The Minority Report on Being Gay and Christian

The Minority Report on Being Gay and Christian

It’s been a minute since the hosts of The Minority Report Nigeria talked about something. And on this episode, they have a return guest host – Izu.

And they are talking about being Christian and Gay.

What does Jesus not saying anything about homosexuality mean?

Should we let scriptures written in the customs of the early centuries guide us in our customs of today?

Are irreligious gay people in an unlikely brotherhood with homophobic Christians when they both attack gay Christians?

All these and many more questions on the topic of being gay and Christian are addressed in this episode. Check on it below.

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  1. JB
    May 20, 08:53 Reply

    Hi Dearies,

    I love the convo but i would have loved if you had a Christian on the show as well. One who still goes to the church, worship God and read the Bible.: It would have made more sense to me. For example, Izu said it has been long he went to the Church and could speak only about his past as a Christian and not his future.

    The video tells me, Yes, you can be gay and be religious. If we don’t see HOMOSEXUALITY as a SIN, then we can always BE CHRISTIANS and RELIGIOUS… I also like the part of Gay men rebuffing Gay Christians. It is so bad it is coming from there seeing that we are living our TRUTH as they are.

    To the “Irreligious Gay men “, a good chunk of you left the church years ago and havn’t opened your bible sef….LOL because of some stuffs, then why invalidate us when we know what we are doing? I get that religion is so COMPLEX but kindly give us the liberty to choose what works for us. As an individual, I won’t even speak to you on religious issues once I know where you stand. I wouldn’t also forget the fact that we have a good chunk of GAY CHRISTIANS who mosttimes experience IH and would want to force you into repentance…it can be annoying.

    I hope this video suffice!

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