Fitness Champ Nayanah Is Tired Of “Sexually Sick” Gay “Perverts” Ogling His Racy Photos

Fitness Champ Nayanah Is Tired Of “Sexually Sick” Gay “Perverts” Ogling His Racy Photos

Bodybuilding champion Jerome Michael Nayanah wants the world to know: He’s not into that gay shit!

The popular Durban/South Africa fitness pro received criticism last week after launching into an antigay tirade on Facebook, calling gay people “sexually sick perverts” and blaming them for the spread of HIV.

In the post, Nayanah, who likes to post racy pictures of himself on Instagram, said he was responding to someone who allegedly published pictures and contact info for him on a gay website without his consent. As a result, he claims he received “hundreds of calls” from gay men who wanted to “hook up,” some of whom went so far as to send him erotic pictures.

“Again, someone has put my details and pics on a sex website and my phone has been ringing, non stop,” Nayanah seethed. “They are mostly homosexuals.”

He went on to say that gay men spread HIV, are “not normal,” “promiscuous,” “disgusting,” and are “sexually sick perverts.” Oh, and they “need Jesus.”

After the post went viral, the fitness champ tried claiming his profile had been hacked. Following that, Ultimate Fitness Durban, where Nayanah works, waded in on the controversy.

In a statement, the company claimed “Jerome has been targeted for months by a few bad apples in the gay community and the built up frustration led to an outburst on social networking. Some of the statements made were harsh but [were] due to 1st [sic] hand experience of the persistence of certain gay men on well sculpted straight men.”

The statement continued: “As for people being labelled homophobic, I don’t see how straight men who are frustrated by gay men persistantly [sic] pursuing them are quickly labelled homophobic.”

Nayanah’s Facebook profile has since been deleted.

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  1. pete
    October 14, 06:38 Reply

    “As for people being labelled homophobic, I don’t see how straight men who are frustrated by gay men persistantly [sic] pursuing them are quickly labelled homophobic.”

    I concur with this. He simply lashed out.

  2. drizzle
    October 14, 06:39 Reply

    This shit aint easy.. We deal with a lot of things daily, some we are totally responsible for.

  3. Max
    October 14, 07:01 Reply

    Dunno what to say.

  4. Duke
    October 14, 07:09 Reply

    Just visited his profile. Hahahaha… The comments went in on him. He has nothing close to David, so I’ll pass on his Indian homophobic ass.

  5. ken
    October 14, 07:15 Reply

    He is definitely gay!
    Real straight men dont really care

  6. ken
    October 14, 07:17 Reply

    Btw pinkpanther I totally think u deserve an award…this blog diegwu o!!

      • ken
        October 14, 15:51 Reply

        My dear it didnt easy
        To be consistently editing, updating and even following up. I give u hand!

        For me, my adhd usually kicks in after the first…oh wow do I see nice shoes there*

  7. #Chestnut
    October 14, 08:00 Reply

    Well,as for posting “racy” pics of himself,that’s kinda his job; he has to show what he’s selling to his clients (no,not sex,FITNESS). Tiny underwear is essentially the body builders’ work-uniform.
    OAN: na wah o,so it’s not only in naija that some gay men relentlessly pursue (apparently) straight men who don’t want to do? Hmm…

  8. Dennis Macaulay
    October 14, 08:15 Reply

    Would you abuse women too if they “relentlessly pursue you”? Will you say they are not normal and sick and spread HIV? Let’s be logical please and call a spade a spade; homophobia is homophobia.

    If a gay man propositions you, just decline without calling him sick and a “spreader” of HIV, don’t excuse your hate and bigotry!

    It’s the people who hustle his akpan ass that I blame! Mstchew, see as e be like fufu pounder!


    • Max
      October 14, 08:35 Reply

      Already checked out his page and unlike the countless hunks I usually spend a lot time on their page, I closed his in less than a minute. He’s not attractive to me. There’s too much going on in so many places, too many muscles in all the wrong places, I think I’ll pass. And also accusing gay people of spreading HIV (his account was hacked-my-Ass) was really low of him. People target famous people when they want to hack and hacking isn’t very easy to do. Up until this morning, I didn’t even know him and I’m sure by tomorrow morning, I would’ve forgotten all about his homophobic concrete ass.

    • Brian Collins
      October 14, 13:38 Reply

      Dennis, don’t you want to add fufu pounding Akpan to yam pounding and car washing ‘Akpans’?

    • Henrie
      October 15, 06:30 Reply

      Thank you. Lets call stupid what it is..

  9. Sinnex
    October 14, 08:21 Reply

    Some gay guys sef get wahala jare.

  10. PP's bae
    October 14, 08:31 Reply

    he should jes go and take several sits biko…he nor fine reach.

  11. Delle
    October 14, 12:29 Reply

    Normally this would have pissed the shit off me…but the guy isn’t even worth a single anger streak of mine! Eeewwwgly thing!
    And come o…what’s with all these douchebags insulting gays and claiming their accounts were hacked? Mtchheeeww lying scoundrels.
    Its shaa the fault of some gay guys…I don’t know who in his right thinking mind go after this pile of bricks! Sicko!

  12. Teflondon
    October 14, 12:54 Reply

    Deluded-Sick-Bricklike-Thing (and this is me being nice)

    Really? Sick perverts that (gain joy) in spreading HIV?? he had to go that low. shame on his concrete looking self. shame on you Mr i-dont-know-who-you-is-and-dont-even-care-to-know
    i don’t blame him, i blame the shameless gay people that go about on the net or in real life disturbing and shamelessly forcing themselves on “straight” guys!
    Yes! i Love me some straight dude but i don’t go about my business shamelessly, i do it with so much class and poise the said ‘straight guy’ would be so gazumped and in awe of my interest.

    I think i should be cloned or something or put a gene or two from me in all gay people (that Loves to disturbs straight folks) so they can learn fast, act like me etc and save us all from these trash we experience from straight folks.

    • #FlyOnTheWall
      October 14, 14:57 Reply

      Will this DNA come with the ability to write English or should I say lack of?

      • Andrevn
        October 14, 16:03 Reply

        @Oga #FlyOnTheWall. Touche’

        Well, I wonder who you are tho. Cos the way you apparate outta thin air sniffing out nsogbu (trouble). Issokway, just continiue.

      • Teflondon
        October 14, 16:49 Reply

        I’m so much in a good place/ period in my life these days.. i can’t be riled up by Nit-wits any more. I’m done about that life long time ago.
        Run Along now…

  13. Henrie
    October 15, 06:31 Reply

    One sentence: This guy is Ugly.

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