Photo: Still On Korede Bello’s Matter…

Photo: Still On Korede Bello’s Matter…

KD pic 6Gender Hypocrisy… LMAO!!!! Ok, that’s new for me. Guys, is that an actual thing? Help me out here.

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Some people are not just rollerskating their way to hell. They’re already there. LMAO.

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Anybody getting off at this stop? 😀


  1. Raj
    October 14, 06:38 Reply

    Yeah,like having a piercing on ones ear as a dude and a lady on trousers.
    Some persons have got some issues. They will make it to patient x for many medical ailments.

  2. pete
    October 14, 06:45 Reply

    And he’ll be feeling fly having come up with the solution to the eternal question.

  3. Francis
    October 14, 06:49 Reply

    Sapiosexuals of KD ngwanu, assignment dey table. Which one be #GenderHypocrisy?

  4. Max
    October 14, 06:58 Reply

    I can’t this morning, I just can’t.

  5. Sinnex
    October 14, 07:09 Reply

    Since when did straight guys start calling other guys ‘cute’?

    What happened to ‘He looks okay’ or ‘He is good looking’?

    This one that you did not blur his name, seems like you want some people to go and descend on his Facebook Wall.

    • Pink Panther
      October 14, 07:13 Reply

      *smiling coyly and inspecting my manicure* I have no idea what you’re talking about. 🙂

    • McGray
      October 14, 13:55 Reply

      I just only hope ‘PP’s Bae’ is something like ‘People Party Bae’ or ‘Pension Pant Bae’ and not ‘Pinkpanther’s bae’ because Pinky is meant for me and me alone! *People should warn him oo*

  6. Duke
    October 14, 07:12 Reply

    I am weak. My brain cells drained like a ?. Gender hypocrisy my left ass cheek.

  7. Mike Daemon
    October 14, 07:13 Reply

    I really do not listen or watch Nigerian films and music videos or listen to their songs and I have never seen the said video, but if Koredo did what that guy is talking about, then I think it strikes a cord and sends a strong signal that its high time we see an openly gay and successful Nigerian singer, grace the Nigerian music scene. Time don reach. #VISIBILITY

    • ken
      October 14, 07:21 Reply

      Hellooooo…have been living under a rock?? 2 words: DENRELE EDUN

      • Max
        October 14, 08:50 Reply

        @Ken, is Denrele a singer?

        • ken
          October 14, 15:54 Reply

          @max Kweshon for d gods

          He’s close enough. He’s been feautured in several videos. And if that doesnt do it for u, how about Charly boy??

  8. PP's bae
    October 14, 07:15 Reply

    oga straight guy emmmm ur talking about a supposed feminine guy….and you used words like”turn off”..”cute”….”handsome”…..who is the hypocrite biko?…

    • Francis
      October 14, 07:32 Reply

      Wait oh, please what is wrong with such compliments directed at some one of the same sex?

  9. Mitch
    October 14, 07:21 Reply

    Hian ehhh! Oh church! I haff hear a new one today. *looking for my vocab book to add gender hypocrisy*

    Some people can just like to mumu-lize for Africa.

  10. Rev; Hot
    October 14, 07:50 Reply

    Abeg, Korede don’t mind them ….. they are what you call E.P – Enemy of Progress…… gerrarrahere!

  11. posh6666
    October 14, 07:57 Reply

    Actually alot of straight guys use the word fineboy or cute its just that we the gays always wish for more since for some reasons alot of gay guys are turned on by the notion of converting straight guys…so its no biggie!

  12. Dennis Macaulay
    October 14, 08:01 Reply

    Eh kwa? My own Korede? My very own baby? Who wants to die this morning? That video gives me life and vitality! The things I have done to Korede in my head will make an escort blush!

    E dey do like woman or not, leave am like that, we like am! E no consyn you

    **inserts very long hiss**

    • #Chestnut
      October 14, 08:06 Reply

      Hahaha…DM,these pipu haff finished ur little rabbit for u! Wee u kip kwayet?

      • Dennis Macaulay
        October 14, 08:17 Reply

        My God will ansa them! My god that is delivering KB to me in a perfume box will destroy them!

        Ndi ala

    • Brian Collins
      October 14, 09:09 Reply

      Hehehe, i knew Dennis was going IN on this one. Saw KB at Glo Laffta Fest and i maybe saw why Dennis may be obsessed.

  13. Chizzie
    October 14, 09:43 Reply

    I think Gender Hypocrisy makes a lot more sense than the tautology ridden “Internalized Homophobia” that was coined here, and is used profusely to explain anything from a headache to a preference of small penis over large penis.

    So yes Emmy, well said. Gender hypocrisy is a legit an issue in our society.

    • Pink Panther
      October 14, 09:57 Reply

      Uh, Chizzie, Internalized Homophobia wasn’t coined here. And the idea of internalized homophobia is VASTLY different from what is to be understood from what this guy means by Gender Hypocrisy.
      And I find it funny that you concede to be an issue something that didn’t even exist until some Facebooker coined it, but sneeze at Internalized Homophobia, a very real issue with gay men.
      Funny really.

      • Chizzie
        October 14, 11:09 Reply

        I was being sarcastic, or is that also not allowed again?

      • Sinnex
        October 14, 11:12 Reply

        Somborri is looking for troubles

      • Chizzie
        October 14, 11:18 Reply

        Plus why is it called internalized homophobia when it can just be called homophobia? . You don’t see people accusing Raven Simone of “internalized racism” with all her black racial remarks. She gets accused of racism instead.

        Regardless of who ever coined it or where ever, “internalized homophobia” sounds so unflattering and ridiculous

        • Henrie
          October 15, 06:16 Reply

          Would you say there is nothing like internalized homophobia?

  14. Teflondon
    October 14, 11:39 Reply

    one simple word for this dude… ‘Madness’

    why someone gets bothered or riled up about how someone else chooses (or not) to live their lives, bits me every-time! i mean. Are your OWN problems and issues in life not enough to be bothered about.

    this applies to some people in the house also. No shade intended but if the shoes fits, feel free to lace it up!

  15. Giselle
    October 14, 12:16 Reply

    One thing I have observed with most Nigerians with this gay issue is that some people choose to hate because it’s in VOGUE(copy-copy). Most of them spew their hatred because they wanna be applauded by their fellow straight pals and seen as a contributor to the hatred against the gay movement.

    • Francis
      October 14, 15:39 Reply

      No be lie. Brings back memories of one of my colleagues in med school then that threatened to mess me up if I dare come out as gay just like some gay latinos had done. He was obsessed with awon homophobic rappers as they were in vogue amongst Nigerians in school then. Nigga just had to feel among. Lol.

      Years later, he don mature and doesn’t even give a rat’s ass about gay peeps. He just stays focused on his own grind. Everybody do ya thing.

    • Henrie
      October 15, 06:19 Reply

      Thabk you. Some of them aren’t even really homophobes. Like i once said, many Nigerians will support gay marriage if Buhari mistakenly decides to. Its all part of the herd mentality found among the unconsciously ignorant masses.

  16. Delle
    October 14, 12:41 Reply

    This straight guy needs some ‘straightening’ and thanks Pinky for not blurring his name…I’m so in the mood to have a duel!
    What rubbish! Arrant nonsense! Highest bigotry of all time! Dis is preposterous! Brain flaming! I can’t believe that psychopath would say such about my personal ‘Korede Bello’ (please don’t ask why I used ‘personal’…lol). But his reference to Korede’s bad dance step (yeah it was horrible to me tho) as girly is TEBIRRLE! I’d be right back *logging into facebook*

    • Brian Collins
      October 14, 13:35 Reply

      Aunty calm ya tits. People be coming here to rant and rave against homophobic heteros. What are you doing about it in real life?

      • Delle
        October 14, 14:39 Reply

        Brian I actually (and I’m being sincere here) have zero tolerance to those nit-wits and that’s the truth. I don’t spare a moment before giving them a piece of my bile.
        Ask questions sweet.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      October 14, 13:45 Reply

      “Your personal Korede Bello”?

      Sweetheart you don’t want me as an enemy! You will not survive to tell the story! Tread carefully

      • Delle
        October 14, 14:36 Reply

        Hahaha sweetheart. You can’t have what’s already given out. Anyway, I’d come for you later…I’m still ironing some shit with that sick dude up there!

  17. kacee (delle's Bae)
    October 14, 12:55 Reply

    oooo bless your soul, people wont shut their trap called MOUTH *frowns* #ICANTDEAL

  18. Khaleesi
    October 14, 14:29 Reply

    some people barely have any brain function other than hate and bigotry; you wonder how they have been able to survive thus far with such severe intellectual impairment …. Mtchwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  19. Ringlana
    October 14, 21:33 Reply

    To “We” Cute is somfin else…”We” have oyr Own Dictionary. PP u no see my Mail?

  20. Henrie
    October 15, 06:24 Reply

    Sounds like bottom wanting Korede to man-up, act like a “man”, so he’d stay attracted to him. Who knows, this could be his gayness speaking?

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