I had just gone through that kind of week that leaves you feeling like life screwed you over with a very big penis; I just wanted to get home that Friday night, have a warm shower and crawl into bed with intentions of sleeping all the way to Monday morning. Life apparently had other plans for me which did not involve sleeping the whole night away.

I fell into bed and slept off, only to be woken around midnight by my friend Ejike’s phone call. It was Friday night, so he was definitely calling to pick me up for club hopping or some dance bar fun. I wasn’t in the mood for anything of the sort, so I hit the phone to silent and fell back to sleep. The phone kept lighting up, until out of frustration, I picked it up to turn down whatever fun activity he wanted that night.

“Talk to your friend.”

That was what a strange voice said to me when I answered. And instantly I knew there was trouble. Major trouble! A chill ran up my spine and every trace of sleep vanished from my eyes.

“Dennis, you have to come and help me!” Ejike cried into the phone. “I am in trouble, along Ada George road!”

As a gay man, I knew what that statement meant, but I needed to be sure. So I asked, “Is it kito? Cough if it is kito.”

He coughed.

“Na Ikwerre boys?”

He said no. My heart sank, because Ikwerre boys are easier to pay off, and the person I talked to earlier had an authoritative voice. I feared it was law enforcement.

“Is it Police? Cough two times.”

He coughed twice. And I knew there was major trouble. I told him to hang on, that we must find a way out of this situation.

I called a gay lawyer I know who was very good with negotiating with the police, because the police and I are like biological enemies, we never see eye to eye. I also called another mutual friend and all three of us marched down to Ada George Road to see if we could rescue our friend before they hauled him to the station.

It was a very long night and negotiation started at three hundred thousand naira, to which I nearly laughed. However after nearly three hours of pleading, cajoling, begging etc, they agreed to collect eighty thousand naira, which we were able to gather that night before securing my friend’s release at almost 4 am. He was exhausted. I was exhausted and angry too; angry at Nigeria and specifically angry at God for making me Nigerian.

I learnt three things from that episode:

  1. Nobody is going to jail or will be charged to court over that stupid law Jonathan signed. It merely serves mostly to embolden the police to ask for large sums in settlement, seeing as you would not want to go to jail.
  2. A lunatic gets more respect than a gay man in Nigeria.
  3. Badoo especially is not a safe place. Policemen lurk there to lure out gay men and nab them. This was the case with my friend.

Eventually we got home. He took a shower and we went to bed. Before I slept off, I entertained some gratitude that the ordeal had passed.

Sadly that was not to be.

A few days later, I received a phone call from Ejike’s father, asking me to come over to their house, that he wanted to see me. Meanwhile, one of the policemen, who was in the van that night, knew my friend’s family; they attend the same church. We did not know this, because he was in the van and we didn’t interact with him. It turns out that he sang like a canary to my friend’s mother, and the family did not take it well.

When I showed up, it was hell over there. They were arguing over the issue, Ejike, his parents and even his younger sister who was usually a quiet person. The father asked me to tell what happened that night, and I told him everything without leaving any detail, as my friend had already come out to them. His parents asked if I was gay. I said yes. They asked if I was lovers with their son. I told them I wasn’t.

The father exploded, calling us unmentionable names, railing about how we were the scum of the society, blah-blah-blah. I maintained a dignified silence throughout his diatribe; I wasn’t raised to talk back at parents. His mother was quiet but tears were in her eyes, tears she was struggling to hold back. I empathized with her, as Ejike is their only son. I feel like only sons, especially in the South-east, carry a heavy responsibility, and when that only son turns out to be gay… Honestly, that is a whole different kettle of fish. I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that.

Eventually, Ejike (who doesn’t live with them anyway) got up to walk away, and his father threatened to disown him if he continued in his “satanic ways.” After my friend left, there was no reason for me to stay there, so I left too.

But just as I was about to get into my car, I saw his mother coming after me. I stopped, and when she came up to me, she spoke, “Please, talk to your friend. His father is just angry. He should come and beg him and apologize. These things happen. I know it is youthful exuberance, but we can work this out. Please talk to him…”

I replied, “Your husband cut off your daughter simply because she married an Anglican and embarrassed his Catholic knighthood, and till today, you people have no relationship with your daughter. He is about to cut off your only son. Are you going to let him do it again?”

And I left.

Last I checked, Ejike still talks to his mother, but she refuses to acknowledge his sexuality, always acting like it doesn’t exist. His father still won’t speak to him.

PS: I have Ejike’s permission to share this story.

Have a very happy holiday, guys!


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  1. Maximus
    December 16, 05:54 Reply

    “A lunatic gets more respect than a gay man in Nigeria”<< So true.
    And you're right about only sons. 200 tons of weight on your shoulder everyday…

    I don't know which is worse; coming out and getting shoved back into the closet by not acknowledging your sexuality or getting disowned.

    This post reeks of depression and a very sad reality. But I've chosen happiness this week, so it's not gonna happen.

    Nice post ?

    • Mandy
      December 16, 06:07 Reply

      Max, you’re an only son, no?

  2. drizzle
    December 16, 06:02 Reply

    Sad story.
    A short one today, huh?

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 16, 06:05 Reply

      I just wanted to tell this story today as it recently happened. Next week longer entry

  3. Mandy
    December 16, 06:10 Reply

    The usually quiet sister who was part of the argument… whose side was she on?

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 16, 06:13 Reply

      She was with her parents, she actually called me a disgrace! Lol

      This is a girl that half of the boys in RSUST have preeqed oh! Is calling someone a disgrace! Preeq has not allowed her concentrate on her studies. I did not bother to respond to her!

      • Bryce
        December 16, 15:13 Reply

        “This is a girl that half of the boys in
        RSUST have preeqed oh! Is calling
        someone a disgrace! Preeq has not
        allowed her concentrate on her studies”

        This here proves her right.At least,this instant.That’s quite low of you

        • Francis
          December 16, 15:21 Reply

          So if person yab you, you dey turn the other cheek abi?

          • Bryce
            December 16, 15:26 Reply

            I do.
            Or I yab back,right in her face.Not go behind her back,on a public forum I’m sure she’s not aware of,to talk thrash of her,even if true.
            That’s the m.o of a coward,a guttersnipe,and I,for one,will point that out whenever,wherever.

            • Francis
              December 16, 15:29 Reply

              So in your opinion, he for siddon there, blast the gal finish and give the mother heart attack when the papa boot all her remaining pikins commot for house.

              • Bryce
                December 16, 15:50 Reply

                And you are trying too hard to be smart by half,mister.
                What is not good doesn’t have two appellations,it simply is not good.
                Ohun ti o da ko l’oruko meji,koda l’onje.

                • Francis
                  December 16, 16:08 Reply

                  I’m forming smart. That’s a first! ?? Na you sabi oh. What you feel in your opinion is the right move, is the wrong move in my opinion and that of others.

                  Also you can’t judge someone as being disrespectful, if the person allegedly being disrespected probably doesn’t give a hoot.

            • Keredim
              December 16, 16:11 Reply

              @Bryce, I see your point. But I don’t think real names have been used in the telling of the story.

              And I am not sure why anyone would go out of their way to try and identify the family,

              So to some extent, her identity and modesty are safe

            • Pink Panther
              December 16, 16:12 Reply

              Coward. Guttersnipe. Why don’t you tell us what you really think, will you

              • Bryce
                December 18, 23:15 Reply

                I’ve had my say already,or you can’t read and have comprehension issues too?

                • Pink Panther
                  December 18, 23:33 Reply

                  You’re a dolt. That was a figure of expression. Google the phrase before you come here to condescend.

            • Mandy
              December 16, 16:17 Reply

              Some people will be using inconsequential issues to fan their innate and unreasonable dislike for some other people. Otio oo!
              Becos person yab girl wey no even sabi say them dey yab am, he has now turned to guttersnipe and coward. Odiegwu. *spits*

  4. ambivalentone
    December 16, 06:22 Reply

    I hope that song bird didn’t leave out details of the #80000 transaction and the yam that got to him because if he did, thunder will fire him. Olori buruku…and I hope corruption is neater sin than homosexuality
    OAN, That’s how u have been outed to ur mother. I’ll bet THAT will be reason for the lengthy episode nxt week

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 16, 06:26 Reply

      Lol actually I am at the point where the thought of being outed to my family doesn’t terrify me. Like I am not ready to tell them, but if they find out honestly I would be relieved and we can all finally talk over a big bowl of chicken lol

  5. Theo
    December 16, 06:23 Reply

    Yaaay Its Wednesday!!! Hello FlyOnTheWall…

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 16, 06:27 Reply

      Why are you people like this? Lol its a cool breezy fun day and we are all in kumbaya mood.

      No blood and gore today please!

      • Theo
        December 16, 06:31 Reply

        I cannot greet sumbori again? Lool

  6. Kerr
    December 16, 06:32 Reply

    I still can’t get over my case with the police . It’s best if everyone is careful. They are on the prowl now because of the festive season . They just want to make money out of people . I detest anything and anyone that has to do with the police, and everyone else should do so too

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 16, 06:41 Reply

      My dear it was a humiliating experience! The men in their pot bellies treated us with disdain “Na una dey spoil small children for this portaicot”.

      Still collect 80k join.

      They are on badoo luring people out, me sef have deleted that app last year. I suggest everybody should be careful

      • Pink Panther
        December 16, 06:42 Reply

        How did it happen with your friend? The details of his kito.

  7. pete
    December 16, 06:45 Reply

    The dad cut off his daughter for marrying an Anglican? The dad have issues. good that Ejike is not financially dependent on his family.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 16, 07:05 Reply

      Infact eh, if he was dependent on them it would have been another nightmare.

      The man reminds me of “papa” from Purple hibiscus. He has refused to speak to the daughter because she wed an Anglican man and they married in the Anglican church. He did not attend the wedding, he just barely collected the dowry as we heard the girl was already preggies!

      The man scares the shit outta his children

  8. kacee
    December 16, 06:54 Reply

    Oh my lawd the pressure of being the only son, only daughter and first child (oh my i’m feeling so dizzy). Thank God your friend was not harmed.

    • Delle
      December 16, 08:59 Reply

      Azin ehn! Isnorray small sontin!

  9. bruno
    December 16, 07:09 Reply

    so all the policemen are busy on badoo looking for boys to extort… no wonder the the traffic situation keeps getting worse and crime rate is is rising

  10. mirage
    December 16, 07:38 Reply

    Fear of being outed to family has eluded me,don’t even care and Portharcourt and kito stories!#shudders

  11. lonz
    December 16, 07:49 Reply

    Chimoo. Ejike must have passed through hell. Still wonder how gay guys can meet in a safe space without the risk of being kitoed.
    He should forget the dad, if he still holds the Anglican thing strong then homosexuality is a no-no.

  12. Francis
    December 16, 08:07 Reply

    Ejike mama na housewife? It looks like they are the ones that sit in the background and watch their husbands chase everyone away with their idiotic ways. *sighs*

    N80K for this day of high exchange rate just burn sha! Kai. Thank God he had you guys sha.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 16, 09:10 Reply

      Funny enough the man is retired and the woman is still a school teacher!

      Just that the man is a bully, an oppressor! The way he is going he will alienate all his children and spend his dying days alone.

      • Francis
        December 16, 10:55 Reply

        I pity the woman no be small. Its not easy to carry pikin for 9 months and raise them well and when you finally need them, they are no where to be found because of one oaf like that. 🙁

    • Maximus
      December 16, 09:11 Reply

      Most times women just sit back and allow men to do whatever they like. Its annoying

      • ambivalentone
        December 16, 10:35 Reply

        The conditioned mentality of an African woman to be a doormat ehn…Mtchewwwe

  13. Dennis Macaulay
    December 16, 08:26 Reply

    There are very gory parts I left out….

    “Make una bring 300 thousand”

    Haba officer where do you want us to get that kind of money? Please Na have mercy!

    “No be homo una be? No be una rich men dey carry for this town? Begin to dey call the rich men wey dey fuck una make Dem drop 300k, because Na prison your guy dey see so. 14 years Na una know every”

    Most humiliating experience of my life so far

  14. Duke
    December 16, 08:51 Reply

    This story right here… Just killing me on the inside. I just don’t how to feel especially about the police. This Nigeria sef, hope dey?

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 16, 09:09 Reply

      My dear that night I did not sleep! My mind was in turmoil and I began to question if I should really continue to live in Nigeria. It really could have been me in Ejike’s shoes that nite! As scary as it is it could have been me.

      I am beginning to re-evaluate my life goals and my future plans. It’s one thing to read a kito story here but it’s another kettle of fish to watch it play out right before your eyes.

      • Maximus
        December 16, 09:13 Reply

        We want to know the details of the Kito..

        • Dennis Macaulay
          December 16, 09:22 Reply

          I will make a “My kito story” entry for PP if Ejike allows me share every detail.

          Stay tunonce=dd86980770

  15. Delle
    December 16, 08:52 Reply

    Police again?! What’s wrong with those apes in black?! They’ve totally abandoned what they are meant to do (protecting lives and property) to this? Nigeria is just horrible! They are so glad they do not have to stand on checkpoints to get #20 at intervals, now they can get up to hundreds of thousands in one blackmail ploy. It’s a quick way of making money after all, that’s why they’d want to set people up even in social networks like Badoo. I wish there’d be a very brave Nigerian gay man that would rather get imprisoned than give them money. Let’s see how it plays out. Useless low lives!

    Ejike is so glad he’s independent of himself. His kinda dad is rampant, they’re everywhere. Sometimes I wonder why something like one’s sexuality should be enough to make one’s family excommunicate him/her. Like his being gay totally erases that good, well trained boy you brought up all those years! Makes no sense to me. I pity his mum though…poor woman.

    • Maximus
      December 16, 09:16 Reply

      “Sometimes I wonder why something like one’s sexuality should be enough to make one’s family excommunicate him/her. Like his being gay totally erases that good, well trained boy you brought up all those years! Makes no sense to me.”

      I wonder the same. The word “GAY” erases any good you might ever have in you.

      • Delle
        December 16, 09:55 Reply

        Funny how we unfortunately agree on something.
        *looks away*

        • Maximus
          December 16, 10:45 Reply

          I dont have have time for childish bickering and unwarranted animosity.
          I concur with people when they speak some sense and I call them out when they derail.

          • Somebody
            December 16, 11:44 Reply

            …and I thought Teflondon was proud, arrogant and stuck-up

          • Bryce
            December 16, 15:22 Reply

            “..childish bickering and unwarranted animosity.”


    • Delle
      December 16, 13:32 Reply

      No one is bickering with you, the all-knowing god. No ‘confused girl’ can actually want to beef you seeing as we are ‘confused and go off our tracks’ easily.
      I was just a little hopeful the koboko you so sternly talked about last night would be whipped out already…
      *rolling my eyes*

      • Maximus
        December 16, 16:09 Reply

        ????, you three, three musketeers( The two boys/self professed transgender and the girl) you all deserve each other.

        • Delle
          December 16, 20:15 Reply

          Wow, who would have known you could say something I would finally agree to? Who knew it requires just a few word bouts to make you write something intelligible? I’m proud, Max… I seriously am.

  16. Paul
    December 16, 09:38 Reply

    Wat a way to b forced out of d closet into a harsh cold world!
    Jst imagining d rough times Ejike’s got to go tru.
    PH-Badoo (very wrong combo)
    It still beats me wen pple have a scale of order for “sin” and place Homosexuality @ d top.Imagine d Keziah of a sister calling someone a disgrace or d rotten police officer who suddenly has become pious because he reported somebody with the transport fare he got from a bribe.
    Tins would never get beta sadly with d homophobia in Nigeria.
    We jst have to live thru and adapt to it.

  17. Chizzie
    December 16, 09:45 Reply

    Ok this was (unfortunately ) nice.. Lemme see, do I have anything to bitch about… Well yes, there’s the fact that you are friends with people who still use Badoo which says a lot about you and the type of friends you keep. But I’m not surprised seeing as u are a razz fuck and you live in PH , so its only normal that you associate with razz ppl. And I hope you’ve brushed your teeth with Sensodyn extra whitening this morning?

    Oyah Fly on the wall, take over.

    • Delle
      December 16, 09:58 Reply

      Haha oh Chizzie…I’m tired of being amazed by your inner Spartacus!

      • kacee
        December 16, 12:39 Reply

        Omg hahahahaha my eyes hahahahaha

    • Francis
      December 16, 11:00 Reply

      Bros not today abeg. Chill till next week. E go soon come before you know it.

  18. Kester
    December 16, 09:57 Reply

    Thank God for this post, my silly friend was just telling me yesterday that he wants to go to ph to visit a friend he met on badoo. I was like upon all the preeq wey dey uyo what is so special about ph? Now I have another tale to discourage him. Na wa oooooo. I just hate police and unexposed fathers.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 16, 10:02 Reply

      Travelling to ph to meet someone he met on badoo? Shildren have plenty mind.

      E go soon enter ikwerre boys hand!

  19. Kester
    December 16, 10:26 Reply

    My brother follow me see o. Pickin no wan hear word. He wants to spend Xmas in one makeshift refinery while they use his ATM to drain his meagre savings. I told him if he still insists on going to delete my number from his phone abegi. God forbid satanic calls in the night. My phone is for glad tidings of great joy

    • Francis
      December 16, 10:57 Reply

      LMAO. Na the same thing I go do if I dey your shoes. Make person no foolishly drag me enter fire unexpectedly.

    • Mandy
      December 16, 13:20 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahahahahaaa!!! That is eh. Kai! You go dey your own, kito go come find you becos say your number dey where e no suppose dey

    • shuga chocolata
      December 16, 16:49 Reply

      wow!!!! new to Uyo

      hello kester? your comment brought me from the other side.
      kindly seize his carry on, and steal his battery. who travels for sex again? mbok!!!!!!

  20. Dickson Clement
    December 16, 10:29 Reply

    I remember getting a similar call from a friend, but I went there alone. The friend had already informed the people around that I sent him to ‘Toast’ their friend, that he wasn’t gay. I am the gay guy who sent him to toast their son. I was beyond mortified. It was a case of my friend setting me up when he was caught! I denied the allegation and we both ended up at the station! It was the first time I was going to a police post. They called me names, and suprisingly the person that was caught in the act was taken to a corner. I was the one over the counter as people trooped in with the foolish police men calling ‘a homosekual’*they couldn’t pronounce the damn thing. I ended up calling a lawyer and my bail was set at 20K! * my crime was answering a call from a friend and appearing at the scene*

    • Francis
      December 16, 10:59 Reply

      WTF! This one na “alleged” friend

    • Mandy
      December 16, 13:21 Reply

      Jisoxkraist! I hope this friend is now an ex-friend. Some people are just not it at all.

  21. Stranger
    December 16, 11:01 Reply

    This is really bad. Anyone that wants to see me for the first time should come to my school and meet me at my departmental gate. With all my introverted ways, kito is the last thing I need.

  22. Kenny
    December 16, 11:03 Reply

    That guy, is not your friend!

  23. Dickson Clement
    December 16, 11:58 Reply

    He is gay but I suppose he told the lie while they were beating him to save face. He couldn’t take back the lie he told! I was thankful that the people around didn’t touch me and they didn’t believe him! We were just unfortunate that the police came to the scene they created and saw how badly they had beaten the boy.

    • Francis
      December 16, 12:02 Reply

      Told the lie to save face ke? So that you will chop beating for wetin no concern you? That lie was very expensive.

  24. Teflondon
    December 16, 12:00 Reply

    I remember clearly in my Kito story, I said the police asked for 300k. The difference is that this time around the police didn’t budge despite the plea. My Fam ended up paying the sum. People said I was lying then. And that was some 5,6 years ago thingy. You can imagine what 300k was like then. Where as the other “culprit” that was involved in the situation, who was also a thief by the way. Paid just 30k.
    You see, what I am trying to say is police, wealthy (looking) people and common sense.. Don’t mix at all.

    • Delle
      December 16, 15:26 Reply

      I’m still trying to decipher exactly what it is you are trying to pass across, Tef

    • Maximus
      December 16, 16:44 Reply

      He’s trying to tell us that he didn’t lie

  25. Khaleesi
    December 16, 13:00 Reply

    Nice piece DM, Ejike’s father is the typical narrow-minded, pompous Igbo man; sometimes i think God deliberately gives such men gay kids or promiscous daughters to pull them off their high perch at some point. These are the sort of men who will turn up their noses and harshly condemn when other people’s children are involved in whatever they perceive to be wrong-doing, and yes, only sons as well as first born sons experience a hotter piece of the hell that is life in Nigeria as a gay man ….
    Toodles ..

  26. bountyhunter
    December 16, 13:09 Reply

    this is my first time of commenting. I think you guys went about it the wrong way considering the fact that you were accompanied by a lawyer. the police do not have the right to that and your lawyer friend should know better. lastly the statements you made about the guy’s sister getting preeq’s really showed immaturity on your part. I wouldnt confide in someone like you to share my story if you make horrible remarks about my dad and sister like you just did.

    • Pink Panther
      December 16, 14:14 Reply

      What makes you think his friend holds any charitable thoughts towards his sister and father? What makes you think Dennis’s derision is not shared by his friend? Some people can like to chill.

      • bountyhunter
        December 16, 14:38 Reply

        i’m not sure I understand why you are replying me. first of all I didnt ask any question. secondly, that was ‘in my opinion’. please share yours too freely and move on. thank you

        • Mandy
          December 16, 14:50 Reply

          No one was challenging your opinion. Just pointing out how fast you hopped on that self righteousness boat.

          • Bryce
            December 16, 15:40 Reply

            Self-righteousness or calling a spade by its right and proper name?.
            Even if the guy involved is not feeling charitable towards his own family,it is not an outsider’s place at all to so publicly deride them,especially with such crude words.
            You should learn when not to defend the indefensible,Mandy.

  27. Khaleesi
    December 16, 13:13 Reply

    ummm … DM & Pinky, i recently pointed out that homophobia is alive and kicking strongly in Nigeria as it will continue to do 250years from now … you both issued a Fatwa on my head and attempted to crucify as well as pillory me all at once … well, i can now see that time and events have continued to slowly vindicate me. For the umpteenth time, i shall proclaim it from the highest minarets and church roofs, Nigerians have homophobia deeply and indelibly encoded in their DNA, all the kito stories and police extortion which are actively enocuraged by the general populace are directly traceable to this encoded DNA, if you live here, you have to be extremely and utterly careful and as St Maxine, holy patron saint of the hoe-ly celibates always says; “put your hands to good use”!!

    • Mandy
      December 16, 13:23 Reply

      Lol. Ha! Khaleeeeesi! Have a little faith nah.

    • Maximus
      December 16, 16:50 Reply

      Omg Khaleesi ?????????????????.
      I’m with you on this one.

      There is NO hope people. I don’t see any way in the nearest future.

    • Stranger
      December 16, 22:23 Reply

      You say this same thing everyday, I’m beginning to think you’re copying and pasting it. Let’s hear something new abeg or don’t comment at all.

  28. Oturugbeke!
    December 16, 15:13 Reply

    You all should go check out this week’s episode of No strings attached! Another harrowing set up story in PH jeez! No one can be trusted…

  29. Oturugbeke!
    December 16, 15:17 Reply

    That Mike Dameon & his British, Amercan, Ghanaian accent… Couldn’t even help the child being kitoed. Was busy forming straight guy conducting interview.Not to mention how the thing was overly repeating itself.

    • Mike Daemon
      December 16, 17:11 Reply

      Hello Oturugbeke, I am truly sorry you observed things differently, but me going there alone was a huge risk of which I believe most people won’t dare, and trust me, I really did help him, I was ready to go anywhere with him. But you know this is Nigeria, you cannot be a gay man and at same time defend a gay man. And about my accent, my dear that environment wasn’t a place to talk the way I talk professionally. And as for the recording repeating, I am sorry, that has been a long standing issue here, a team here is working to fix that. And also I am deeply surprised that you’ll be quick to condemn when you havnt done anything truly to support us here, what have you done?? How can you help? These are part of the many questions that you should be dealing with.

  30. Chizzie
    December 16, 19:41 Reply

    Going through the comments and I’m glad to see the astute ones are quick to notice that behind the internet facade is really just an immature man with a propensity to gossip and spread hearsay. The comments he made about Ejike’s sister, are not only childish and irritating more so for a grown man, but its almost verbatim to ‘matter of fact’ remarks he makes abt ALL homophobic females he knows. If say his neighbor Ngozi is homophobic, he’s always quick to remind us that Ngozi has slept with all the boys in Rumodara.
    Which once again questions the credibility of this story. Why am I just noticing all of this now.

    When the chips are down Dennis is really just an old time snitch who fabricates and exaggerates things to impress ppl. What worries me is that most of you ppl buy this crap…

    • Xavier
      December 16, 21:04 Reply

      Can this troll shut up please.

    • Oturugbeke!
      December 16, 21:34 Reply

      I totally agree with you boo, but at times, you gotta let it go. How far? Do you still use Sunshine body lotion? Those ones they sell N150 and comes in orange containers?

  31. Tarter
    December 17, 02:11 Reply

    can someone please explain pinky and Dennis relationship? cos i don’t get why pinky is ready to eat anyone that is “against” dennis raw,why he’s always defending him even when wrong..what’s up with that?

    • Pink Panther
      December 17, 02:13 Reply

      It’s a certain thing called friendship. Loyalty. I’m sure if you had friends in your life, you’d understand that.

    • Tarter
      December 17, 11:45 Reply

      being loyal doesn’t mean you’d bark like a sex starved woman every time in his defence,you come across as naïve and infatuated anytime u defend him unnecessarily.

      • Teflondon
        December 17, 12:32 Reply

        LMAO! No way.. @ bark like a sex starved woman every time

      • Pink Panther
        December 17, 14:56 Reply

        Shebi it’s freedom of expression. It’s okay to run your mouth like a leaky faucet but not okay to back up my friend? You see how hypocrisy thrives amongst us. My dear, I don’t have words for you. Y’all can carry whatever tunes you like against me on this forum. I’ll simply dust them off and do exactly what’s on my mind.

      • Pink Panther
        December 17, 14:59 Reply

        Funny though, that you know how sex starved women bark. If it’s a subtle advertisement you’re placing her for some action, honey, manjam is that way. Just don’t trip into a set-up on your way there.

  32. Tarter
    December 17, 15:36 Reply

    and he’s barking

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