Sam fiddled with his phone while he waited for John to come out of the bathroom. Sam was a fashion designer and tailor, and John was a model he made clothes for. His and John’s relationship was mostly business, but since John had gotten a lot of clothes from him, there was a rapport that came when somebody became your ‘customer’.

Normally John would come pick his clothes from his shop at Ikorodu. but he (John) needed to be at an event and couldn’t come around the shop to pick his latest commission. He had asked Sam to come over to his place and drop the clothes. Sam had willingly obliged though it was some distance from his shop, but his transport fare had been promised to be paid back.

Sam was attractive in a non-threatening way. He had lots of hair that he was practically obsessed with keeping nice and trim. His face was a bit rugged, but it suited him. He did however wish he was taller so he could at least try modeling.

He had been sitting on a chair in John’s self-contained apartment for about fifteen minutes and was getting restless. He still had a bunch of clothes to finish for a beauty pageant. He had only agreed to stay so he could make sure the clothes fit John nicely. He was just about to call out and ask John if he was a woman that he’d take so long in the bathroom when the bathroom door finally opened and John came out with just his towel.

Sam’s jaw almost dropped to the ground.

He’d always known John was cute. One of those people that deserved to be called a model, with a face like what Sam imagined a don’s would look like; he had never seen John shirtless and never thought his body would be smoking hot. Everything was well-defined without making him look like one of those monsters who overdid their workouts; it was a complete package – six packs, pecs, giant guns and nice taut nipples. Sam wanted to kiss that body and felt his groin move in appreciation. Then his eyes traveled down to the bulge on the white towel tied around John’s waist and he wondered if he had stuck a small cucumber there.

He quickly averted his gaze before he ended up staring too much.

“Thanks for waiting o!” John was saying and he did something that made Sam shift uncomfortably in his seat. In one swift motion he removed his towel and walked over to the dresser where different cosmetic products were arranged, giving Sam full view of a nicely toned ass. Images of the ass getting taut as john rammed into his own ass flashed in Sam’s head, and he had to mentally shake his head and get back to reality.

“…and those event planner people sef have wahala,” John was still talking, apparently oblivious to the effect his body was having on Sam.

He was looking at the mirror as he cleaned his face, and then he took some body lotion and squirted on his palm. Sam watched the milky white liquid as it flowed out and another image flashed in his mind – this time of John’s head thrown back as his hot seed was shot on the model’s naked chest.

“…and that is how one of them has refused to give me my money…” John was still talking. Acting as if being naked in a room with another guy was the most natural thing in the world.

Maybe it was, Sam thought. He was a model after all, and Sam knew that sometimes they had to dress in front of others for runway shows.

John was rubbing his body now, slowly and sensually, like some massage solely for the purposes of arousing Sam, and when he went to the bed and placed one leg on it so he could rub it down, giving Sam full view of his cock, Sam didn’t know when a groan escaped from his throat.

John looked up. “Did you say something?”

Sam snapped back to reality again. “Erm…err…no.”

John smiled and continued talking, and this time he took so much longer creaming his body. Sam began to wonder if all this was deliberate. Most models were gay after all, though he recalled John had a girlfriend whom he frequently used as his display picture on BBM; then again, who was to say that meant anything.

Sam was way past horny now and being horny usually emboldened him.

“You’ve got a great body,” he said.

“Thanks, bro,” John said with a small smile. “You know, it’s not easy being a model.”

Sam laughed nervously and said, “You must work out a lot.”

“About three times a week,” John said, nodding.

“And you must give the ladies a real workout,” Sam said, nodding to John’s cock. The thing had to be semi-hard. No cock could be soft and be that big.

“Ladies?” John began to laugh. “They always run away from my little man here. Haven’t fucked in ages, ‘cause my so-called girlfriend keeps giving me stupid excuses anytime I want to get my rocks off. And me, I don taya for my hand. I want pussy.”

“Then go get some,” Sam said.

“From where?”

“Anywhere…” Sam said, and then after a second’s pause, he added, “Even here.”

Then he stood up, heart thudding heavily in his chest, and walked over to John, who had a slightly bemused smile on his face. He grabbed the massive cock, and he could swear he felt it begin to get bigger in size. He looked into John’s eyes, almost daring him to say no to the silent proposition. He began to stroke John’s shaft slowly and it got bigger.

John’s eyes were half closed and he gave a sigh, and tentatively Sam inched his face towards John’s and planted a kiss on his lips. John responded, and next thing, they were kissing passionately while John ground his waist onto Sam’s hand. A low moan escaped from John’s throat and he grabbed Sam’s head forcing it closer for a deeper kiss. Their tongues wrestled, and Sam’s dick throbbed painfully against his tight jeans.

John began to tear at Sam’s clothes, their lips not losing contact, and soon, Sam was in his birthday suit.

John attacked his neck with kisses and soft bites, before going down to playfully suck on his nipples. Sam moaned and he backed away, leading John to his bed. They kissed a little longer, and then Sam began to go down on John. He kissed his neck, then his chest, then his belly. Then he ran his tongue all the way back up to John’s torso till his tongue found one of those delightfully taut nipples, and he bit down gently on it and teased it with his lips and tongue.

John was moaning and pressing down Sam’s head on his chest and grinding his waist against Sam’s groin. Sam worshipped his body, kissing it, nibbling on it, and making John writhe on the bed. Then he went south and ran his tongue up and down the now fully blown up shaft, making precum leak out of John. He licked the tip of the head and tasted the salty precum, then he dove down as much as his throat could allow on the massive cock.

“Oh fuck…fuck…daaamn – fuck,” John moaned as Sam’s head bobbed up and down his cock.

Sam milked it until it was free of precum, and John thrust his hips into Sam’s mouth in rhythm with Sam’s movement.

Sam wasn’t sure how long the blow job went for, but then John said, “Please, can I fuck you… Please lemme fuck you… I’m so fucking horny…”

“What’s the point of all this if I’m not gonna get this up my ass?” Sam said with a coy smile. “Lemme go get a condom in my bag.”

“No condom please,” John panted.

Sam ignored him. He knew John was too far gone and too horny to notice much of a difference if there was rubber involved. He always carried one with him wherever he went, that and a tube of KY lube. A nigga’s gotta be prepared.

He got the condom in record time. John was still as hard as a rock and he tore the pack and rolled down the condom on the massive cock. It was a very tight fit… and it would be a tighter fit around his ass.

Sam applied lube to John’s throbbing dick, and some to his hole and fingered it a bit. John was still lying spread eagle and Sam climbed over him and positioned the cock against his sphincter. He took a deep breath and willed himself to relax. Slowly and steadily, he began to sit on it, gently forcing the giant head into himself. When it finally slipped in, it hurt, and he gritted his teeth to prevent himself from groaning. His first instinct was to pull it out, but he knew that could make it worse. So he let himself adjust before letting more of John inside him. John stared up at his face, first a little bit worried, and then amazed as though he couldn’t believe that his cock was actually getting into some nice pussy.

Sam began to ride John’s cock. Slowly at first. Up and down. Enjoying the feeling of being filled up. Trying to figure out the best angle so that his sweet spot could be found. John had his eyes closed and his hands on Sam’s ass, guiding it up and down. Soft moans escaped from both their lips.

Then things began to heat up, and John began to slam faster and harder into Sam, and all he could do was throw back his head and let sounds escape from his throat. “Fuck John.  Fuck me… yeah… fuck me…”

“Damn… Sam.  Your ass… so smooth… hmmm… damn…”

John was slamming pretty hard into Sam now, and was beginning to hit his sweet spot. Sam’s dick throbbed every time the monster cock brushed against it and precum was leaking out of his cock like a slightly open tap.

John grabbed his ass, not-so gently and began to grind into his hole, hitting his sweet spot harshly and causing him to scream, “Oh fuck yeah!”

Sam began to jerk himself off, and John continued his thrusts like a crazed man. His eyes were open now and he looked like an animal. His teeth were bared and he was panting, “You like that – yeah? You like my big fat cock?”

He gave Sam’s ass some spanking, and all this was too much for Sam, who got closer and closer to the edge until he finally tipped over and came. It was like being hit by a tidal wave upon tidal wave of pleasure, and his seed shot out onto John’s chin and face, and he felt his ass clench as he cried out. This seemed to bring John to his climax too, and Sam felt the monster cock in him swell and throb as John’s seed was pumped inside him.

After the orgasm was over, they collapsed against each other, breathing heavily.

When they got their breaths back, John planted a kiss on Sam’s forehead. “Thanks a lot, I needed that,” he said.

Sam couldn’t help but smile on his way home. His ass throbbed a bit painfully, but it was the good kind of pain. There was nothing better than the feeling of taking a risk and getting awesome sex out of it.

Written by James

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  1. Absalom
    June 26, 06:26 Reply

    James? Which James wrote this? Lmao. Ok.

      • Absalom
        June 26, 06:50 Reply

        Meaning today some people will not go at his neck for “rambling” then ask for an omnibus of the next 10 episodes of Love and Sex in the City! Whew.

  2. simba
    June 26, 06:48 Reply

    Woa,and we thought James,only had a Diary…This Morning Dick tease. Nice 1,James..

  3. Chizzie
    June 26, 06:52 Reply

    I see… I couldn’t finish reading this; it was generic and cheesy and such a step down from alot of the thought provoking and poignant pieces that have been put up of late. I know once in a while its good to spice things up abit here… but this, this was childish. James maybe your forte just isn’t writing.

    PinkPanther pls put something up again.. one post a day is becoming inadequate, don’t u think?

    • CeeCee
      June 26, 09:28 Reply

      Chizzie doll, haba nau, we cant be intellectual all the time! Sometimes we need to unwind and remain in touch with iur flirty/slutty/carefree sides, biko loosen up Nne … James, this was raunchy,dirty,gritty,sexy … great piece, great creativity, I LOVE it!! *flips hair, rolls eyes and walks out while Chizzie stares@my bright red 10-inch heels*

  4. trystham
    June 26, 09:30 Reply

    Knew John was a thirsty slut when he smiled at Sam’s groan. He wanted some of that arse but was too chicken to ask for it like a man should…looool. He resorted to cheap seduction tricks. Horniness inducing piece. Wankable quality.

  5. simba
    June 26, 09:30 Reply

    Okay @Chizzle, U are making this blog,depressing and boring. This is not an academic venture,its a place where brothers and sisters,meet and dicuss about anything. Who made you the moderator? Wrong grammar and ramblings are accepted,not everybody has same background or profficiency in grammar. Ur gonna stop some people from airing their views just cus they scared of ur malicious attacks..Listen,If Pinkpanther won’t block U from commenting on this blog..I will remove myself…its becoming childish…Stop Or be blocked

    • trystham
      June 26, 09:45 Reply

      Please who dash him proficiency in grammar? It is already established that he is a ‘copy and paste’ guru. I daresay he has this standby auto correct sumbori who takes his dictation and helps him polish his very dross and crude existence. Anyway, he still has his bib on. When the time comes, I will commission a muzzle for him as well.

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 26, 09:46 Reply

      Lol. Relax Simba. No need to get so hot under the collar. There’s no provision for blocking people in blogs (or is there?)
      But after these many complaints, something has to give. I don’t get why any single person can be so unbelievably rude and malicious.

      • sensuousensei
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        I agree with simba. This is not an academic blog. Some people are already scared of writing anything. Now we have become too caustic in our remarks and have so killed the hope of ever hearing from these ones. Pinkie, I think something is to be done about this. We cannot allow one person or two turn this blog that once felt like home to something I can’t even recognize. But really, must you guyz always lash out at people? What is wrong with you? Low self-esteem? Attention-seeking? I simply do not get it!

  6. sensuousensei
    June 26, 10:09 Reply

    *continues venting*
    Funny thing is that I know some writers on this blog who are widely published and have even won awards from their writing, yet their comments are the mildest and their criticisms most constructive. Infact someone here even criticized (unfairly) the write-up of one of these guyz (a write-up wch I thot was one of the best on the blog, even before I knew the identity of the writer).
    Please in your houses, unleash all the bitchiness freely but in the public domain, have the common sense to at least PRETEND you are a human being not a beast with a chunk of ice where your heart should be.
    Biko this is get tiring oh!

  7. Marvin
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    @Chizzie: There is something you don’t know. Not caring about how people feel doesn’t make you seem like a strong dude. It just makes you look cruel. No matter how intelligent you are, if you aren’t smart enough to know courtesy, then its a pity. You say you wonder why we are bothered, but that fact is that WE ARE. If you understand the ABC of social interaction, you DONT FART in public and say, “why should my fart bother y’all?” Interacting successfully with people is a skill and I’m sure your friends and family have been complaining about your hollow heart and caustic tongue. Strange isn’t it that you who criticize the most cannot take criticism. If you expect people to handle your criticism maturely, then you should handle theirs maturely. And Change! If you had listened to all the advice those close to you have been giving you over the years, you would not be in this sorry state. What will happen soon is that you will be kicked off this blog and you will take your fork-tongue somewhere else and torture them until they kick you out. And that would be the vicious cycle called your life! Change your attitude or go from one problematic social interaction to another! And can you be like this and be happy? CERTAINLY NOT!

  8. Chizzie
    June 26, 10:45 Reply

    it seems most of u here are very myopic minded; the last three posts or thereabout, I have consistenly praised, even the one penned by PinkPanther (who I can’t stand in my mind but is arguably a really good writer) The one person’s posts I seem to be having a problem with is James’..and maybe because his writing just isn’t my thing. This is not a kumbaya church program, we mustn’t all agree. if you don’t like my comments then just roll ur eyes and ignore them. like I do with most of u guys.

    and Senseui or however its spelled, maybe u r actually still pained because I called out ur post for being a statistical flop, get over it pls. Half of the time ur comments are indirectly throwing amatuer jabs at me. Don’t be so worked up abt someone u haven’t even seen. its lame.

    • sensuousensei
      June 26, 10:51 Reply

      Should I reply to this? Um…er….(Thinking really hard)….NO!

      • Chizzie
        June 26, 10:58 Reply

        and umm… er… this isn’t a reply? You know what they say abt common sense Sensei dear, its not very common

      • sensuousensei
        June 26, 11:01 Reply

        Would have loved to do what you do with the other guy (cat fight and all) but mehn, it can be exhausting. Done it in the past and outgrown it.

  9. pinkpanthertb
    June 26, 11:20 Reply

    If everyone can just learn to ignore the comments they don’t like, we’ll be fine. Everyone let’s themselves get riled up too much by people’s negative comments and the comment thread becomes less about the story and more about the person. My interest is more in the reactions to the posts and less about anything else. So please, the sooner we realize that someone else’s negativity here doesn’t affect the price of the market you’re pursuing, the better for everyone.
    Someone told me something. He said: Whenever he clicks on a KD post and sees a contrary comment, he takes a deep breath, remembers its the story that brought him here and comments accordingly.
    We should all take a leaf from his book. Everybody’s comment is essentially his right to express. Its a sour truth (especially when you don’t appreciate the opinion) but its truth nonetheless.

    So, please, can we refocus on Sam’s daring 🙂

    • sensuousensei
      June 26, 11:32 Reply

      Goodluck with that. Chizzie has become the topic of the day. 😀

  10. JustJames
    June 26, 11:40 Reply

    Hey chizzie. I get it. You don’t like my writing. It’s not by force to. It’s not by force to comment either and your constant complaining and nagging like a bitter ex is beginning to wear me out

    I do believe it’s that you want to be noticed. Okay I have noticed you. But if you think comments from someone I don’t know and will most likely never meet is going to worry me then please have a seat as you wait for a flying fuck I won’t give.

    have some dignity man… If you’ve got nothing good to say then it’s better you keep quiet.

    this will be the last time I will say anything to you concerning my posts on this blog.

    Now run along and go play…

    and others who liked the story… has anything like this happened to y’all before? It’s hasn’t happened to me but I would definitely love to get hot and heavy with a gorgeous model.

    • Absalom
      June 26, 11:56 Reply

      I don’t know, James, I’m more into porn stars than models. I like men who lose their clothes easily! #okbye

      • pinkpanthertb
        June 26, 12:00 Reply

        Hahahahaa! Absalom you sef eh.
        Ah, but Tyson Beckford. Me. Him. Clean white satin sheets. #sigh

      • JustJames
        June 26, 12:08 Reply

        Lmfaooo. Models are soft porn stars. Most lose their clothes easily just so they get to walk the runway or make the photo shoot.

  11. Mart
    June 26, 12:36 Reply

    I don’t know why you guys give so much attention to someone who obviously depends on it for their existence. If this chizzie thing is the thing I think it is, something I met once in Lagos with panther, you guys shouldn’t bother. I haven’t since a better description of low-life wannabe ever since. Hope that wasn’t him because if it was, this right here would be a class act.

    • Chizzie
      June 26, 12:57 Reply

      looool urgh! nope certainly wasn’t me!

  12. Mason
    June 26, 12:41 Reply

    If I may… I do see a point in what Chizzie said as regards the generic and cheesy nature of the write up. I guess he was just airing his views and being brutally honest about it. However, I wouldn’t go as far as calling it childish or suggesting the writer lacked intuitive skills. Having said this, this is a free for all blog and we are entitled to our opinions so let’s cut him/her some slack.

  13. KingBey
    June 26, 15:40 Reply

    Loved this…actually gave me a hard-on….I really need to fuck a model soon…just that they are always expensive to get and always full of themselves….well, I think am getting laid later this evening by one of Knights in shinning armour *smacks lips*

  14. enkayced
    June 26, 19:03 Reply

    Absolutely wankable material… Couldn’t read it twice for fear of making a booty call!

  15. Williams
    June 26, 21:59 Reply

    Chizzie Chizzie Chizzie!His comments are the most important,most anticipated on this blog.,
    Hi James *winks* ,nice article.
    Pinky please can we have a party somewhere somehow???I wanna meet CeeCee and Chizzie……..

  16. Martins
    June 27, 00:36 Reply

    I’m tired of these stories. You know what to expect. I didn’t have to read it to the end cos I already knew that the cock would be large, they would have sex and the guy would be either straight or ‘new to this’.
    It’s becoming stereotypical Abeg
    Let’s have more interesting and unpredictable stories.
    To think that you guys are the same peeps that diss Nollywood

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 27, 04:04 Reply

      Chimamanda Adichie once said: ‘I write what I want to read.’

  17. Regal Sweetheart
    June 27, 01:40 Reply

    Errm…..biko,who carry my pin-mouth charger for here?

    (btw,Chizzie,yaa showing me a side to you I’m very surprised you have. And ehhm, Trystham….rofl…the quiet ones are the deadliest. SMH for you!)

  18. Dennis Macauley
    June 27, 05:44 Reply

    @Martins, My sentiments exactly! Thankyou! @PinkPather you know my thots on the subject already!

  19. earl.
    June 27, 06:27 Reply

    Jeez… 40 comments.? Where have I been…? . Bn scrollong through the comments, and I’m jst LMAO here… James, the piece was a good one, quite relatable wt me..( Had the same experience )… Oga Chizzie, i really liked ur comments at a time, buh this is way too far, escpecially wt James’ write-ups… If u have a personal issue wt james, “Speak now, or forever hold your piss..(Sorry, peace)… Am out…b4 they’ll use comment to flogg me..*runs away*

    • earl.
      June 27, 06:59 Reply

      *scrolling* … Pardon my typo…

  20. keredim69
    June 27, 07:04 Reply

    Like i said before, there is sexual tension between Chizzie and James – all coming from Chizzie’s side.

    Never mind the Sex between Sam and Nathan, (which read like average porn i must admit), I would like to be a mosquito on the wall when James gets his hands on Chizzie, slaps him across the face, rips his clothes off and bends him over and gives Chizzie the seeing to he has been gagging for all this while.

    How about that for bad porn..LOL

  21. JustJames
    June 27, 18:11 Reply

    Ahn ahn… chizzie doll. Don’t be a kill joy… It will be fun. Besides you know you want to *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

  22. Kote
    June 28, 14:53 Reply

    Wooohh….this piece wanna get me sacked abi, #havingaHard-Onatwork…E no go work ooo…Nice write up James….enjoyed every bit of it, even though the story was predictable…i still enjoyed it. Welldone

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