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LOL! Has the hookup ever been so good that you had to ditch your friends to meet the appointment? 😀

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Photo: What Alex Ekubo Could Be Talking About

A KDian sent me the screengrabbed photo below along with the words: “I don’t think he was talking about the clothes, but my mind was miles away from that. I

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LOL! This thing about roles sef.


  1. kendigin
    April 13, 03:58 Reply

    Na wa o…una no de sleep
    Pinkpanther I de suspect u oh. How do u even manage to drag ursef out of bed by 4?

    #still struggling with the sheets#

  2. JArch
    April 13, 04:18 Reply

    This child can like to take two bananas eh

    No wonder his voice is always so fluid and he hits all the right notes. #DoubleLubrication

    • kendigin
      April 13, 04:40 Reply

      Jeez! See ur vivid imaginations….he’s a christian pls (hehehe).
      Well, a christian who loves (penis, that is!)

      • JArch
        April 13, 04:47 Reply

        Looool Ken he loves his blessings in two’s ***flees***

  3. bobby
    April 13, 05:03 Reply

    I had a friend, when he showed me his baby pictures, i found that his favourite toy was a douche. He took it everywhere, to school, church, party, …i laughed and said “Boy!…this is ur destiny! Same thing am gone say for sam smith “Sammy! Stretching ur mouth like that?, like u doing right there?, thats ur destiny baby! Kep stretching. Stretch every hole u gat”

  4. Mitch
    April 13, 05:38 Reply

    Whoa! That’s some heavy stretching

  5. obatala
    April 13, 05:40 Reply

    I always knew the young man had wide potentials.
    in other news.
    am I the only one who heard of someone’s marriage plans?
    Let him just share aso ebi for kdians o. dasall.

      • chestnut
        April 13, 07:28 Reply

        Denrele…he even said his wedding suit is ready…*sips tea*

      • Max
        April 13, 11:54 Reply

        Suit?? Are you sure you didn’t mean gown?

      • chestnut
        April 13, 12:30 Reply

        Lol. Oga himself said it’s a Suit he’ll be wearing that day o; who am I to argue with what the groom himself has said about his own wedding plans,ehn? *still sipping my tea*

  6. Masked Man
    April 13, 05:57 Reply

    Sam is everything orals. From talking to singing, and to….em, singing praises. He knows how to water an eggplant.

  7. Dennis Macaulay
    April 13, 06:18 Reply

    This is scary! Like he will bite off my dick, swallow it and get on stage to perform while i bleed to death. Sorry but I will have to pass

  8. tobby
    April 13, 08:12 Reply

    It’s just a cup in his mouth

  9. Max
    April 13, 11:56 Reply

    As it is in the north, so shall it be in the south. ☺
    I knew the guy was gifted with his mouth.. But didn’t know he was this gifted.

  10. Brian Collins
    April 13, 14:05 Reply

    Max af kii me o. After seeing all the comments here i av got nothing to say.

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