You know how they say people have gaydar. Well, mine is pretty strong. And my aunt’s new driver, Ubong, was setting it off bigtime. It wasn’t in anything he was particularly doing or a way he behaved. There was just something, a sense about him that I knew I couldn’t ignore. A sense telling me that there was something to be had here.

The routine my aunt and I usually had on weekday mornings was that the driver would drive us both out, to drop my aunt at work first before dropping me off at mine. Unless my aunt had errands to run first; then I wouldn’t get chauffeured to work.

During those times when he drove me to work, we usually gisted about a wide range of topics, from politics to ethnic issues (he is from Cross River), to his upbringing, to relationships. When I introduced sex to our conversations, it was all so very heterosexual, as we talked about lasting power (he said he could go on and on) and preferred sex positions (he said he loved doggy). We would be driving along the Third Mainland Bridge, and be chatting about sex like we were weighing the significance of a second term Buhari administration – and every time our talk got really raunchy, I would notice the definition of his semi-hard penis outlined against his trousers.

Then I decided to up the ante.

I usually have porn in my phone, both gay and straight. The kind of straight porn though where there’s the lone female matched against multiple guys. One day, I turned on one such porn and showed him the screen. His eyes goggled with excitement the moment he set them on the ongoing action on my phone screen. I set my phone down on the dashboard so the two of us could watch.

I was also watching him.

He almost couldn’t take his eyes off the screen as he navigated through the Lagos morning traffic, which was blessedly mostly held up.

“See that guy na,” he said. “The guy get energy o. See preeq.”

I gave him a look. In my experience, commending another man’s cock isn’t something straight men do.

I said to him, “Of course, I sure say your preeq big pass this one na.”

“I no reach,” he said with a laugh and a shake of his head.

“Tah. No be this thing wey I dey see for your trouser like this,” I said, nodding at his crotch.

He laughed again and said, “Don’t be deceived.”

I laughed too. And then, acting on an impulse, I reached out and touched him. Touched the imprint I’d earlier noticed on his pants. And he was hard as a rock.

Feeling suddenly breathless, I let my hand stay there. Not doing anything. Half expecting him to put a stop to this. But he didn’t. he didn’t ask me to remove my hand or remove it himself. I waited several beats, before I began tracing the outline of the dick. He let out a slight moan.

Then he gave a self-conscious laugh and said I was distracting him.

I laughed as well and withdrew my hand. I was still watching him and he kept giving me furtive looks, his eyes skirting over my crotch. He looked like he wanted to touch me too but needed encouragement.

So, I took his hand and placed it on my crotch. His fingers grasped my hard-on and he let out a simple “Wow.”

That was as far as we went that day, and for a few more days after that. However, per his request, I began giving him porn – straight porn. Transferring them to his phone whenever he asked.

Still I had more research to do.

So, then came the day I schemed a gay porn ambush.

That morning, as we were on the way to my workplace, I was playing a short straight porn clip that I knew was stored right next to a gay porn clip. When the clip finished playing, I swiped at my phone screen with decided nonchalance, and behold, it was now two black guys doing it on the screen.

He didn’t flinch, which I took for a good sign. As we were watching, I realised his erection from the last clip we watched was still straining against his pants.

I didn’t comment on that. Instead, I said of the porn action, “See as they are pounding themselves. What do you think?”

“It’s nothing new,” he said with a shrug.


He laughed and then told me a story about how he was once in the room, watching his friend fuck a guy. Even though he had never done it before.

“And while you were watching them fuck, were you hard?” I asked.

“Of course, na,” he said with a laugh. “No be fuck be that?”

Good question.

I still wasn’t ready to conclusively wrap up my research. I wanted him to be good and ready when I go full seduction mode on him.

My windows are usually open at night. However, I took to leaving the curtains open too and sleeping in the nude. Whenever he came to work early in the morning, he would have to walk past my window several times in his errand to get the car ready. I wanted him to always catch an eyeful of the chocolate cakes spread out on my bed.

On another morning, I was wanking around 6 am when he got to the house. I acted like I didn’t know he was around, hovering about my window, passing by the window more than usual. I didn’t need to look to see if he was watching me. I knew he was.

My opportunity to finally test the result of my months-long seduction scheme came when my aunt and uncle traveled just outside Lagos for a retreat. The help went to see her family during that weekend. And so, I was the only one at home. I was planning a Saturday of simply vegging out in my room, when my aunt called to inform me that she’d sent the driver back to pick up something for them from the house.

I immediately knew my chance had come. It was about two hours later or so when I saw Ubong pull up in front of the house. I was at the door before he even got there. He told me about what he’d been sent home to pick up. I told him I could get it for him, but he needn’t hurry back. He could at least chill with me in my bedroom.

He agreed.

Before he arrived, I’d already started watching some gay porn on my laptop. So, I simply resumed the action after we both reclined on my bed.

As we watched, I told him I was feeling horny and needed to do something about it. He didn’t say anything, so I pulled out my erection from my trouser and began pleasing myself. His attention was immediately divided between what I was doing and what was happening on my laptop screen.

I told him I wanted to see his dick. He gave a self-conscious chuckle, before unzipping his jeans and pulling out his dick. This was the first time I’d be setting my eyes on it, and it was very impressive. A solid 9 inches, veined, with a wide girth. The power bottom in me began singing songs of praise.

As if the dick was calling me to it with a magnetic force field, I moved to him and reverently took it in my hand. I held it as it throbbed and jerked. I moved my hand up and down the shaft a few times, and then leaned forward and took him in my mouth.

He let out a gasp, and then a moan, and moved his hips a few times to meet the up and down movement of my blowjob.

Then he held my head and pulled his dick from my mouth. He was trembling as he said, “If I start, I cannot stop. I must connect o.”

Was this Calabar street for “if you get me excited, we must fuck”?

I looked at him and said, “What makes you think I cannot handle you?”

Then I moved up his body and took his nipple in my mouth. As I nibbled and licked the nipples while wanking him, this seemed to drive him crazy. He began to groan while writhing on the bed with the jerky movements of one who didn’t know which pleasure point to focus on.

This went on for about five minutes, before he stopped me, and with fast-coming breathing, he asked me if I wanted to fuck.


“Yes, I would,” I answered.

I got up from the bed, fetched condoms, put the rubber on him. Lubed him up. lubed myself up too.

Then I came over him and began to settle my ass on his dick. It wasn’t an easy entry, I’ll tell you that. That dick was massive and angry, and I needed about three tries to get my mangina adjusted around it. Then I was settled and began to ride him. I rode him for some minutes, my ass bouncing up and down his upright dick in a way that seemed to drive him wild, as he began muttering some nonsense while frequently lifting his hips to meet my bounce.

Then he said he wanted to go doggy. I remembered he’d once told me he liked that sex position the best. I was about to find out just how much he liked it.

Then moment I positioned with my ass thrust out and he went inside, he seemed to go wild. I received his massive member with pleasure, loving the feeling of him pounding in and out of my hole. With each thrust, his momentum grew until it felt like he was pounding me into the bed. The sensation of his dick thrusting inside me had long since gone through my womb and was reaching for my heart. And he wasn’t one to come easily. We were at this for an hour. Fortunately, I was equal to the task and no matter how hard he pounded, I was just as equipped to receive him.

His coming was just as aggressive as his lovemaking. I knew he was close when he began to fuck me a little faster, driving his dick in a little deeper, grunting a little harder. He was banging away at this point with absolutely no regard for my mangina; he could be decimating my anal muscles at this point and he wouldn’t care, so wild had he become. And then, he was exploding into the condom with a barely restrained exclamation, a guttural sound that came as if it’d been wrenched from deep within his soul.

Then we both collapsed on the bed, our bodies slick with sweat and our breathing coming really fast. It was an hour of intense fucking, and we took about ten minutes to catch our breaths back. Without exchanging any words, I then got up and went to the kitchen to make something for us to eat. We ate while chatting about banal talk, not at all the demeanour of two people who’d just had the wildest sex ever. Then he was done, collected what he’d come back for, and was soon on his way.

As I watched the back of the car turn smaller and smaller in the distance, I just knew I was not done having some more of that dick.

Written by Queen Blue Fox

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  1. Black Dynasty
    April 22, 07:47 Reply

    My my my…. what a good start to the morning. Nicely written.

  2. Audrey
    April 22, 08:53 Reply

    Nawa oh this morning when some of us couldn’t sleep until after three rounds of wanking.This is typical me,I’d keep pushing till I satisfy my curiosity and like I always ask how to do you power bottoms go at it for one hour(Uhh I’ll just pass out)…
    Nice story by the way but I think it’s sending the wrong signals again….(Stands up to use the bathroom)

  3. Mandy
    April 22, 09:10 Reply

    In Nollywood, the aunt and uncle will now coman think it’s their daughter or housemaid that the driver is lusting after. They won’t know it’s the male pikin in their house.

  4. realme
    April 22, 09:40 Reply

    if there’s one huge thing I learnt from this story or sex exploring.. honestly I don’t know what to call it, but gosh! it boldness….

  5. Dee
    April 22, 09:43 Reply

    How is it even appropriate to put on your hands on him. I personally think this game isn’t worth it.

    The fact that you have ‘a strong gaydar’ isn’t reason enough to touch someone else. It came off as intrusive and a little too thirsty to be honest.

    I’ve read one too many stories of daring and unsolicited touching of other people that do not approve (again consent is important) and it doesn’t paint us in a good light, it is highly risky and inappropriate.

    • Mitch
      April 22, 09:50 Reply

      Na grammar you dey speak for yourself.

      So, if I want to hook up with a brother, I ain’t gonna touch, right?
      ‘Cause it’s intrusive…


    • Queen Blue Fox
      April 22, 09:51 Reply

      It is obvious you do not understand the concept of consent at all.
      Well go get yourself educated on the term implied consent. If he had said no don’t you think I’d have stopped? Rada rada oshi.

      And about it being daring and dangerous, is it your daring and your dangerous? Mscheeeewww.

    • Queen Blue Fox
      April 22, 09:55 Reply

      And game really? You think is a game? I’m unable to Can this morning.

  6. Queen Blue Fox
    April 22, 09:47 Reply

    Hahaha PP now you’ve gone and reminded me of that glorious day ahhhh.

  7. Mitch
    April 22, 09:48 Reply

    Now I know why they call you Queen Blue Fox!
    We should have a sexathlon one of these days. Power bottoms versus power tops.

    Let’s see who’s the actual champ!

  8. Horace
    April 22, 11:04 Reply

    There’s this thrill of trying to find out if someone is queer. All the hints and observations. What a juicy story

  9. Mystique
    April 22, 11:29 Reply

    power bottoms, one hour ? ahh you are indeed powerful o lol .. i’ve been tracking one fine pikin for almost a year now he already calls me pet names and comes for sleepovers but i no get liver to touch. if only i have little of your courage

    • Audrey
      April 22, 12:09 Reply

      My dear make the move biko…Man dies but once it’s either he succumbs or refuses and as long as there are no video evidences(If he refuses and decides to scandalize you name) it’s your word against his.
      I trust myself In such situations….One year too long self,One month and I’ve shoot my shot oh no time to over carry konji biko

  10. Shadow
    April 22, 15:21 Reply

    He pulled out his dick and you instantly knew it was a 9? Oshe!!! Tape rule
    And please what’s with you people and being pounded like yam sef?
    Anyways enjoy.

  11. bamidele
    April 22, 17:59 Reply

    Wow! you’re damn bold.
    Nice story anyway.

  12. MGM Hater
    April 22, 20:49 Reply

    I did worse in secondary school, just that no penetration, just dry humping and touching.

    I am in mid 20s bow and cannot try such again.

  13. REX
    April 22, 23:46 Reply

    my ovaries are juat jiggling and wriggling.

    AkwaCross guys are just the bomb, straight or bent when the are in the mood hole na hole. I need me such pounding sometime this life has become to serious mbok.

  14. REX
    April 22, 23:49 Reply

    My ovaries are just vibrating….

    Fear AkwaCross guys, they are insatiable wao. I need me such pounding asap this life has become to serious.

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