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  1. Rehoboth
    June 08, 08:08 Reply

    I know this was meant as a joke but are we allowed to use stereotypes on ourselves and get annoyed when others use it?

    • Francis
      June 08, 08:17 Reply

      Even a woman or a straight man would think twice before kicking a ball around in a pair of Gucci.

      To answer your question, yes we are…..just like white folks can’t be using the word nigga or talking anyhow about blacks & watermelon and fried chicken

    • Mandy
      June 08, 08:19 Reply

      Yes. Sorta like how blacks can use the word ‘nigger’ on themselves but the whites can’t.

  2. IBK
    June 08, 08:16 Reply

    This is me without the Gucci part.. A ball lands in front of me and I forget how to use my feet. If I’m feeling gracious I throw it back which is better because I could end up kicking the ball farther away from the pitch.

  3. Quinn
    June 08, 11:34 Reply

    Haha, v funny, though I know how to kick the ball right back at them?, even if it’ll still look funny.

  4. ambivalentone
    June 08, 11:36 Reply

    After many misses, I learnt the hard way kicking a ball to help soccer players is not for me.

  5. omiete
    June 08, 13:48 Reply

    This is so me. One time as i was passing by a field i put on my ear piece on purpose even tho it wasn’t connected to my phone or any device for that matter. just so that i will pretend not to hear them. Before Somebody will come and laugh at me for not kicking the ball well.

  6. Delle
    June 08, 17:00 Reply

    You know, I usually did that. Pick the ball and kick it into the air with so much excitement (my closest to being Messi, I guess?). But after a gash on my skull which I got after a very wonderful miss, only if you are mad that you would expect I kick the ball to you.

    There’s a reason I hate football. ???

  7. Hilanzok
    June 09, 05:23 Reply

    I totally and honestly agree with Rehoboth. why should we use stereotypes on ourselves (even if it’s comical), and feel okay about it. Then feel transgressed when it is directed at us from people outside our social class. I have always been of the school of thought that whatever is wrong is wrong no matter the justification, so blacks calling themselves nigga or watermelon or fried chicken, and feeling okay about it while getting offended at whites or non blacks for doing the same thing is totally a case of cluelessness and lack of ideological bearing. same with the LGBT community. whatever is wrong is wrong.

  8. Rich
    June 09, 21:05 Reply

    @hilanzok you’re wrong. Keep the school of thought in your pocket and embrace reality.

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