President Mugabe Probably Isn’t Too Happy About This Photo

President Mugabe Probably Isn’t Too Happy About This Photo

A photo has been taken of Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe – in which he appears to be wearing a wig and earrings.

The snap of the anti-gay leader – taken by a photographer outside South Africa’s Union Building this morning – is angled so that the leader is stood directly in front of a woman whose hair appears above him.

A perspective trick makes it appear that the hair and earrings are attached to his head, as opposed to behind him.

It’s not the first photo of the leader to circulate online in recent months – a snap of the 91-year-old falling over was spread in February, despite the leader’s best efforts to force photographers to delete the footage.mugabe-falls

Mr Mugabe can take solace in the fact he’s not the only leader to have an embarrassing photo go viral – after some carelessly-positioned toys upstaged North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during a visit to a nursery. (OMG! What are those toys doing? LMAO)Kim-Jong-Un3

Homosexuality is illegal in Zimbabwe and Mugabe has been a staunch promoter of homophobic persecution since he became President in 1987.

Ahead of his re-election campaign last year, he urged for the heads of gay men to be chopped off and said gay people were worse than “pigs, goats and birds”. Mugabe last year threatened to expel any diplomats who mention homosexuality in Zimbabwe, at a speech after his daughter’s wedding reception. He said at the time: “Let Europe keep their homosexual nonsense there and live with it. We will never have it here. The act [homosexuality] is not humane. Any diplomat who talks about homosexuality will be kicked out. There is no excuse and we won’t listen to them.”

He also said that he ‘pities’ the Queen, for having to deal with Britain’s gay habits.

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  1. simba
    April 09, 04:58 Reply

    Luckily he ain’t my grand Papa…..

  2. kendigin
    April 09, 05:22 Reply

    See what pinpanther is putting o. Meanwhile I have sent to pieces since forever.

    #diariz God

  3. #TeamKizito
    April 09, 05:40 Reply

    Lmao. The photos are hilarious!

    He’s dancing Shoki, ah Shoki! He’s got spunk.

    Old thing. Been on that seat even before sweet mum was born.

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 09, 05:43 Reply

      As in eh. Since 1987. That’s like older than my younger brother sef. Can any man love power so much?

  4. Gad
    April 09, 06:12 Reply

    What’s the aim of this post? Humor ?

    • FlyOnTheWall
      April 09, 06:52 Reply

      Actually yes, but i figure somethings go down south when you are getting old!

      Just like Mugabe

      • pinkpanthertb
        April 09, 06:53 Reply

        LOL! Fly, I honestly wished that comment would stand unanswered, a testament of how ageing can turn minds to a ridiculous mess.

      • Max
        April 09, 09:10 Reply

        Lmao @Fly… Loving ur comments.

        • Gad
          April 10, 00:11 Reply

          Not surprised. Two of a kind. Dead losses

          • pinkpanthertb
            April 10, 04:33 Reply

            Get over yourself, old man. Spite doesn’t look good on you.

            • Gad
              April 11, 03:53 Reply

              Yea sure. Spite looks fitting on you. Carry on

  5. chestnut
    April 09, 06:23 Reply

    LMAO @ that Kim Jong Un’s pix. Those toys are too messy!(U can see the blue one winking,with a very cheeky smile; he knows exactly what he’s and kim’s position…u just know that if u scroll down,u’ll see his pants around his ankles,getting head from a stuffed teddy-bear…hehehe #OkBye

  6. Lemuel
    April 09, 07:11 Reply

    At 91 he should be in old pepl’s home.

  7. sinnex
    April 09, 08:20 Reply

    Very funny pix. He looks good as a woman sha. Sexy grandma…

  8. Max
    April 09, 09:08 Reply

    He’s 91 and still alive?… Grim reaper really needs a tutorial on who to come for and who not to.

  9. McGray
    April 09, 09:36 Reply

    Like seriously he ‘Pities’ the Queen?? Lol. Pls i cant laugh now. Ahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaha. I just cant help it abeg. I wonder who deserves pitying between them.

  10. JArch
    April 09, 11:03 Reply

    Meanwhile on Instagram:
    @PrezMugabe #TeamNaturalHair #IWokeUpLikeThis #MakeUpFree #NoFilter

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 09, 11:09 Reply

      Hahahahahahahaa!!! If I get fired for ‘laughterly’ misconduct, I swear I’m coming for you.

      • JArch
        April 09, 11:26 Reply

        I didn’t do anything ooo

        Am sure you’re a big “gurl” you can work things out and get yourself unfired :p

  11. wondabuoy
    April 09, 12:03 Reply

    ” (OMG! What are those toys doing? LMAO)”. You got me there! But seriously, what are they doing?

  12. MacArdry
    April 09, 17:13 Reply

    Ere they egg you on further Fly,that comment is in bad taste.
    And really,there’s no humour to be found in this post.

    • Gerald
      April 10, 01:44 Reply

      @MacArdy, you don’t have to glorify Fly with a response. It’s obvious that he is a new recruit from the gutters who has come to try his hands where the brainless duo has failed woefully. Why won’t they egg him on?

  13. MacArdry
    April 09, 17:16 Reply

    He’s been in power since 1980.First as elected Prime minister,then as president from 1987

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