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Lol. This is such an insult. Chai.

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Photo: Previously on Grindr II

He likes to de-stress in a guy’s mouth. Charming. Any takers?

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Photo: What Bachelor Are You?

Lol. Oya o. This is for us in #TeamSingle. What category of bachelor are you or do you aspire to be before you succumb to #TeamMGM

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  1. Sinnex
    August 20, 08:15 Reply

    I am sure this pix actually turned some people on.

    See how the dog position wella more than what some people can do. You’d keep on asking them to change positions as if you are directing a porn video.

  2. kacee
    August 20, 08:27 Reply

    Chizus this picture is hilarious….

  3. Ringlana
    August 20, 09:23 Reply

    I can’t fake sleep,but gona Position. Wella , Ecstasy

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