It still doesn’t negate that it may really have something to do with the police. Belittling him because he has a prejudice against the police – Heck! Which of us doesn’t? – is neither fair to him nor speaks highly of you.

        • Delle
          April 30, 00:06 Reply

          Mitch you know me. I’m just tired of letting it slide. They keep coming for me for reasons I don’t even know (not like I’ve offended any of them), I’ve got to lash out too u know. It’s skin I’ve got, not plastic.

          • Mitch
            April 30, 00:37 Reply

            Babe, camdan! I understand. I’m just saying you should try…..

        • pete
          May 01, 07:52 Reply

          Mitch, I don’t know how you got this idea that I & Delle do not see eye to eye or that I always pick on him. It’s not true. I’ve nothing against any KDian. I don’t even know most of them & I’m the last person to get into a virtual fight with anyone.
          Delle, you misunderstood my comment. I feared such will happen that was why I started it the way I did. I mean no harm.

    • JustJames
      April 29, 12:32 Reply

      I guess lynching is bad only when gay people are involved.

      Wish I had access to whatsapp’s Eyesrolling emoji.

      • Delle
        April 29, 13:25 Reply

        Maybe you should ‘wish’ to stop replying any of my comments, let’s start from there.

  7. Peak
    April 29, 12:37 Reply

    Please can someone explain to me what kind of sensible editor in chief of a news paper house, who is definitely educated, has experience a certain degree of exposure, give approval to run a mindless publication like this?

    • Francis
      April 29, 12:39 Reply

      Just like the average Naija blogger, they are out to make money no matter the consequences

    • Pink Panther
      April 29, 12:55 Reply

      As in eh, Peak! The first time I saw this, I wondered how the entire publishing team were able to print this with a straight face

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