Right-wing pastor says US Presidential hopeful, Pete Buttigieg, will turn America into a ‘homocracy’

Right-wing pastor says US Presidential hopeful, Pete Buttigieg, will turn America into a ‘homocracy’

Right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson, a frequent opponent of LGBT+ rights, has targeted US presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg in his latest bizarre rant.

Jackson, a former Republican candidate for the US senate in Virginia, said Buttigieg as president would turn the US into a “homocracy” and shout down conservative Christian media, like his own radio show, The Awakening.

On Tuesday’s (April 16) episode of the programme, Jackson said: “If someone like Buttigieg were to get elected … we would be on the defence, there is no question about it. Somebody like that would go to the FCC and say, ‘You’ve got to crackdown on these networks and radio stations.’

“As much as these LGBT activists say that I want a theocracy, which I don’t, because I don’t want to see them punished or put them in jail for what they’re doing, I want to see them converted … But I guarantee they’d love to see you or me punished or put in jail. We don’t want a theocracy, but I guarantee you they want a homocracy.”

E.W. Jackson also took issue with Buttigieg kissing his husband, Chasten, onstage as he announced his presidential bid last week.

Right Wing Watch reports that Jackson said, “A normal man is disgusted by the idea of two men kissing each other on the mouth. A normal man is disgusted by that. People can try to be politically correct all they want, but a normal man is disgusted by it because it is not what God made us for, it is not the way we are wired, it is not what we are made for.”

“They do this publicly because they want to wear down the sense of disgust that people feel, they want to erode it,” Jackson further railed. “I don’t even want to see that. I really don’t. It’s disgusting and all the men in America, all the normal men in America, know it’s true. They know it’s true … When God calls it an abomination, you know what an abomination means? It means something particularly detestable and it implies that it causes you to become nauseated … This is how normal people feel and they are basically forced to suppress those feelings because of the gay mafia and the degree to which they will try to destroy anybody who won’t go along.”

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  1. trystham
    April 22, 08:20 Reply

    This picture is unflatteringly like that of a bird??

  2. Patrick
    April 22, 17:26 Reply

    Pete Buttigieg is a devout Christian himself.
    I do not believe that he would go after conservative Christian networks.
    He’s absolutely brilliant and classy in his clap-back to critics.
    You can watch him early tomorrow morning in CNN’s Town Halls at 3.00 am Nigerian time

  3. Wiffey
    April 25, 09:55 Reply

    Isn’t it a good day when homophobic pastors will now live in fear of the gays ?isn’t it beautiful to see the tables turn.

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