Question for the Day II

Question for the Day II

Hello, guys. Meet Brian and CJ.

IMG-20150110-WA000Who would you want to be your Bae? I’m talking about ‘for better or for worse’ here, people… 🙂 (And no, you can’t have both)

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  1. Brian Collins
    January 27, 03:57 Reply

    So can i be a Sue Slyvester and get married to myself here. I don’t care if we divorce later because two of me would not really be compatible.

      • Gad
        January 31, 04:16 Reply

        You represent the real picture of the average gay man. Multiple partners for multiple motives. Don’t mind those gay marriage crusaders except if they have polygamy in mind.

        • pinkpanthertb
          January 31, 04:28 Reply

          Yes. Because the heterosexual marriage crusaders are such saintly people. Guy, please, simply because you cant fathom yourself being faithful or married to a guy doesn’t give you the right to patronize those who do.

          • Gad
            January 31, 17:55 Reply

            Pinky, we are in the same boat or are you among the faithful?

            • pinkpanthertb
              January 31, 21:22 Reply

              Guy, whatever please. I’m done talking about this with you.

              • Gad
                February 01, 16:16 Reply

                Let’s hope that you have finally learnt that I’m entitled to my opinions no matter how unpatronising

  2. A-non
    January 27, 05:20 Reply

    None of the above…thank you very much!

  3. #TeamKizito
    January 27, 05:22 Reply

    Hmm. CJ is a no-no. Inyama!

    Brain, not my type. Seems like someone who would try to preach you out of homosexuality.


  4. Max
    January 27, 05:34 Reply

    I’ll marry Brian and Keep Cj as a side chick.. Sorry dick..

    • Anonymous
      January 27, 09:54 Reply

      Hello Max,
      You have a Brian (minus the church brouhaha plus a decent fcuk) in the making, flinging himself at you.

      • Max
        January 27, 10:13 Reply

        And who would that be?? **looks over shoulder… ##AskingFormyPeaceOfMind

      • Anonymous
        January 27, 10:27 Reply

        How do I go about getting your contact info????


      • Max
        January 27, 12:00 Reply

        Ur choice of pseudo is a Lil unsettling…

        • pinkpanthertb
          January 27, 12:04 Reply

          Hahahahaaaa i so saw this response coming. Max that can be paranoid for Africa. And an ‘Anonymous’ is expecting things to happen. Ha!

      • King Mufasa
        January 27, 14:48 Reply

        And how do you like “King Mufasa” as a pseudo.
        I am just as paranoid as you are … I even have an alias email account for issues concerning my sexuality …

        Now can I get that contact detail … or you can like to assign someone to do a little security check.

        Ermm is there any possibility that this comment could be deleted once the message has gotten to the intended recipient.

      • Max
        January 27, 14:59 Reply

        Lol @Pinky.. boy’z gotta be sure dear. .

  5. Gad
    January 27, 05:53 Reply

    CJ would have been a yes for me if he can play wifely roles well but the tatooed body is a big turn off. I will give Brian a thought if his body is not mutilated.

    • pete
      January 27, 17:15 Reply

      biko,explain further on wifely roles?

  6. chestnut
    January 27, 06:13 Reply

    Investment banker? Cooks and cleans? Drives a bugatti?…if I no pick Brian,I wan know wetin cause am! At this point in my life,I’m tired of inadvertently sharing my salary into two…*in Eva Alordiah’s voice*: “if u aint gat money for d sex and flex then ya don’t impress me…u won’t gyet nuttin if I gyet no cheques so ya betta impress me…”. *flees*

    • Dennis Macauley
      January 27, 07:00 Reply

      Oh chestnut! You delight me so!

      My sentiments exactly!

      Who needs sex when you have a buggati?


      • trystham
        January 27, 08:10 Reply

        smh. Seems u wud like wanking in ur bugatti loads orhave the gear stick top u (if u prefer to bottom)

      • chestnut
        January 27, 09:46 Reply

        Lol! Wait o,trystham, na only prick/ass u wan chop? Cj doesn’t even have any future ambition. Who will take care of him and his baby-mamas and three kids for d next 18 years? Me? Mbanu!

  7. Deola
    January 27, 06:14 Reply

    Brian abeg… Mediocrity isn’t attractive.
    The sex with Brian we can fix over time…but CJ’s mumu-ness looks like its here to stay.

    • chestnut
      January 27, 06:27 Reply

      As in ehn! Brian is the TOTAL package- he seems like a patient and understanding man who is willing to please u, so he’ll be happy to learn whatever u teach him in bed…
      But CJ and his non-texting ass and three baby-mamas can like to shift to one side biko!

  8. Peak
    January 27, 06:17 Reply

    I’m a fan of tats, piercings and all, but CJ will definately bore me to death with his ignorance. All that drama going on in his life that ppl like him consider as excitement, is a complete No No 4 me. I try to Operate a “Drama free zone” as much as I could.

    Brian is my typa guy except all that churchie business can be a killer (that I can deal with). As 4 The “he can’t fuck part”? He can at least be blessed with a pair of good cakes for starters, and I go teach am the rest along the line. If he an learn how to be a good investment banker, he sure as hell can learn how to put in work in the shEEts.

    • Ace
      January 27, 06:46 Reply

      Yeah… What Peak said is my comment. Couldn’t have pulled it any better from my head.

    • A-non
      January 27, 06:47 Reply

      @Peak, you know I gat my eyes on thee abi?

      Just a gentle reminder.

      • Lord II
        January 27, 07:00 Reply

        U all slutting at Peak this morning ha! Anyway CJ str8t like me some thug swag in my bed to do things to my Sxxxxxx!

      • Max
        January 27, 08:04 Reply

        Of course Mr big dick.. All you care abt is sex…

  9. Nuel
    January 27, 06:58 Reply

    Na d money i go follow go biko. Would date even marry Brian, we can always have a foreplay its okay with me. Moreover Sex is painful.

    • Gad
      January 27, 11:40 Reply

      I hear you. Foreplay ko. with an interim fucker hidden somewhere,abi.

  10. Dennis Macauley
    January 27, 07:02 Reply

    After all the big big oyibo you people are speaking here, majority will still go for CJ. After he f**ks your brain out of alignment, you won’t be able to think straight again!


    • Blaq
      January 27, 07:31 Reply

      LMAO @ fucks your brain out of alignment! classic!

      • Dennis Macauley
        January 27, 12:30 Reply

        Lol! Its true! Good dick has been making boys and girls make wrong choices since 1906

  11. Vhar.
    January 27, 07:40 Reply

    Brian – Perfectly Boring.
    CJ. – irresponsibly exciting.

    Perfection is boring.
    And I cannot date/marry another guy like me.
    Brian is the “right” guy, but he’ll bore me out.
    And for this phase I’m in, Spontaneous does it.

    I have my job, I have my car, I have a Home.
    Its not necessary for CJ to align his drama with the affairs of my life.
    There’s always the door when CJ becomes overwhelming.

    I’ll go for CJ.

    • MacArdry
      January 27, 09:54 Reply

      I would advise a rethink,nighean.CJ’s type comes with lots of headache.
      As for me,both seem like two sides of a bad coin.I’ll pass.

  12. Mr Kassy
    January 27, 07:44 Reply

    Brian can do it for me.#Money answereth all things!!! Y’dal know!*end of comment*

  13. Paul
    January 27, 08:05 Reply

    Can I cross breed them?

  14. KyrxxX
    January 27, 08:12 Reply

    *slams hammer*


    I’d have to break my silence on this one!

    Who needs sex when u can get security nd comfortability?! Not like am gonna b a liability anyways *screams Miss Independent/Girl power*.
    Brain emboldens everything I Like in a man! Sex gbakwa oku! I never liked it anyways! If worse comes to worst, WE WANK!

    • sensei
      January 30, 22:33 Reply

      comment of the month! loooool

  15. shuga chocolata
    January 27, 08:21 Reply

    Brian ooooo, I’m not a fan for sex so will go with security, someone that will help my intellect and always encourage me to go further.
    I’m a church person so will have no problem with that.

    #team brian all the way.

  16. KingBey
    January 27, 08:42 Reply

    I will go for Brian and then be fucking him….he doesn’t need to fuck !

  17. JArch
    January 27, 09:14 Reply

    Brian is a no-no for me, don’t trust men with Bluetooth headsets outside the office or car. There’s something very annoying and almost abusive about those lot. An investment banker who drives a bugati and uses a Bluetooth headset will always remind you who brings home the bacon every night and who owns the bugatti you’ve been flaunting with anytime you complain or misbehave. Sometimes his fist might do the talking instead

    Then C.J has got swag with another man’s money? Seriously?…. Tattoos I like anyday, but when it doesn’t blend, it becomes a no-no for me.

    So none of the above for me, whether for better or for worse

    • Ace
      January 27, 17:29 Reply

      Hollywood much?

  18. posh666
    January 27, 09:48 Reply

    Brian is for me anyday!who needs a broke azz life is too short n sweet to b tied to 6packs n empty am vain i luv good tinz i luv xpensive tinz even if i can afford it it still wont hurt having extra why stay home with a broke fineboi wen i can be touring d world with a realman with blackcard..besides if he cant fuck i sure can fuck him hard n oda news abeg o i will soon be moving to lasgidi so sum gud brothaz here shud plz tell me d kitofied areas in lagos i cant shout!

    • Lord II
      January 27, 16:35 Reply

      Posh don’t go to Satellite or Festac Town and you will be fine! Oh I almost forgot all those interlands after ikeja is a no no too!

  19. kendigin
    January 27, 10:04 Reply

    BRIAN…hands down

    The CJ types really disgust me #justsaying

  20. Ade
    January 27, 10:55 Reply

    Most of you shouting, “I don’t like sex, it hurts”, ” Brian is my choice” would be the ones to drive the Bugatti to meet CJ once the investment banker is away on business, pay his baby mama’s bills and let him fuck the shii outta you while screaming louder than the trumpets that brought down the wall of Jericho… Smh. As for me, I’ll jus be here with my pop corn and diet soda watching y’all beat each other up over who gets who

  21. Chizzie
    January 27, 11:33 Reply

    Brian definitely but Cj would be my paramour, the one I have extra marital affairs with.

  22. Pete
    January 27, 15:08 Reply

    Brian, I can teach him

  23. Bane
    January 27, 15:57 Reply

    No brainer with this one.


    Can’t fuck? LOL! What were threesomes or heck! flat out cheating made for?!

  24. Alex
    January 27, 19:09 Reply

    Brian!! Sex is easy to find but a partner is harder

  25. Brian Collins
    January 27, 21:45 Reply

    So lemme just point out that do many guys were calling my name. Lemme also point out dat i can f**k o, i am not a bad boi. I dont have a car but i have plenty ambition. Someone should pick me already.

  26. Andrevn
    January 30, 16:26 Reply

    Suit and Ties?
    Brian it definitely is!

    I can’t deal with him only if his church commitment is a front for his sexuality…..I am a pastors’ son,a leader in my local assembly but do not let it define my sexuality!

    AMtF! If my engagement falls out(which i pray it does not) i do not think i will date again someone who is cowering in his closet or preferably it should be someone who is out to his peeps..

    ”CJ” is so not my type anyday,anytime,anywhere!

  27. jamie
    January 31, 15:55 Reply

    None of the above pls…

  28. Lothario
    January 31, 17:00 Reply

    Definitely Bry…I’ve got to that point where fucking isn’t so important

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