PURE BLACK GREY (Episode 10)

PURE BLACK GREY (Episode 10)

My first thought as I finally came to was that death felt nothing like I’d imagined.

Next, as my senses slowly came back to me, I realized that death had not taken me yet, and then the pain came. It hit me like I had taken some strong alcohol and I was nursing a terrible hangover. Every muscle on my face felt raw and exposed. My head throbbed vigorously and my breathing was labored. I could feel the blood swirling through my ear drums and my neck with so much force, I thought I’d combust. The ropes restraining my wrists to my sides were hurting me as they had cut deep into my flesh. I could feel my caked blood on my fingers tips.

Everything that had happened prior to my abduction came rushing back. I remembered Maje’s face was the last thing I saw before I was knocked unconscious. I remembered Jovi been on the floor, motionless.


I moaned slowly while trying to block the pain out and finding strength to open my eyes. I couldn’t remember what happened; confusion and disorientation were playing hopscotch on my mind. That was when I heard a movement from somewhere in the room. The sheer sound of foot on the floor sent a shocking wave of fear through every fiber in my body.

“Hello, Moyo.”

I couldn’t place the voice. My abductor walked up to where I was and blew hot air on my face.

“Don’t fight it, Moyo. Don’t try to move too much. Relax. I am here.” His voice was disembodied and emotionless.

I couldn’t hold back the fearful cry that escaped my lips.

He waited, whoever he was waited for me to do whatever it was I wanted to do.

I tried opening my eyes severally, thinking that I must not panic, but I was doused in fear, from head to toe.

He spoke again. “Take a deep breath, and try to remain calm.”

Instead I let out a choked sob and I felt tears cascade down my face. But the feel of the tears on my face stung me. My face was on fire anew. The more I cried, the more I felt my whole face burn.

Why? Why does it hurt so much?

“I know you are scared. I understand it seems difficult right now, but just breathe, and soon the panic will go away.”

I tried to do what I was told.

I finally managed to open my eyes, allowing them to get accustomed to my surroundings. The room was well lit. The air was crisp and clear. I was in the middle of a very large and empty living room, tied to a chair, both hands to its arm rests.

My eyes settled on the one person I least thought would be in the room.

“Bankole…” I croaked.

Bankole stood, towering over me, looking into my eyes, his mien so dark. His eyes roved over my body. Only then did I realise that I was naked. I became drenched by an abrupt despair at how vulnerable I really was. I wanted to stay in control and only one thing, a name, came to mind. I quickly took stock of every pain I was feeling, and fortunately, none was from my ass.

“You’re probably surprised as to what I’m doing here.” He had an evil Cheshire cat smile plastered on his face. “I thought you and your boyfriend would have figured it out by now.”

“Jovi… Where is he? What did you do with him?”

Bankole chuckled before walking away from me to lean on the wall at the other end of the room. “Even with your present situation, you’re still thinking of him? Do you have any sense at all?”

“Just tell me what you did with him.”

“He’s fine. Well, I’d like to think the blow he took to the head didn’t send him to the other side.” Another voice from behind me answered my query.


He took slow deliberate steps past me to stand beside Bankole. He gave me what he thought was a menacing and tough enough stare to scare me. His face was all edges and angles but I wasn’t scared of him. I was confused, but I wasn’t scared.

“Sheesh, Moyo. You should see yourself.” He crinkled his nose as if I was foul.

“Bastard!” I spat.

Bankole and Maje looked at each other for some seconds before bursting into laughter.

“Moyo! Moyo! Moyo! Too bad your smart mouth can’t save you now,” Maje said when he was done laughing. “Cute mouth you’ve got there.”

“You’re sick! You both are sick!” A welcome dose of anger was creeping into my voice and I didn’t hesitate to use it.

This coming from someone who is tied up and is asking after someone else who is probably knocked out forever,” Maje said with a sneer. “You’re a real piece of work.”

“You have me naked and tied up. That is sick. The only sensible thing I can think of is my boyfriend who you harmed. If the tables were turned and Jovi was in your stead, you don’t think I’d ask about you from him?” I pinned my stare on Maje.

“Maybe you’re right. Maybe you’d ask after me.” He paused. “Your boyfriend is fine. He’s at home. He’s probably worried about you. You know, he didn’t know what or who hit him, which has me at an advantage here. He’ll probably go ahead and report that you’re missing but they’ll never find you.”

“What do you want?” I spat. In that moment, I was very angry, really angry at myself. For letting him get close to me. For accepting his hand of friendship during our service year. For vouching for him in front of my father when he needed a job.

“I told you the other day that you’ll be mine, one way or another. But you didn’t believe me.”

I remembered that day vividly. Jovi had walked into our office and found him kissing me.

“So you abducted me? To keep me here for the rest of my life? Are you retarded?”

He gave out a short humourless laugh. “I don’t think you understand what is going on here. I brought you here to kill you.”

Kill me?

He paused again. “Or you don’t think I can?”

“Whoa! Calm down, Maje. We’re not killing him.” There was this undescribable intensity in Bankole’s eyes.

“Aw. But you said they’ll all suffer the same fate,” Maje complained with a pout, his gaze never leaving mine.

“Patience,” Bankole said.

I only stared. The bravado I’d put up a few minutes ago had all but vamoosed with alacrity. When I didn’t say anything, Bankole dropped another bombshell with that smirk registered on his face. The same smirk I had seen many times in the past; but this time the smirk carried something else, something it had never carried before. A hidden evil.

“I killed my nephew, your own best friend. I killed Douglas.”

The news paralysed me. Even though I was tied up, I felt my body go completely limp.

“I was behind the wheels of the tractor that tore him apart.” When I didn’t say anything, he continued, “It felt good. Really good to finally get rid of him. I fucked him one last time. Raw and without mercy. Then I tied him to the iron poles before tearing him apart. Maje here was behind the camera.”

“Yup, I was,” Maje confirmed with a grin. “But you’ll not get off that easily. We have a whole lot planned for you.”

I started hyperventilating before screaming. The tears flowing down my face hurt me but I didn’t care. I simply screamed.

They both broke out into another round of laughter. What I realised in that moment was that they had the whole time in the world to do to me whatever was on their mind.

Bankole didn’t take his dark gaze away from me. He only clapped his hands overenthusiastically like a child who’d been given an unexpected gift. “Why are you screaming? It’s not like anybody can hear you.”

“Why don’t you tell him why his beloved best friend was offed?” Maje said in a conciliatory tone.

“You think he deserves to know?” Bankole asked mockingly.

“I’m sure he’s thinking it.”

I was actually thinking it, wondering why these two bastards murdered my friend.

“Hmm. You’re probably right.” Bankole walked over to where I was tied and hunkered down before me. “It’s simple, really. He wanted to end our relationship. No thanks to you. When I wouldn’t budge, he threatened to tell my wife. I knew it was a bluff but I wasn’t going to take the chance. So I looked up various ways to kill off someone on the internet, but I couldn’t find anything befitting for him. But Maje here came up with this brilliant idea and it blew my mind away.” He chuckled.

This felt like some Hollywood movie – surreal and unimaginable. I didn’t know the mind of Nigerians could be evilly creative. I couldn’t believe how sick they both were or how they knew each other.

“I’m way ahead of you there,” Maje offered.

I turned to face him as he stood beside me, flickering on a cigarette lighter he had produced from his pocket and holding it to my face. A singeing sensation stole across my face as the heat of the little flame did more harm to it. I clenched my teeth so hard, I thought they’d break just so I didn’t show how much pain I was in.

“What?” Maje said. “I know you very well, Moyo. I know you’re thinking how we got to know each other.” He paused and flicked of the lighter. “We are in the same Facebook group with Douglas. We’re friends with some of the group members. Your gist had been circulating among some group members and we got all the necessary information we needed. I didn’t like that you couldn’t see that I was mad over you. I loved you so much that I hated you immensely. Bankole and I had a mutual feeling about you. So here we are.”

I didn’t utter a single word. I just looked at them with pity and sadness. Sadness that Maje felt I hurt him by not giving him a chance to be my lover, and pity that I was hated for the incestuous relationship between a nephew and his uncle. It all felt senseless to me. One lesson I learnt before I was killed though; I really should have minded my business.

“That’s enough talk for now. I bet you’re wondering why your face hurts so much, yeah?” Bankole produced a mirror and brought it to my face. What I saw scared me. I knew there was no way I could survive whatever ordeal they had planned for me.

The outer skin layer on the left side of my face had been skinned off!


I woke up to find myself suspended in the air. The reversed position Douglas had been in before he was torn apart, derriere facing the ceiling. I was held by four chains hanging from the ceiling. The air condition had been turned on and I shivered. My cock was dangling as I was still naked. I managed to look around and I found that I was in another part of the house where I was been held. My abductors were nowhere in sight.

I thought about my life, my childhood, teenage years and adulthood. I thought of my parents, my mother whom I love deeply and my father who I really was never close to. Then I thought of Jovi. The boyfriend I thought I would never have thought would be mine in a million years to come.

Jovi had come into my life when I least expected it. He had lived on my street when I was growing up. I’d had a crush on him for a long time. Never married, had no kids and successful in all ramification. Most of the time, he was annoying but his wit and sarcasm were out of this world. Jovi loved his life. Who he was and who he had become. I knew he loved me too. Too much, if I might add. Yes, the age gap had been an issue for us at some point but somehow, we found a way around it.

Bankole and Maje came back into the room. They were both naked.

Before my mind could grasp what was about to happen, Bankole went for my ass. And he ate it like his life depended on it. His tongue did some fascinating things to my ass. Because of my position, I could see his cock fill up with the excitement of the present situation – the entire small length of it. Maje took my already hard cock in his mouth. I tried not to get excited about what they were doing to me. I blocked my mind because I knew it was wrong, somehow. But my body couldn’t deny the thrill that was coursing through it. Maje licked every inch of my dick while he stroked himself. His hard-on was quite impressive – very impressive.

I’m sorry, Jovi.

I closed my eyes to hold back the tears as my abductors ravaged my body with their tongues.

I’m so sorry, Jovi. I love you and I’m so sorry.

The pain on my face, the pleasure my body was enjoying and the emotional battle my mind was experiencing was too much for me to handle. Just as I felt myself go over the edge with the oral sex I was been lavished with, I heard a metal scrape the floor. My eyes sprang open just as I felt the cold metal hot slice of metal into my skin. I saw my blood gush out from my throat and splash all over Maje’s abs just as he spilled his cum on the floor. At first, I was disoriented because I couldn’t believe what was happening, even though I knew it would probably be the outcome of my abduction. I tried to scream but I kept choking on my blood. I jerked spasmodically. My heart beat frantically for some seconds before slowing giving way to the inevitable.

In all of this, Bankole never stopped eating my ass.

It was a combination of pleasure and pain, anger and relief. Fear and flight.

The last thing I saw was Maje’s cum becoming one with my blood.

My last thought was of one person alone.


Written by Vhar

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  1. Mandy
    December 11, 06:56 Reply

    Oh my god!!!! ????
    I thought Douglas suffered, this Moyo’s death is the absolute worst! Maje and Bankole deserve… They deserve… I don’t even know what punishment to prescribe for two people as sick as this. My god!

    December 11, 11:52 Reply

    This is Sooooooo twisted. Some intense mind fuckery goin on here. ? ? ?

  3. Milez
    December 11, 12:15 Reply

    Oh mi goodness!!
    How on earth do I described the form of death I have in my head for Maje and Bankole….
    A love like Moyo and Jovi’s.???
    The series doesn’t end here, I’m hoping!

    • Shuga chocolata
      December 11, 22:35 Reply

      Wow @sinnex, it’s been awhile.
      Nice reading your comment, can’t wait to read more from your desk.

  4. Shuga chocolata
    December 11, 22:38 Reply

    This is Dark.
    I couldn’t read at a stretch.
    Bubu and moyo this is all wrong.

  5. Michael
    December 11, 23:37 Reply

    Finally. Nice job Vhar but ehh to tell you I look forward to this series, I’d be lying big time. And pls give us sequel. Tell us how Jovi revenged his boy friends death.

  6. Tristan
    December 12, 10:34 Reply

    I was thinking and these things really happen. This means we have to learn how to deal with situations like this, so things don’t end badly for us or our friends.

    I know it’s easy to get carried away and get high knowing someone is madly into you. I feel when you are not into someone and you realise they are catching feelings, it’s better you “clear” them immediately. People can be crazy, know someone that was outed to his family by a guy who was crazy about him all because he wasn’t given attention.

    On a “lighter” note:
    Always lock your doors immediately you enter your house and don’t open your door to “friends” who visit at awkward times without prior notice.

  7. Anita
    December 13, 03:00 Reply

    Okay this is some twisted shii and Iv read twisted ?

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