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  1. Francis
    September 15, 04:54 Reply

    Na to find way detach myself small biko. Can’t be around when shit hits the ceiling.

  2. Mandy
    September 15, 05:33 Reply

    If the partner isn’t my friend but merely someone I know through my friend when they started dating, YES, absolutely I’ll tell.

    But if the partner is also my friend, I’d tell the partner that I know what he’s doing and I’d give him the chance to fess up with my friend.

  3. quinn
    September 15, 06:18 Reply

    If my friend is really my friend of course I’d tell! but gently and after I must have talked to the partner.

  4. Colossus
    September 15, 06:32 Reply

    Why tell when you’ve got front row seats to impending doom?

    • Delle
      September 15, 11:36 Reply

      Oh so brilliant of you, Canis! Brilliant of you ???

  5. Dickson Clement
    September 15, 06:55 Reply

    I will talk to the one cheating, will advice him to end the relationship immediately or stop cheating. If he takes the advice , there will be no further action. If he doesn’t , then i will start dropping suggestions to the partner. I won’t tell him plainly , but i will help him find out that his partner is cheating .

  6. trystham
    September 15, 07:16 Reply

    *shrugs The minute my friends start dating, I actually subconsciously stop being ‘pals’ with them

      • trystham
        September 15, 07:57 Reply

        Because of this very same reason. I’d blame myself if things go south between them, it’d be super-awkward relating with them afters…oh, I’d be relegated to third wheel position. I can’t cope with the added pressure abeg.

        • Pink Panther
          September 15, 07:58 Reply

          You know the real kicker? When they break up and start demanding your loyalty. As in, where once you had two friends, they start demanding you pick one and dump the other. Basically you’d be expected to share the breakup with them too. lol

          • trystham
            September 15, 08:18 Reply

            Its like they’ve done it to u abi? U too get am

            • Pink Panther
              September 15, 12:58 Reply

              My dear, i couldn’t belivit when I was put in that position. Like Whaddaell?!

              • BRYAN PETERS
                September 15, 17:43 Reply

                Basically you’d be expected to share the breakup with them too. lol
                You couldn’t have put it any better

              • IBK
                September 16, 10:42 Reply

                I can guess who did this to you.

    • Johnny
      September 15, 07:55 Reply

      So that you can hook up with one abi?

      • trystham
        September 15, 08:01 Reply

        Haba!!! I’m wicked not a satan na.

  7. Johnny
    September 15, 07:57 Reply

    I would try my best to make things better.

  8. Sens8
    September 15, 08:28 Reply

    If I’m not the cherub that brought them together, why do I have to have a hand in impending disaster? I’ll sit on the side lines, watch the nuclear fallout and remain friends with either of them, as long as they aren’t radioactive to my relationship with the other one.

  9. Mitch
    September 15, 09:26 Reply

    Yes, I would!
    Because I’d expect him to do the same for me. To open my eyes to truths that I’m probably blinded to by love.
    Most of all, to protect my friend.

    I wish someone had done it for me early enough. I probably won’t be where I am today

  10. Delle
    September 15, 11:35 Reply

    Hmm. This is a tough one. I like couples to handle their issues on their own (this is my heart talking) but I know me. I hate deceit. My friend deceiving another friend of mine.

    I’ll have to let him know o. I can’t have him find out later, come to me for succor when I’ve known all along and could probably have spared him the trauma (this is my head talking).

    I like to think I’ll warn the one cheating first. Only one chance I’ll give before I spill. If the friendship crashes, I’ll be glad to have cut myself off a dwib.

  11. riddleMe
    September 16, 02:54 Reply

    I will have sex with both of them.

  12. Black Dynasty
    September 16, 11:10 Reply

    I will give the cheating one the chance to man up and do the right thing, if he can’t… then I will speak up. I’d my friends would do the same for me too.

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