Hi, I’m Woody, and I have a kito story to tell.

My story is the kind you don’t wish on your friends, and sometimes, not even your enemies. It’s a chapter of my life that I’ve been trying very hard to forget, the kind of story that I swore never to recount, especially not on a forum such as this. It took a lot of courage on my part and encouragement from Pink Panther for me to let this story be told here.

It started from a visit my family and I once made to the village a long while back.

The trip was for the burial of an aunt, and at some period during the time, I lost my phone. I’d plugged it to charge in our living room, and several moments later, I returned to find it gone. There were lots of questions asked, investigation done, but that had been a very rowdy period, with people thronging about everywhere in the premises. So the pool of potential suspects was vast.

After the funeral, we returned back to our base. Exactly one week after the phone disappeared, my cousin called me (I’d retrieved my number, but I hadn’t a fine phone yet), and she told me that someone was chatting her up through my Facebook account, someone who gave her his number when she asked for it. She passed the number on to me, and I called it. The guy who answered told me he had my phone (he hadn’t stolen it, mind you); he’d merely obtained it from the thief, a young girl he knew who he reasoned couldn’t be the owner of such an expensive-looking phone. Good Samaritan thinz.

So, of course he told me where I could come get my phone, a place which was quite close to my hometown. I knew the place. We agreed on a meeting point, and the next day, I set off to the place. The person I met was distractingly good looking. Cute. Tall. Dark. Well-built. And pink lips that made my mouth water from the mere thought of tasting them.

But we were there for business, and we soon got down to it. He asked me questions to verify my ownership, and thereafter, handed me the phone.

That was supposed to be the end of it all, right?

In the few days that passed after our meeting, I began to desperately wish I could have the guy. Chijioke is his name, by the way – Ceejay for short. I had his number in my phone (we exchanged contacts that day, you see), and I yearned to call him up for us to see again. I wanted him, but I cautioned myself to refrain from pursuing my fantasies about kissing those pink lips and running my hands over that well-built physique.

And then more time passed, and I eventually forgot about him.

A few months later, I suddenly got a message on Whatsapp. It was from Ceejay. I was surprised he still had my number. I wasn’t surprised I still had his. Lol (I mean, you may forget a fine boy, but you don’t go willfully deleting his number from your phone). That message from him started a frequent chatversation between us, and we gradually became friends. We even began to hang around each time I visited my hometown, and no matter how much I wanted him, I willed myself not to do anything that would cause me to make a fool of myself.

Several weeks of our friendship passed, before, at some point in our chatversations, the tone of his responses to me changed. He started throwing about (at me) endearing words like ‘Baby m’, ‘Love’ and ‘Cutie.’

All this time, my gaydar had been beeping slightly whenever he was concerned. I was almost positive he was TB, but I feared my judgment was getting clouded by my attraction. So I just remained conflicted between the rationalization that he was a deeply closeted gay and the more logical reasoning that he isn’t and I’m just crushing on a straight guy. So when he started going on ‘baby m’ and ‘cutie’ on me, I was giddy with pleasure. He was gay, I thought, and was now finally letting himself be open with me.

Those pink lips… It was now only a matter of time, I told myself.

We talked, and gently, I drew him out. Our talks became frank (or so I thought), and he started telling me about how complicated his sexuality was. About how much more he felt attracted to guys than to girls, and how he was too afraid to act on his feelings. About how he had fucked a girl exactly twice in his life, and how he hadn’t enjoyed the experience. He went on, and on, and on… Music to my ears.

Eventually, we agreed to get together. To hook up.

On that fateful day, the 20th of February (Yes, I can never forget that horrifying day), my mum asked me and my other siblings to accompany her to the village, in order to help her with some stuff. We were going to be in the village for awhile. I very gladly agreed, because I hoped to use the opportunity to hook up with Ceejay. I called him and informed him I was coming home. I can still recall how gay I was (no pun intended) during the trip to the village, as I envisioned finally knowing the pleasure of having Ceejay. My mind was alive with images of my mouth on those pink lips and that sexy, well-rounded ass succumbing to my cock. There were so many things I wanted to do to him in bed that made me wish I could teleport myself to his place already.

When we got to our hometown, I hurried through the things my mother wanted me to do for her. And then I hurried off to my destination, along with a bag of goodies I’d bought for him. Upon getting to his place, I realized that everywhere was quiet. He was home; nobody else was, except for his father. When I enquired about the rest of his family, he told me his mother went for a burial and his siblings were at school. We moved to his room and started gisting just as we used to. I sat on his bed, and he sat on the plastic seat in the room. At some point, I took his phone and started going through his pictures. He thought I was going to check his messages and he rushed over to my side to grab the phone from me. There ensued a light struggle, which quickly turned into a wild making out, heavy with kissing, necking and smooching.

Just as I got up to lock his bedroom door so we could have our privacy secured, a group of heftily built young guys – six in number – stormed into the room. They were armed with several weapons – clubs, cutlasses, sticks. I was instantly alarmed. Before I could get out any word, Chijioke had gotten up from the bed, and the pack of wolves pounced on me, whipping me with their clubs and sticks. The one wielding a cutlass lashed out at me with the flat edge. I cried out helplessly, hoping someone would hear. Someone like Chijioke’s father. He was home, wasn’t he? But then, as I saw that this male Delilah wasn’t doing anything to help me, I began to realize he’d probably lied about his father’s presence in the house.

The sticks of my attackers soon whittled to pieces, and then, they ordered me to quietly move out with them. They threatened that if I made any noise outside, as we moved, they’d slaughter me outrightly with their cutlasses.

I was weeping. I was bruised. I was afraid. And I agreed to do as they’d ordered.

I followed them to where they parked there motorcycles, and along with Chijioke, we all set off for a very far place, deep inside a forestation where no one could locate us. I became positive then that that day was going to be my last on earth. These guys needed a place so secluded where they could wreak their wrath on me, one which would surely end in my death.

The moment we got to a choice spot in the forest, they tied my hands behind me, and commenced with another round of beating. We were in a forest, and so there was an abundance of wooded weapons to use on me. One of them even got a cooper wire and lashed my penis with it. I was in so much pain. I cried out so much and so loudly that I began to lose my voice.

When they had beaten me to a pulp, they asked me to tell them of my history of hook-ups, who I was doing and who and who I knew in our communities were into what I was into. My flesh may have been beaten to near death, but my will was strong and alive. And so, stubbornly, I refused to tell them anything. But my stubbornness could only last until I heard them making plans to finish me off and bury me in the forest right there. I started to beg and sob and began to tell them wild concoctions of my TB history. As I talked, Chijioke – who hadn’t participated in my beating but had stood in a corner observing with an expressionless demeanour – brought out his phone and started videoing my ‘confession’.

When I was done talking, they beat me some more. By this time, there was probably no orifice on my body I wasn’t bleeding from. Then, they pulled me to my feet and told me to dance, naked as I was then, and follow them out of the forest about the community. A public display of my shame?! At that, there was still room for me to feel abject humiliation. And when I pleaded with them to spare me that, they only got angrier. So I decided to do as they had bidden.

Luckily for me, immediately we left the forest and came out to the main road where people could see us, a man we saw and they referred to as ‘Honourable Emerger’ promptly intervened when he saw my bloody self, and he delivered me from them.

Eventually, I was free to go on home. When I got home, I tried to sneak in away from any questioning eyes. The only person I could talk to about what I’d passed through was my immediate older sister. This was because, earlier on, I’d taken her into my confidence and told her about my true sexuality. She was okay with it. So, when I told her of what had just happened to me, she was horrified. And she swung into action to help me. She helped me cook up a story I would tell the rest of our family to explain away my injuries. Then she made arrangements for me to leave our village, in case my attackers traced me to our house. I left our hometown and moved to a friend’s place to hide.

Two days later, my sister called me. There was bad news. Bad. Really bad. Chijioke and his boys had indeed traced me to my place, and had come along with them the damning video Chijioke made of my ‘confession’. They showed the video my mother, and to every other person who was present in the house. My uncles, my aunts, my cousins – they all saw the video.

My family must have been terribly distressed to witness such depravity that I must have looked in the video. They must have been shocked to hear the things I owned up to, in order to obtain mercy from my persecutors. I wasn’t there to see.

But I started getting calls from them to return home – not to the village, to our base – for proper medication. I did. My elder brother wanted to file a case against them, using the video against them with the claim that I’d been unduly attacked and made the confession under duress. But I objected. I didn’t want any more of the ugliness to continue. It was bad enough that the consequence of the incident was my community-wide outing. My people, my family, everyone now knew I was gay. And although my immediate family still showed me love and support, I knew they were disappointed. I know they still are.

And they did try to do whatever they could to assuage their fears about my sexuality. They took me for deliverances and subjected me to several church activities. All my male friends, whether gay or straight, suddenly became suspect. My movements became restricted. My much older siblings abused my privacy frequently and audaciously, going through my phone at will.

Things have settled now, become calmer. A semblance of order has returned to my life now. I’m no longer either miserable or frequently contemplating suicide. And in many ways, I feel some relief. At least, now they know. They may still be in denial about how gay I am, but at least they know for certain now. That is the good things I’m determined to take away from this everything bad that happened to me.

So you see, guys, this really isn’t a kito story. It’s…well, a rain-boot story. And I am here, having worn them, still living one day at a time.

Written by Woody

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  1. therealsalte
    June 25, 06:38 Reply

    This is the reason why I don’t trust anyone.
    I am truly sorry dear. Remain blessed.

  2. KingBey
    June 25, 06:48 Reply

    Bros, this one is actually an over-sized rain boots….like seriously? What were you thinking crushing on someone from your hometown? That’s the greatest mistake any gay guy can make…even to hook-up with a willing and obvious gay dude from your home area is just too risky. Its a No No….your greatest enemy in life will always come from your hometown as they are never happy with you especially if your faring well….hope your wiser now.

    • trystham
      June 25, 07:05 Reply

      Oh please. Talking like someone we all know. You know how ‘love’ can be na.

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 25, 07:12 Reply

      Sometimes, these things can’t be helped. Not everyone has the same level of discipline over their emotions.

    • CeeCee
      June 25, 10:42 Reply

      Kingbey, just climb down from your high throne and shut your holier than thou mouth!! blah blah blah … like you have a light switch which shuts your attractions off or on at will abi? like you didnt take time to read to see how Chijioke egged and led him on? yes, its risky, but then isnt life all about taking calculated risks?
      I dont see any fault or carelessness here, all i see are deviousness and brutal cruelty by criminal thugs and to add salt to injury, you climb on your holy and high perch and attempt to sermonize and wag your holy fingers, plzzzz go and take several seats joor!!

  3. hmmmmnn…..no words particularly but oh.em.gee. u got balls surviving something like that.
    really, I’d have died…but I wunt cos I’ve been thru 4 kitos with my parents

  4. JustJames
    June 25, 07:18 Reply

    A reminder for us to be careful in this homophobic country and also that in the end things get better and you get stronger.

  5. Chizzie
    June 25, 07:43 Reply

    wow this is really intense; and im so sorry u had to go through this. This just left me so angry, angry because what was done to you is so wrong and yet we are defenceless against it because of our sexualities! its a shame we live in a country where anything goes and violence and barbarity is the modus operandi. like I remember saying before God is the ultimate avenger; and karma is a bitch that never forgets. So just sit back and watch those SOB’s reap what they sow *hugs and gives u deep kiss*

  6. trystham
    June 25, 07:49 Reply

    FOUR??? Nne, pls take a seat. Its no more kito. Its a habit, especially if its with your folks. Learn to lock. the doors to your room biko

    • CeeCee
      June 25, 10:38 Reply

      hahahhahahaaa, oh Trystham … you don kill me ooo

  7. blue fox
    June 25, 07:49 Reply

    I’m speechless! this is the most horrible koto story I’ve ever read about

  8. annonymous
    June 25, 08:06 Reply

    *in tears* you cant really understand what it feels like until you ve experienced it , thats a place in life you never want to find ones self, haven been down that road and experienced it can i beg you to take consolation in the fact that there are somany people like you who for lust and love has been put through this horrible and babaric act but what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger, so stand strong and tall and never again should the thought of suicide cross your mind. God bless you

  9. Hemic
    June 25, 08:06 Reply

    Wat an experience……..leaves me wondering if our society will ever get better

  10. laghunk
    June 25, 08:18 Reply

    Really sad … Never trust anyone bro, could have happened to anyone. There are alot of homophobes around .. Be careful

  11. lluvmua
    June 25, 08:29 Reply

    Awwwww sowie dearie !!! *wipes tears from eye* may God punish those guys especially chijoke . May he ifa fry his brains nd D. Amen! @andre_hayford

  12. aproko pikin
    June 25, 08:42 Reply

    ….wow! *mouth agape*, my own kito better this one. One word #horrible!

      • aproko pikin
        June 25, 11:31 Reply

        I’m not a good writer at pink panther. I’d leave story writing for people who know how to…#thankU

      • Chuck
        June 25, 13:53 Reply

        Why don’t you u email pinko another the details and the chronology and he will edit it into a post for you?
        I’ll do it if he doesn’t want to. Naijatea@gmail.com

        Also, please let us know Chijioke’s identity so no one goes near him. PANTHER, Let’s start a Villains of manjam/Twitter piece so we all watxh out for each other. THANKS

  13. simba
    June 25, 08:49 Reply

    My dear.its a pity,u went thru this. It brought tears to my eyes. Luckily am not at work..My dear, thanks to God,the evil days are over, ur stronger,wiser and moved on. Look at the positive side bro,think less of it and believe God to bless the works of ur hands..Maybe someday Chijioke de Devil,will ask u for food….My Ex,sorry not ex,but we lived together > a month outside this country,was so mean tht I once contemplated suicide,,not long ago,I saved his life amist profuse tears and apologies from him….Dear,ur fine and can only get stronger.

  14. smooth
    June 25, 09:00 Reply

    This brought back memories from some years ago. painful, agonising and haunting memories. People who do these things, you’ll get yours. e no dey lose. it gets better dear.

  15. sensuousensei
    June 25, 09:06 Reply

    I don’t know what to say to you, my guy. Through it all, you survived. Just keep surviving!

  16. Blaq Jaqs
    June 25, 09:16 Reply

    This reminds me of some video that went viral a while back of two guys who were filmed having sex in a forest or village of some sort. I cringed a lot when I read this. Very disturbing and sad.
    You should never hook-up with anybody from your home town because they could be your greatest enemy? How about your colleague because he may be jealous of your progress on the job, or your neighbour because your roses are better pruned than his, or your church member because my sunday hat spreads wider than hers?
    We can always find a reason not to hook up, the more cynical and critical we are, the more reasons there are. I don’t think Woody didn’t anything I or most people wouldn’t have done under when emotions come into play. Especially since it seems like there was a build up to the relationship, eventually the guard will come down and the temptation to give in. It’s human. So there are no fingers to point at him.
    Like Chizzie I’m angry and sad. I don’t know if it is for the same reasons. But I’m angry. Angry at the world we live in; at the village folk and even the seemingly learned city folk who sit back and flagrantly abuse human rights/gay rights under the guise of religion and culture. At the average Nigerian family who because of their lack of acceptance or understanding of my sexuality, give strangers and hoodlums the power to blackmail and endanger our lives.
    And I often feel that things aren’t getting better as fast as I’d like and starting over again somewhere far away is the best option.
    Thank you for sharing your story. And I’m hopeful that you would get better one day at a time…

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 25, 09:41 Reply

      ‘You should never hook-up with anybody from your home town because they could be your greatest enemy? How about your colleague because he may be jealous of your progress on the job, or your neighbour because your roses are better pruned than his, or your church member because my sunday hat spreads wider than hers?
      We can always find a reason not to hook up, the more cynical and critical we are, the more reasons there are’

      I absolutely love this comment.

  17. trystham
    June 25, 09:43 Reply

    I can’t stop thinking about Woody’s story and REVENGE is the word most paramount in my thoughts. Having seen the various Kito stories that have been posted on here, if these gay-bashers can use our being gay against us, I think it is time for a little STRAIGHT-BASHING!!!
    While we may have admonished ourselves many times over, the importance of being careful in our hook-ups, and letting our friends know where we are going for our hook-ups AND have their numbers as well (your friends may want to steal your market, but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?), it is at this point that the unity in the LGBTI community cannot be over-emphasized. A lot of help will be needed from our Lesbian folks.
    It is only natural that in every kito situation, your primary emotion is fear, and your immediate desire is to leave such situations in one piece, BUT when you are settled, picture the gay-basher’s face, get his number from your diary or organiser (your phone will definitely have been taken) and start planning. Use the girls he so loves against him, trap him and give him the beating of his life (I would even suggest raping him anally and his testifying to being gay) .He MUST pay for every hit you were given. Let’s see how he enjoys that.
    I know a lot might probably think this is petty and childish and we shouldn’t go contrary to the law. But a system that doesn’t care for you should be ignored. A system that encourages your maltreatment because you are different from the norm should be totally disregarded.
    The downside of this is he will probably hate gay guys the more, but he will learn to fear them and be careful.

    And Pinkie and Andre, before una two start to dey laugh, I dey very serious about the matter.

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 25, 09:47 Reply

      I’m not amused, trystham. I absolutely share your sense of outrage and a burning need for vengeance.

      • CeeCee
        June 25, 10:12 Reply

        am shocked and sad that young people who should be the future and hope of this cursed country can show so much hatred and barbarism to another simply on account of his perceived sexuality. it makes me cringe and curl into a lonely ball … my revulsion for my fellow Nigerians grows in leaps and bounds each time i see or hear these things.

        • pinkpanthertb
          June 25, 11:03 Reply

          Ceecee, its that revulsion you feel that I share, the one that makes it hard for me to stomach worshipping in church side by side someone who is potentially my attacker.

    • trystham
      June 25, 09:50 Reply


    • Chizzie
      June 25, 09:56 Reply

      This was just total crap to be honest…do u take the time to read some of ur comments bfo u click the send button? And you’ve commented about a 100times today; a very glaring and desperate attempt to appear relevant . Don’t u have something to do? so ure skinny, ugly and poor…and unemployed? tragic.

      • trystham
        June 25, 10:15 Reply

        *sets bib around neck* Sweetheart, that’s so ur oozing senselessness does not spoil a nice looking shirt.

    • lluvmua
      June 25, 09:57 Reply

      @yomi am nt laffin jawe!!!!!. This is a vewi serious matter. I go even join u do d bashin sef

      • sensuousensei
        June 25, 11:20 Reply

        That’s true oh! And have you noticed that we tend to speak of homosexuals as if they are guyz only? Someone pls invite a homsexual girl to this blog! I would like to hear their side of the story.

    • JustJames
      June 25, 13:28 Reply

      Someone’s been watching too much queer as folk. The gay bashing idea is titillating but I doubt any good can come from fighting hate with violence. It would just cause the number of problems to increase exponentially. But at least you’re suggesting something. What are we going to do about things like this. Saying “sorry” “pele” “ndo” and all that isn’t going to get us justice anytime soon.

      Wish I had the answer to my question though.

      • trystham
        June 25, 13:51 Reply

        @JustJames I do not do much tv series. Too boring. I remember seeing The Butler though. The black panthers had to come up against the KKK. Much violence erupted, but the blacks got their respect. Hell, the boy turn Senator sef.
        Violence cannot be ruled out. Violence against violence may not be the answer, but it will earn you that respect and peace of mind that being a sheep will not give you

  18. CeeCee
    June 25, 09:59 Reply

    OMG!!!!! My eyes kept filling with tears as i read this heart wrenching piece. What you went through is truly horrible and something i would never wish on even my worst enemy, its just too traumatic and deeply injurious to your mental wellbeing. I admire your strength and courage, i really do, because I am really not sure I possess this sort of strength.
    Sad incidents like this show us what a horrible place Nigeria is in so many ways, … A friend of mine who is white American, once recounted to me how he was in another city on a work related trip and decided to hook up with a guy, at the end of it all, they got into an argument with things degenerating rapidly, the boy threatened to get violent so he called the police who came in within 10mins, calmed the situation and arrested the boy for assaulting him. The fact that he was gay was immaterial (in any case, the rights of gay people are upheld in the US), the policemen did their job without any sentiment or bias.
    Now, Chijioke and his cohorts are criminals:
    1. He led you on to believing that he was of a similar sexual inclination and which you acted upon (you committed no crime, or at least he is equally guilty.)

    2. He let you into his house willingly (you did not break in and enter)

    3. At no time did he attempt to resist your advances (he encouraged you to make advances at him)

    4. He and his colleagues physically assaulted you, detained you (unlawful arrest), subjected you to dehumanising and degrading treatment (stripping naked and making video recordings).

    5. I dont know if they attempted to extort money from you, if they did, blackmail and extortion are crimes in most parts of the world, including Nigeria.

    You like so many other gay people who fall victims to these lawless thugs have committed absolutely no crime, on the above four counts alone, those guys in a fair and decent legal system would get very severe jail sentences. Even if you go through all the anti – gay legislation in Nigeria, you will find that you are not in breach of any of them in any manner whatsoever!! But then this country’s justice system is administered by hate – filled bigots whose hatred and ignorance blinds them to fairness and reason, and in a land where people take laws into their hands with impunity and without fear, incidents like this will continue to occur.

    On the bright side, your family now knows you for who you truly are, it might feel invasive, but at least, a huge burden has been lifted from you and no matter what, you can count on their support. You should also consider yourself lucky that your family allowed their love for you to triumph, in some families, the consequence of all this would have been to disown and abandon you to your fate. I hope that with time you are able to heal from this traumatic episode.

    • trystham
      June 25, 10:22 Reply

      Thank God u realised how fanciful the hope of his getting fair legal treatment was. This is Nigeria. Did you not see the picture of a policeman who watched them beat an alleged gay guy and then joined in beating him? It also went viral around that time when Jona signed the law.

  19. xpressivejboy
    June 25, 10:11 Reply


    I honestly do not know what to say; just be good and stay out of such troubles…Ndo Nwanne nke’m.

  20. sensuousensei
    June 25, 11:30 Reply

    @all: like seriously, you guyz shd put pressure on pink_panther to delete some kind of comments from this blog. Haba!

  21. Absalom
    June 25, 12:52 Reply

    Trystham, we cannot go around “straight-bashing” people; not all straight people are bigots.
    However, concerning the need that we should do something about these attacks, it’s high time. No words.

  22. Mart
    June 25, 13:06 Reply

    And I thought I had heard the worst kito story. Sorry you lived, and are living, through this horror.
    Now something I want to ask pinkpanther, is it out of place for people to accompany their kito stories with pictures of these demons if they have them? There’s something about such devilry that makes you want to put a face to it.
    Another thing is this, it is time the gay community in Nigeria began its own organised mafia to deal with things like this. This kind of evil shouldn’t go unmatched. For every kito there should be a reprisal. Someone who succeeds with one kito would be confident enough with himself to fall prey to a reprisal kito plan laid out for him. We lay wait, titillate with a new face and they will be silly enough to think here comes another lab rat not knowing it is time to taste his own poison. It is jungle justice. We don’t have to be at the receiving end of it.

  23. trystham
    June 25, 13:32 Reply

    You will note I said revenge. I am not advocating a Vendetta against all persons heterosexual. I only proposed giving these gay-bashers a taste of their own medicine. I wouldn’t mind including those vocal extremist homophobes (like that Kizito’s restroom partner), but for now I will settle for a tit-4-tat.

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 25, 13:52 Reply

      Hehehee. You just had to reel in a little Love And Sex into your comment, huh?

  24. Neon
    June 25, 14:23 Reply

    Oh my sweet good Jesus! This is way deeper than the everyday kito story shared. It’s a Stiletto story. Wow! You are indeed strong and you have a spirit indestructible! But don’t get this senile next time (I hope there will be no next time). #StayStrong

  25. Lexus
    June 25, 15:25 Reply

    I had that happen to me. I can’t work about in skul cos of that kinda video. . . But my friend ‘str8 guy’ told me not to worry and say that the confession was not voluntary if it ever leaks and those words are what is keeping happy and safe

  26. Rapu'm
    June 25, 16:47 Reply

    I feel like killing somebody already. Chijioke, bia here! I’m glad you survived this, Woody.

  27. Enkayced
    June 25, 21:58 Reply

    Damn! I am really sorry you had to go through that terrible experience. When I was in school, just cause I was popular, I had a lot of ‘straight’ guys particularly cultists try to set me up. Luckily, the only time someone was successful, I didn’t get any beating even though I lost my Samsung gravity and 30k. Maybe one of these days, I would get the spur to tell my story on here.
    Any way, I devised a few tips to save myself some headaches…
    No alliance with anyone from my village
    No alliance with my neighbours and lastly,
    No co-workers.
    Guess I have to be content with my vivid imagination sometimes.
    I know it takes a lot of courage to tell your kito story. Thank you for sharing bro.
    Believe me, that CJ guy will get his reward, and if it makes you feel better, I hope you know he is gay. That is just a defensive mechanism he is trying to put up, trying to prove to his friends that he isn’t gay.
    Time will tell!

    • pinkpanthertb
      June 26, 06:15 Reply

      Enkayced, it would be nice for you to share your story with us. Just email it to me at pantherptb@yahoo.com.
      Experience, they say, is the best teacher. Teacher for the victim and for everyone else enlightened with their stories.

      • sensuousensei
        June 26, 06:36 Reply

        Exactly, because woody said they had a “wild making out” before those boys came in. Dude is gay!

  28. Lanre Swagg
    June 26, 05:49 Reply

    I’ve never felt sadder reading a human angle story.
    I’m truly sorry.
    Some commenters have made suggestions of revenge-I like to highlight 2 then add one more.
    1. Target Chijioke
    2. A Gay Mafia Hit Squad
    3. Just to say that the Gay movement in UK started like this, after an attack on Gays at a bar called Stonewall. The gays decided to revenge, it got rowdy, police came in, and the rest is history. Today, some people feel that Gay Pride marches and Gay Political Advocacy are over the top, but if you’ve been through what the Woodys of this world have been through, you will never take freedom of conscience for granted.

    If I ever get into political office, it will be the last day in town for homophobia and every other expression of anti-intellectualism in Nigeria.

  29. ally
    June 26, 08:20 Reply

    Waooo pple have really seen tins in this our tb life ooo… This story is so touchy and like u said I wouldn’t wish it on my enemy!! We have to be careful!!! Very careful some miscreants are just out dia to get us! We have to be really careful… I really dunno who u managed to survive that level of Kito buh I know for sure I won’t!

  30. Lothario
    June 26, 21:14 Reply

    Wow! You’re brave and strong…. God dey!

  31. victor
    June 28, 14:23 Reply

    I think the girl who first stole the phone showed chijioke sometin gay on your phone,maybe a pix or video and he has been planning a way to deal with you. I’m just glad u got out of it alive and you even got stronger from the experience. I got robbed,money and phones stolen only for the thief to print out my nudes on paper,put it on an envelope and pass it on to me through a kid,demanding I pay more money,its a very bitter experience and I think they are still stalking me on all the social networks that I’m on, noone to tell,no where to hide

  32. Obari-Kote
    June 28, 14:40 Reply

    The saddest thing i’ve read so far…..Gosh….I’m glad you survived it….What doesn’t kill you..Makes you stronger…Pele Jare…#ceejay is gay, if not? why the make out session….

  33. king
    July 25, 11:45 Reply

    Wow….am soooo sorry about this but. Men..dat Cee jay is gonna have his own one fine day…i can tell u dat….

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